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Prime Minister resigns after UK Brexits

Final tally: Close to 52 percent of Brits voting in the referendum said ‘Leave’.

David Cameron has immediately announced his resignation. He had been campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union.

Lesson for Malaysia: A Prime Minister must be attuned to the wishes of the majority — hint, hint. (Read: Listen to your grassroots!)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on his government to immediately begin the process of withdrawing Britain from the EU.

Britain wants tighter border control. It does not want immigrants to flow in without any proper filter.

BELOW: Anti-immigration Donald Trump is in favour of Brexit

Brexit Trump moment

Domino effect

The world is moving right

Dutch anti-immigration leader Geert Wilders tweeted: “Hurrah for the British! Now it is our turn. Time for a Dutch referendum!”

“We want be in charge of our own country, our own money, our own borders, and our own immigration policy,” he added in a media statement. (See Telegraph report)


France’s anti-immigration National Front similarly called for a referendum. Party leader Marine Le Pen tweeted “freedom has won”.

Germany’s AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) right wing party MP in the European parliament, Beatrix von Storch welcomed the result. She is known for her controversial “shooting refugees” remark.

walking cat


Reaction by Mulan (a regular commenter of this blog) @ 2016/06/24 at 2:53 pm.

“For those Bangsa Malaysia(n)s who hate this country and want to leave, UK does not want them. And if this trend continues, many other countries won’t want them. They better stay here, and shut up.”

Helen’s response to Mulan:

“They should try their luck in Tasmania. Talentcorp must ubah its brief to outbound emigration and help these unhappy Firsters to exit Malaysia.”

Updated @ 4pm

Just sayin’ … how the wheel of karma turns

It was only not too long ago that David Cameron was contemptuous of Donald Trump when the latter was merely one among a wide field of Republican presidential candidates.

Today Trump is a heartbeat away from sitting in the Oval Office – if not him than Hillary will become Potus – while Cameron will soon be vacating No.10 Downing Street.

Lesson for Malaysians: Those Bangsa Malaysia urbanites who like to bully rural voters as being “stupid”, “racist”, “extremist”, “bigots” etc. will soon find themselves taught a lesson in hubris.

I’m waiting for PAS to ajar DAP.





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21 thoughts on “Prime Minister resigns after UK Brexits

  1. in this instance d Cameron has shown d highest level of intergrity n tendering his resignation.

    sadly in Malaysia ,d writings on d wall r erased, d contant fire crackers sound is labeled just as ‘noise’ n a nuisance, enforcements agencies r neutralized n crippled .

    d word ‘resignation’ is taboo .

    his epitaph may sound like this ” a probable statesman that some how lost his way thru greed”

    sad! very sad indeed.

  2. Hi I am British Muslim I voted for Brexit you are wrong about the right “winning” they are just the loudest its a legitimate concern among majority of people.

    For me it became harder to find a job as millions of people from mostly poor Eastern European countries started to enter the richer Western European nations and take jobs.

    Housing became less available so did jobs and employers became tyrannical in their dealings with staff.

    Our wages are a low £7.20 which is not enough to get by it should be £9. The influx of Eastern Europeans has kept wages low as they are willing to work for low wages since they don’t intend to stay here.

    The USA pressured the EU to be its toy and therefore Eastern Europeans were allowed to join if you look at the picture on the map most of those nations would have been in Russia’s sphere of influence so Trumps position is baffling since his Republicans were the ones to try to contain Russia and so forced the EU to become a monstrosity when it was suppose to be a alliance of Western European nations.

    Had the EU been today what it was years ago Britain would still be apart of it (USA is pushing EU to allow Serbia a staunch Russian ally plus Croatia,Turkey and even Ukraine eventually to become members).

    George Galloway is a Brexit supporter so is majority of Brexit and he is a left winger through and through.
    Its a grass roots movement many people were turned off and hence the closer polls because of the loud mouth right wingers they are a minority in the UK which is a more tolerant society.

    UKIP the party which began the movement for a EU exit for the UK started off as a left wing movement its founder left when right wingers hijacked his party and moved to another grass roots movement.

  3. “I’m waiting for PAS to ajar DAP.”

    i think the many current leader in pas is disgusting. however most of the pas member n supporters is the best n kind gentleman, unlike the red communist umno. i dun think pas member n supporters would wan to ajar anyone.

    talk abt waiting, i am waiting for hadi gang to join umno n push hudud, apa lagi dia orang tunggu?

    1. PAS branded Amanah ” parti nyamuk ” . Yet they were not able to beat Amanah in sg besar. Should label themselves ” parti nyanyuk ” .
      Stupid party helmed by dedak eating egoistic bastards who dont gv a damn for the welfare of the kelantan state and the people.

      1. tehtarik,
        Haiyaaa.. What better snap out of your delusion. Ooops you really feel bad for Kelantan people atau talak bole senang2 masuk sana bikin business? PAS dah bertahun2 in Kelantan, doing the Donald Trump and Brexit …lia olang takmau outsiders go and kacau2 their state la.. thats why they voted again and again for PAS.

        Tak belajar ke what happened recently in Sarawak? Oghang luaq sekadar pandai pi sana nak palu gendang kosong and tabur air lioq basi (tapi niat sebenar mau move mountains masuk poket aje)..

    2. The Chinese never seem to learn even after the lessons of Brexit. Still as arrogant as ever. Challenge the Malays and Muslims and they will get their wish for a Hudud referendum and constitutional change.

      1. i dun now how chinese arrogant has any relevance to brexit, u read raj comment above kah? moreover to stretch it to hudud n consti change is really beyond me, but never mind, this is not yr first time not stick to topic n wont be the last.

        if u have time, perhaps u shd tell british like rpk many english that vote exit wan muslim like him who declare islam is not a religion of peace to get lost. most muslim is at peace except those red communist n pemakan dedak under najib payroll, disgusting la.

    3. HY
      Ya memang betoi kata hang. How to expect anyone to ajar DAP, payah nak bayangkan PAS lagi pula red communist umno?

      DAP dah memang kurang ajar, so they need people like mendiang MONSTERBALL to train and get their people not only to be more kurang ajar but to generate as many Alvin Tans, Namewees and tehtarik.

  4. I picked up this comment from my FB regarding the UK exit from EU. It’s most appropriate to describe how foreigners (like me) thought about the UK exit from EU.

    quote, “Ironic that after centuries of invading other lands and destroying indigenous cultures, Brits now complain that they want to be left alone.” unquote.

    1. So you expect the current generation of brits to just bend over and lose control of their country due to the sins of their forefathers?

      1. Formerly known as FHAAHD,

        Tu laaa. Nak buat apa sekalipun pikiaq masa depan generasi akan datang. Jangan pikiaq mudah nak UBAH sejarah tau..

      2. ‘So you expect the current generation of brits to just bend over and lose control of their country due to the sins of their forefathers?’

        Are you saying the Pribumis should dishonor the Jus Soli after all??

      3. if you read the news well (I assume you can read), MAJORITY of the Brits youngsters voted for UK to stay in EU. they are not concerned about losing control of their country.

        1. im sorry Helen, but i cannot agree with this simplistic conclusion of yours ie:

          ” Lesson for Malaysians: Those Bangsa Malaysia urbanites who like to bully rural voters as being “stupid”, “racist”, “extremist”, “bigots” etc. will soon find themselves taught a lesson in hubris.”

          what happened in Brexit is much2 more complex than just a case of urban vs rural. its not a case of urban bullying rural folk.

  5. brexit eh? for reading pleasure….—-now-how-does-britain-actually-leave-the-eu

  6. The fallout from the Brexit.

    A Welsh Muslim who campaigned to remain in the EU was told to “pack her bags and go home” soon after the vote to leave the European Union.

    Shazia Awan, a businesswoman brought up in Caerphilly, warned that the fallout of the divisive referendum campaign would see an increase in racist abuse.

    Echoing Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s view that much of the anti-EU debate had been characterised by hate, Ms Awan had written: “The campaign was racist.

    1. Most of the younger generation is getting complacent, due to the easier life than their parents, no matter where they are, in Malaysia, U. K. or anywhere. Thus, the less patriotic tendency. In London, the younger gen inherits properties accumulated by their earlier gen to the extent that they only need to collect the monthly income generated by their properties. Their colleges and unis are peopled by foreignors especially the higjly specialised courses. Thus, jobs in these fields are filled up by foreignors, due to the shortage of local talent. Based on my humble observation, might not apply to all, at keast, the majority

  7. It seems regrets in some voters sentiments. Some chose to exit thinking the majority would chose to remain. Britain has lost the Great some times back

    And now some are thinking of having a 2nd referendum. Hows that coming from a nation with many brilliant Universities. And UKIP party leader said he wanted a 2/3 voice, 52:48 needs a second opinion….

    Probably some sectors in our Malaysian public regretted putting PR/PH as the government of choice, then. And if imported KM/MB is still your cup of tea

    Always better to think it over before deciding… Malaysians…your future, your choice

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