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Guan Eng should temporarily step aside

Just like how his party had been calling for Najib to take a leave of absence due to 1MDB concerns.

But Najib has not even been implicated nor charged for any financial wrongdoing.

Here Guan Eng has been explicitly charged in court for corruption. DAP should now cakap serupa bikin.

Guan Eng must go on leave immediately as CM, following the same principle that the opposition preached to apply on the PM. Continue reading “Guan Eng should temporarily step aside”

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That bungalow really bad feng shui lah

The reason DAP is such a vicious party is because its Dapster family mafia is truly vindictive and full of vengeance.

Grandpapa Dapster was ISA-ed twice. He was detained immediately post-May 13 for a period of close to 1-½ years. And once again under Ops Lalang. Continue reading “That bungalow really bad feng shui lah”