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Muhyiddin’s popularity has dipped from three months ago

The poll below asking “Patutkah TS Muhyiddin dipecat dari Umno?” was uploaded in this blog on 30 March 2016.

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Three months ago, some 55 percent of my 726 poll respondents believe the Umno deputy president ought to be sacked.

Yesterday I repeated the survey again asking “Wajarkah TS Muhyiddin dipecat dari Umno?”

Currently 708 readers have responded to my second same poll. This figure is close to the level of participation when I first did the poll in March.

This time the number of ‘Yes’ answers, i.e. agreeing that Tan Sir Muhyiddin ought to be sacked, has gone up to close to 60 percent (59.6%).

Or in other words, an additional five percent of readers taking part in my survey now concur with the ex-party deputy’s sacking from Umno compared to three month earlier.

Result below snapshot at 2.45pm.

Following a series of missteps, it appears that the Protuns are increasingly losing support.

I predict that in a last ditch effort, they will latch on to the DAP given PAS ‘s disinterest and PKR’s lukewarm response.

Muhyiddin sacked poll


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17 thoughts on “Muhyiddin’s popularity has dipped from three months ago

  1. Mahyudin and Mukriz are now ,not only the enemy of Najib ,but also become the enemy of UMNO ,since UMNO had made that decision .

    UMNO has made history .

  2. whats the relevance of your muhyiddin poll to the current political scenario?

    isn’t it more relevant to gauge Najib’s popularity as PM, instead?

  3. In the popularity stakes, it’s understandable that Muhyuddin becomes less popular as time passes. He has no glue for the glue sniffers and there’s no way he can get around that when he is without position in government. Even those who used to consider themselves his people are now afraid to even go near him.

    On the other hand, Najib has become the most popular person in this country because of the God-given victories in Ramadhan that he secured in Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar. Allah has shown the righteousness of Najib’s perjuangan while HE has abandoned Muhyuddin.

    From Putrajaya comes news that a grand celebration is being planned to celebrate the victories as well as the ever rising popularity of the PM during the Eid festival. I don’t know how much of a joke this is but it is said that Zahid Hamidi will be leading the prayers, entertainment will be provided by Nazri who will demonstrate his silat prowess and Ku Nan will perform a strip show. Pemuda UMNO will also be contributing but no one has been able to say what that contribution will be.

    To top it all, there will be a kenduri/feast sponsored by Shahrizat who will also donate some fattened cows.

    We all have to wait and see la what will happen eventually.

    1. a good satirical piece I suppose.
      zahid attended religious school so no sweat for him 2 lead d congregation in prayers.
      may I suggest that ds najib as d UMNO khalifah, becomes d imam n recite d doa instead n let ds zahid give n off d cuff speech in English.
      that wld b n xtremely historical event.

      1. Your obsession with asking Najib to lead a prayer session is beyond my comprehension. What is it that you want to prove?

        That Najib can’t recite Quranic verses or recite certain prayers? or in that aspect you are far superior?

        Is there a favour that Najib has not returned? Or the Uni friends that he has dropped from the A list?

        If you aim is to show his weak point, May God bless you. Look within yourself and yes, be honest. Are you deserving of his attention?

        1. melayu Malaysia n anak melayu sound almost similar. hope they r not one n d same person.

          2 respond 2 yr queries ;-

          1) 2 me religion is our personal arrangement wth Allah swt. but once u r elevated as a leader (khalifah) of a group of like minded muslims, then d whole dynamics changes. there is nothing wrong in suggesting that u perform in public what u r ordained 2 do in private. tun lah ,ts muyid n ds zahid did it wthout any fuss. lebih afdal lagi jika kita sendiri memimpin n memohon doa agar d ampuni segala dosa2 n d jauhi drpd fitnah n niat jahat musuh2 .

          2) as a retired civil servant my needs r modest. no I don’t need any favors from him or rosmah. on d contrary ds najib is d one that shld reciprocate. fyi I was d duty officer n deed my level best 2 attend 2 tun’s needs until his demise. ds najib (until very recently) does not know this but I hv shared my xperiences in n article ‘hari2 terakhir tun razak d london’. I cld hv been very close 2 him if I did not appeal 2 JPA 2 rescind my transfer 2 mindef as a TKSU in 1998.

          3) honestly speaking I do not need his attention at all. I was one of d earliest 2 know that something nasty was brewing between him n tun m. on my own initiative I took d trouble 2 try n reconcile between both of them. I pen down my efforts in n article ‘sengketa d antara ds najib dgn tun m – usaha ikhlas yg tak kesampaian’.
          I even allowed ds rosmah n tun m 2 edit that article b4 publishing it.( I did this b4 d 1MDB fiasco xploded into d open)

          4) I honestly wanted him 2 succeed n help in what ever I can . this was d advice (pesan) given by my late fathert so as 2 show our gratitude 2wards tun razak. (my father was given a permanent job). I stopped all my efforts when I realized that thru greed he has allowed himself 2 bcome a common thief abated by a scheming Chinese lad whose intentions were very clear from d very beginning. I sincerely pray that my late father wil understand my present stand of ‘melawan kemungkaran’.

          5) wth d power of incumbency one can always maneuver away from d long arm of d law. however 4 as long as he fails 2 give a convincing explanation as 2 how billions ended up in his personal account, then he wil always b remembered as d probable statesman that lost his way thru greed.

          maaf panjang sikit respon. salam .

      2. In the Name of Allah The Most Beneficient and Most Merciful

        1. By the night as it envelops; 2. And by the day as it appears in brightness; 3. And by the Lord Who created male and female; 4. Certainly, your efforts and deeds are diverse ( in aims and purposes); 5. As for him who gives (in generosity) and keeps his duty to Allah and fears Him, 6. And who believes in Al-Husna (all things good and beautiful). 7. We will make smooth for him the path of ease (goodness); 8. But as for him the greedy miser who thinks himself self-sufficient; 9. And denies Al-Husna; 10. We will make smooth for him the path for evil; 11. And what will his wealth benefit him when he goes down (in destruction); 12. Truly Ours it is (to give) guidance; 13. And truly, unto Us is the Last (Hereafter) and the First (this world); 14. Therefore I have warned you of a (Hell)Fire blazing fiercely; 15. None shall enter it except the most wretched; 16. Who denies and turns away (from truth).

        17. And Al-Muttaqun (the pious and righteous) will be far removed from it (Hellfire); 18. He who spends his wealth to increase in self-purification; 19. And has in his mind no expectation of favour nor reward from anyone; 20. Other than the wish to seek the Countenance of his Lord, the Most High; 21. Then surely will he be pleased (when he enters Paradise).

        [Quran, “The Night”]

    2. What peak of eloquence; what pith of satire!
      All the world’s renounced the bullion sire.

  4. “‘isn’t it more relevant to gauge Najib’s popularity as PM, instead?”‘

    hmmm……….maybe you are right.

    Maybe we can start a pool like this.

    Is Najib popular because cash is king?


    Is Najib popular because he is a true leader?

    Btw Ayah good one, boleh tambah belly dance for Ku Nan before the strip show ah?

    1. Belly dance? Cannot one……already booked by Nika Gee for tetamu terhormat the Moo!

  5. I wonder where are those supposedly die-hard UMNO members who shed buckets of crocodile tears crying out loud that Najib has betrayed the party and the Malays will punish BN at the polls…In fact the 3 elections have clearly pointing to the inescapable conclusion that the Malay and non-Malay support for BN (and Najib) has gone up despite the die-die efforts the Axis of Evil comprising DAP and the Mahatir’s loyalists.

    I think the people have responded to Mahatir’s call for referendum – have emphatically rejected Mahatir and his partners in crime DAP.

  6. Tun wanted to go on a mission to kill Najib and in the process not just failed but only succeeded in destroying his own legacy and all his allies and son.

  7. beastofburden,

    Gravity rules: belly dance ok but not pole dancing.

    Since Rosmah loves karaoke, maybe she should be included to render some of Saloma’s best songs especially with lyrics written by Tan Sri P.Ramlee. Or perhaps nasyid and khasidah?

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