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Kit Siang still attacking mufti

Grandpapa Dapster accuses the mufti of spreading hate and intolerance against non-Muslims, and wants Putrajaya to take action against the esteemed religious advisor to the Pahang sultan.

Kit Siang is vehemently opposed to the mufti talking about ‘kafir harbi’ in the context of Islam.

Previously the head of the Dapster family tried to interfere with Jakim’s khutbah Jumaat which had cited verse 2:120 of the Quran, and seemed to endorse the view that mosques are being turned into hate factories.

Kit Siang mufti

DAP urges #FightBack … “lawan tetap lawan” 

Meanwhile from the Papa Dapster camp comes a call to #FightBack … “lawan tetap lawan” claiming political vendetta against their party leadership; Mama Dapster joins the bandwagon invoking “Power of the People(see her FB).

Not to be left out, the Melayu DAP is also firing his shot across the bow.

anime sailor moon snigger

Despite that as a Muslim he ought to refrain from joining the DAP’s hate-mongering on Hari Raya, nonetheless the liar and fraud still sibuk upload a lengthy blog post ranting and raving against DAP opponents — the maaf zahir dan batin spirit quite eluding him.

Typical of the Orwell method to try and turn things topsy-turvy (i.e. labelling DAP critics instead as the “haters”), this Umno reject Protun blogger is playing DAP apologist to the hilt.

The Melayu-screw-Melayu pemakan dedak has now accused DAP’s detractors of fooling some blind, stupid and docile Malays to become Muslim extremists capable of violence in the name of religion.

His overwrought rhetoric takes a leaf from Kit Siang — the blogger is claiming that Muslims are being perceived as violent lunatics due to jihadist incitement. “They want us Muslims to be crazy.”

… “to kill others” …

Kit Siang and his party have alleged that Malaysia’s “kafir harbi” are in imminent danger of being brutally slain.

The Melayu minion is echoing his paymaster by hysterically warning that Muslims risk being brainwashed to eventually carry out violence against Cina DAP.

Most amazing, isn’t it, the blogger’s turnaround from his “Apa lagi Cina mahu?” not too long ago to his current role as lebih-Cina-dari-Cina defender of the community?



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6 thoughts on “Kit Siang still attacking mufti

  1. DAP tiada masalah untuk mengaku ‘cina b***’ (PRK Sungai Besar). Sudah tentu tiada masalah untuk mengaku kafir harbi. Kalau asyik menentang Islam, tak perlulah nak menyambut Hari Raya Aidil fitri kerana jenis ni tak kembali kepada fitrah.

    1. mai, mai menonton…umno itu murtad kata nik aziz, umno itu kurafat kata hadi awang… jadi hari ni siapa yang fitrahnya melayakkan sambut Aidil Fitri ya tuan?


    Amboi gambaq tu lucu la.. So claimed preacher ni betoi ke dia Christian? yang lain2 tu bagi sorang RM10 kat pengemis pun punya la riak nak tunjuk muka masing2.

    Lawak le.

    LKS pun mungkin tatak belapa fasih BM dan BI. Peha lia sangkakan betis. Rice dia sangkakan Lice? Isssh payah la macam ni. Pasai tak faham bahasa nak galuh2 pula?

    1. Don’t forget Rina that their ‘Solidarity with Guan Eng’ drive comes together with the call to #FightBack and “lawan tetap lawan”.

      See the demo and slogan strap in the party YB’s Twitter above.

  3. Owh lupa nak komen gambaq olang2 Sekinchan. Sudah pasti lamai yang kepingin teramat sangat nak beli bangarow mulah tanpa seweming pull ala LGE! Mesti kasi sokong la..

    Hmmm Kenny Hills mayak pelopeti on sale sikalang.. sabar ya, tunggu kes ni selesai dulu kita mungkin lamai2 mampu beli kalau dibenar ikut cala LGE beli lia punya bangarow.

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