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Provoking religious extremism — time to probe the DAP

An article to ponder … ‘DAP creates Muslim terrorists‘ by Raja Petra Kamarudin in his No Holds Barred column yesterday.


There are 1,200,000,000 Han Chinese living in China and the diaspora. The majority probably do not even know who are the Malays. And in any case, it is obvious that they’re indifferent to Malays living in a small peninsula across their southern sea.

Thus the anti-Malay vitriol is not a result of a chip on the ‘Chinese’ shoulder. Melayu bashing, on the other hand, is specifically a Dapster obsession and angst. The axe to grind is wielded by the ‘Take Subang for Jesus’ people.

So please don’t drag the motherland into a local problem that is spelled D- A- P.


M’sian Chinese do not distill the essence of Chinese-ness

Chinese is defined by China. Just like English is defined by England, Irish defined by Ireland, Swiss by Switzerland, Thai, Thailand, etc. (Sidenote: Dapster is defined by DAP.)

In no way do the seven million Malaysians of Chinese descent – a drop in the vast ocean of the Chinese race – define what it is to be Chinese.

If anything, our Malaysian Chinese evangelistas are an aberration from the mainline. They are repudiated by the ‘real’ Chinese in China.

Guan Eng Betty Chew

From what stock does the convert evangelista (pix above) originate?

Lim Guan Eng’s grandfather, for instance, came here to work in a pig farm. When this little detail is brought up, the Dapsters immediately go ape shit.

Such berserk behaviour is confined to Cina DAP. It is not something informing the Chinese polity at large.

With regard to Chinese immigration, it was not the noblemen who had sailed in a tongkang to Malaya. Nor was it the mandarins or scholars. Or the literati or cultured, elite members of society. Guan Eng’s grandpa was brought here as a farmhand.

It’s no surprise that DAP evangelistas reject their roots, and disown the race and religion of their forefathers.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh declares there are “zero Chinese” in Malaysia

DAP evangelistas are ‘anak Malaysia’ (not real Chinese)

Chinese in China are nonchalant about their antecedents. They do not have a hang-up and try to deny their ancestry in the way Dapsters do, e.g. like how the Jerusubang crowd proclaim themselves as bangsa “anak Malaysia”.

China Chinese are not screwed up in their sense of self-identity in the mould of Hannah Yeoh and her Cina DAP. And boy, are these Jerusubangites warped and twisted.

It is not ‘the Chinese’ – there are 1.2 billion Han Chinese worldwide, remember – who have declared hostilities against Malays. It is merely the DAP that has done so.

Hence there is no point in being anti-1.2 billion Chinese. If you’re upset with biaDAP behaviour, it is more precise to be anti-DAP.

Other Chinese are not creepy like Cina DAP

In the 70-odd years that MCA has dotted our political landscape, Wanita MCA have not masqueraded in tudung. Neither have Wanita Gerakan.

It is only the DAP evangelical women who like to conduct this kind of subterfuge.

hannah interns mosque masjid

ABOVE: Hannah Yeoh’s posse of interns recently tramped into a mosque in Subang Jaya

Cina MCA and Cina Gerakan (and MIC folks too) do not Occupy Masjid. Or makan-makan there.

They do not hashtag #sahur or soc-med photo ops of themselves stirring an empty pot in the surau. It is only the DAP evangelistas who are munafiq.

BELOW: Does Guan Eng think the mosque is a photo studio?

Guan Eng makan dalam talam

DAP 2face — saying different things to different audiences

Two Faced Hannah YeohWe already know that the Cina evangelistas are irreparably screwed up. But it is their hypocrisy in playacting to be mesra-Islam which makes these fakers kinda really freaky.

In fact, the ‘real’ Chinese in China are so freaked out by evangelistas that their authorities have demolished hundreds of churches and removed thousands of rooftop crosses in the last couple of years alone.

Note: China has not been demolishing hundreds of mosques or removing thousands of crescents from minarets.

And although the People’s Republic ruling politburo is not religion friendly in general, it’s clear that the Chinese communists have a far bigger issue with evangelical Christianity than they do with Islam.

DAP’s Melayu-screw-Melayu operatives in cyberspace

In Malaysia, the venom against Islam comes from DAP.

DAP cybertroopers have no peer when it comes to being thuggish and abusive. Or being sneaky — you can see them “all coming alive online” in Life of Annie, as one example, of a Melayu blog teeming with RBAs.

Animosity against Islam is seen in DAP Indians too, say for example P. Ramasamy the Penang deputy chief minister (II).

The 1.2 billion Han Chinese are not particularly anti-Islam, so to speak.

In the Malaysian context, it is the DAP – sama ada Cina ke, India ke, Serani ke – plus the evangelical party’s J-Star chapter (and DAP’s clutch of secret MCA collaborators) that are spewing a lava flow of vituperative.

Their targets are the muftis, ustaz-ustaz, Islamic agencies/bureaucracy, NGOs and Ridhuan Tee.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Melayu DAP pun jahat juga

sailor moon gigglingIs the act of inciting and instigating hate against one’s opponents a trait characteristic of the Chinese or is it characteristic of DAP?

Don’t forget how one particular Melayu Protun blogger lagi kalahkan the RBA in his capacity to tipu, bohong, putar-belit dan fitnah.

Siakap senohong

gelama ikan duri

Melayu cakap bohong

lama-lama jadi DAP

Dapsters can be any race. They’re not restricted to solely Chinese. They can be a mercenary, malicious Malay too.

Two sides of the mouth

“Thoughts and prayers”, “prayers and thoughts”

DAP’s evangelista leadership are like preying mantis. Their political coin is religious lingo. Their catchphrase — “we’re brothers and sisters” … love-love-love.

The 20k Melayu tries to persuade the ummah to always be “nice” so that the nastiness carried out by the evangelical party will be overlooked. When Malays are made to go on a guilt trip, i.e. required to biarkan jer, then their natural negative reaction against the DAP’s ongoing assault will be suppressed and muted.

double faceWhen the well-paid Si Kitol whacks “despicable” Umno as “racist” and “hateful”, and proceeds to exhort his fellow Malays to behave nicely, okay, its actual purpose is to zombify the Malays just as the Chinese flock has been successfully zombified.

It’s a tactic of getting the 20k Melayu to do the dirty work which RBA are unable to carry out.

Api dalam sekam

DAP ideology is shaped by its political Christianity (similar to PAS’s relationship with political Islam). DAP and PAS are natural rivals due to the millennia-long competition between the conquistador crusaders and the jihadists.

DAP is Chinese majority but the party is not defined by race interests as paramount but by its evangelism. Hence also, a PAS-hater like Tun is able to bersekongkol dengan DAP.

Because of this, i.e. no bar on Malay participation, the Protun-Umno rejects are today eagerly recruited by the evangelical party.

While earlier the Dapster-evangelistas had been provoking from the outside, the current game plan is an insidious strategy for Melayu-screw-Melayu to undermine and weaken from within.


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45 thoughts on “Provoking religious extremism — time to probe the DAP

  1. I guess that RPK tends to differentiate between Chinese “extremists”, Indian “extremists” and Malay “extremists” in the Malaysian context.

    Note that he is discreetly reticent about the latter two categories.

    Maybe he believes that these two communities don’t harbour extremists and, if they do, it’s a perfectly understandable reaction to extremists in the first-mentioned community.

    What a load of bollocks.

    But, then, should we have expected anything different from an enfant terrible poseur?

    Quote: “…. Having lived through three eras – as a colony, Malaysia and then Singapore – I find that moral leadership in political leaders is the main driver of the value system for society to function. Moral leadership exists in politicians in Singapore and China because of the influence of Buddhism, Confucianism and the communitarian spirit. The “Singapore effect” seems to have worked for China – it is becoming a rising global power – because of these common values….” (

  2. Christianity came 2 china b4 islam.
    both suffered greatly during d cultural revolution.

    officiac govt census claimed that there are only around 20 mill Christians but unofficial census put it around 100 to 150 mill.

    it is d Chinese communist authority that is most worried wth d spread of d religion. in 2014 China published its Fisrt National Security Report n put religion amongst d 4 greatest threat 2 its National Ideological Security.

    propagation work was so successful in d rural areas so much so that it has also taken off in a big way in d cities.

    we may ask why r they so successful in their propagation work ? well 2 me d answer is simple – they make d religion fashionable 2 d young while at d same time giving hope 2 d rural poor.

    accordind 2 official figures, there r also around 28 mill Muslims but unofficial figures claim that it is nearer 2 bet 150 2 200mill. there r limited dakwah ( propagation) work that is being done. even though it wil grow at a steady pace mostly thru procreation , Christianity will surpass it in due time.

    d west n USA is slowly accepting Islam. if this can b done I c no reason why China , Japan , n Korea cannot b targeted by our da’eis. c what d evangelists r doing n try 2 better them. islam has got rational n theological truth on her side

    some hv claimed that if nothing is done, Christianity will b d largest faith in china by 2030. that is d reason why d govt has started d systematic destruction of spires n structures in Zhejiang Province whIch happens 2 hv d largest concentration of Christians.

    my take is that d govt is definitely going 2 fail bcos when it comes 2 d battle of d hearts, no amt of physical restriction can surmount it.
    that’s what happened in Rome when d emperor tried 2 annihilate d Christians but ended up making Rome d Centre of d Christian world.

    4 all that we know may b a majority of d politburo r already Christians. Sun Yat Sen n Chiang Kai Shek were Christians.

    1. re: “some hv claimed that if nothing is done, Christianity will b d largest faith in china by 2030” / “my take is that d govt is definitely going 2 fail bcos when it comes 2 d battle of d hearts”

      It’s very possible that Christianity will eventually win against communism in China.

      What if Christianity similarly wins over the Malays in Malaysia?

      1. “What if Christianity similarly wins over the Malays in Malaysia?”

        We will have a lot sexier females for one.

      2. most unlikely insya’allah.
        if I m not mistakaen d Chinese n Indians r xperiencing declining brth rates.
        not withstanding that d muslims of all races must b weary of it n work doubly hard 2 demonstrate d beauty of islam. 4 that 2 happen, it has 2 start wth our selves. d least we can do is 2 xpress ourselves wth decorum, behave ethically n dress modestly.

        u must hv heard n read abt d 9 walisongos in java. the were d ones that spread Islam throughout d island n apparently forced d end of d hindu majapahit kingdom. 8 of d 9 walisongos were Chinese. pres Abdul Rahman Wahid can trace his chinese lineage .he even has a Chinese name. I m not surprised if pres jokowi has his roots wth these early Chinese muslims that came to java wth admiral Cheng Ho’s armada.

          1. sila baca buku berjodol ‘runtuhnya kerajaan hindu – jawa dan timbulnya negara2 islam d nusantara’ olih proff slamet mulyana.

            nama wali pertama ia lah raden patah @ tan jin bun.

            1. pembetulan :- raden patah @ tan jin bun adalah sultan islam pertama d pulau jawa pusat nya adalah d daerah Demak.

              wali pertama ia lah Sunan Ampel @ Bong Swee HO.

              1. keturunan wali 9 bercambah dimalaya, sila tanya dari mana asal usul moyang mereka. pernah dengar nama sheikh maulana malik ibrahim aka sunan kali agong? makamnya di gerisik. salam

                1. mengikut sesetengah sejarawan sunan ampel (raden rahmat) adalah anak kpd maulana malik Ibrahim.

                    1. well according 2 d research done all d 8 walis hv Chinese names n their were from d HUI clan that were also very active in Champa. apparently maulana malik Ibrahim married into d family in Champa.

                    2. We sense a sniggering tone in your comment. If it’s true, why should you be cynical about every Chinese person? There are good, not so good and really bad individuals and groups in every race ……. and some of the dastardly ones rushing to the forefront of things to represent the race – for the sake of their own ends of course!

        1. Assalaamualaikum Dato,

          We have heard that some of the Wali Sembilan of Jawa had maternal Chinese ancestry but whose lineages are not so clearly recorded. However, most of these Wali Songo were descended from Prophet Muhammad, sal allahu alaihi was sallam – they were Sayyids and Sharifs (descendants of Hussein and Hassan, the sons of Sayyidina Ali and Sayyidatina Fatimah, daughter of Sayyidina Rasulullah s.a.w.).

          For example, the following is the lineage of the most prominent of these waliullah, may Allah shower His love upon them all :

          As-Sayyid Maulana Malik Ibrahim [Sunan Gresik, 7-8 century AH] bin As-Sayyid Barakat Zainal Alam bin As-Sayyid Husain Jamaluddin bin As-Sayyid Ahmad Jalaluddin bin As-Sayyid Abdullah bin As-Sayyid Abdul Malik Azmatkhan bin As-Sayyid Alwi Ammil Faqih bin As-Sayyid Muhammad Shahib Mirbath bin As-Sayyid Ali Khali’ Qasam bin As-Sayyid Alwi bin As-Sayyid Muhammad bin As-Sayyid Alwi bin As-Sayyid Ubaidillah bin Al-Imam Ahmad Al-Muhajir bin Al-Imam Isa bin Al-Imam Muhammad bin Al-Imam Ali Al-Uraidhi bin Al-Imam Ja’far Shadiq bin Al-Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir bin Al-Imam Ali Zainal Abidin bin Al-Imam Al-Husain bin Sayyidah Fathimah Az-Zahra/Ali bin Abi Thalib, binti Nabi Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w.

          It is tragic that the radicalization of political Islam has victimized the spiritual traditions of these Ahlul Bait (prophetic descendants) who have been through the many centuries up to this day, the upholders of the Ahlul Sunnah wal Jemaah orthodoxy and its Sufi tradition.

          Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

          1. I m no historian. I came across this thesis written by d professor.

            d ‘order baru’ regime banned it from distribution bec of its controversial conclusion.

      3. Bagaimana jika Kristian memenangi hati Melayu di Malaysia, Helen? Hmmmmmmmm…. satu soalan dan andaian yang legitimate: sama legitimatenya dengan menyo’al persoalan “Mungkinkah matahari menjadi sejuk menjelang tahun 2017?” Tidak siapa yang boleh menafikan ianya satu so’alan, dan ianya satu kemungkinan—tetapi semua orang tahu apa jawapan bagi soalan demikian. Hujjah saya lebih kepada matematik, dari teologi (kerana secara teologinya hujjah Kristian-Islam adalah sesuatu yang more or less settle: lihat saja penyapuan yang dilakukan oleh Ahmad Deedat dan Zakir Naik di Youtube). Secara matematiknya: bagi setiap orang melayu meninggalkan Islam, akan ada seribu lagi yang akan lahir dan yang menguatkan imannya serta mendidik yg lain. Bagi sesiapa yang tak faham konsep Jajang Geometri ini, lebih baiklah menghabiskan masa bagaimana hendak menyejukkan matahari menjelang tahun 2017.

        1. Julie,

          “..what if Christians win the heart…..”.

          That is not impossible. Last year, Muslims are upset when one liberal Malay(meaning one who rejects hukum hakam) organised a briefing that turn to become dog kissing session. he tried to reason that he just wanted to dispel Malay “stigma’ on dogs. he must be an idiotic to think that Malays are afraid of dogs. The only reason why Muslims shy away from dog s as it is deemed “najis” that requires troublesome ritual cleansing

          And one Malay lady questioned why she was reprimanded for eating in public during Ramadhan. she gave the reason that she cant fast as she was having monthly period.

          And we have as Malays who are “kowtowing” to Christians in DAP by insisting that Malays( meaning muslims) must not be racist(meaning tolerate all lies, insult by DAP).

          One Chinese friend asked me why Malays still prefer BN(meaning UMNO) over PAN. I told him that as he only willing to listen to those Malays who are willing to submit to DAP, he was not not aware most Malays see PAN as nothing more as betraying their very own race.

          1. Shamsul Anuar, di antara nahu bahasa Inggeris kamu yang tunggang langgang, dan pemahaman prosa kamu yang jauh ketinggalan, saya nasihati kamu supaya baca kembali apa yang saya tulis, dan baca kembali apa yang Helen tulis. Kalau boleh, terjemah dahulu dalam minda kamu sebelum menulis. Saya baru saja meng-iyakan penggunaan perkataan “Impossible” apabila ianya digunakan untuk situasi ini justru kamu bangkitkan semula hujjah cyclical ini. Kamu juga terlalu tidak mahir menggunakan hujjah “appeal by numbers” hingga kamu pikirkan kes tunggal cium anjing dan tidak puasa di khalayak ramai sebagai petanda bahawa umat melayu itu menggelongsor ke arah kristianisasi. Saya nasihati kamu bangun dari alam kahayalan kamu yang terbina dari kebencian agama, sebelum kamu dapati istana khayalan persepsi anti-agama kamu pecah terbarai dihadapan mata. Dan amati nasihat sinis Helen Ang kepada Umar Rahman di bawah berikut: jangan malu untuk membaca (mahupun menulis) dalam bahasa sendiri, jika penguasaan bahasa Inggeris anda lemah, dari bertegas juga berbahasa orang putih sedangkan ianya memalukan diri sendiri.

            1. Julie Azzy,

              Saya tak malu berbahasa melayu. Saya pun orang Melayu juga. Saya menulis dah lama dalam blog Helen ni. Sebab dia tulis dlam Bahasa Inggeris, maka saya pun beri komen dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

              Kes cium anjing ni bukan kes terpencil. Dulu memang terpencil. tapi kini ada juga perempuan melayu yg post dlam FB dan bangga boleh peluk anjing.

              Saya tak benci ugama Islam ke Kristian ke atau hindu ke. Saya faham bukan semua orang dilahirkan sebagai Umat nabi Muhammad SAW.

              Saya hanya beri pandangan saya. jangan rasa tercabar hanya kerana orang lain ada pandangan tak selari dengan anda. jangan mudah menilai orang lain. Awak tak kenal pun saya. bagaimana boleh awak kata saya terlalu benci ugama.

              Apa nak malu kalau menulis dlam bahsa Mat salleh. Bukan nak banggakn diri. helen menulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Tak ada isu sebenarnya.

              Dari dulu sampai sekarang saya kata DAP ni suku sakat komunis. Ciri ciri komunis kejam dan suka fitnah.

              Untuk pengetahuan Julie, “everything under the sun is possible”. Siapa kata orang melayu tak boleh tertarik pada Kristian. Sekarang pun ada Melayu yg rasa Melayu lain takut anjing padahal sebenarnya kita tak dekati anjing sebab soal hukum hakam.

              Sekarang pun ada Melayu bertudung dengan bangga pegang anjing. Ajaran ugama mana?

            2. Julie,

              Jika mahu beri ulasan disini, maka kena terima kenyataan yg pandangan awak (dan orang lain juga) boleh disanggah. Janganlah cepat terasa hati.

              Janganlah perangai macam DAP pula. Kritik dia dianggap satu dosa besar pula. Awak atau saya tak monopoli segala kebenaran disini.

              Belajar terima pandangan berbeza. Dan buangkan perangai memalukan diri sendiri dengan tidak menghina orang lain. Jangan ikut perangai komunis DAP Ni.

              1. saya pun sudah lama berkongsi pendapat melalui blog ms Helen ini.

                saya perhatikan sesetengah pembahas kerap menggunakan kata2 kesat atau kurang manis. olih demikian saya amat berharap ms Helen bolih/akan moderate n edit kata2 n ayat yg kurang sesuai ini. after all its yr blog n we r just visitors.

                saya pernah membaca pandangan Voltaire mengenai free speech n ingin memetik nya :-

                “I disapprove of what u say,but i will defend 2 d death yr right 2 say it”

                “think 4 yourself n let others enjoy d previllage 2 do so 2”

                Eid Mubarak.

                1. re: “saya perhatikan sesetengah pembahas kerap menggunakan kata2 kesat atau kurang manis”

                  Tu RBA. Malah arwah nenek saya (yang telah lama meninggal dan tiada apa-apa kaitan dengan politik) pun sampai dicaci-maki.

                  Biarlah mereka tunjuk belang agar umum akan dapat mengetahui apa jenis manusia si RBA upahan DAP ini.

                  1. u need 2 consider my sincere suggestion seriously.

                    disagreements n differences of pt of views r common n perfectly acceptable but we can always do it while maintaining a sense of good decorum.

                    once we deviate from honest scholarship , we automatically surrender a precious space 4 d advancement of knowledge.

                    pls do not allow others 2 hijack a product that may hv taken u yrs 2 refine.

                2. Dato abdul rahman,

                  Betul. Setuju sangat. Walau pun saya ada banyak juga tak puas hati dengan pemerintahan Najib, saya tak akan hina beliau dengan beri gelaran buruk sepeerti “Najis”. Sama juga saya tak akn hina Tun dengan sebut “madey” kerana nama beliau Mahathir.

                  Malsah dengan sesetengah orang ni( terutama species yg memuja DAP), mereka rasa hanya mereka betul

        2. Bagaimana jika Kristian memenangi hati Melayu di Malaysia, Helen?

          With the provocative ways of the Evangelist, no way. The Malays won’t like it. Neither the Taoist, Hindu etc. They just succed in bringing dislike to the Christian faith. More like a holy bully like the Conquestitadors to the Americas.

          1. d same can b said abt some of d so called muslim clerics . u cannot win d hearts n minds of possible new converts by being uncouth n threatening. u hv 2 b at least wise n convincing.

            what Plato said is still very true :-

            “wise people talk bcos they hv something 2 say ; fools, bcos they hv 2 say something”

            just imagine if China becomes d largest Christian country in d world by 2030. wth economic n military power, they can easily perform a religious blitzkrieg in d region.

            all d countries in d region r easy meat except 4 Indonesia n Malaysia. can both countries absorb d assault? insya’allah we can if we r vigilant from now onwards by taking d religion of Allah swt very seriously n if we (our leaders included) remain a true practicing muslim as opposed 2 a ‘demonstrative’ one (munafik).

      4. Impressive question, Helen. The evangelists effort are very real. Therefore, the consciousness among enlightened Malays is circulated in a great sense, even among they who are portrayed as their comrades (PAN, PKR’s Malays, Abim & Ikram).

  3. I am deeply appreciate your freshly enlightenment, considered as a very rare exposure. It will be more meaningful if you publish such kind of this article in Bahasa, or with the collaboration with someone. Keep your magnificent effort to thrive.

    1. Without the evangelista troublemakers, both the Chinese and the Christian communities would not be in conflict with the rest of Malaysia.

      For the sake of the Chinese and the mainline Christians, the lying, slandering DAP provocateurs must be stopped.

        1. benggali puteh tidak mampu tukar agama penduduk tempatan kepada kristian. puak2 ni hanya boleh menyalak bukit.

          1. re: “benggali puteh tidak mampu tukar agama penduduk tempatan kepada kristian”

            Yang mampu memurtadkan Melayu adalah pendakwah Melayu yang dirinya juga Kristian. Rujuk

            Sama juga usaha untuk memujuk Melayu agar tukar aliran pemikiran politik mereka. Atas sebab inilah DAP sanggup mengupah operatif Melayu serta memberikan mereka imbuhan yang cukup lumayan.

            Sudah pasti RBA tidak akan berupaya melenturkan Melayu.

            Yang cukup mengenali fitrah Melayu ialah Melayu DAP yang begitu bersungguh-sunnguh dalam menggesa ahli masyarakatnya supaya senantiasa bersangka baik terhadap evangelista.

            Cuba tengok bagaimana blogger Melayu 20k tersebut menekan Melayu untuk selalu bertolak ansur dan beramah tamah (be nice, okay).

            Gaji tinggi yang dibayar kepada Melayu DAP memang satu bentuk pelaburan yang berbaloi.

            1. i have only this to say; antara sebab2 kekufuran adalah kerana kemiskinan. kita semua tahu siapa majoriti pengguna & siapa pula majoriti pengeluar. bottom line yg bayar cukai ialah pengguna.

              1. re: “antara sebab2 kekufuran adalah kerana kemiskinan”

                Barangkali unsur kepincangan hidup – contohnya di kalangan gelandangan, ibu tunggal, penagih dadah dsb – adalah antara sebab/alasan mengapa mereka boleh menjadi sasaran bagi pendakwah Kristian yang menawarkan bantuan kewangan dsb.

                Namun, berkait dengan seperkara lain yang saya ceritakan di atas – iaitu Melayu yang sanggup makan dedak DAP – bukannya mereka yang miskin atau hidup susah.

                Kan ‘dia’ selalu saja pergi spa untuk urut badan beserta amat suka bercuti merata sampai siap melancong ke Jepun lagi.

                Ini Melayu yang dah lah penipu dan pembohong, ditambah pula seorang yang mata duitan (cakap omputih mercenary).

                1. ok Helen, antara sebab lain ialah depa ni islam baka (keturunan). bila ditanya apa erti agama islam, kenapa wajib puasa (yg miskin pun kena puasa kecuali menepati syarat2 tak boleh puasa), kenapa wajib solat jumlah rakaatnya 17 sehari semalam, depa hanya mampu ternganga mulut.

                  masuk masjid bila nak menikah (ini pun dah jadi budaya). bila tiada substance, kesenangan dunia, glamor sana, tunggang langgang sini dah jadi keperluan hidup maka christianity is the answer.

            2. all d talking, i get it inside my head all days…..only to feel like we r going backwards. those who blamed others r not any better either. mbe am still a student i cant make something out of nothing but in d way I feel am like a circus baboon….. trained to be highly social, intelligent n caring n performing…..but a far cry from reality. wat tat animal needs to to do is just listen to d instructors. i meant ….u of racial, political n religious bigots r cruel instructors.

  4. There is a irony thickly padded here. The Original Chinese are commercially genetically configured.. It is those who convert to Christianity have a different agenda.. How to we differentiate them. A commercial configure Chinese will carry an English name by and large .. whilst the evangelistic Chinese will hide behind his forefather surname and poaches. See Chiang Kai Shek and Sun Yet Sun,, they don,t show a single sign of wolf in sheep clothing.

    1. Very true .. the evangelist Chinese nowadays actively shun having an Anglo or non-Chinese name (Japanese was a trend quite some time ago) as it had become too “mainstream” to have one.

    2. bodoh, most chinese christian at that time dun have christian name like current, yet sen is the so called christian (or english) name. both sun n chiang never deny they r christian, albeit a pseudo one i think.

      1. The Christians are only a small minority among the Chinese but they’re such powerful personalities.

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