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Melayu DAP api dalam sekam

DAP would not be able to be so bold if the evangelical party were not enabled by a sprinkling of Malays themselves.

The Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah wants those nazir who invite politicians to carry out their politicking in mosques to be axed.

(My question: Have the authorities investigated whether the nazir ada makan dedak DAP?)

According to Bernama, the sultan noted that “some politicians have used mosques in Selangor for political purposes”.

“What is even even more disappointing is that some of them are non-Muslims,” added Tuanku.

(My comment: Hannah Yeoh so muka tebal. Sudah berkali-kali ditegur tapi masih buat juga.)

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35 thoughts on “Melayu DAP api dalam sekam

  1. Our kenalan minta each bagu RM10. You would notice in Bangsa Malaysia land all message are in English and Chinese. No BM or Tamil.

  2. they really need a slap to their face, these nazirs. if they just do break fast still ok. but to give space for a non muslim masquerading as a tok lebai giving speech / khutbah to the congregation is downright pathetic. since when do mosques turn into a cosplay event? better dress that YB in ISIS attire and send him to Syria so he can maybe make a difference. buat malu orang melayu islam je.

  3. maaf,

    sya masih kekal dgn pendirian bahawa warga bukan islam d benar berada dlm rumah Allah asalkan mereka berpakaian sopan n d ingatkan supaya tidak menonjolkan fahaman politik mereka.

    inilah masa kemasan utk AJK masjid berdakwah n berdailaog supaya mesej kebenaran agama suci islam dpt d kongsi bersama. hidayah dtg nya drpd Allah swt..

    1. “inilah masa kemasan utk AJK masjid berdakwah n berdailaog supaya mesej kebenaran agama suci islam dpt d kongsi bersama.”

      In Malaysia, no need to go to mosques to get the messages across. If one is inclined, there are many programs of these types. RAdios, tv and ASTRO has a dedicated channel for this purpose.

      People in their golden age must not pretend to be so naive as to the motives of some individuals. They are not stupid, apparently with degrees or some form of qualification and they know. Instead of listening what Islam has to say, they subtly promote their cause…. Itu pun some people susah nak baca kah?

      Put a stop to all these charades and call a spade a spade. If you see DAP ladies all dressed up in baju kurungs and fashionably tudunged, and you are taken up by it, all the best. May you be blessed.

      Lets face it, our society is not like some in the West where when they say wanna learn, they really want to learn. No hidden or ulterior motives. And when the info is provided, that is where…”hidayah dtg nya drpd Allah swt.” On the plate, take it or leave it. No compulsion.

      Perhaps more people should read about the evangelistas, more so the Malaysia kind.

      1. as a good muslim it is our solemn duty 2 spread d true religion of Allah. Let us put aside their intention (niat) which we shld always b conscious of. it is also stated in our Holy Book that the Jews n Christians wil never stop until Islam is destroyed.

        they choose 2 come n meet face 2 face in d mosque. it is not quite d same listening 2 d radio or watching tv. we shld never prejudge them , wth knowledge n sincerity in propagating , we can never know if some of them wil receive hidayah.

        age n knowledge is not at all d only criteria 2 do propagation work. sometimes d way we communicate , behave n dress as a muslim can b as effective in encouraging new converts.

        from my experience almost all d time mosque AJK r being appointed by political parties in power . it is d same wth village headmen. this is xactly what happened in Selangor, Penang, Kedah, n for a short span of time Perak. it was a form of reward wth political implication. it has become a very sought after appmts . knowledge of d religion n responsibilities as a muslim is secondary.

        not withstanding that, d message must b delivered. I may b old n cranky but being on d working committee of d Regents Park Mosque London 4 5 yrs, I think I can share a bit of my experience on true propagation work.


        1. dato,
          there’s a different between wanting to learn islam and taking the opportunity from some gullible nazir that allow non muslim to preach in a mosque. the mimbar is a very special space inside a mosque and only a learned ulama, imam or preacher shall occupy this space. it symbolize the difference between a learned and a learner. it is certainly not a place for an ignorant let alone a non muslim there.

          1. Religion has been degrading since the politicized ulama permitted the anwars and the sabus to politicize sacred space in the masjids.

        2. Abdul rahman,

          The problem is that instead of these “nazir” spreading the message of Islam to these non Muslim visitors(politician masquerading as genuine friends of Muslims, the Muslim congregations were instead given lecture by the so called visitors.

          1. Muslims would complain if there is silence on Islamic issue. But when their rulers/leaders come out with directive/fatwa about the issue, people like AR immediately dash against the directive. Do they not learn anything?

          2. And the problem is he allegedly claims that he has vast experience in the subject and well connected PR with the current leader and his father to support his argument. Do you think his bottom leaked support structure will hold water?

          3. this is what happens when u mix partisan politics wth religion. d Machiavellian doctrine overrides everything else.

            as n invited vip guest,I think allowing them 2 deliver a short apolitical speech in d mosque is acceptable but definitely not from d mimbar (pulpit). d mosque AJK shld know better.

            not wthstanding that, it is still d solemn duty of every muslim 2 propagate d religion. n I still strongly believe that we shld welcome non muslims into our mosques. of course being d host, it gives us d right 2 dictate proceedings.

    2. “Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, taatilah Allah dan taatilah Rasul (Nya), dan ulil amri (penguasa) di antara kalian.” (QS. An-Nisa`: 59)

      Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Selangor telah menitahkan bahawa orang bukan Islam tidak dibenarkan untuk memasuki ruang solat utama semua masjid dan surau dalam Negeri Selangor atau mengadakan apa-apa acara di dalamnya.
      Mana-mana orang yang didapati bertindak dengan cara yang menghina kuasa yang sah, atau mengingkari, melanggar, atau mempertikaikan titah DYMM Sultan Selangor ini boleh didakwa di bawah seksyen 12 Enakmen Jenayah Syariah ( Negeri Selangor) 1995

      Ini bukan pasal pendirian atau logik akal individu semata-mata tetapi ketaatan kepada perintah. Kita disuruh Allah agar taat kepada pemerintah.

      AR tidak ingat kenapa iblis dilaknat? Bukankah ia gunakan logik untuk menidakkan perintah Allah? Cuba cerita sedikit kalau sudah ingat ..

      1. d decree issued by hrh d sultan is very clear n all encompassing.

        there shld not b any partisan politics in d mosque. more so if it involves d non muslims.

        it is then d duty of all selangorians 2 obey n uphold this decree. pls by all means make a report if there is a breach. if u encounter any difficulty I m willing 2 help.

        bukan lah nak tunjuk riak. ds adzib d chairman of MAIS happens 2 b my varsity batch mate n a good friend 2.

        may I also plead wth all not 2 invoke my late father’s name in our dialogue. I can stand on my own. discussions can b more meaningfull if we maintain decorum. I don’t share my views lightly . we can disagree virulently n still respect each others viewpoint.

        4 proper propagation 2 take place, we must first create d feeling of curiosity . wth proper xplanation insya’allah d subject may want 2 go deeper into d religion.

        it is in this context that I still feel that non muslims shld b welcomed 2 visit our masjid. forget abt their hidden intentions 4 Allah swt has made it clear that it is HE that decides d recipient of hidayah. we can always start by giving our guests a translated copy of d holy Koran.

        I noticed visitors 2 KL r always welcomed 2 visit masjid kelling, masjid Negara , masjid persekutuan n masjid at KLCC.
        it is also true in regents park mosque London (where I happened 2 b one of d com members 4 5yrs), mosques in dubai, Egypt, turkey n 2 a certain xtend Jeddah r doing d same. in Europe n USA they hv open days n visitors can roam freely n ask any question on Islam.

        I m pretty sure that some of them from being just curious ended up being reverts. alhamdullilah. this can b done here if we leave behind partisan politics outside d confine of d mosque.


        1. re: “I noticed visitors 2 KL r always welcomed 2 visit masjid kelling, masjid Negara , masjid persekutuan n masjid at KLCC.”

          The issue is not the visitors. Michelle Obama as well as the Duchess of Kent and I’m sure other VIPs/wives too have been honoured guests to our mosques.

          The problem is Hannah the Evangelista.

          DAP is anti-Islam and its leaders are enemies of Islam and regarded as kafir harbi by the Mufti of Pahang.

          1. I think what u mean is Duchess of Cambridge (kate middleton) .

            I hv given my views on d mufti of Pahang. d police has also opened n investigation paper on him.

            do not b 2 overly worried abt Hannah. there hv been hundreds or may b thousands around d world that swore at Islam but by d will of Allah swt became her most enthusiastic servant. we need 2 read d history of saidina hamzah.

            I had d opportunity 2 ask yb d ariff sabri (sakmangkol) personally abt d DAP being anti Islam. his answer make sense. All non muslims share d same feeling covertly or overtly. it is our duty 2 help change this feeling.

            1. My bad. It’s Duchess of Cambridge, as you say.

              re: Mufti of Pahang

              They’re harassing and bullying him for interpreting an Islamic terminology. The term ‘kafir harbi’ is found in Islam.

              The dispute is only whether it should or should not be applied to the DAP.

              1. may b u shld add d word ‘only’ after DAP in yr last sentence. it sounds more rounded.

        2. Giving thought & discussing it at this juncture is too late & inviting more confusion, don’t u think? You should have approached your kind mates at MAIS earlier. Once ulul amri has decided on the issue, it’s incumbent for Muslims to follow to show obedience to ArRahim. I’m certain the decree was made after full research has been conducted.

          I also hope that you won’t invoke our past and present muslim leaders’ names that will exercebate the situation. It is also incumbent on us to respect them and their decisions in order to show our obedience to ArRahman.

          While people are amassing gold & wealth thinking that WWlll is looming in the horizon, I hope we can amass the good deeds as much as we can.

          I’m beginning to feel the Raya mood already and would like to ask forgiveness for words that may hurt your or anyone’s feeling.

          Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin to all readers, commentators & admin.

          Thank you & may The Most Merciful bless us all.

          1. in my masjid d message has been delivered loud n clear. I was referring 2 other masjid including may b yrs 2. if it does not happen well n good. but 4 d other mosques one has 2 b on d look out. immaterial whether it is UMNO, PAS,PKR or DAP. none shld b exempted.

            if party politics r clearly dragged into d daily tazkirah, then a report shld b lodged. sad 2 say that it is still happening uninterrupted in spite of d decree. MAIS might hv 2 go under cover more often n take action fairly wthout fear or favor.

  4. If Hannah Yeoh did go to the mosque to break her fast then such an act muct be lauded. Biblically she is on the right track as early christians have all fasted including Christ.

    1. Evangelicals are latter day (not “early”) Christians. Some of the new groups are not really proper Christian denominations but cults. Their gospels of prosperity were created by corrupt pastors such as Singapore’s Rev. Kong Hee.

      In Malaysia, Jakim monitors the deviant sects in Islam. Unfortunately we do not have a similar government authority to regulate the wayward Christian cults.

    2. “If Hannah Yeoh did go to the mosque to break her fast then such an act muct be lauded”

      Did she fast in the first place or is this a mosque buffet event to her? Fasting is a form of devotion, not a form of work that needs to be recorded for a performance appraisal.
      “Christian fasting isn’t some kind of a “work” that’s commanded by Christ or required by Scripture. However, that doesn’t mean that fasting isn’t recommended as a part of our spiritual growth. The Book of Acts records believers fasting before they made important decisions (Acts 13:4; 14:23). Fasting and prayer are often linked together (Luke 2:37; 5:33). Too often, the focus of fasting is on the lack of food. However, the purpose of fasting is to take our eyes off the things of this world and instead focus on God. Fasting is a way to demonstrate to God and to ourselves that we are serious about our relationship with Him.”

      1. Fasting is definitely divine as far as Christ goes. The evidence is everywhere in the bible. For istance the Gospel of Matthew shows that Jesus “fasted forty days and forty nights” (Matthew 4:21). The Gospel of Luke adds the detail that “in those days he did eat nothing: and when they were ended, he afterward hungered” (Luke 4:2). Since Jesus fasted, his true followers will also fast, if they indeed follow his teachings. He said, “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed” (John 8:31).

        If Hannah Yeoh is fasting then she is emulating what Jesus did 2000 years ago.

        1. With Hannah’s incessant food cravings, it’s hard to imagine her ever fasting.

          1. Well she enjoys foods as you have correctly put. So do the muslims who fast in Ramadhan. But only Hannah can tell for certain whether or not she is fasting. The chances is very high since she was also seen donning the hijab which was very common during the time of Christ. In fact his mother, the Virgin Mary, never leave her house without hijab.

            1. re: “she was also seen donning the hijab which was very common during the time of Christ”

              Let’s make hijab a mandatory uniform then for Christians working in companies and government departments where they already have tudung uniform for the Muslim female staff.

              And under circumstances where Muslim women are required to cover up with tudung, e.g. in Kelantan, the Christian women should be made to cover up too. Leadership by DAP Hannah’s example.

              1. The most top priority for Hannah and other christians in general is to go back to the original teachings of christ and not those formulated by their church. Certainly not the version adopted by the evangelists in DAP.

                1. It’s the hermeneutics of Paul of Tarsus that Jesus the Son-God became the “sacrificial lamb whose blood is ceremoniously spilled to purify the sins of all humanity for all time” This is the dogma upon which Emperor Constantine built his Trinitarian Christian church to gain dominion over the Roman empire in the 4th century AD. Of course, Martin Luther thought the Roman Catholic papacy to be quite perverted in its beliefs and practices. He is said to have protested against his inquisition by the Pope in 1520 by burning the Papal Bull of Excommunication (excommunication is akin to the Islamist-Wahhabi practice of pronouncing other Muslims as “kafir” or heretics).

                  Luther is reputed to have reacted strongly against being made a “kafir” by the Catholic church. He burned the papal bull and yelled: “Because you, godless book, have grieved or shamed the holiness of the Father, be saddened and consumed by the eternal flames of Hell.” Thus arrived the Protestants. And the ensuing centuries of Christian schismatic wars and intrigues.

        2. These are some of the traditional narratives about Jesus the Messiah, may Allah bless him and give him peace, passed down through antiquity among the Muslims:

          Ka’b al-Akhbar said: Jesus, son of Mary, was a ruddy man, inclined to white; he did not have long hair and he never anointed his head. Jesus used to walk barefoot, and he took no house nor adornment, nor goods, nor clothes, nor provision except his day’s food. Wherever the sun set, he would gather his feet in prayer till the morning came. He was curing those blind since birth, and the leper, and raising the dead by Allah’s permission and was telling his people what they were eating in their houses and what they were storing up for the morrow, and he was walking on the surface of the sea. His head was dishevelled and his face was small; he was an ascetic in this world, longing for the hereafter and eager to worship his Lord. He was a pilgrim on the earth till the Jews sought him and desired to kill him. Then Allah raised him up to heaven; and Allah knows best.

          The apostles asked Jesus (pbuh), “How is it you can walk on water and we cannot?” He said to them, “What do you think of the dinar and the dirham?” (pieces of money). They replied, “They are good.” He said, “But these and mud are alike to me.”

          If you wish, you may follow him who was the Spirit (Ruhullah) and the Word, Jesus (pbuh), son of Mary, for he used to say, “My seasoning is hunger, my undergarment is fear of Allah, my outer garment is wool, my fire in winter are the rays of the sun, my lamp is the moon, my riding beast is my feet, and my food and fruit are what the earth brings forth (not through cultivation). At night I have nothing and in the morning I have nothing, yet there is no one on earth richer than I.”

          Quran, 4:171 says:
          “O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion: Nor say of Allah anything but the truth. Christ Jesus, the son of Mary was (certainly) a Messenger of Allah, and His Word, which He bestowed upon Mary, and a spirit proceeding from Him: so believe in Allah and His messengers. Say not “Trinity”: desist: it will be better for you: for Allah is the One Lord: Glory be to Him: (far exalted is He) above having a son. To Him belong all things in the heavens and on earth.”

          And Quran, 5:46 :
          “And in their (predecessor’s) footsteps We sent Jesus the son of Mary, confirming the (Mosaic) Law that had come before him: We sent him the Gospel – therein was guidance and light, and confirmation of the Law that had come before him: a guidance and an admonition to those who fear Allah.”

          Most Sublime and Transcendent is Allah the Absolute Reality. And all creation celebrate the praises of the Lord Most Compassionate and Merciful. And Allah is Most Glorious above any conceivable glory and greatness.

          We believe that Jesus the Messiah will return to earth to destroy Ad-Dajjal, the Anti-Christ, and his evil wickedness.

          1. This ascetic Lord Jesus, as a Buddhist I can identify with Prince Gautama renouncing worldly grandeur and loving solitary contemplation on truth of existence. In fact, some of our Buddhist masters say that Jesus went eastwards towards India when he was a young man to study and preach. I find it impossible to identify Jesus with the church worship of Son of God to cleanse sins of humanity.

  5. Orang Islam tidak pernah sembahyang di kuil so wat the hell a christian to break fast in a mosque. who knows her period blood is flowing in her vagina..haramjadah

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