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Hannah wanted to ‘Bersihkan Malaysia’

Guan Eng’s bungalow issue is his personal problem. It is not the collective problem of the Chinese community.

Yet the Penang Chief Minister, his father and their party DAP are trying to drag everybody to be involved through misrepresenting the matter at hand in order to fan Chinese sentiments.

(Same like the ‘Allah’ issue was actually a conflict of only the Christians with Muslims but Guan Eng had tried to drag Buddhists and Hindus to be involved by misrepresenting and fanning non-Muslim sentiments.)

Kit Siang kicked off his speech yesterday at Dewan Sri Penang in Sympathy, Support and Solidarity with LGE by making the spurious claim that his son was previously jailed for “defending the dignity and human rights of an underaged Malay girl”.

Oh puhleez!

laughing cat

Here Grandpapa Dapster is merely peddling a standard DAP hagiography — regurgitating the old, worn fairy tale.

It’s not true that Guan Eng was jailed because he was a hero or a martyr for the sake of an underaged Malay girl. The truth is he was jailed for hate mongering.

Guan Eng was in fact jailed for publishing false news about Rahim Thamby Chik which had “the effect of bringing the administration of justice into hatred and contempt”. His actions were seditious.

Wash,  rinse, spin, recycle

Now Kit Siang is claiming that his son faces another jail sentence “because he wanted to introduce integrity and good governance in Penang, so that it could be a model state for the rest of Malaysia”.

DAP  obviously believes that if, in the past, their audacious ruse about Guan Eng’s conviction by the court worked before, then there’s no reason why it can’t work again.

Guan Eng is not indicted “because he wanted to introduce integrity” as his father is now trying to claim but simply because his cheap bungalow purchase involved an element of corruption.

Note how it’s the DAP sec-gen who is charged in court with corruption but the opposition folks can somehow miraculously twist and say that BN is the one that’s morally bankrupt — see Malaysiakini headline below.

Charges against Guan Eng

DAP’s 1984 where reality is the Orwellian opposite

It is clear that the Cina DAP and Melayu DAP are delusional and live in a world of doublethink/doublespeak where Hate is Love and other essentials are equally topsy-turvy.

They talk about cleaning up the country – see the ‘Bersihkan Malaysia’ proclamation by Hannah Yeoh below – but they condone corruption if committed by one of their own.

HannahYeoh Bersih

They tout accountability and demand it of the prime minister over 1MDB but prefer to fudge when it comes to the chief minister of a state under their control.

The Melayu DAP blogger assiduously attempts to portray himself as “nice” in his talk but when it comes to his walk, he’s instead full of malice.

They promise to strengthen democracy but adopting Rafizi’s style of politics is merely promoting anarchy.

And no, contrary to Hannah’s innuendo, Rafizi is not being wantonly victimized.


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24 thoughts on “Hannah wanted to ‘Bersihkan Malaysia’

  1. Just want to say that if they wish to “bersihkan” Malaysia, please bersihkan yourself 1st before they even want to bersihkan others. DAP is just a party with too much hatred and racist inside and itself restrict the freedom of speech and undemocratic. Also they are the ones which like to spin everything to make wrong become truth or opposite. Yet many zombies choose to believe them.

  2. It isn’t difficult to justify attacking Chinese (or Indians) in general in such circumstances for the reasons you have given here in this matter. It is always “well that’s because we are Chinese (or Indians)” and never because it is the fault of the Individual. An extension of the “anti semite” defence.

  3. In fact they are making it into a racial issue by saying that a Chinese is the victim, the prosecution is all Malays while the defenders are all Indians. So it is a case of Malays trying to victimize the non Malays.

  4. No wonder the Aussies rejected her PR application. The Kangaroos bersihkan Australia by sending this trash back to Malaysia.

  5. On Sunday they had this Solidarity with LGE event at Penang. I am not sure if they even had permit for the event. Just like Bersih event the crowd was wearing special T-shirts printed for the occasion. I wonder who sponsored that.
    LGE also turned up wearing the same T-Shirt as were Granpa Dapster and his lawyers.

    I think this is a clear attempt to politicise a legal issue and can be construed as an attempt to subvert the legal process. It is time for the judge to issue another charge of sub-judice.

  6. “Note how it’s the DAP sec-gen who is charged in court with corruption but the opposition folks can somehow miraculously twist and say that BN is the one that’s morally bankrupt.”

    Corruption? If it’s quality it’s sama tidak serupa but if it’s quantity we’re talking about, you be the judge.

  7. I wonder when Adolph Joseph Lim The Tokong finally leaves the office, I wonder who will replace him. Surely not THAT Malay deputy or the Indian deputy.
    My bet: either Betty Chew or even LGE’s sister. Looking from DAP’s meritocratic and democratic past, family members will replace. For example Ram replacing Karpal. However I don’t think any of the Singh family members will get that far as to sit in the CMs chair. I don’t think Hannah would be invited to contest in Penang and become CM even if she cries hard.

    Take a leaf from Singapore. Always the Lee family.
    Even for the Church. In fact when Kong Hee was sent packing to Changi, who replaced him? China Wine.

    1. “My bet: either Betty Chew or even LGE’s sister. Looking from DAP’s meritocratic and democratic past, family members will replace”

      And that is a SCARY thought…. in DAP, All’s in the family and that is a VERY normal practice. Scary BUT not surprising

    2. It looks like we may be cursed once again with another parachuting Tokong.

      ‘The possible candidates for the secretary-general post are party’s organising secretary Anthony Loke (photo), publicity secretary Tony Pua and political education director Liew Chin Tong.’

      ‘Loke is said to be the compromise figure among the trio, as he is accepted by the different factions in the party.’

      ‘There is also speculation that Loke will be fielded in Penang to pave the way for him to be the next chief minister after the general election.’

      ‘Loke responded: “I deny it outright. I never thought of it and this is not what I have wished.’

      ‘Loke said it was too early to talk about him as a candidate for the secretary-general post.’

      ‘However, Pua is of the opinion that Loke is the best leader to replace Guan Eng.’

    1. Takde tulisan bahasa Apek, Apek2, Aso, Akow dan Amoy semua bole faham ke? Satni depa salah ingatkan kat banner tu ciakap ” PADAN MUKA Lim Guan Eng” plak?

      Owh lia takut sedala mala lia kat negara ibunda China bole baca… Haiyaa sana mayak takut meh! Yuan 3m sabit kesalahan rasuah bole kena hukuman mati tau!

  8. Money posted for bail is refundable deposit. Wonder why the DAP need to collect donation from the Rakyat? What become of the total donation, if Guan Eng did not jump-bail? Go to PAN or GE 14 war-chest?

    1. dun u think this donation is diff from the arab “donation”? it is up to dap n the donor, they never hide anything from the public. moreove i never read anything from dap this is chinese being victamised, their target audience is malaysian, just that dap core supporter is mostly chinese, only some people here wanna make this a chinese thing perhaps due to their hatred of chinese.

      1. HY
        Still I don’t understand why the banner only had Bahasa and Tamil writings? You pikiaq pasai apa they omitted bahasa Cina? Isit asalkan muka2 Cina DAP angkat tangan dalam banner tu guarantee semua Cina akan faham ke?

        1. simple, this demonstrate that dap put the malaysian n malay first, indian second n chinese last.

      2. So now receiving donation for personal reason for a leader is acceptable based on DAP’s definition? Didn’t they claim that the donation that Najib received from Arab as bribe even though he didn’t ask for it and returned most of it ? Again, shifting goal-posts aren’t we? So it is always the Orwellian principles for DAP and Dapsters.

        1. i dun know how dap define donation, to me the donation to lge look fine, it was announced openly, very specific of reason, to whom and how much, n anyone include macc can check anytime. wrt najib donation, until now i still dun know where the money come from n for what purpose, n how much is returned, since the entire transaction is not transparent, i believe it is not wrong to perceive it as kind of bribe.

          the orwellian part is when lge refuse to take leave (not resign), n. the unanimous decision from dap to let him stay, the impression is dap r quite similar to umno, perhaps the diff is one is still a petty thief n the other one is robber.

          1. HY
            Dihari yang mulia ini, I pun nak jemput you convert into Islam a so you tak le dok cakap meghapu sangat hal2 sedekah dan riak ni semua. Malu oooi.

            Tapi takpe, pasai adat dan budaya masing2 berbeza.. I banyak bercampoq dgn cina so pandang kot jauh aja tengok cara2 seperti;

            ….ada kena panggil naga atau singa menari2 golek2 tepi jalan main bola tendang2 buah oren, naik tangga nak cekau peket angpow, hingaq2 bakaq mercun,

            ….Ada yg sengeh2 amik gambaq pegang replika cek besaq2 masuk media nak satu dunia tengok yang dia tu dermawan,

            ….Ada naik pentas sengeh2 bergambaq potong riben2 berwarna (lain warna lain jumlah derma),

            ….Ada dok dalam dewan ikut baris warna kerusi..bagi lebih dok depan sekali yang sedekah sikit dok tepi tandas dan

            ….Ada yang gantung frame gambaq tulisan besaq2 boh kat depan kedai atau rumah nak habaq kat semua yg dia ni penderma…

            Pendek kata, ada adat dan budaya yang kena hebohkan biaq satu dunia tau yang dia tu penderma atau pengemis.

            You baca sikit kalo nak lebih mendalam cara2 Islam (elok you masuk kelas Agama belajaq klo pun takmau convert takpe, knowledge);

            … halal dan haram (sedekah dalam diam atau riak).
            …meminta sedekah (pengemis)?

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