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Unbridgeable gulf between Cina DAP and sane Malaysians

The Chinese, especially those living on Penang island and in Jerusubang, exist in their own ethnic bubble.

To borrow a phrase popularized by MCA’s public enemy No.1 Ridhuan Tee, the Dapster-evangelistas are “ultra kiasu”, i.e. holding to the credo that heads we win, tails you lose‘.

This kiasu ethos is demonstrated through their reaction – see below – to Guan Eng’s indictment for corruption.

Must win at Annie cost

Parse it whichever way, they (this includes Melayu DAP) always want to win at the expense of self-delusion, such as insisting that ‘If convicted Guan Eng is a martyr, if acquitted he’s a hero’.

They’re only lying to themselves and to others. That’s what they (this includes Melayu DAP) are good at.

Their deranged outlook is dangerous. Because sooner rather than later, these people will collide with the harsh reality where a majority of Malaysians believe that Guan Eng is neither martyr nor hero but a conniving conman.

The battle lines are drawn along creeds so that what will soon ensue is a pseudo-‘religious’ war. The battle of the clerics has already begun — Act 1, Scene 1: Bishop Emeritus Paul vs Mufti of Pahang.


Rashid Hasnon is a flower pot


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5 thoughts on “Unbridgeable gulf between Cina DAP and sane Malaysians

  1. Helen,

    You said it all. many times my Chinese friends are upset and surprise when I told them only they hold Guan Eng as a hero worth respect.

    I told them off that I see Guan eng as nothing more of a man who overstates his importance besides being a hypocrite, racist.

    1. sdr zulkifli mohd noor d former dep national chairman of d DAP who happens 2 b my former class mate n also a very good friend told me that right from d very beginning LGE was salivating for d CM’s post.

      on d election results night n wthout any discussion he announced that he has decided 2 b d CM. d rightful candidate chow kon yeow who was then than d penang dap chairman n all d rest of d penangites (including my friend) were totally taken by surprise but had 2 give in timidly bcos his is d son of LKS n d nat sec gen.

      sungguh pun mereka tlh menunjukan ‘solidarity’ tetapi saya yakin bahawa dlm hati kecil mereka banyak yg turut berasa lega kerana sayap nya tlh d ikat sedikit.

      saya harap keputusan akan dpt d buat dgn secepat mungkin dan harta kekayaan nya yg saya percaya sudah mencecah ratusan juta d umum kan kpd semua.

      1. re: “saya harap keputusan akan dpt d buat dgn secepat mungkin”

        Saya harap LGE akan dipenjarakan buat tempoh masa yang lama dan juga agar SPRM turut menyiasat Hannah Yeoh.

  2. It is strange, no? RPK says it is a no lose situation for UMNO and BN. And now Malaysiakini says it is no lose situation for LGE. I guess this is really a win-win situation!

    1. yes it is strange. I thot bn have the best opportunity to make dap name slowly corrode even among the chinese, i really cant believe y macc treat lge like a criminal n unknowingly turn him into a hero.

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