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That bungalow really bad feng shui lah

The reason DAP is such a vicious party is because its Dapster family mafia is truly vindictive and full of vengeance.

Grandpapa Dapster was ISA-ed twice. He was detained immediately post-May 13 for a period of close to 1-½ years. And once again under Ops Lalang.

Kit Siang has however forgiven Tun for signing his Kamunting detention order in 1987.

Guan Eng, on the other hand, is not so forgiving of his enemies despite his Christian faith and preaching about us all being “brothers and sisters”.

His seething anger has always percolated under the surface.


Lightning strikes twice ‘cos God of Thunderbolt annoyed

“I was VERY ANGRY,” confessed Guan Eng.

“How could I be imprisoned when the world knows I was being framed?”

“I was seething with anger.”

The Penang chief minister had been asked by Malaysiakini — “what were your thoughts and emotions?” — when his conviction under the PPPA was upheld in April 1997 and the Court of Appeal enhanced the jail sentence further to 18 months.

The interview headlined ‘From Kajang prison to 28th floor of Komtar appeared in Malaysiakini on 24 Feb 2013. (Urm, will Guan Eng come a full circle and go from Komtar 28th floor back to Kajang prison again?)

Guan Eng answered the Malaysiakini reporter’s question above as follows:

“I had to do a lot of self-counselling to work out the anger in order to face the imprisonment with equanimity. I didn’t want to come out so bitter and warped. Then you’d satisfy your tormentors. You’d turn out to be like your tormentors.”

reject stamp

Hypocrites full of hatred and enmity

Similar to preacher Papa Dapster who is bitter and warped but talking about ‘love’ when on the stump, preacher Mama Dapster too can’t shake off the chip on her shoulder. The rejection of Hannah Yeoh’s PR (permanent residence) application by Australia left an ugly scar on her.

How mortifying for someone who thinks so highly of herself to be found not good enough (unqualified) to continue living in a white Christian country.


Being a Tasmania reject (bukan pun ditolak canggih cities like Sydney or Melbourne but rejected even by a boondocks town), rejected by Bible-thumping rednecks, was a mortal blow to Hannah’s self-esteem.

Hence Madame Speaker’s OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) that makes her call political opponents “low class” and to label reporters who are critical of her as “absurd” or being “racist”.

Bitter & warped leaders, hostile & confrontational party

DAP is a sick party because it is led by top leaders who are consumed by hate and motivated by a vendetta against the system that had crunched them in its cogwheel.

Altogether the Dapster family and their hit squads are a real nasty piece of work.

hannah jeling 1

Congrats to the MACC for bringing the corruption charges against Guan Eng.

The agency should consider reopening its investigation on Hannah Yeoh.

DAP’s Subang Jaya Adun had been investigated by MACC previously but most unfortunately, the corruption probe petered out following the sudden death of Teoh Beng Hock.


Singapore has successfully nailed the corrupt pastors of City Harvest church and sent the whole lot of ’em to jail.

So when is Malaysia going to investigate Subang Jaya’s City Harvest affiliate in relation to the money laundering trail revealed during the corruption trial of the Singapore church elders?

While they’re at it, our authorities should also investigate the RM2 company-churches in Subang Jaya to see if their commercial activities (these churches are registered as business entities) are kosher.

BELOW: The Kingdom Christian Fellowship, as one example, is a ‘Berhad’ company



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24 thoughts on “That bungalow really bad feng shui lah

    1. he thot he is very handsome, many ah moi have crush on him n cant wait to buy him all kind of stuff. n perhaps helen as well, the opposite of love is hate ma wakaka.

      1. Hahaha, maybe Phang Li Koon gave him super discount ‘cos she thinks he’s handsome.

        I think the entire Dapster family is despicable.

  1. A truthful leader is a leader who had faced all difficulties to upheld his thought of leadership , not someone who being brought in to be placed as leader .

  2. Never thought a Chinaman like Tokong could turn pale with fright but yesterday’s pucat was unmistakable.

    I bet he turned a shade more pucat when he found out that the AG himself is leading the prosecution team.

    Karma is a bitch and every (dead) dog in Penang will have his day. Soon.

  3. Get lost Helen Ang. You were with DAP but could not get what you want. So now you are on a revengeful campaign to get even.Podah!

    1. (a) I pangkah rocket in 2004 and 2008. I’d also have voted DAP in 1999 but most fortunately my registration was among 650,000 other first-timers and the Election Commission did not process our batch’s application in time … konon … to enfranchise us for GE10.

      (b) Other than voting, I have no connection whatsoever with the DAP. Going by your standards, a Malay voting for BN in Alor Setar or Bandar Tun Razak would also be labelled by you as being “with MCA”.

      (c) What in the world would I have “wanted from the DAP”? I was in the NGO circuit. Unfortunately most of the activists as well as most of the urban (or civil rights) NGO activities are pro-oppo.

      I have insaf dan bertaubat. The hypocritical* oppo has so utterly disgusted me that I’m no longer a liberal. You can regard me presently as a conservative.

      *Example of hypocrisy — LGE preaching CAT but is being charged for corruption. He is typical of the opposition who like to portray themselves as angelic when they’re really dajjal.

      (d) In fact, it only took me two years looking at the DAP’s ugly and thuggish behaviour to realise what kind of people they are.

      Pix below: It only took two weeks for Lim Guan Eng to sell out the Kg Buah Pala villagers to his developer BFF.

      (e) I’ve not been ISA-ed, jailed or tried to emigrate and been unsuccessful. So why in the world should I be “revengeful”? It is the Dapster family who are full of vengeance. I do not have the kind of hatred that your lot harbour against Malays, NEP and Islam.

      (f) You all may harass and try to bully the Pahang mufti, and demand that the gomen jail him for sedition but do you know how many Malaysians might possibly agree with his opinion?

      1. perangai bapak ayam oops ayam bapak; berkokok berderai2, ekor bergelumang dgn taik.

  4. Again in this case DAP’s Orwellian principles is evident…They want zero corruption, an independent MACC that fearless, clean leadership, etc yet when their own leaders are arrested they cry “political conspiracy”!

    1. calvinsankaran,
      Tu yang pelik sangat2. Sekadar baru nak soal siasat tapi Hakim2 dari court of Venus, belum apa2 dah putuskan yang dia tidak bersalah?

      Polis patut panggil dan ambil butiran semua 500 org yang dok kepung pejabat SPRM supaya depa semua bole djadikan sebagai saksi2 LGE nanti.

      1. Hahaha….Macam kera kena belacan lah DAP……They want to charge Jho Low and Najib based on news paper and blog allegations yet when their own Tokong kena charged on documentary evidence, they cannot accept it.

  5. Bagus!
    Lim Guan Eng sudah kena tangkap.
    Mahyiddin, Mukhriz and Shafiee diKOkan terduduk.
    PAS dijinakkan jadi tikus mondok.
    Sekarang BN yang paling berkuasa.
    Semua rakyat sudah takut jadi macam kura-kura.
    Elok buat PRU14 dengan segera.
    Mesti berlaku tsunami Cina dan Melayu kembali ke pangkuan BN.

    1. cikminah ooi,

      ….Semua rakyat sudah takut jadi macam kura-kura….

      Kalau tak kacau oghang, tak buat salah apasal rakyat nak takut pula? Kalau pencuri kena tangkap atau dibawa pi polis station untuk di soal siasat kan baguih macam tu?

  6. well, i think everyone saw this coming a while back… :)

    however, it must be said that Lim Guan Eng doesnt have an OSA to hide behind with right ? ;)

  7. Oh Hannah


    1. In other words DAP condones anyone who’d committed corruption as long as he or she is party member. But it is different ball game altogether when others do the same. Khir Toyo is classic example.

      1. That’s right – one need not even be charged for corruption to be deemed as corrupt by DAP. Even an anon allegation with zero evidence will do.

  8. The reason why Tun M is above the class. In his 22 years at the helm, no single attempt has ever been made to implicate Tun, especially on case involving money. Clearly Tun was extremely careful when administering his duties as the head of public figure. He knows the right from wrong. Importantly Tun M used his head instead of his base. In contrary, LGE has been a CM for 8 years ++ only and he is already in a such a mass. Clearly he had taken things for granted, not knowing his enemies, both inside and outside DAP, were busy devising a plan to dislodge him.

    1. Interestingly one of the first person who was at the court when LGE was charged was a certain multi-millionaire who has close ties with DAP and LGE. They claim they will use the party coffers to pay up for the bail but I can imagine the money will be “donated” by some big time developer.

        1. That’s only applies to BN but when it comes to Pakatan, they can pick and choose what they want to do and behave. High principles and democratic ideals are only for the govt to obey This is Pakatan’s brand of Orwellian politics..

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