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What kind of people are they?!

They preach, preach, preach endlessly but when it comes to actual practice what is good for the BN suddenly becomes not applicable for the DAP.

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The evangelical party has always been quick to urge BN politicians to resign at the whiff of a scandal tapi muka tebal their own sec-gen refuses to even go on leave despite already being charged in court.

For all that the Guan Eng administration screams ‘C-A-T’, the man himself is not showing any accountability nor of adhering to principle.

And now when Papa Dapster is in deep shit, Mama Dapster plays the sympathy card. Perrgi lah!

BELOW: Hannah the hypocrite

A people without any moral compass

The delusional Cina DAP are deep in denial.

Needless to say, the politicians favoured by the Chinese are sick, sneaky bastards but nonetheless, what does it reflect on members of the community who willfully choose to be blind to the nakedness of their corrupt emperor?

This is not just a matter of political partisanship alone. There is something inherently wrong in the Cina DAP and their patently Orwellian behaviour.

They live in a parallel universe of their alternate reality where everything is readily putar-belit to absolve themselves of blame or taint. Meanwhile lies and slander are just as easily concocted to tarnish their opponents or anyone on the other side.

These people are both dangerous and a menace.

And it is not because they’re Chinese. It’s not a case of race or racism.The Melayu DAP (e.g. a certain 20k blogger) is an even worse liar and fraud.

They’re just deeply flawed human beings, that’s all. They’re evangelistas.

One is not born an evangelista like how one is born an Indian or Malay or Chinese. They are the born agains.

For the DAP to hold on to power – at least in Penang, Selangor plus in their Perak stronghold – the evangelical party has to go full throttle on brainwashing the Chinese particularly its young generation.

Only by indoctrinating and turning them into Dapsters can the ruling clique be assured that their flock will continue to behave like sheep who believe their leaders can do no wrong.

Evangelistas are dangerous and their Dapsters a menace. The core of the problem is the born again cult.



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8 thoughts on “What kind of people are they?!

  1. have you investigate about your granda ma. one of your fren say could be fifty percent chance wholing at jalan tony pua

  2. They preach to BN ,but BN refused to follow what they are preaching . Now they decided, why waste time keep on preaching to BN , just do like BN do .

    1. “just do like BN do”

      thats the problem, when many of us know bn is nothing but a bunch of thief n crook.

  3. what i like the best is when their “damage control” is causing more damage/damaging than the court case itself…the proper malay proverb will be…seperti tikus membaiki labu

    all these while we thot only the mentee (PAN) are infect with PANdir syndrome…I guess now we know from where the patient zero is!!

    who would have thot it figures?

  4. ‘Do as I say, not as I do’, ‘ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan betul’ and ‘have ears but do not hear, have eyes but do not see’ syndromes.

  5. Once again – what kind of hack are you? Did your boss go on leave? Did he set a precedent? Do yo not see how fucking stupid you look? True blue dedak eating fatso.

    1. sure sure….umno this umno that…not only we get ur points but we also agree with ur points…100%…period

      so set the precedent la…follow what u preach…dun become umno versi cina plak…unless of coz…kes mahkamah no 2…losing top post to pkr is numero uno…or…there are many more skeletons up there to be hidden from preying eyes? mana satu?

      hmmm…come to think abt dat…will there be a magic reshuffling coming to penang soon ka? poor pkr…kene sideline lagi

      or to bypass current cabinet w/o reshuffling….tunggu sehari dua lagi or so…i am so sure one fully-handsomely-paid-standup-comedian in pkr will make solo announcement that pkr is not interested in CM post! poor pkr again…ayam terlepas…tahi leftover

      but then azmin and azizah are silent still..interestingkan

      see…dap merancang…pkr pun merancang…or both are bargaining now as we speak bcoz by continuing putting LGE up there hurts Dap the most and rot them to the core

      now…what would be azmin wants and needs? did i hear selangor? and what would be azizah wants and needs plak? did i hear mahathir?

      so my advise to azmin and azizah…bargain as one bcoz dap has no card now in their sleeve…win-win not-so-honest solution..who cares

      or use M.A.D strategy…keep LGE there until last minute..then when they are so sured LGE will get convicted…. dissolve the DUN under whatever rallying cry Dap can think of

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