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Guan Eng should temporarily step aside

Just like how his party had been calling for Najib to take a leave of absence due to 1MDB concerns.

But Najib has not even been implicated nor charged for any financial wrongdoing.

Here Guan Eng has been explicitly charged in court for corruption. DAP should now cakap serupa bikin.

Guan Eng must go on leave immediately as CM, following the same principle that the opposition preached to apply on the PM. He can resume his chief ministership once the cloud over his head is removed by an innocent verdict.

After all, Penang has not one but two deputy chief ministers who can take over the running of the administration in the interim.

Or are they merely DAP’s mandores — Mohd Rashid Hasnon the mandore for Penang Malays and P. Ramasamy the mandore for Penang Indians?

Hannah Racist Ugly Mouth Hodoh

Racist, racist, racist!

It does appear that the Malay DCM I and the Indian DCM II are models of the DAP’s race politics pioneered in Penang.

It is such a “racist” system, that is if we were to follow the DAP’s own loudly proclaimed (everybody else is “racist-racist-racist-racist!”) standards. A Chinese kapitan to look after the Penang Chinese while  his Malay and Indian henchmen look after Malay and Indian affairs respectively.

Hey DAP, aren’t we all Malaysians First?

Many BN states have solely the MB on the job and no deputy, much less Deputy II. The Malay MB can look after his state warga who are not Malay.

So how come the Chinese CM of a small state like Penang is unable to look after the non-Chinese Penangites but instead needs to racially compartmentize Malay and Indian DCM responsibilities?

Why must Guan Eng institutionalize such a racist system as DCM I Malay and DCM II Indian?

The DAP’s ubah is actually all for the worse.

Hannah Yeoh ceramah Sarawak 2016

DAP does not practise meritocracy

Note that Guan Eng discards his dispensable Malay deputies like used tissue. His DCMs so far in eight short years have been:

  • Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin (March 2008-April 2009)
  • Mansor Othman (June 2009-May 2013)
  • Mohd Rashid Hasnon (present)

Penang does not practise meritocracy because the DCM I post is window dressing reserved only for Malays. The holder’s selection criterion is on account of his race alone.

When Fairus (and later Mansor) vacated their posts, Ramasamy who has been DCM II since 2008 was not promoted to become DCM I even though going by years of service, he had more seniority than Mansor and Rashid at the time that DCM I post needed to be filled.

DAP has not promoted Rama because he’s an Indian who is confronted with the glass ceiling build by the party fishing for Malay votes.

BELOW: Hannah the praying mantis

Prayers & thoughts, thoughts & prayers preacher-hypocrite

DAP pretends to be “colour blind” and “beyond race” but how the government it leads has chosen to appoint the Malay quota DCM I reveals how racial (“racist”) the party is.

Yet they endlessly criticize the BN’s tried-and-tested communal formula.

What the DAP’s behaviour, in making its race-based appointments to the Guan Eng administration, shows is unmitigated hypocrisy.

And below is the DAP’s greatest hypocrite of all; the same YB who had supported Anwar’s Sept 16 move to buy BN frogs.

So for Hannah Yeoh, corruption is merely relative to the amount involved – see her tweet below –  and not a black-and-white transgression of the law.

Just like when the Perak government changed hands from Pakatan to BN due to Aduns shifting allegiances was not okay with DAP and its rabid Rottweilers.

However, if the federal government had changed hands from BN to Pakatan to due Anwar’s attempted purchase of MPs, then that would have been alright. The double-standard Hannah Yeoh was a staunch supporter of Anwar’s move, remember?

What a bloody hypocrite!







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42 thoughts on “Guan Eng should temporarily step aside

  1. Yes. Agree with you Helen. It is time to practice what they have preached. Also will Chow Kon Yow sidesteps the other two non-Chinese DCMs to become acting CM?

  2. “Guan Eng should temporarily step aside”

    “I would rather die standing than live on bended knees,” he told the packed conference, flanked by Pakatan Harapan leaders.

    Anyway for someone who is facing corruption charges in courts, all smiles for the camera and super handsome in a red tie. Must be a Malaysian custom. In Japan, mesti tutup muka.

  3. BTW. Malaysian customs are very different from Australia. I don’t know whether Malaysian politicians can get accustomed there or not.

    “MacKellar was born in Moree, New South Wales and was an agricultural scientist before he entered politics. He was first elected to Parliament in 1969, taking over from the controversial Edward St. John. In December 1975, MacKellar was first appointed to the front bench as the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, a position he held until 1979, when he became Minister for Health and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister. In Opposition, MacKellar acted as Shadow Minister for Science.

    MacKellar attracted some controversy over his handling of an incident involving the improper importation of a colour television set. In 1982, a ministerial staffer submitted an incorrect customs declaration form when arranging for the set to be imported. When this was discovered, a fellow Minister, John Moore, attempted a cover-up. Moore and MacKellar both accepted responsibility and resigned as Ministers.[1][2]”

    Beli TV di Australia pun kena resign tau, lagi-lagi beli Bangalow.

  4. I totally agree wth u that any public office bearers (big or small) shld voluntarily step aside even if there is only a whiff of incidences of corruption .

    it is their moral responsibility. credibility is totally lost if prosecution is being done on a selective basis.

    1. So you agree that Mahathir should have resigned earlier when the opposition accused him of mega corruptions during their political ceramahs?

      1. I believe that almost all politicians abuse their position.

        however there is a saying that ‘politicians r just like thieves – u cannot catch them except red handed.

        najib was caught wth his pants down. so far he has deferred any possible actoin against him simply bcos he is d ‘judge jury n executioner’ . wil it remain this way forever? well only God knows.

        d powers that b has determined that there is a prima facie case a 4 LGE 2 answer . let us c whether d charges hold water. selective prosecution happens all d time in Malaysia. it has always been prone 2 abuses bcos only d attorney general has d discretionary power 2 prosecute.

        I also believe that there were excesses during tun m’s premiership. but lucky 4 him that it was not known or he was very competent in covering them up.

        however he has put out a challenge 4 all 2 uncover them now. this is a brave statement indeed n govt shld seriously take it up.

      2. Hahaha…..a good one, Zack! But my guess is the Dato above has selective prosecution – Najib should step aside but Mahathir should not.

        1. ms aku melayu,

          on d contrary I hv given a response to mr jack’s comment. somehow it did not appear.(yet)

          in short I fully support that LGE must defend himself in d court of law since d AG has determined that there is a prima facie case.

          it is almost clear that najib was caught wth his pants down. however since he can play ‘judge, jury n executor’ he has been able 2 defer proper execution of d law till now.

          I sincerely believe that almost all politicians abuse their position.
          as d saying goes ‘politicians r just like thieves. u can never catch them except red handed’.

          wthout exception I also sincerely believe that tun Mahathir made many mistakes n was involved in excesses (some major). however he has thrown d gauntlet 2 d powers that b 2 investigate . d govt shld accept this challenge.

          1. So why is it again “it almost clear that Najib was caught with his pants down”? I don’t recall any charges against Najib whether in Malaysia or outside of Malaysia. Even Gani Patail is silent.

            1. that shows what power of incumbency can do. b4 he could prefer charges on najib, he lost his job. every body has got a skeleton in d cupboard. gani patail is no exception. hence d silence.

              many believe that najadi n kevin’s death is connected 2 d ‘robbery of d century’. najadi’s son pascal has referred his father’s murder 2 d UN 4 deliberation. let us wait 4 d outcome.

              7 countries r stil investigating but sad 2 say that progress is rather slow bcos it is not easy 2 frame up charges on such a complex n massive case. d key 2 all d crime is still teck jho low, d master mind. only d USA has d power 2 extradite him from his hiding place. if he gets federal protection n start talking, than d whole artificial façade of innocence wil collapse.

              Malaysia has not been forthcoming wth d ‘mutual legal assistance’ request also. however d money trail is very clear n damning. but d best response that we hear is that ‘do not listen n believe them bcos they r all lies’.

              I 4 one will always regard that CBT has been committed 4 as long as he is unable 2 xplain convincingly how rm 4.2bill found its way into his personal account. his coterie of supporters (including ministers) hv made themselves into clowns by giving numerous reasons n justification that defy logic.

              4 obvious reasons he has not allowed himself 2 b properly investigated 4 charges 2 b preferred . but in d court of public opinion he is already perceived 2 b guilty of crime.

              why not emulate tun m who has invited investigation into his past ‘misdeed’. ada berani ?.

              1. Who made those reports against Najib overseas? Khairuddin Hassan and Mathias Chang, orang kuat Mahathir. And where did Khairuddin, a declared bankrupt find the money globetrotting all over the world just to make those reports? Mahathir is a pensioner, but he lives like a king, has a ranch in Argentina and all his kids are billionaires. Can you explain, where did they get the money to become filthy rich? Mokhzani is one of the richest man in Malaysia and he becomes rich because his daddy was the PM for 22 years. Do you think all because of his efforts and business acumen? Pigi lah!

                1. ms aku melayu,

                  pls read d last para of my comments.
                  tak susah, just make a polce report 4 investigation 2 commence.


    2. More damage could not have been done to Malay civilization than this AG with this PM. They are unwittingly making history.

  5. This is old man is very hebat. What has a Pinhorn Road swimming poolless and bad feng shui bangalow got to do with BNs by-election win.

  6. Penang Malays are very unique creatures. They have no qualm in swapping their honor for few RMs. Never mind the fact they have been reduced to kucing-kurap by Jeff Ooi not so long ago. Nothing seem to bother them as long as the RMs keep coming. Smart DAP!

    1. Similar to those felda settlers east states right?
      Especially those from Pekan. Brainless beggars right.

  7. ms Helen,

    may b it is good 2 gauge d feeling amongst yr debater/ visitors 2 yr blog by organizing a simple poll – ‘ adakah wajar LGE mengambil cuti drpd menjadi CM P Pinang sahingga kes nya selesai’

    it wil b very interesting 2 c d result.

  8. This is what I wrote in Anil Netto’s blog.

    I must say that this is certainly not a development that is positive for the country or politics. I concur with Tunglang that the general perception is that while whales have escaped while the tuna has been reeled in. This is not kind of news that will assuage the future investors about the state or Malaysia.

    However it is highly disingenuous of the Opposition to suggest that since the guy accused of Rm2.6B is free so the Tokong likewise should not be charged. It doesn’t matter it is Rm2.6B or Rm2, corruption is corruption.

    I find it highly perplexing that while the Opposition has been demanding for an independent and free MACC that can act without favour or fear. As such, they should not undermine this organization by making a corruption / criminal matter into a political football.

    Unlike in Anwar’s case, the law in this instance is fair and transparent. And if he’s innocence then he will be able to defend himself with the help of the best legal minds in the country. So he should not be worried about proving his innocence.

    I think DAP made a big blunder by letting the Tokong remain as the CM while the case is on-going as they will lose their moral ground. That claiming since this is a conspiracy so he has no reason to step down is downright idiotic and silly. I can tell you that no foreign investors will respect LGE while dealing with him. He will be heckled every he goes.

    While I don’t profess to know the details about this case (though quite a lot has been shared on the social media), I can make a prediction on his innocence in the way he conducts the trial. If he keeps delaying the trial by using minor technicalities then there is a high chance that he has something to hide. If he speeds up the case to clear him name, then we can be confident that he has the evidence to defend himself.

    This is not a trial of Lim Guan Eng but rather a trial for Pakatan on their principles. If they are willing to stand by their principles when the stakes are against them. I can tell you that now it doesn’t look too good.

    1. “I think DAP made a big blunder by letting the Tokong remain as the CM while the case is on-going as they will lose their moral ground”

      Tuan Calvin

      It is not easy at all to relinquish power once you had it, tasted it and truly feel like a tokong on earth.

      Imagine the humiliation forthcoming once he steps down… At any rate DAP has no track of integrity though they seemed to be shouting loud about it…. Macam pasar malam laaaa…do everything in the dark, created a lot of mess but never claim responsibility.

      At any rate he still wants to lord over his adoring slaves whilst the water is being boiled… The natives are dancing around the fireplace and pale-faced imported CM knows his fate is sealed.

      And DAP is quite famous in “menegakkan benang basah” and enough supporters who think it can be done. May the truth prevail and the culprit be dammned

      1. Melayu malaysia,

        DAP is not invincible. The only language that DAP understands is firmness.

        Why refuse to be firm. In recent Sg Besar election, someone in DAP admitted that he put up a billboard saying the UMNO ketua Bahagian of Sg Besar cursed the Chinese. I would imagine Najib will initiate legal proceeding. But as usual UMNO refused to go beyond denying it. why cant UMNO sue DAP?

        Why cant UMNO with its position as the party in power used all available media to highlight repeatedly the incident? If Rafizi can go all over the country to talk about it, why cant UMNO repeats the story on prime news every day and make rakyat realises how ruthless DAP is.

        Last night Guan Eng, true to his “putar belit” character said the legal case against him is politically motivated.. I hope Peguam Negara would start another case against him for making baseless accusation.

        DAP must be taught that it does not have licence to slander. Refusal to act is itself manifestation of weak character.

      2. If he steps down, he will have to give to a Malay DCM, some more that guy is a PKR guy. Mana boleh macam ini. Nanti DAP hilang kuasa di Penang.

          1. politicians must not only b clean but must at all seen 2 b clean.
            there is no 2 ways abt it. LGE must take a leave of absence until his case is dispensed wth.

            there is a prima facie case against him. rightly or wrongly, he has been charged. its a question of ‘moral legitimacy’.

            nevertheless d courts must dispensed wth d case expeditiously less people may perceive it as political persecution.

    2. “This is not a trial of Lim Guan Eng but rather a trial for Pakatan on their principles. If they are willing to stand by their principles when the stakes are against them. I can tell you that now it doesn’t look too good.”

      well said except the last para or to be precise the last sentence. the way macc handle this case n in particular lge is actually a great help to dap. i agree with many that najib n his team make a blunder, this include how they treat the 3m.

    3. No problem for him to remain as CM since the 2.6b man is still helming certain country and party.
      A pot calling a kettle black?

  9. Why compare Najib vs LGE? You cannot simply apply the concept of steeping aside pending outcome of investigation/trial on both. While the concept is noble, you need to look whether an investigation/trial will be jeopardised should Najib/LGE remains in office as PM/CM during the course of investigation/trial.

    For Najib, by virtue of being the PM that controls the appointment of the respective chiefs in the police, MACC and judiciary he has a ‘real influence’ over the impartiality of investigation carried out by police/MACC and the verdict of a court. Hence, he should go on leave. A good example is Nazir in relation to his act of distributing 7 mil. Any review/investigation whether by internal CIMB staff or external auditors will be impaired if he continues as chairman during the course of investigation. How can internal CIMB staff conducts the investigation fairly against their chairman? How can external auditors review fairly if he continues as chairman as he can withhold information from being released?

    For LGE, no doubt he stayed as CM during investigation and will continue to do so during the course of trial. However, he does not appoint the respective chiefs of police, MACC and judiciary. Hence, he has no power to influence the impartiality of investigation/trial. During police/MACC investigation, he was also unable to suppress/hide/destroy evidence as all these have been leaked. Moreover, information like title ownership, market value of bungalow etc are public info which cannot be manipulated.

    For me, Najib refusing to step aside is a clear breach of governance principles. LGE refusing to step aside is a breach of morality/integrity, less serious than Najib’s breach.

    1. Mat Taib resigned after he got caught and stand trial in an Australian court. So Mat Taib had the power to influence an Australian court?

      I get it that LGE is your Tokong.

    2. You are being simplistic here. The reason why a public servant and not leaders should step aside while undergoing investigation or trial is not because he/she can influence the outcome. And it got nothing to do with morality either.

      Even in Malaysia when some public servants are under investigation, they are transferred to some place where they can be monitored and no longer doing their previous duties. And if I am not mistaken, if they are charged for any offence, they are automatically sacked.

      So even in the Malaysian public service, they have a higher standard of accountability than DAP.

      As for CIMB, this is a joke as someone who investigate Nazir has to be an independent party and not a CIMB internal people. He also talks about accountability but doesn’t walk the talk.

      So don’t lecture us about morality and accountability if you cannot walk your talk.

      1. re: And if I am not mistaken, if they are charged for any offence, they are automatically sacked.

        Any offence? What if the offence is unrelated to the job of the public servant? Eg. a teacher was charged for dangerous driving. While pending verdict, he is sacked. Is this fair? What if after being sacked, the court finds him not guilty? Are you absolutely sure that this is the practice i.e. automatically sacked for being charged for any offence?

        re: As for CIMB,……..

        The review on Nazir’s 7 mil was conducted by Ernst & Young, not CIMB internal staff. Nazir did walked the talk. Let independent external party to review and take leave during review so as not to interfere. The key here are independence of reviewer and no interference by the accused.

        Based on the above, why LGE should take leave? If MACC and court are independent and unbiased, can LGE interfere such qualities by remaining as CM? If he can, surely he would have done that during MACC investigation causing lack of evidence and there will be no prosecution/court trial at all. Can LGE also erase/manipulate all the evidence and witness already in the hands of MACC and AG?

        1. Previously we discussed the definition of a ‘public servant’ in which I referred to the Penal Code.

          I’ve been informed that the MACC Act has closed that loophole. Can you check?

          1. “officer of a public body” means any person who is a member,
            an officer, an employee or a servant of a public body, and
            includes a member of the administration, a member of Parliament,
            a member of a state Legislative Assembly, a judge of the High
            court, court of Appeal or Federal court, and any person receiving
            any remuneration from public funds, and, where the public body
            is a corporation sole, includes the person who is incorporated as such;

            Click to access SPRM_act_BI.pdf

              1. I m afraid by definition ds najib is also a public servant. this wid make his lawyers (who happens 2 b my friend) cringe. he has argued that ds najb is not a public servant n therefore shld b exempted from answering d charges preferred on him by tun m, d khairuddin n anaina.

                keadaan sudah menjadi kelam kabut sekarang.

                there is also talk that ds husni wil reveal all that he knows abt d 1MDB saga.

                interesting times r ahead of us.

              2. Is there any written rule that a public servant (eg. LGE must step aside or resign) pending outcome of investigation and trial? I think there is none. If there is none, no law can be used to compel LGE to step aside.

                Anyway, by reading section 23 of the MACC act I would say Najib as PM taking donation of 2.6 bil and return part of it thereafter would amount to an offense under the section as well. Why no prosecution against Najib?

                1. re: “If there is none, no law can be used to compel LGE to step aside.”

                  Then the opposition leaders (many of whom are lawyers) did not have the law behind them when they were baying for Najib to resign.

                  re: “Why no prosecution against Najib?”

                  Because the AG did not believe the government had a case.

  10. I shook my head in disbelief this afternoon when one of my colleagues told me that he knew someone who actually donated RM10k for Tokong’s RM1mil bail. No wonder the money could be raised within 24 hours.

    “Lim Sian See” brilliantly pointed out that nobody in DAP actually initiated any donation drive for the late Bukit Assek MP Wong Ho Leng when his family was saddled with medical bills due to his brain cancer treatment. Eventually it was Adenan Satem’s state government that helped contributed RM1mil to the late MP’s family.

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