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“Not impossible that I might get shot” — Ridhuan Tee on death threats

What is wrong with MCA?! The Chinese party’s hysteria over ‘kafir harbi’ is playing right into the hands of the evangelical party.

Orang DAP memang selalu buat onar — tipu, bohong, putar-belit, fitnah. But has MCA ever held them accountable for their destructive behaviour?

Well if MCA did, then the BN Chinese party would not have been trashed in G13 now, would they?

BLOODY HYPOCRITES: Cina DAP and one particular Melayu DAP blogger spewing hate but pretending to be “nice”

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Typical DAP character assassin behaviour

DAP deputy national chairman P. Ramasamy has criminally defamed the Mufti of Pahang. He wrote:

“As long as PAS was in the opposition, Umno was checkmated and its brand of politics neutralised. However, the minute PAS moved closer to Umno, due to his own follies, the stage was set for the rise of race politics. Thus, what Abdul Rahman said had nothing with Islam per se. It had all to do with race politics and how it sought to use whatever avenues available to manifest in the most diabolical ways.

“Abdul Rahman is an appointed religious official. He has certainly misused his religious position by pouring scorn on the non-Malays in the DAP. His remark calling for the elimination of ‘non-believers’ smacks of ISIS-type politics, which has nothing to do with Islam per se.” (Source: ‘Mufti’s remark shows what’s lacking in Malaysia‘ yesterday in FMT)

When did the Pahang mufti ever call for “the elimination of non-believers” (Ramasamy’s words)? DAP just can’t stop slandering and concocting vicious spin.

Cina DAP ke, Melayu DAP ke, yang atas ni India DAP — what kind people are they? So vile.

Why does DAP link the mufti to Umno? By the same token, we must link the Bersih-supporting archbishop to DAP.

Ramasamy also wrote, “what [mufti] Abdul Rahman said had nothing with Islam per se”.

Hah. Isn’t it true that the DAP interferes in Islam? We’ve got here Ramasamy-the-DAP Islam -expert who thinks he’s more knowledgeable about the religion than a state mufti.

BELOW: DAP giving tazkirah in masjid and ‘ustazah’ dua alam Hannah Yeoh preaching

Actually, when DAP accuses the Pahang mufti of misusing his religious position by pouring scorn on the non-Malays in the DAP, three fingers are pointing back at themselves because evangelical pastors are misusing their religious position by pouring scorn on BN supporters.

In the case of the Pahang mufti’s recent pronouncement (as interpreted by Dapster-evangelistas), what MCA should have done instead is tell the Chinese community:

“Tengok tu … hanya kerana perangai syaitan DAP, now all of us Chinese are being tarred with a broad brush; please don’t think that there will not be any consequences from DAP’s hate politics or that there ain’t gonna be no Muslim reaction to the DAP’s deceitful actions”.

Haters will hate potatoes

MCA’s got their priority all wrong

Rather than parrying the DAP propaganda, MCA prefer to shoot their cannonballs at Ridhuan Tee who is not even a politician.

It’s really hard to see why MCA treats its own former life member as if he’s the party’s Public Enemy No.1. (The ‘M’ in MCA stands for Madness.) After all, Ridhuan didn’t contest against MCA in the last election and he will not be contesting in the next election either.

In his Sinar Harian column today headlined ‘Sandiwara anak Malaysia ultra kiasu‘, Ridhuan wrote:

“… MCA begitu marah apabila saya menegur soal pakaian seksi dan singkat. MCA menyerang saya dengan mengatakan saya ini sakit mental dan perlu meminta maaf kepada orang Cina.”

He added, “ultra kiasu Kristian Evangelis jugalah yang setiap kali bulan puasa akan dibenarkan masuk ke surau dan masjid berbaju kurung dan bertudung menyampaikan bantuan kepada umat Islam yang berpuasa, bagi menunjukkan dia ‘sayang’ dan ‘menghormati’ bulan puasa”.

Hannah Yeoh's interns Occupy Masjid
Hannah Yeoh’s interns Occupy Masjid

Why was MCA was so quick to come to the DAP’s defence over ‘kafir harbi’?

I suppose since the MCA is so supportive of Hannah Yeoh and her Jerusubang group’s tudung-wearing, MCA finds it impossible to credit the Muslim-image DAP with being kafir.

In fact, J-Star – the MCA’s media empire – has been actively publicizing and promoting the DAP evangelistas’ outreach to Malays. Presently, MCA’s choice to side with DAP over the ‘kafir harbi’ label is proof that MCA is working in the DAP’s interests.

BELOW: Tail wagging the dog … J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai and MCA president Liow Tiong Lai

Liow Tiong Lai WCW

MCA hand-in-hand with evangelistas to demonize ustaz

In his Sinar Harian column today, Ridhuan wrote:

“Saya akan terus dilabel lebih Melayu daripada Melayu supaya orang Cina membenci dan menganggap saya sebagai pengkhianat. Sehingga ada yang meludah dan menjegilkan mata bila bersua muka. Begitu juga ugutan bunuh. Tidak mustahil akan ditembak. Saya bertawakal kepada ALLAH akan takdir ini.”

Yup, the Dapster-evangelistas (and Melayu DAP) are most responsible for fabricating false stories to smear critics. And yup, they’re guilty of making rape and death threats against those mini minority Chinese who do not approve of their politics of hate.

The bottomline is they can’t stop lying. They lie all the time to foment hate. Their Melayu DAP blogger is just the same.


‘Terkini! Gadis Cina yang diugut rogol oleh Red Bean Army didedahkan!!’ (Dr Novandri Hassan Basri on 2 June 2013

‘Mangsa Politik RBA’ (Utusan, 16 June 2013)

MCA attacks Ridhuan almost on a weekly basis. If the party was willing spend as much energy attacking DAP as they do Ridhuan, then MCA would not have lost 90 percent of the Chinese vote in the tsunami.

The irony is that as the party’s life member until very recently, Ridhuan most likely pangkah dacing in the last election.


ABOVE: The birth cert of Hannah Yeoh’s daughter says her race is ‘Chinese’

MCA attacks Ridhuan, supports Hannah

In his Sinar Harian column today, Ridhuan talked about the DAP sneaky bastard.

He wrote, “Muslihatnya, bagi mengelakkan dia [pemimpin wanita ultra kiasu Kristian Evangelis yang berkahwin dengan lelaki India] menulis keturunan India iaitu keturunan suaminya.”

Bingo! So now we know why the MCA chauvinist media is such an ardent supporter of Hannah Yeoh. It’s because MCA is proud that Hannah’s daughter is registered as a ‘Chinese’ in her birth cert instead of following the father’s Indian race.

Asian custom be damned. The DAP Chinese is always on top.

Regarding the Chinese patrilineal tradition, Ridhuan wrote:

“Baik pula saya, saya Cina, isteri saya Melayu, keturunan saya, saya letakkan Cina kepada anak saya. Kenapa? Sebab saya orang Cina. JPN memberi pilihan sama ada memilih bangsa ibu atau bapa. Siapa hipokrit sebenarnya? Beginilah liciknya mereka.”

So right.

Siapa hipokrit sebenarnya? Answer: The evangelistas, who else.

Beginilah liciknya mereka. Absolutely!

Keep in mind that the always holidaying Melayu DAP 20k blogger on their payroll even more licik because obviously the party would pick a bird of the same feather to flock together.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh in her tudung costume among Malay ladies; meanwhile the Malay fraudster blogger is masquerading as a “little lady of the valley” among Cina DAP but no pretty-maids-all-in-a-row photo as he’s a middle-aged male

Hannah Yeoh - the sesumpah blending into Muslimah


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71 thoughts on ““Not impossible that I might get shot” — Ridhuan Tee on death threats

  1. Now expert in Islam are from MCA ,DAP ,Gerakan and MIC , opp’s don’t forget another Indian base party, which it’s president also have a big mouth ,which I can’t recall .

    To say only DAP are anti Melayu and Islam is never close to any truth.
    I would say that, people from the same boat flock’s together .

    1. re: “people from the same boat flock’s together”

      Yes, regardless of race. Ridhuan Tee’s “kita” places himself among the ummah.

      Liars, frauds and slanderous flock together irrespective of whether it its the Chinese or Melayu-screw-Melayu reporting to the DAP paymaster.

        1. Oh, you mean that we didn’t know that?

          I didn’t know that you are that woefully ignorant! But maybe that’s SOP for you, like in hitting the keyboard first before good sense prevails….hahaha.

          I am chuffed that R T has placed himself among the faithful. He must be awesomely privileged.

          Most of us wouldn’t dare to claim to know the heart, mind and thoughts of The Almighty.

          We realise that we have to work hard at “loving God and love our neighbour” (as is written in the Bible) and by following the admonition “take up your cross and follow Me”.

          No shortcuts. No free passes.

          1. Don’t forget loving your enemy and turning the other cheek, as pastor Hannah preached.

            1. That too….

              It’s good to know that you are reasonably conversant with the tenets of the Christian faith.

              As in the concept of “heretics” in the “kafir harbi” context.

              But the Christian churches have moved on from the times of “heretics” and “apostates”.

              But the “obscurantists” haven’t, apparently.

                1. That’s for you to say. Good try, though, with the semantics and all.

                  Are you objecting to the word “obscurantists”?

  2. Helen,

    I feel that Ridhuan Tee is too puffed up with self-importance to think that anybody would want to shoot him.

    As far as I can tell, no Chinese would want to waste good money hiring a hitman, or renting a gun, to kill him.

    Indians? Well, I think Ridhuan Tee is very careful not to antagonise them.

    Malays? Are there really any Malays who would want to kill Ridhuan Tee? I doubt it.

    So, who would shoot Ridhuan Tee?


    1. R T is an inconsequential pipsqueak who has to resort to more and more extreme language in order to get page space and eyeballs coverage in the mainstream and social media.

      The more he is ignored, the louder he has to shout.

      It’s all bluff, really. His bluff was called south of the Causeway. To which he meekly retreated to “terra firma”, suitably chastened.

      Note that he has carefully chosen not to give voice to his views outside of Malaysia. At least, not that I am aware of.

      Perhaps he knows that he will be given short shrift by the Malaysian diaspora overseas. If he is allowed entry into those countries in the first place.

      Maybe a “courageous warrior” like him might want to put that to the test?

      1. Hmm, maybe not….

        A “concerned citizen of the world”? With a conscience? Maybe….

        Which category do you belong to?

          1. Succinct, but devoid of logic or commonsense. Par for the course, right?

            As for LKY, he did see off the Umno ultras who wanted to cut off the water supply to Singapore. By drawing a line in the sand.

            Guess that’s why Johor is still buying treated water from Singapore.

            Self-sufficiency that ain’t.

    2. Are u living in denial or in a cave on any bukit, or u hv just landed fr somewhere?There are numerous mysterious murder cases of late. Everybody should be mindful of one’s own safety, esp at tr. lights. If you are not concerned of yr life, it is okay. but, such person like rt is a gem in our society, may be not in yr society, wh is the root of evil on this land, ever since yr previous kins landed on it.

  3. just like ustaz hussien yee, sheikh ridhuan tee by d will of Allah swt has emerged as one of d prominent da’ie in Malaysia.
    he shld utilse this rare ‘gift’ 2 propagate this true religion amongst his chinese brethren. I think d sooner he becomes apolitical d brighter r d chances of success.

    like wise d govt shld give him all d assistance ( may b direct or thru his ngo ,perkim or even jakim) so as 2 make his mission more effective.

    I remember during tun Mustapha’s days in Sabah. he converted many into d faith by giving them all sorts of assistance.. when people asked him whether it was d best way, his simple reply was that these people may adopt d faith thru basic necessity but their offspring will b born into d faith n given proper guidance they wil remain in faith. his strategy was 2 propagate first then increase d ummah thru procreation.

    he must hv learnt it from d Christian missionaries that spread d faith in Borneo, Indonesian islands n d Southern Philippines. since d Chinese in Malaysia r educated, da’ies must invite them 4 a dialogue n like what Yusuf estes; khalid yassin; hamzah Yusuf; zakir naik; ahmad deedat; Rahim green; Yusuf islam n many others hv done, diplomacy n common sense insya’allah wil make them c d light.

    4 this 2 b more effective may b we need a lot more Chinese da’ies .
    this is what is happening in Indonesia now. d struggle 4 converts between islam n Christianity is on going. both r hving hard times in keeping their congregation remain wthin their faith. however wth d help of x pendetas, paderis n priests (reverts), islam has become stronger. it is easier there bcos every body speak d Indonesian language.

    no matter what happens, I wld like 2 wish sheikh ridhuan every success in his chosen endeavors.

    1. Pardon me. I beg to differ. Tee is just too abrasive towards the Chinese to be any good at reaching people and their religion. Singapore used to invite him to speak but not anymore. His political convictions seem to have mutated into the Islamist holier-than-thou typology. And his academic writings have been clouded over by allegations of extensive plagiarism here in Malaysia.

      1. i tend 2 agree wth u. that is d reason why I purposely metioned another da’ie ustaz hussien yee.

        he needs 2 b apolitical. it is not n easy task 2 convert even yr immediate family. what more yr Chinese brethren.

        but that is d line he has taken n he needs 2 persevere. our/his job is 2 deliver d message d best we can n leave d rest 2 Allah swt.

        a genuine da’ie has 2 b a good muslim first n plagiarism if found 2 b true is a serious breach.

      2. ‘And his academic writings have been clouded over by allegations of extensive plagiarism here in Malaysia.’

        Ada bukti ke ni?

    2. So, cross-conversions are ok?

      Like in the secular West which does not recognise “apostasy” as an offence?

      Proselytising should be a two-way highway, don’t you think?

      Because a “monopoly of the truth” is a fraught subject.

      Btw, could you clarify what you mean by “all sorts of assistance”? Monetary rewards? Non-financial inducements? Not-so-subtle hints and promises?

      Wouldn’t that be converting for the wrong reasons?

      1. ‘Proselytising should be a two-way highway, don’t you think?’

        The highest law of the land does not say so. Try other country!!

        1. Are you saying that The Federal Constitution of Malaysia, which came into force in 1957, which is the supreme law of Malaysia says that?? you are lying, man……a real disgrace to Islam, naming yourself Islam1st……..

          1. Surrhead,

            The Constitution clearly disallows propagation of non Muslim faiths to Muslims.

            The constitution comes as a package. The 9 Malay rulers agreed to mind boggling massive citizenships to more than 1 million non malays in such a short period. i said it many times.

            IN RETURN, Article 153 was inserted as appreciation to Malay rulers for allowing once EXCLUSIVELY Malay states to be opened to non Malays.

            Questioning why non muslim religions cant be propagated to Muslims will only invite Malays to question the citizenships to non Malays.

            It will not be pleasant to everyone.

            1. Where in The Constitution disallows propagation of non Muslim faith to Muslims?
              You know what i mean – it has to be CLEARLY STATED IN THE CONSTITUTION.
              Don’t pass on bullshits and own made ups.
              Maybe what you are saying is stated in the sharia laws.

              And i have to make you see this – those fellas whoever were given citizenship as a part of Independence criteria, most or all are dead now….
              Any chinese or indian that you see now were born and raised here, thus making them a nationality…

              1. You are so bodoh sombong that I’m going to answer on Shamshul’s behalf because he’s too polite.

                And I’m going to tell you that we need no further proof of your dismal ignorance but yet you keep insisting on displaying your woeful ignorance to us.

                re: “Where in The Constitution disallows propagation of non Muslim faith to Muslims?”

                Article 11(4):

                “State law and in respect of the Federal territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.”

                re: “You know what i mean – it has to be CLEARLY STATED IN THE CONSTITUTION.”

                Is the above 11(4) not CLEARLY STATED enough for you to understand?

                Also read the MAIS circular point 3.4 wrt titah Sultan Selangor on the ban barring non-Muslims from using the masjid prayer hall for their social events to that you clearly understand.

                re: “Don’t pass on bullshits and own made ups.”

                You’re evidently talking about yourself.

                re: “Maybe what you are saying is stated in the sharia laws.”

                It is stated in the Federal Constitution. Shamshul is correct. You are wrong. Next time, learn to acquire some humility and read up first before shooting from the hip at someone who has got his facts right.

                re: “Any chinese or indian that you see now were born and raised here, thus making them a nationality…”

                Chinese/Indians like you have Malaysian citizenship. As to whether you truly represent a Malaysian nationality, that’s debatable.

                You all should just migrate to Tasmania. No loss.

                1. i stand corrected……..on the Constitution part only….

                  But you gotta know this too – Article 11(4) merely grants the power to states to control or restrict propagation of religious beliefs among Muslims and nothing else. There is no other provision under Article 11 empowering the state to implement laws with regard to the conversion of a Muslim. Provided that the conversion was done on his own free will, it is immaterial to consider whether the teachings of a particular religion was propagated to an apostate prior to his conversion, as it is something that has already happened. Therefore, any anti-conversion argument rooting from Article 11(4) should be considered invalid.

                  As for mine or any other person’s nationality, you have no say at all….it is already granted

                  1. There are subtle differences between the concept of citizenship vs nationality. Look it up.

                    As I’ve mentioned before, the British once had an enactment for the Federated Malays States that did not recognize immigrant Christians of Chinese descent as being China nationals. Search in my blog for details.

                    Wrt Malaysian apostasy laws in our present day, there is pusat pemulihan akidah. You can look up the legislation under which these centres were (empowered to be) set up.

                    1. Helen, take a chill pill…i was just messing….i am against proselyting too….religion should always be a personal thing….no one or no bodies should impose their beliefs to another being……AS for nationality, let’s keep it simple…if a person is born here, that person is a Malaysian…and it’s the gov’s responsibility to cater to all Malaysian…

  4. Looks like the kafir harbi that is supposed to be killed is now threatening to kill. Lol …

  5. While we are talking about hudud, kafir harbi issue and Ridzuan Tee, let me pull your attention to UK after the Brexit… when the results stare at your face. The religious and racial tolerance in UK is going away.

    There are more attacks on immigrants and also Muslims.

    I hope we are not heading that way.

    1. Mulan kalau pendatang pun Muslim kat sini bagi hidup senang boleh cari makan berniaga sampai kaya raya. Takkan la, penduduk, warga negara kami nak halau.

      Kat geng harbi lain sikit kut…

  6. When the stupid mufti labeled DAP as kafir harbi, he actually sanctioned the killing of DAP members in the name of Islam.

    What people failed to see if that how a mufti can fool the gullible. Just look at the supporter who seconds the mufti’s call.

    Here are some examples of kafir explained – and kafir harbi do not fit DAP

    Namun hukum kafir harbi ini bukanlah hukuman yang kecil, ia hukuman yang berat kerana kafir harbi ini sampai ke tahap dia boleh dibunuh

    NOW, umno wins by keeping the mass stupid. Just imagine what damage can be done when the mass is stupid, with a mufti sanctions killing of non muslims…..that is dangerous. You are in danger too, Helen…..A berserk Muslim would just have to see your skin colour and decide to kill you in the name of God.

    AND, RT getting a death threat….that is a good joke…..hahahah

    1. Hukuman yang berat setimpal dengan dosa yang dibuat kelompok ‘kafir harbi’.

      re: “AND, RT getting a death threat….that is a good joke…..hahahah”

      So it is the kafir (Dapsters) who go around threatening to spill the blood of an ustaz and yet you all (DAP supporters) play victim as if your very life is threatened merely on account of a mufti bringing up Islamic terminology.

      1. Helen, you got proof ah? that dap is threatening RT? pls submit to police……Dr Maza talks very well on Islamic terminology and values….this stupid mufti is full of shit, a person who sanctions killing publicly is downright wrong….it’s that simple

        1. Cina DAP memang babi kalau tak menipu memang tak sah! Bukti kat atas ni, kau Surrhead memang kafir harbi, dah lah kau hina Mufti yang menjadi penasihat DYMM Sultan Pahang, kau fitnah dia pulak kata dia sanctions killing. Pandai2, tak tau hukum Islam pun nak cakap. Memang kaki penipu, apa lagi Cina mahu? Ultrakiasu tak habis2!

    2. sorehead, why do you like to call others ‘stupid’? is that an evangelist trademark, belttling others? no wonder, your flock hv been losing the state elwction and by-elections. Yr methodology of convincing others is so outdated and knda old school.Only desperate and unresorceful people use degrarotaries.

        1. ‘When the stupid mufti labeled DAP as kafir harbi,’

          Are saying the DYMM Sultan Pahang is equally stupid for having a religious adviser like him??!

          ‘he actually sanctioned the killing of DAP members in the name of Islam.’

          Slander. Kau orang kalau tak menipu tak salah, memang fraudster extraordinaire, kesian kat Cina yang baik2 kena tempias penipu!

          ‘Abdul Rahman juga menegaskan tidak pernah menyeru mana-mana orang supaya berperang.
          “Saya cuma katakan muslim tidak patut bekerjasama dengan bukan muslim yang secara khusus menentang Islam,” katanya, dan menegaskan beliau berbicara mengenai isu itu daripada konteks agama.’

          1. DYMM Sultan Pahang is a smart man to be having a “national” casino in his state, but what i fail to understand is that this stupid mufti has nothing to say on that, isn’t that munafiq??……BTW,that stupid mufti labeled DAP and it’s like as kafir harbi….what does that mean?? Or you prefer to play dumb??

            1. ‘Or you prefer to play dumb??’

              Kita ada kakis macam lu berlagak pandai maa. So kalau Melayu pun tunjuk pandai, lu ingat lu olang boleh hidup lama sini meh??

              1. islam1st rambling nonsensically again……i see it’s hard for you to swallow the truth, you munafiq bugger…….BTW…Pejabat Perdana Menteri dalam satu kenyataan hari ini berkata jemaah menteri hari ini memutuskan bahawa rakyat bukan Islam negara ini tidak boleh dikategorikan sebagai kafir harbi selagi mereka mempunyai kerakyatan yang sah dan dilindungi oleh undang-undang negara serta tidak memerangi pemerintah.

                So, how now?? you have been sucking the stupid mufti’s dick and kafir harbi all this while, and PMO just discredited the stupid mufti’s statement

          2. Dalam link FMT, Mufti juga kata:

            “Beliau berkata bukan muslim yang menentang Rang Undang-undang (RUU) mengangkat status mahkamah syariah menunjukkan pemikiran kafir harbi.”

            Macam mana pula dengan orang Muslim yang menentang RUU? Umno sekian lama tidak mengangkat status mahkamah syariah semenjak merdeka. Bila Hadi bawa RUU, Umno letakkan agenda RUU dalam aturan terakhir Parlimen. Adakah Umno juga kafir harbi?

  7. Tapi ustaz ridhuan tee hantar anaknya ke sekolah cina.
    Didepan melayu ketuk cina. Tapi cakap tak serupa bikin. Macam ustazah yang bukan melayu yang asyik cakap pasal perpaduan ummah. Bila ditanya bila nak masuk Islam, tukar topic pulak. Hipokrit betul.

    1. re: “ustaz ridhuan tee hantar anaknya ke sekolah cina”

      kerana dalam sijil beranak mereka disebut keturunan “Cina”.

      Tapi YB Ng Wei Aik (bekas setpol LGE) jangan pula hantar ke sekolah Cina ya, sebab Ahli Parlimen DAP Komtar itu beriya-iya mahu anaknya dikelaskan sebagai bangsa “Anak Malaysia”.

      re: “Macam ustazah yang bukan melayu yang asyik cakap pasal perpaduan ummah. Bila ditanya bila nak masuk Islam, tukar topic pulak. Hipokrit betul.”

      Ustazah Hannah dah lapan tahun naik turun masjid dengan keterampilannya yang bertudung dan berbuka puasa.

      Bila ditanya bila nak masuk Islam, dia mengugut akan buat laporan polis terhadap si penanya yang tersilap sangka. Hipokrit betul.

      Tak tahu malu hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong di masjid dan surau mahu menabur dedaknya yang tak seberapa (sekadar 1k dan 2k) itu.

      Harap AJK masjid akan insaf dan kesal bahawa makan dedak musuh Islam itu haram dan pasti tidak membawa berkat.

  8. DAP must be suffering from superiority complex. Ramasamy is good example. He is shouting ‘tamil-this’ and ‘hindu-that’ the moment he was made a DCM. He even demonstrated solidarity with the thugs who were shot dead by the police just because they were hindus. Recently he praised Acheh for sheltering the tamil boat people but quickly changed his mind when Jakarta refused entry.

    Ramasamy reactions on anything which is hindu-related indicate that he still live in Tamilnadu.

  9. Just a degression, Last nite, received 4-5 calls on my handphone, which I ignored til after our prayer. Later, I asked the unfamiliar caller, why the seemingly urgency for caling during the laat 10 nights of ramadhan?
    Happened that, it was from a garment shop. Today, I went to the shop and reprimanded the caller. instead of feeling remorse and apologetic, she told me that I shld hv switched off ny phone at a mosque
    she also asked if I was fasting, I should not be reprimanding them. Look at how they twisted the incident, the victim is now turned the abuser. Ohh, if I am fasting, I should not tell them abt their wrong doing. The issue is, why call muslims at night, during the last 10 nights of ramadhan. so, evangelic. That is why, the non muslims should attend single stream school, possibly attend agama classes as well. Now, I am releived coz I had cancelled a dealing with them, just coz they are ignoramt and unrespectful of the sensitivity of the islamic teaching.

    1. “digression”. In case your spellchecker is turned off….hahaha.

      What is your point anyway? That no one should call on your mobile phone when you are in a house of worship or attending a prayer session?

      There’s such things as switching off your phone, turning on the silent mode or call forwarding. Simple technical measures. No bug deal.

      And, in any case, during the Muslim Ramadan or the Christian Lent seasons, aren’t the faithful called upon to be more compassionate, charitable and merciful? Instead of being “in your face” self-righteous?

      “ignorance” and “disrespect” are not limited to any particular race or religion. A study of history will tell you that.

      Properly taught, that is….

    2. Put phone on silent when you’re silent with God. Why rage against those who don’t know the way to God, and your special nights?

  10. The tetm kafir harbi is not a newly coined term. It was ever a familiar term during my youth in the sixties, in spite of the absence of the tech advances. Many such terms were effectively viralled back then, by our atuks and opahs, who may no longer be wt us now. Thus the spiritual strength of that generation. Do not blame the mufti, since he is only highlighting a concept which had been there since our forefathers, which may not be known to others. That was our source of strengh to ward off negative elements from the kafir harbi. It hd been there all this while, only the secret is now exposed, due to the nature of the current threat, which is getting more upfront in nature. In short, he/we are merely responding to the current form of onslaught towards our religion. it is like Newton’s 3rd law esp. the part abt the strength of the force

    1. Wawe,

      The concept “kafir harbi” is not a new phenomenon. It has been there since the days of the Prophet.

      The Mufti just said the truth. But many tried different words into his mouth. . They try to impress that he(Mufti) sanctions the killing of kafir harbi.

      Those worshipping DAP hates Dr Ridhuan as he being a Chinese is willing to whack DAP.

      1. “The Mufti just said the truth”? Pray tell, what is that “truth”?

        And while you are about it, why not enlighten us about the ISIS version of “truth”?


        1. Kineas,

          which part of my writing that I said i accept ISIS?

          I repeat. The Mufti said the truth. DAP is manipulative and good at slandering. All this while it maintains an anti Islam anti malay attitude.

          By the way, the Mufti never said anything about killing those worshipping DAP. maybe you should check with Kit siang. Why he is so “jumpy”

          1. So, just to be clear and upfront – what is your stand on ISIS? On their predilection for sex slaves, forced conversions, beheadings and the occasional terror attacks?

            As for the good Mufti, didn’t he talk about “the enemies”?

            In what context was he using this term?

            1. Kineas,

              “..what is your stand on ISIS?’.

              Though the question not posed to me but let me answer it. ISIS is a bunch of terrorists.

              There is no such thing as forced conversion in Islam. Conversion to Islam must be done voluntarily. If say a Muslim ruler forces non Muslim to convert to Islam ( the way Latin america natives forced to accept christianity), then he is being cruel.

              have I answered your question?

            2. It’s just unfortunate that the mufti of Pahang is a supporter of Hadi Awang’s PAS hudud initiatives – which worries us all in no uncertain terms given the global terrorism of the Islamic State. Even Erdogan’s buddying up with them has not exempted Turkey from yesterday’s ISIS massacre which left 41 dead and 147 injured at the Ataturk airport.
              The Pahang mufti really should do right by all Malaysians and tell us what category of kafir UMNO belongs to when Hadi Awang declares UMNO “kafir”?

    2. to start off, you and your atuks and opahs have no idea what kafir harbi means… guys are just parroting, just like most people who knows how to recite a Quran, but do not know the meaning.

        1. wei, if that stupid mufti want to be respected, he needs to earn it…..and if you think you need to suck his dick, by all means, go ahead,,,,,don’t expect all to follow suit….

            1. ahhh…….i sense you are having the urge to behead me while shouting “God is Great”…..kan?? sorry to bust your bubble, kafir harbi or babi has no effect on me….it’s just another word to discredit another fellow being, while creating a disillusioned version of your kind being superior or the chosen one….ROTFLMAO…….do you know the jews calls non believer like you a Gentiles…..The white south africans used to call the blacks “kaffir”…looks like everybody has a name for others….

  11. In the Singapore Straits Times ( today – “PM lauds Punggol mosque’s community programmes” (June 28, 2016).

    “The Al-Islah Mosque in Punggol is only a year old, but it has built close ties with neighbouring institutions and residents.

    “It partners nearby schools to distribute food to poor families in the neighbourhood. On the third week of each month, it conducts free guided tours around its premises.

    “Yesterday, about 350 people gathered at the mosque to celebrate iftar, or the breaking of fast, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

    “At sunset, mosque volunteers, community and religious leaders, and foreign workers who work nearby, had a meal of fruits, dates, curry porridge and rice.

    “PM Lee, at his first official iftar this Ramadan, applauded Al-Islah’s community programmes, such as inviting grassroots leaders and non-Muslim residents to the mosque to break fast with them and learn more about Islam….

    “… Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim said: “This is what Singapore is all about. We may be a mosque, a temple or a church, but we are in Singapore. We fulfil the needs of our congregate, but we must also try to integrate ourselves into the wider community”…..

    “Dr Yaacob, who is also Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-charge of Cyber Security, said Singapore’s Malay-Muslim community is a welcoming one. He cited how leaders of mosques have told him that close to 50 per cent of those who break fast each day. He added that many of the workers go to the mosques “to help out and donate money””.

    “This is what Singapore is all about….”. A world of difference between that and the histrionics of Ridhuan Tee.

    1. Haiya duit zakat orang Islam pun itu Cinapura gomen sapu, kidnap, hijack…lagi mahu cakap banyak!

      We want to keep our Ridhuan Tee and you and your kakis can berambus ASAP!

      1. Convenient, but proof, please!

        If you are brave enough, go and address that issue in public. Instead of hiding behind a pseudonym.

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