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The haters funding DAP

Almost RM1 million was the amount that Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) activist Haris Ibrahim managed to collect through public donations to fund his ABU campaign during the run-up to GE13 previously.

Yesterday DAP successfully raised a similar sum in less than 24 hours — see Hannah Yeoh’s retweet below.

The evangelical party nowadays has access to sources of easy funding on top of an ample war chest. No wonder they’re flush with cash enough to pay their Red Bean Army and the (Umno reject) Melayu.

DAP donation Hannah retweet


Unbridgeable gulf between Cina DAP and sane Malaysians


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41 thoughts on “The haters funding DAP

  1. Hipo hipo,

    Sell cheap for future bid.
    Past fail, bait bungalow for another bid.

    Like it..
    Bad feng mali. .??
    Cursed like late K.Singh?

    1. Satu olang kasi RM1m atau 100,000 olang kasi solang RM10. Bole kasi tunjuk bank statement itu 24hr correksion tak? Balu bole picaya.

      Kalau 100,000 olang belatur kat banglo tanpa fungshui dan kolam lenang mau kasi cash.. mesti sesak panjang sampai sebelang penang bridge 24jam!

        1. tebing tinggi
          You masuk RM10 dalam akaun mana? Bole share sini itu nombor akaun tak? CAT maaa

          Or you belatur kat bangrow tanpa fungshui dan swimming pull kasi lia cash?

        2. tebing tinggi,
          Owh dah ada Mayban account.. 21hrs correkted RM1m.. Torong kasi tunjuk tlansaksion itu 21jam bole semua olang picaya cikit!

          1. Some people may be so rich and generous ,can afford to give 2.6 billion to someone account .

            What wrong with just a mare RM 1O to gave someone justice .

            1. tebing tinggi,

              How come you didn’t utter a peep when Khir Toyo was charged for corruption? LGE has committed similar offence and do you think he should be acquitted? Justice my ass!

    2. Brave you are to claim that a dead man was cursed. Then again – what more to expect from a Hellen Ang groupie?

  2. Are you jealous fatso? Also on your incessant squeaks on LGE to step down – did your boss step down?

    1. Both LGE and Najib should be prosecute both in same nature.
      I learnt from Hindus, when two diffrent individual doing business or sin, one is luckier or badly cursed more than another..

      It is because inherited rewards/bad record from their parents or past ancestors blessing flowing to next generation > from God.

      Next time try to avoid “bad feng shui”.
      Have faith..Learn spiritual more. The reward is yours.

    2. since ahjib tak step down so tokong oso no need to step down la?
      since ahjib take more ok so tokong take less ok oso la?
      i am starting to see a trend now
      is ahjib now tokong’s idola ma?

    3. I am planning to donate rm20 for fatsoh funeral expenses during her wake. Hope she feels better and not so jealous lo

  3. Haters so many. Its called lovers. Hater only one blog. That we called pity.

    1. Get tokong to walk the talk la bro…jgn jadi 3rd country plak…just bcoz boss said selective prosecution…all followers believe without ability to think themselves apatah lagi to question…then jadi as u said la…leader pun x cerdik but then followers even worse

  4. First of all, it must be pointed out that the bail will be returned after the case is over.

    It is just an excuse for DAP to add to its coffers. In any case, I never donate to politicians. LGE can pay upfront RM700,000 for his RM2.8 million bungalow, and he is now on bail using DAP’s money.

    Don’t think he nor DAP needs it.

    But I know many who donated large sums or deliberately donate RM10 repeatedly. She told me it was to beef up the numbers to show support. Ain’t surprised…

  5. One thing i have learned from DAP,, is to never trust what they say unless until proven.

    For all we know it could be pledges and we know the DAP is not that bright with numbers, maybe its the same with their speaking and understanding skills . It could be pledges instead of donation

    1. Jibby and Indonesian Zahid can preach about the virtues of Islam all say and do the complete opposite in practice, and you clowns will be more than ok with this, but when DAP does something similar, they are the biggest hypocrites n earth. Grow up and admit that you lot will stoop to any level of discrimination, foul play and racism to achieve the best for the Malays regardless of how it;’s achieved. Hypocrites.

      1. Whosoever deviates from moderation has lost his virtue to speak on behalf of religion. Sacrifice yourself for the good of your race; do not sacrifice your race for the interests of yourselves.

      2. before the intruders came to Tanah Melayu, it was part of the Malay Archipaelago. There was no suxh thing as Indon and Mesia. The subjects were free to ply between the places under the rules of the Malay Sultanate. Thwy were not classified as pendatang or pelarian elonomi as compared to orher tribes who came in their tongkangs from some bukits somewhere. Learn to accept the truth and not live n forever denial.

        1. Sri Wijaya itu apa? Majapahit itu apa? Melaka itu apa … lagi Taming Sari? No wars they fight meh? People so free to ply here and there meh? No lanun here and there meh?

        2. We get it, brown skin good, all others are not equal. That would explain why so many Indonesian cleaners and other blue collar workers are holding blue IC’s with bumi status on it. Talk about selling your country away to the uneducated while allowing the talented other races to flee overseas. Good job BN, wouldn’t want to be in this dump for much longer.

  6. Ayoyooooo…….Apasal nak marah-marah…..????
    Kutiplah donation untuk NAJIB pulak. This time daripada rakyat
    Malaysia, bukan derma Pak Erab. Tengok, boleh tak dapat rm200 ribu dalam sehari………HEHEHEHE

    1. Orang yg sokong Najib kat kampong ni…nak beli seluar
      dalam pun masih berkira ni pulak nak derma kasi dia…
      mintak dedak kat Najib ada lah!

    2. cikminah,
      Tunggu kasi tokong menang duru. Then kita semua bole ikut lia punya cala. Itu tanah bendang atuk saya sure bole convert jadi industrial land…bole jual berbillion2 harga, so what is RM200 libu sehali maaa?

      Siapa cepat kasi convert, atuk saya bole jual bangrow dia mulah2 tapi tarak koram lenang tau.

      1. Wah, ini RINA sama olang lengan itu lufang ka?
        Itu cala ciakap selupa sajia.
        RINA, itu lu munya tuan sula konvert itu talah TUDM sg besi dan kasi jual sama itu olang china jadi mandar malaysia. Lu sula lupa ka?
        Itu 2.6 beliyon lu munya tuan sulah telan lu pun sulah lupa ka?

  7. Charity 4 a Devil cause will be cursed by All Mighty. Wait 4 PR 14, we will dump ” the Devil Cause/curse into the nearest LONGKANG. Don’t be too SOMBONG Ma!

  8. aaaiiik ??? Mana itu latok Lahman ? talak komen ka ? lia manyak pandai suma hat maaa…..

  9. There is already another violation of the law here with a fund raising which is not licensed or approved. It is another temptation to government to add to the charges. Already the government has let him off on tax fraud and tax avoidance charges which is what purchasing and selling property at an undervalue necessarily entails. It undervalues property for stamp duty purposes thus avoiding tax revenue to the government. Now they go on a capital raising to save Guan Eng’s behind.

    The amount of money being raised for a defence of this nature also tells you something about the other DAP members like Gobind and his family and what they charge for something that should not go over $250,000 at most.

    But this is the DAP. This is Guan Eng and the Karpal clan of “tigers from jelutong” and a gullible bunch of haters.

  10. Haiyaa why so many kelupur macam cacing kepanasan? Itu tokong belum kena sentenced innocent or guilty pun lagi?

    Waaaa banyak witnessess dia nampak gaya, semua mohon kasi nama lu olang supaya bole jadi lia punya saksi dalam mahkamah nanti to peluf his innocence.

    Kalau sekadar jadi pallot dan bulung tiong… pi dok diam2 kat botanical garden, celita dan hibur sama situ punya monyet2 kasi situ binatang semua happy2. Banyak monyet terlepas pi dok kat Komtar ke?

    1. Apa pun ini kes LGE bole jadi teladan untuk masa depan. Waduh klo dia found innocent lamai la pejawat awan akan dibenar beli bangalo tanpa swimming pool dengan harga mulah2 dapat ikut cara macam dia.

      Hmmm kat kawasan Bukit Tunku sikalang banyak properties for sale. Tunggu kes ni selesai dan kalau LGE found innocent, jom ramai2 pakat pi beli dok sana?

  11. @lim,
    I think u r referring 2 me.
    what exactly d u want 2 know?

    if it is abt Penang, insya’allah I wil share whatever I know wth u .
    Fyi, I studied in d Francis Light primary school n d Westlands secondary school. I was on d board of Penang Port Commission n PDC. so I hv fond memories of d beautiful island.

    after serving d govt as a ptd officer 4 34 yrs, there r a lot of enacdotes that I can also share. most of my comments r based on my personal xperiences. tq.

  12. RM1-million in 21 hours is nothing. Even 10/-millions can be done easily by them. All you need is to call all the taukeh ekor, the Ah Longs, the gambling dens, the prostitution dens and the hills and seashores developers.

    In fact money is not a matter to them. What Longkang Lim is doing is to drag the supporters and the churches to be on trial together with him. I am very sure he will continue to come out with many more dirty provocations to instigate the people against the authorities. Knowing him, he will drag on with the case so that his drama will continue until the next election and beyond.This is a good example of dirty politic at its ugliest.

    1. Equalizer,

      I remember once that Anwar Ibrahim dragged rakyat when it comes to his sodomy trial. He made his sexual indiscretion as national problem.

      Initially, he earned a lot of sympathy. Malay men went on rampaging in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. They could not accept that Anwar being labelled as a sodomist as Anwar maintains a religious outlook.

      But gradually Malays begin to realise Anwar is nothing more than a useless politician.

      The same goes to Guan Eng. He was adored as a man of principle. But as goes the saying, to know the character of a person, gives him power.

      People begin to form perception on him.

    2. ” This is a good example of dirty politic at its ugliest. ”

      Aptly describing your Najis n robbers gang.

  13. This RM1 million donation farce just makes Penang and their people look like the stupidest creatures on the planet. People who in the first place scream against corruption but now are we to say corruption charges because of single digit million RM is not material ?

    Well here is the answer to Karma.
    Number 1 – Betty Bald at temple.

    Number 2 – Culling of dogs×900-noPad.jpg?1443080600

    No wonder the bangalow has bad karma.
    Thanks to the DAP. Penang is now cursed more than Mahsuri’s curse. Gurney Drive is full mud. The hills are bald to the sound of music. The kampungs are gone. And the inner city now becomes Singapore town.

    The whole island has bad karma.

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