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Racially profiling intended victims of attack

“Last night, snipers killed five police officers and wounded seven others at an otherwise peaceful rally protesting recent police shootings.” [In Dallas on July 7.]

Duh. Does anyone else think that the above is the most bizarre introduction ever to a story? It’s presented by The Washington Post, no less.

Look. Five police officers were killed and seven others wounded. Now that’s a bloody carnage.

So for the world-famous newspaper to tag on, in the very same breath and sentence, its out-of-place description of “an otherwise peaceful rally” is simply outre. And this comes in the first paragraph of the WP article some more.

The liberal media is losing it.

ref. ‘After assassination of police officers, Trump says the right thing‘ (The Washington Post, 8 July 2016)

micah johnson dallas suspect

Liberal media serving the dysfunctional left

Key elements to the Dallas shooting narrative are replete with irony:

  • The rally was held to protest recent police shootings
  • At the event, police officers got shot, injured and killed while performing their duty to guard the protesters
  • The Washington Post called it “an otherwise peaceful rally” … err… no, it wasn’t!

The intentions of the demonstrators are questionable. In the first place, did the rally goers take the streets with nothing but ‘peace’ on their mind? I doubt it.

In the same introductory passage, The Washington Post also reported the suspect as stating that “he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers”.

The suspected shooter/sniper was a black man.

Protests also broke out in other American cities. In Philadelphia, protestors vowed a “weekend of rage”. Race tensions are high.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, if we were to follow the Washington Post style of reporting, a story introduction might sound something like this:

Last night, suspected Isis foot soldiers wounded eight people in an otherwise peaceful night out for clubbers watching a football live telecast.

The site of the attack – Movida in the heavily Chinese Puchong – is a nondescript outlet. It’s uncertain why the nightclub was targeted except that it was a place frequented by the “kafirs”, as according to Abu Hamzah al-Fateh’s declaration.

In an interview with Oriental Daily News, the alleged mastermind behind the attack Abu Hamzah said he was upset about the insults hurled at Islam (by DAP evangellistas). The suspected Isis militant also stated he would mount a second attack against Chinese if his warning went unheeded.

BELOW: Among the nightclub patrons injured in the Puchong blast at Movida on June 28




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14 thoughts on “Racially profiling intended victims of attack

  1. Yup. And how many foreigners were hacked to death in the Dhaka attack? That, too, was a peaceful gathering at a cafe, was it not, before it went to hell in a carnage?

    So, what’s your point?

    Journalistic standards? Journalistic integrity?

    Or just plain old-fashioned mischief-making?

    1. And I thought you had very good English (in order to understand why the Washington Post‘s sentence is so outre). Obviously I was wrong.

      These are two entirely different premises:

      (1) If you’re sipping latte in an upscale cafe in a posh Dhaka neighbourhood, it’s reasonable/fair to expect your afternoon outing to be a “peaceful” event.

      (2) However if you’re participating in a Dallas street demo (remember, this is Texas where the cowboys love guns) when race tensions are already running high, and if the subject of your protest is the armed white police who have already shot dead unlucky black men, why should there then be any expectation that the event will be “peaceful”?

      Janganlah dok asyik tegakkan benang basah. The phrasing by Washington Post, – “snipers killed five police officers and wounded seven others at an otherwise peaceful rally” is just plain outre.

  2. Thank you Nga Kor Ming for destroying Hari Raya and Chinese New Year at one go. Now the practice of Duit Raya is akin to corruption. It is also quite correct to say Ang Pow’s a form of corruption since the concept is similar. In fact duit raya is given to the nearest of kin and friends and it is a form of corruption, by our beloved MP then ang pow is really a bigger scourge of corruption since not only kin and friends get an ang pow but the garbage man, the employee and anyone who is not kind or friend might get one. Is this buying the loyalty or payment to the garbage man who already is paid by MBPP?

    Next perhaps ang pow or Chinese New Year is not suitable customs to Chinese Christians or DAP supporters. Thank you MP Nga. You have helped me save quite a lot of cash. Next year if anyone asked me for an ang pow I would say it is corruption and it is a sin to give them out. In fact we should also think whether all Chinese festivals are in line with Christian values – as highlighted by our learned MP and lay Methodist preacher David Nga. Aren’t the moon cake, dragon boat, rice balls etc all remnants of a pagan civilization (wrong word the word should be practices)? Since the ang pow is corruption, then buying the Ubah mooncake and giving out corruption. In fact only the unsaved Chinese DAP supporters should buy the mooncake and eat or throw away. Giving the mooncake is rasuah..

    Perhaps with the questioning of Hari Raya and Chinese New Year, then people should question Christmas.

    Or maybe this is a Bangsa Malaysia agenda. No more Raya, CNY, Christmas and all the many festivals, just one festival only. Thank you Nga Kor Ming for saving me time (cooking, shopping) and money (ang pow) and taking me away from all the ancient uncivilized pagan practices.

    And when the garbage man asks for ang pow I will lodge a report of corruption. I religiously pay my MBPP bills – so an ang pow is a request for corruption.

    1. David did a good job. It goes to show some people are so weak, mentally. Day in day out get insulted for stupid reasons. A true breed of idiots.

        1. Hey kurang ajar bitch, one finger pointing out, four fingers pointing back to yourself. Sometimes karma can come quite fast. It might strike your family members instead of you. Ask ahmad zahid about karma. Ask TDM about karma.
          Since you are a ‘ buddhist ‘ , you should know more about karma than us.
          God knows what you did all this while. God is watching you.

  3. Saya pernah melihat Dr Tan Seng Giaw berbahas di parlimen. Beliau seorang beradab dan berbahasa. Seingat saya sejak beliau menjadi Ahli Parlimen, kata-katanya tidak pernah menghina agama serta perkara berunsurkan perkauman. Malangnya terdpt segelintir YB DAP mempunyai hati yg busuk, tidak henti2 menghina agama dan maruah org lain seolah2 negara ini mak bapak dia yg punya. Sukalah diingatkan kpd golongan yg busuk hati ini bahawa kita akn menuai hasil apa yg kita semai.

    1. Dr Tan asal ore Kelate, lahir Kota Bharu. Kaum tua.

      Bezanya beliau banyak terdedah kepada masyarakat Melayu sejak dari kecil lagi.

      Evangelista DAP yang Gen X dan Gen Y lain sikit. Mereka ini mengidam hendak jadi rakyat Ostralia. Atau macam David Nga Kor Ming itu, mengibarkan bendera Amerika.

      1. ‘Atau macam David Nga Kor Ming itu, mengibarkan bendera Amerika.’

        Dia ada pendatang kompleks Helen, macam Kineas dan Shuzeng!

        1. Taklah. Dia baru balik tengok Independence Day 2 masa buat posting. Berkobar-kobar semangat patriotik. Kan dalam Independence Day tu Amerika adalah hero sedunia?

          Seriously, Nga has been testing the limits of tolerance of the Muslim majority in this country periodically in the past several years. Since he has no intention of stopping (note he has said he’s not going to apologize), then it is only right the police take action.

  4. I hv said this b4 but I will say it again. there r whackos n very angry people in our midst that can really hurt anybody that they choose. give them access 2 weapons that r meant 4 battle field use, than u multiply d possible carnage many times over.

    In d USA, bcos of d 2nd amendment that is embedded in their constitution n d National Rifles Association ( NRA )as a powerful lobbyist, guns n assault riffles (AR) will still b easily available 2 all her citizens. b4 they come 2 their senses, they will contd 2 bury their people unnecessarily.

    out of frustration, they ( 4 example California ) hv come up wth this idea of banning d sale of bullets/ammunition 2 unauthorized persons. that’s how desperate some sane n frustrated state govts hv bcome. I personally doubt that it will succeed bcos those effected parties will fall back 2 d 2nd amendment

    thank god (Syukur Alhamdulillah) our fore fathers decided 2 make owning of guns/destructive weapons as a capital offence. we shld thank d british n d situation we were in then . we will still hv deranged n misguided people but if they r denied any form of weapon of mass destruction (WMD ) ,we can still contain them. Insya’allah..

  5. I think I can talk a bit abt Bangladesh. over d past 4 yrs I had 2 go there 12 times. our company had a project in Chittagong then.

    since independence d seat of govt has been shared by basically 2 parties on a rotational basis. 2day it has become known as d battle of d 2 ‘begums’.

    in her attempt 2 stay in power Khalida Zia d leader of d BNP attempted 2 rig d electoral system. unfortunately 4 her, d military intervened n installed n interim caretaker govt. that administered 4 2 yrs.

    d following GE, Awami League led by Hasina won n has stayed in office ever since. BNP boycotted d GE bcos their demand that n interim caretaker govt b appointed was rejected n unlucky 4 them d military stayed loyal 2 d party in power.

    Bangladesh has been in political turmoil ever since. it is made worst when leaders of Jemaat-e-Islami, a religious based party n a partner of BNP were put 2 death on charges of treason 4 helping present day Pakistan repulsed d separation movement. d feeling of hatred n revenge is still prevalent being felt.

    Bangladeshis r very passionate people which made poltical killings common occurrences. Eventhough Awami League is firmly entrenched, they will hv their hands full in fighting anger n pent up fury coming from all directions.

    Unemployment rate is relatively high even amongst very qualified graduates. it I said that ‘n idle mind is d workshop of d devil’

    d feelings of hostilities between d 2 begums r very intense n 4 as long as they exist Bangladesh can never b peaceful. it can deteriorate further into a major political upheaval if the govt is unable 2 contain widespread dissatisfaction.

    Our country has 2 look very seriously at d gen ‘y’ portion of d population. Job creation is most crucial. Pres Jokowi of Indonesia realizes d importance of this group n is doing everything in his power 2 address it head on.

    let us try 2 emulate d strategies of President Obama also. he has managed 2 add almost 14 mill new jobs since d depression of 2008 where they lost almost 9 mill jobs.

    my humble opinion is that d situation in Dallas is quite different from Dhaka. one is clearly racial n revenge n d other religious n may b political.

    in d Malaysian context, d situation can b more explosive if we factor in race n religion. so always b mindful of d consequences.

    needless 2 say that I was n eye witness 2 d may 69 race riots n I don’t want it 2 happen again. God willing.

  6. But your Malay saudaras in UMNO and PAS want another race riot in the name of Melayu, Islam dan MALAYsia because they think they “won” the fight in 1969. Maybe they should get it on lah so that we can all burn down the country together.?

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