39 thoughts on “Tinjauan pendapat: Pemecatan Muhyiddin & Mukhriz

  1. Bukan atas dasar ada emosi dalaman parti tetapi keterlibatan mereka berdua dalam aktiviti parti lawan dan juga aktiviti menentang kepemimpinan kerajaan dan parti yang memerintah, mereka berdua wajar dipecat. Jika mereka anggota parti manapun, andai itulah perlakuan mereka, mereka wajar dipecat. Mereka adalah liabiliti kepada parti. Andai mereka di dalam DAP sekalipun, DAP wajar memecat mereka jika mereka membawa kerosakan dalam parti.

  2. ms Helen,

    eventhough this survey (tinjauan) is appropriate ,nevertheless it wld give a more meaningful picture if another third column is added :-

    ‘wajarkah ds najib meletak jawatan sebagia presiden party dan perdana menteri’

    the sackings of both of them is d prerogative of d party even though I suspect due process was short circuited.

    I m certain regular visitors 2 yr blog n ds najib wil b most pleased wth yr initiative. tq.

    1. yes , i agree with your proposal

      komentar mr1. Usin awang asan | June 25, 2016 at 9:47 am

      ada 2 jenis tentangan (against)
      menentang hal2 yg benar – maknanye jika ini kira tak betul

      tapi yang dr m tentang dan mahu najib jawap 2.6b and hutang negara 50b

      apa you buat dengan 50b
      kenapa jadi 50b
      apa yang dapat kita lihat dari 50b
      jika beli kereta where is the car
      jika beli kapal terbang mana dia tapi yg hilang 1 hancur 1
      2 heli jatuh

      dan 6000 staff MAS BUANG (jika serong staff ada 4 family member x6000= ???? apa jadi dgn keluarga mereka ???)

      50b jika labur 6000 mas tak perlu buang
      hutang mas settle
      tapi…… apa jadi NO SHAME
      because pm not answer this ,,,, and now what happen to our nation and this what we are facing it now ‘ friction’ for nothing
      or helen ang can you tell us regarding the 50b missing ,or ~~~`!!!!
      blindly support ????

      1. MAS problems has been inherited from Mahathir’s time. Someone has to do it. If it was a Malaysian, then the emotional attachment will far too big to handle but for a professional, a foreigner, it is just another day in the office.

        Some people linked to higher ups were bleeding the airline dry. Even bought paintings in millions of dollars.

        But why only MAS. other organisations do too. Is MAS staff more important than other organisation?

        And to dato abdul rahman b mohd noor, I really wonder what would you REALLY do if you were in Najib’s shoes. Keep the 2M’s?

        I may not be Najib’s most ardent fan but he has been taking ALL the blows like none and very seldom he has responded to all. He never had the luxury the Mahathir, or even Pak Lah had. As a true Muslim, he turned to solat and be patience…. and it is bearing fruits.

        1. re: “Some people linked to higher ups were bleeding the airline dry.”

          The exorbitant catering contract lasting forever and ever. Under Sleepy Dollah’s watch.

        2. “I may not be Najib’s most ardent fan but he has been taking ALL the blows like none and very seldom he has responded to all. He never had the luxury the Mahathir, or even Pak Lah had. As a true Muslim, he turned to solat and be patience…. and it is bearing fruits.”

          Luxury is when you stuff billions into your private account from the public coffers and solat in patience while you blow away the investigations.
          Takkan Melayu Sejati akan hilang atas dunia.

          1. “Luxury is when you stuff billions…

            nay, luxury is when you have the freedom to comment on things you don’t have proof and evidence except from murmurings, and you got off scott-free. And continue to do so

            Luxury is also an uncurtailed tongue and lashings at persons without being marked, caught or punished

            Luxury is also when you can pick and choose your victims.

        3. i hv known najib since he was a uni student n has followed his progress in politics very diligently.. if he has changed n bcome pious then Alhamdulillah. fyi, unfortunately tun razak died only as a muslim. full stop.

          as a muslim leader n just like tun lah, ts muyid n ds zahid I wld love 2 c him at least lead a congregation in prayers complete wth d DOA.( maghrib prayer is most appropriate).

          for ms Helen, pls take up my proposal. it goes wthout saying that a good journalistic piece shld b thought provoking, analytical as well as balanced.


    2. quote,”‘wajarkah ds najib meletak jawatan sebagia presiden party dan perdana menteri’”unquote.

      yes Helen, do you dare put up such poll in your esteemed blog?

      why the silence? you did not respond to the question.

      you could erase doubts amongst your readers (include me) that you are not a paid blogger of PMO if you put up such poll.

      why die die must protect Najib? he will still be PM regardless of what the poll results maybe. a poll like that will not kill off his tainted career as a PM. you are not that influential, Helen.

      1. Setem,

        No need to resign. Najib won the elction and the results are recognised by the whole world. BN won Sarawak elction And BN(mean UMNO) won both by election in constituents that are Malay majority.

        Granted many hate Najib. But he has the mandate.

        1. We are just asking Helen to put up a poll ‘should najib resign as PM’. That’s about it. It’s an opinion poll and will have no legal bearing on najib’ current position. So, why the resistance?

          Politics is about perception. It all boils down to that.

          1. Setem

            Why the resistance?

            Because it is immaterial. Najib has the mandate. The recent Sarawak state election is the proof. If that is not enough, the recently concluded in Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar where BN candidates are from UMNO and they won comfortably.

            “politics is …..” Not necessarily. Do remember that in many cultures east of Suez canal, being argumentative is deemed as “egoistic”. You may insult Najib before a Malay and he just smiled . But come election, he still vote UMNO in.

            In crude language, Rafizi can talk about 1MDB until cow come home( and he is doing it) but majority of Malays just dont buy his argument.

            1. quote,”Because it is immaterial.”unquote

              so putting up a poll on muhyiddin is of material value? I don’t think so.

                1. I was referring to Helen, who put up the poll on muhyiddin.

                  And you didn’t comment on that poll, but you said it’s immaterial for poll on najib.

                  See the inconsistency?

  3. Pemecatan adalah salah satu mechanisma untuk mentadbir pari dgn berkesan..juga untuk memelihara kepentingan Parti dan ahlinya… Bab betul ke salah…sesaorang itu patut dipecat..terserah pada Parti itu… Bab ketidak puasan hati …itu biasa..lumrah.. Di dalam penjara..hampir kesemua banduan ..ngatakan mereka tak bersalah.. Ini biasa… akibat jiwa terperanjat,,,yg tak terlihat pun terperanjat sbb tiada akar diri dan punyai semangat Gurkha yg tinggi…

  4. i tot when u wanna fire someone.. u have to bring them to discipline board and argue their case.. ala2 bela diri.. were both of them given the chances?
    looks like we might going to have umno lagi baru soon.. hahaha

  5. Mayyudin ,Shafiee Afdal and Mukriz go against Najib is proven.

    Najib go against the wish of electorate ,is not proven and probably will never be proven .

    Mahyudin ,Shafiee Afdal and Mukriz is wrong ,sor saying that Najib is wrong ,but no means to prove it ,because they hold no power of proving it .

    Next in Line will be Tun , I presume !.

    1. Mahathir has left UMNO voluntarily and so is his wife. So there is no issue of his sacking.

  6. inikan blog pro bn thus pro najib i.e. anti pembangkang i.e. tun, muhyiddin, mukhriz…

    kalau buat poll ‘wajarkah ds najib letak jawatan’ then this is equivalent to against bn and ds najib thus tak selaras dgn commitment blog ni….

    usul tu boleh jugak dibuat tapi kat blog pro dap le….sebab mana tau kalau najib turun kit siang / guan eng naik…

    1. dear mr ‘truth’,
      I hv always maintained that I m pro truth n this blog gives me d impression that it always attempt 2 gives more or less a balanced reporting. hope u can internalize d rationale 4 d third column.

      1. Pro-truth? Hello? Where have you been living all this while? All the allegations against Najib have proven false but you people keep on seeking for the truth. The truth is Mahathir lapar kuasa who wants his son, Mukhriz to be the next PM eventhough si boboi lacks leadership quality. The truth is Mahathir is a goner, a history but still refuses to accept the facts. The Sarawak elections and the 2 by-elections have proven the truth. So stop being a sore loser!

        1. “The truth is Mahathir lapar kuasa who wants his son, Mukhriz to be the next PM eventhough si boboi lacks leadership quality.”

          Luxury is when you have the freedom to comment on things you don’t have proof and evidence except from murmurings, and you got off scott-free. And continue to do so

          1. mr ‘aku melayu’,

            pls understand. I m neither pro tun or pro jib. I m pro truth. insya’allah I wil remain this way come what may. d blog owner knows my stand. its on record that I worked my hearts out 2 reconcile both of them but failed bcos rosmah didn’t want it 2 happen. this was b4 d 1MDB xpose’.

            I hv tens of sms’s that I shared wth dtn sri rosmah which I wil reveal in due course.

            d reaction of ds najib n d futile attempt by his coterie of supporters (including dpm n ministers) made me decide that he has lost d moral legitimacy 2 lead this country. I hv even appealed thru ds rosmah that he catches d bull by d horn n faces his accusers like a man. being a leader 2 all malaysians ,saying that all d accusations are but a pack of lies is never good enough.

            4 now ,d power of incumbency allows unlimited maneuvering but once u factor in d concerns n empathy shown by no nonsense xternal governmental agencies , then saying that all evidences r lies wil not work.

            salam ramadhan.

              1. saya minta maaf. kalu u kenalkan diri sebagai ‘aku wanita melayu’ kesilapan ini mungkin bolih d elakkan

            1. Dato, whatever you want to do you have to do it fast. Najib is starting to consolidate his power

              1. I m but a lone ranger wthout any base n money . d best strategy is 2 hv an operation ‘blitzkrieg’ in Pekan parliament constituency.

                I hv contacted both secretriats of GKCM n Deklarasi Rakyat 2 dojust that but i got either no response or d reception was lukewarm.

                I wil try again after d ied holidays. some veteran UMNO leaders hv even put a damper by saying that if i do not hv at least rm30mill war chest 2 challenge ds najib, than my efforts wil b futile. apart from that I wil need committed foot soldiers n ‘perayu undi’ 2 bring out d voters that r sympathetic 2wards d cause .

                well as d saying goes – ‘we propose n God disposes’. we can plan as much as we can but God is d best of all planners.

                kalu perasaan meyampah tlh bertukar menjadi menyumpah maka lambat laun Allah swt akan mengabul kan orang2 yg tlh d tipu n d tindas..

                1. Well you can start with the ones you can do for free first, Dato. Like the articles and SMSes

    2. That poll if held in Helen’s blog will gauge the true feelings of her readers whom are largely progressive-educated-not-that-liberal Malays who hate the opposition, especially DAP. It will indicate the true barometer of how those readers think of Najib.

      I bet Helen can predict what the outcome of the poll may be, and she knows that her PMO handlers will not like what they poll will indicate (that Najib should step down as PM). Hence her elegant silence on REPEATED requests by proTun readers but UMNO supporters like me for such a poll.

      Helen, show us your writings are “balanced”.

      1. re: “her PMO handlers”

        I do not have any PMO handlers.

        You must be thinking of something like Annie and his handlers?

        1. Just tell us why you refuse to run a simple poll that dato a rahman suggested earlier.

      2. hello brader, I dun think helan ever assert her own writing as balance, being a pr / ph supporter, i often perceive many helan writes as not balance (or rubbish to be harsh wakaka). but she is definitely not a hypo like the dap fanboy.

  7. still arguing guys? :)

    I mean come on, at this juncture dah no point dah trying to convince whichever camp.

    there are “not really fans of najib” but tak nak kritik ( ( oklah kiritk sikit2 je :P) pasal takut BN crumble camp

    there are “DSN Pejuang Islam & segala yg baik adalah dia ” camp

    there are “Tun M is a legend ” camp

    there are ” maybe red bean pau army and/or evangelist ” camp

    there are ” semua pun tak boleh pakai lah, tapi Najib paling tak boleh pakai ” camp…

    also many more more camps kut i may have missed….

    so you see….you vcan argue till the cows come home…everyone has made up their mind…

    so which camp are you ? ;)

    1. “semua pun tak boleh pakai lah” camp.

      so must tukar from time to time. let the tak boleh pakai sucker know who possess the final said.

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