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  1. And the hypocrisy continues. As often being touted, SJ is the holy mackerel turf.

    So many years of keluar masuk masjid masih tak dapat hidayah lagi. Maybe heart firmly closed.

    Should take the bulls by the horns. Duuno why but when comes to DAP everybody so scared, esp the Melayus in PKR and PAS.

      1. Kalau asyik naik turun masjid masih tak peluk Islam, jadi apa niat dia? Ni sekor yang layak digelar ‘kafir harbi’, kot.

        1. to eratkan sillaltulrahim, you don’t have to convert to Islam, Helen….you are becoming dumber day by day…..you should go back to liaising with smart people

          1. A masjid is for those whose soul and physics have been cleansed, especially at heart. If someone goes in and out without getting the hidayah, the intention is suspected of the sincerity. You can go there once, like the tourists who visit the mosques but not to sit there, day in day out abusing the purpose the masjid is built.
            You can even stay in the compound of the masjid just to show some respect to the other followers, even if you cannot understand the severity of preserving its purity. It could also become the source of fitna/slander, especially for a woman, without her mahram.Even if, you are a non, do some research about the proper conduct of entering a masjid. It should not be treated like any other social venues. Instead of garnering support from the masses,one’s such conduct will only incite their wrath, if she ever exercises some sensitivity.
            P.s : Why do you have have to resort to words like ‘dumb’ and what-not, to deliver your opinion. A remark with substance does not need to be accompanied with that kind of derogatories.

            1. ya, sometimes i get pissed seeing dumb mentalities…..BTW, you are just coming out with you holier than thou version, in a way, make life hard for others….it’s just group of local politicians mixing around with locals, and you just have to make it hard by imposing unreasonable demands like hidayah….they were dressed well, seated politely, it’s not that they are lunatics who don’t know how to behave in a place of worship…and also there are better versions where Muslims and Christians using the same space for prayer in middle east…..a fine example… Pope Francis prays alongside Grand Mufti in Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

              isn’t that a positive and beautiful gesture?

              Sarawak practices religion tolerance well…..let’s pray for umno and pas not to get into sarawak….

              1. As the Equalizer said, preacher Hannah can hold the function in a civic hall where she does not descend her tudung posse to ‘desecrate’ the mosque.

                Her interns are a big group of young females. As far as I understand, menstruating women cannot enter mosque. There may be other taboos (that as a non-Muslim) I’m not aware of.

                1. who are you or equalizer to demand hannah to hold her function in a civic hall? What i see is that hannah and the gang took the trouble to visit fellow beings. just like najib visiting batu caves during thaipusam…..and you are just assuming the group of women to have wronged……well, end of the day, the whole group went back home happily, and you fellas are butthurt seeing fellow beings mingling happily….you would prefer to see hatred and disunity

                  1. re: “you fellas are butthurt seeing fellow beings mingling happily….”

                    They can mingle happily in community hall, during events held in the park/field, any public area in general – or best of all in school (so put children all under 1roof, ya) – but why wanna invade people’s place of worship when some Muslims are objecting?

                    re: “you would prefer to see hatred and disunity”

                    It is the DAP (Hannah Yeoh, Teo Nie Ching) that prompted MAIS to issue the following circular on non-Muslims, as below.

                    You reti baca ke? Or is it that you’re not a Selangorian and have no respect for our Sultan?

                    3.4 Titah Perintah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Selangor

                    Pada 28 Ogos 2010, Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Selangor telah menitahkan bahawa orang bukan Islam tidak dibenarkan untuk memasuki ruang solat utama semua masjid dan surau dalam Negeri Selangor atau mengadakan apa-apa acara di dalamnya.

                    “Mana-mana orang yang didapati bertindak dengan cara yang menghina kuasa yang sah, atau mengingkari, melanggar, atau mempertikaikan titah DYMM Sultan Selangor ini boleh didakwa di bawah seksyen 12 Enakmen Jenayah Syariah ( Negeri Selangor) 1995”

                    1. YB Hannah Yeoh dan YB Wong Chen turut menghadiri majlis berbuka puasa di dalam Masjid bersama-sama dengan ahli kariah Masjid Al-Falah, Subang Jaya.
                      Read more at http://khairulryezal.blogspot.com/2016/06/alhamdulillah-yb-bukan-islam-selangor.html#t7Wets224TlHI1Al.99

                      The kariah members had a buka puasa event and they invited the YB’s…..is that wrong? say it’s wrong, which party is liable, the kariah members or YB? a non-issue, and you have to make an issue out of it……typical….

                  2. Sorehead, You are full of soreness and hatred in your head yourself based on the way you invade Helen’s land with your provocative terms and remark. Not sure if you are a Muslim, most probably not, religious facts are not something you can manipulate and twist according to your whims and fancies.
                    There are guidelines and rules to follow in any religion unless you are an atheist who does not believe in God’s words.Even then, they also know their boundaries. If your lot are the type who bother to make the necessary studies and research, the Muslim masses might not feel so offended. We do not mind people coming to our masjids, that fact must be borne in your sore head. But, in our religion, every action depends on the niat/intention.
                    When the congregation feels that the visitors arrive with ill-intention, we have every right to defend our religion. We cannot just allow any misdeeds and ill-intention towards our religion pass like that or just keep quiet if we feel and think that something is amiss. The least we could do is inform and educate the intruders, based on our knowledge and comprehension of our religion. Those who are non-believers might not know the detailed principles, merely basing their assumptions on perceived interpretation.There is also this term, “fitna”: which implies any action that should be avoided since it could portray ill intention on the part of the doer which may in turn, arouse suspicion to on-lookers or observers. I am sure whether you have ever tried knowing deeper into others; knowledge before you portray very keen interest in their religion by giving your version of interpretation of others’ knowledge
                    You do not have to throw your holier than thou opinion here either since they are just your opinion, susceptible to ill-intention as well. As Muslims, we should be wary of our enemies’ ill-intension and action. Way back in my youth at a Convent, the nuns and priests from Ireland used to be our teachers and Principles. They were very soft with their approach,especially with the Muslim students. They would be patting our back and smiled when they talked to us. Even if our parents were worried about our religious root, we survived. Besides, the “white” nuns and priests were not intimidating to us. But, nowadays, the way the dapsters behave is so intoxicating and crude.
                    That is a sure way to further lose our confidence and trust in the dapsters. You can keep your ever-provocative remarks/terms, the very familiar degraroteries often used by some quarters, such as ‘holier-what-not; pissed, dumb, since you are not God(Allah) who could determine the mentality of any being.
                    After all, you are just a being yourself, aren’t you, and no being is above Allah the Almighty, who can judge any other being in whatever aspect. Even the degrading terms you use need to be fine-tuned or further defined in terms of the meaning and usage coz Allah’s knowledge is all-encompassing uncomparable to any being. Besides no being is any all-knowing to decide or determine any aspect of any other being. That is what I learn and still learning in my religion, we should always be in pursuit of knowledge and never be judgemental of others since our knowledge is so minuscule or limited compared to Allah’s knowledge.

      2. Then what, you want to convert the congregation? Especially people know with ulterior motives… Who cares about logic, at least in the Malaysia context, with the Dogs Assholes and Pigs

  2. Bedasarkan kapada gambar ! , betapa meseranya Melayu Islam menyambut dan melayan tetamu.
    Begitulah sifat-sifat Melayu sebenar ,sehinga kadangkala dan achapkali diexploitasi olih mereka-mereka yang berajenda.

    Walaupon nenekmoyang sentiasa mengingatkan ,’buat baik berpada, buat jahat jangan sekali ‘. tapi Melayu tetap Melayu .

    Mesera peramah dan pemurah adalah budaya mereka .

    1. Adakah MAIS akan mengambil tindakan?

      Bukankah badan tersebut pernah memutuskan bahawa tempat ibadah orang Islam tidak dibenar untuk digunakan sebagai persada politik?

      BN wajar meningkatkan ikthiar untuk merampas kembali Selangor demi menghindar perkara-perkara mungkar seperti ini.

      1. on d contrary ,it shld b encouraged.

        it was narrated that our Nabi saw received a deputation 2 hv a dialogue 4 2/3 days. he even allowed them 2 perform their prayers/rituals in Masjid Nabawi. He delivered d message d best He cld n left it 2 Allah swt 2 give hidayah 2 his guests.

        i suspect members of d mosque committees did not perform their tasks as ordained by Allah swt ie to deliver d message 2 our non muslim brethren . this gentle n civilized method is much better than d confrontational stance adopted by some ‘learned’ muslims .

        1. Mufti dah bagi amaran mengenai kafir harbi.

          re: “He delivered d message d best He cld n left it 2 Allah swt 2 give hidayah 2 his guests.”

          Si tetamu dalam gambar sudah lapan tahun naik turun masjid tetapi masih belum lagi dikurnialan hidayah. Hatinya jelas tertutup kepada sinaran nur.

          1. granted! but d question that we shld ask is whether d host did their duty 2 share d message ? I doudt so. just look at Indonesia. d non muslim leaders were present during iftar in d mosque n listened 2 d tazkirah. only God knows as 2 whether any one of them received d hidayah.

            during d nuzul al kuran speech pres jokowi emphasized that govt administration must b based on d al kuran. there were no hue n cry from d other faiths. what made it more refreshing is that Islam is not even d state religion.

            Allah swt has made it very certain n very clear that His message is true n wil guard it from being contaminated til d end of time. Insya’allah.

            so my plea 2 d host is 2 try n hv a meaningful dialogue wth d non muslim guests when they pay a visit 2 their mosques in d future.

            1. Dato abdul rahman,

              The comparison between situations in Malaysia and Indonesia is quite off tangent.

              It is “refreshing” that Indonesia does not tolerate separate school system. And there is no such racist Chinese based political party in indonesia. In contrast, DAP maintains anti Malay attitude as long as I can remember.

              I am all for meaningful dialogue with non Muslim guests. But only moronic muslims would not realise how ruthless DAP is. So Helen actually has a point.

              She questions their sincerity. Me too

              1. I m not referring 2 d school system but more abt our religious duty 2 spread d message.
                however yr contention that d Indonesian govt does not tolerate separate school system is not quite accurate. what is true is that these schools unlike Malaysia do not get govt funding. there r plenty of international as well as religious schools n if I m not mistaken Chinese schools do also exist but d numbers r small.

                just like Malaysia, the Indonesian Chinese r very proud of their origin n has never forgotten their roots , culture n language. but bcos of their numbers n past xperiences they r more careful in demonstrating their preferences. they control d Indonesian economy n r slowly creeping into d poltical sphere.

                in Malaysia it is a fait accompli situation n there is nothing that any one can do abt it. we had a chance 2 change d status quo after d may ’69 racial riots but instead chose 2 prioritize more on d malay agenda . we wil never b given such opportunity again – at least not during my lifetime.

                politics in Malaysia is either race or religious based. this is what we call real politics. no party can truly survive 4 long if they fail 2 realize this fundamental requisite.
                there is no love lost between me n d DAP. but here we r not talking abt politics but more abt d true religion of Islam.

                Allah swt has promised that no matter what d challenges r, Islam wil eventually conquer them all. so we shld accept d promise n deliver d message even if we r faced wth hatred n ruthlessness. let Allah swt do d rest 4 it is He that decides d recipient of Hidayah.

                we know that Islam does not differentiate d ummah based on colour or creed. it makes no difference if u r a malay, Chinese ,indian, dayak or kadazan etc ect bcos it is only our Taqwa that is acceptable in d eyes of Allah swt.

                1. Arbdulrahman,

                  I am afraid you fail to see the differences between the two countries. In Malaysia, unfortunately we have a racist party DAP that is hostile to anything Malay, Muslim. Whereas, In Indonesia,, there is no such similar situation.

                  I have no problem with engaging non Muslims by inviting them to mosques, suraus. I believe Helen too. And Sultan of Selangor too. His Highness does not object to non Muslim ( in this case DAP) visiting mosques, surau. What His Highness does not allow is abusing the mosque, surau such as giving lecture or speeches inside the main praying hall.

                  As for Islam does not differentiate based on colour and creed, may I remind you that the records of Malays( meaning UMNO) in treating non Muslims is a hallmark of generosity, beauty and source of inspiration. Long before Rosa Park ever decided to stand up for her right in public buses in deep South america, once an immigrant was appointed as Governor of Melaka in 1957. He was none other than Leong Yew Koh, a Chinese.

                  1. basing our views on mainly conjecture is quite risky.

                    I wld like 2 reiterate again that I think d mosque AJK did not do dakwah n forbid political activity in d hse of worship. the palace decree shld b all encompassing .

                    a few yrs back I attended a tazkirah in one of d mosque in Selangor where d invited speaker started condemning d fed govt. n in d same breath praised ds anwar Ibrahim. I left d occasion in disgust.

                    nonetheless between a royal decree n d sayings of our Prophet saw, I wld 4 sure choose d latter.

                    since I hv given my views on politics in malaysia n Indonesia repetition is not necessary.


                    1. Abdul rahman,

                      There is no need to choose between the sayings of Prophet and a royal decree. Because no one ask you to choose. The Sultan can take the easy way out by not saying anything.

                      But His Highness chose to issue a decree to stop all these nonsenses. I remember once a surau in Taman Kosas was led by committee that is adoring PAS. I cant believe my eyes when I saw Harakah was sold OPENLY in the surau. Friday sermon became a time to whack UMNO. In one incident, The khatib whacked then MB, Dr Khir as “munafik” simply because Selangor observes Sunday as public holiday.

                      It was a nasty thing to say. I confronted the khatib only to be told off by a group of people not to come to the mosque. i responded by saying the very “pakcik” who chase me out as being “riak”. He was dumbfounded.

                      Days later, due to a lot of complaints , MAIS took over the surau. So, I understand why The Sultan prohibits all these nonsense. As for suraus and mosques that have the penchant to invite DAP leaders to the mosque when almost entire Malay community doubt them(DAP), maybe the Pengerusi Surau should be given a “pelempang”. maybe that will put some sanity into his thinking.

    2. tebing tinggi
      Macam tu nanti tiap tahun sambutan Good Friday kena la jemput pula semua AJK semejid tu masuk gereja turut sama2 menyambut hari yang mulia tersebut. Lebih kurang depa pun ramai yang berpuasa pada hari itu;

      ……Many Christians spend this day in fasting, prayer, repentance, and meditation on the agony and suffering of Christ on the cross….


      1. why not it’s a good idea. dialogue shld b encouraged . sheikh Yusuf estes (a revert) did just that. he went 2 his previous church (I think) n enlightened d congregation abt d beauty of Islam.

        d problem wth our preachers or da’ies is that they do not take d trouble 2 study comparative religion like zakir naik , who memorized d bible , d vidas n many other ‘holy scripters’.

        my take is that IKIM shld organize a training institute just 4 this purpose. another suggestion is 4 dtn sri rosmah 2 take up this challenge .as it is now, she can make things happen. PERMATA is good but its nothing compared 2 training da’ies that r conversant in several languages 2 propagate d true religion.

        1. Salam Dato
          Kekok juga kena panggil dato sini, sekadar I and U okay ya. You don’t need to have Rosmah to initiate these efforts, why don’t you start first by sending your whole family to church each Sunday? Kita jangan harap oghang lain aje dok kena buat itu ini, do it and show us..

          Atau you jemput geng2 yang rajin pi semejid bulan puasa ni pi Perkim tiap minggu attend classes pun cukup, kan semua facilities dah tersedia ada kat sana kalo depa nak tau lebih mendalam pasai Islam.

          I was from a convent and mixed with the nuns for 6 long years. Semua including our Reverand mother was from Europe. Cara depa2 sekarang ni agak mual sikit bila kita bandingkan kerana pernah bergaul dengan nuns;


          Tak perlu pi church to know, respect, love and understand one another, its how we interact daily which is very important.

          I can feel deeply what Helen is laying out here pasai bole bezakan cara ikhlas dan cara tak ikhlas the non muslims yang macam dalam gambaq tu, dok keluaq masuk Semejid pada musim2 bulan puasa? Kalo Najib buat Hari Raya open house depa2 yang sama ni pi berkunjung mesra?

          BTW whats your issue with Rosmah? Asyik dok sebut nama dia saja, isteri you macam mana? Perfect sangat ke?

          1. firstly I do not choose 2 b addressed as dato. u can me by whatever name u want.

            I hv no personal issue wth rosmah. in fact I hv tens of her sms’s that I wil share in due course. even though some her responses were rather curt n condescending I stil maintain proper decorum.

            my suggestion that rosmah takes up d mettle is actually n acknowledgement that she can really make things happen. training da’eis from a young age that r multi lingual n very knowledgeable abt other faiths r most crucial. however it needs sincere commitment n ample funding. d zakir naik international Islamic school can b adopted as a model n rosmah can b d patron.

            being n x civil servant, I hv always tried 2 spread d message amongst my subordinates n it is up 2 Allah give them hidayah. I sincerely hope that u 2 did yr part 2 wth d reverend mother n nuns.

            non of us r perfect (maksum) xcept nabi n rasul .Alhamdulillah my wife retired from being n architect n now has a ‘watikah’ 2 teach Arabic n Koran recitation.

            it was u who suggested that mosque AJK attend ‘good friday’ mass n I sincerely supported yr idea. however its up 2 the church 2 xtend d invitation. d ‘demonstration effect’ may at least make d congregation more curious abt d religion. that’s what happened after d 9/11 attack on d twin tower . out of curiosity Islam gained a lot of reverts.

            1. …Alhamdulillah my wife retired from being n architect n now has a ‘watikah’ 2 teach Arabic n Koran recitation….

              Alhamdulillah, anyway 2 teach Arabic and Koran recitation kat kampung2 tak perlu ‘watikah’ pun bole mengajar, many doing it from home secara sukarela/ikhlas.

              However that does not necessarily mean since they teach Arabic and Koran recitations they are perfect apakan lagi tang bab nak mengaibkan oghang lain pun dia tak pandai bagi nasihat kepada kaum keluarga sendiri?

              Kita pelik tengok macam Hannah dok ngaku preaching religion sana sini, tapi tengok aje la cara hidup dia?

              1. RINA,

                Ta perlu pelik dengan Hannah seorang ni. Memang begitu la caranya orang DAP ni. Suka putar belit dan adu domba.

                Dia selalu kata orang lain(maknanya Melayu) low class. It is symptom of inferiority complex actually

              2. ms rina , I rest my case. let us pray together that we try our best 2 do good.

                fyi in wilayah persekutuan n 4 administrative reason , a letter of confirmation is needed.


                1. ….let us pray together that we try our best 2 do good…

                  Mudah2an gitu hendaknya.

                  Mayb from experience I am very cautious of those using religion to try and hoodwink the masses how pious and learned they are..

                  Country home, a Religious School fully registered under all the relevant authorities, siap ada kelas Tahfiz lagi.. finally discovered the operator, husband and wife team are cons.

                  Encik bole gi rujuk Gombak and Subang Jaya balai polis if you need confirmation .. berjuta wang parents mereka kebas dalam masa 2tahun!

                  So tujuan these Aso and Amoy berbuka puasa kat semejid apakah benar2 mereka ikhlas atau sekadar gedik2?

                  1. aso dan amoi itu diajak untuk buka puasa bersama @ datang makan shj…tak perlu hidayah atau masuk Islam….ni pun nak dijadikan isu ikhlas ka?? bengong…..you say you are very cautious of people hoodwinking the mass using religion, and yet, you are ok with umno, which has been doing it all this while….

                    1. Surrhead,

                      You tengok sendiri ke surat jemputan yang you sebut ni? Saya AJK semejid juga, jemputan sedemikian biasanya minuted dalam mesyuarat tau, bukan sekadar main telepon “lai ci peng makan”. Teringin juga nak tengok surat you sebut ni?

                      Gedik tu bukan suruh masuk Islam tau tak?

  3. Well. hypocrites are hypocrites. If they really care, then they should “buka puasa bersama sama” with their muslim friends or the kampong people at public halls/centres where they can dress decently without dressing like what they are doing now. Now they are just trying to please and pretend and that’s the strategy of winning over the minds of the muslims. Politicians are politicians, full of ulterior motives.

    I myself used to join my muslim friends to “buka puasa”, but I and my non muslim friends have never did it in a mosque. We usually do it in a small restoran/shop together with our muslim friends out of respect for their holy place of worship.

    1. my comment is very simple. ‘we can plan but God is d best of all planners’. It is HE that decides d recipient of Hidayah.

      u shld encourage yr muslim friends 2 hv iftar in d mosque as well as listen 2 d tazkirah. u can even witness d congregation performing d maghrib prayers.

  4. If they want to go for iftar, make sure they puasa first. Otherwise it is not even iftar for them. They are just mimicking, pretending to go for iftar although they are just there for MAKAN, their favourite PASTIME. How sincere can that kind of gesture be?

      1. Surrhead,
        Kanak2 kecil mulai 6tahun berpuasa 5:30pg sampai 7:28mlm dengan penuh kesyukuran..pi semejid dengan mak ayah seisi keluarga dengan riangnya nak berbuka… bertarawih… kapiaq tak pasai2 mai sekadar nak makan? Guna you punya otak le sikit. Cartoon la kamu semua ni.

        Dalam satu tahun inilah satunya bulan yang termulia bagi oghang Islam, apa lu ingat Ramadan kat semejid sekadar nak pi makan saja ke? Haiyaaa apa la kamu ni?

        1. ko nak puasa, ko puasa je la….yg ko nak kecoh sgt pasai puasa ni apasal?? ni org nak makan pun nak pertikaikan………Islam sgt la tu…

          1. Nak makan kat restoran, food court, gerai, bawah pokok kat mana pun bole, 24/7 kedai mamak buka. Tak pasai2 kalut pi semejid apahal?


  5. Latok Lahman aaaa…. lu busyuk punya olang laaa !!! Lu ingat lu pandai suma hat aaaa !!? Ciakap selupa lanciau….

  6. Gara-gara artis bukan Islam berbuka puasa dan makan di restoren halal

    Guess what am I having for Buka ?

    Selamat Berbuka ;) Enjoying My Halal Chinese Food at My Mum’s Kitchen at Uptown PJ Yummy


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