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Cornered, Guan Eng poised to counter strike

The idea of a snap poll had been discussed, admitted both Penang’s deputy chief ministers when contacted by the Malay Mail.

MMO Penang senior correspondent Opalyn Mok today reported the option of calling a state election was deliberated as a test vote of confidence on the Pakatan coalition. See ‘Penang mulls snap polls as referendum on Guan Eng charges

What’s more interesting in Mok’s story, however, is the view expressed by James Chin that “an early election would likely see DAP score a stunning victory”.

According to Mok, the noted political pundit Chin had opined, “People are angry that Lim got charged and almost everyone thinks it is a political arrest”.

Halo knocked off Guan Eng’s head

Like Umno, DAP has its share of warlords. The Perak one (pix below) is best remembered for describing the skin colour of his state MB Zambry Abdul Kadir as being “metallic black”.

Incidentally, the media office of the Penang DAP numero uno godfather described mamaks as “Melayu celup kopi”. Okay, you get the idea of how racist the DAP chieftains are.

Within the DAP itself, not all party leaders are as enamoured of Guan Eng as the Dapsters are. Some are willing to consider the possibility that their Dear Leader might actually be put away since the AG apparently has a watertight case.

Dapsters though are a different kettle of fish. They’re delusional. Mati-mati they sokong the Lims.

BELOW: DAP Perak warlord David Nga Kor Ming sitting in a row with Tun

Mahathir Nga Kor Ming

Dapster Central locus in Penang and Jerusubang

Sharing James Chin’s view is Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong whose party used to lead the Penang state government pre-2008.

Mah believes that if a snap election were to be called, DAP would obtain massive support from the Chinese electorate due to sympathy votes for Guan Eng.

In a China Press interview, he was quoted as saying “the sentiment is not favourable to us, especially to Penang (Gerakan), who are stuck now” — see yesterday’s FMT report ‘Mah: LGE case will win votes for DAP‘.

Despite some small gains of the returning Chinese vote in the twin by-elections of Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar, it looks like pro-DAP Chinese sentiment – in the peninsula at least – is hardened and set in stone.

Thus the impending electoral clash remains a mano a mano face-off between the Christian Chinese DAP and the Malay Muslim Umno.

BELOW: DAP warlords and high priestess celebrating the recent Raya

Hannah Yeoh Raya AKJ

Christians and their persecution complex

Sino-Malay conflict is something we’re already familiar with. Religious friction in the political arena is the next key element the BN must be prepared to confront come GE14.

Close to one third (31%) of Malaysian Muslims surveyed by the Pew Research Center in 2013 said that they’re worried about Christian extremists — see details in my previous posting.

One in every five Malaysian Muslims also view Christians as being hostile toward Muslims.

In the two previous general elections, PAS tahaluf suyasi with DAP so that the religion fault line was obscured. Whereas in the coming GE, Christians and Muslims – insofar as pertains to the peninsula – will be backing two opposing coalitions.

The diehard DAP supporters are convinced that Guan Eng is a hero, victim and martyr. They’re clearly delusional.

They accuse the government of being oppressive tyrants but it is the evangelistas’ own extremism and militancy that we must all beware. Guan Eng is radicalizing his supporters.

solidarity with lim guan eng
Photo credit: The Straits Times



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26 thoughts on “Cornered, Guan Eng poised to counter strike

  1. It’s an easy picture to paint….first, put anwar away….then put lge away….next to rattle azmin and selangor……..a clear cut political persecution……that’s the perception majority and rest of the world has – plus najib’s 1mdb fiasco circulation the world, it shows the ruling gov is giving the opposition a hard time in Malaysia’s political scenario…..tell your boss that perceptions plays a major role in politics

    1. re: “tell your boss that perceptions plays a major role in politics”

      If you’re trying to create a perception by throwing an accusation that Najib is my boss,ad nauseum, then you’re no better than an RBA.

      I’ve never assumed you to be one but your standards are not much higher. Plus you’re an idiot to think that it is so easy – for bloggers or for anyone – to get access to the PM.

      1. Helen, of course najib is not going to meet you. Umno will appoint a person to handle pro-umno bloggers, and that person is the boss i meant. He/She will relay the perception message over.
        Anyway, the issue is not on the perception that you are being paid or not by umno, but the perception on how umno is treating the opposition, by being a party that will do anything to stay in power.

        1. re: “Umno will appoint a person to handle pro-umno bloggers”

          Who are these persons, pray tell.

          re: “and that person is the boss i meant”

          What is his/her name?

          re: “He/She will relay the perception message over.”

          What did you overhear him/her say?

          re: “Anyway, the issue is not on the perception that you are being paid or not by umno”

          The issue is the Dapsters simply say, simply concoct stories, simply slander.

          re: “but the perception on how umno is treating the opposition”

          DAP’s Bintang Lima cyber terrorists are treating Malaysian netizens like how Mao Zedong’s Red Guards terrorized the Chinese countryside.

          re: “by being a party that will do anything to stay in power.”

          DAP is a party that will do Annie thing to grab power.

          1. You know dap can never grab power – with the amount of seats they usually contest. So, why do you always harp on a non-issue and create this friction between Malays and Chinese, Muslims and Christians – if not for a political reason which favours the ruling gov?

            1. re: “You know dap can never grab power”

              At this point – realistically – I don’t think that they can. I make this appraisal only after assessing the Sarawak election and the recent twin by-elections results.

              re: “[DAP] with the amount of seats they usually contest.”

              DAP is the clear-cut leading opposition party in Perak and could have taken power. In fact, they did succeed and had briefly ruled the state in 2008. DAP only missed the MB post because they did not have a Malay Adun.

              DAP is also the leading opposition party in Selangor. They have more seats than either PKR or PAS. In Johor too DAP is the leading opposition party.

              DAP’s main drawback is their lack of Malay YBs but otherwise they’re the power behind the throne.

              DAP will rule if they can effectively exploit their Malay political stooges (PAN, Protuns and earlier PAS), including their 20k Melayu Umno-reject blogger and other Melayu pemakan dedak.

              re: “So, why do you always harp on a non-issue”

              It is a real issue, not a non-issue. The 90 percent Chinese who voted the tsunami in GE13 actually believed they could ubah the gomen.

              Without the fixed deposits in Sabah and Sarawak, the DAP-led oppo can win (could have won) the peninsula in 2013. The opposition control 80 percent of the urban seats.

              It’s only due to favorable weightage given rural seats that gives BN the edge.

              re: “and create this friction between Malays and Chinese”

              May 13 happened without anything to do with me. Likewise the Ops Lalang race tensions of 1987 had noting to do with me. The Sino-Malay conflict caused bloodletting before I was even born.

              re: “this friction between Muslims and Christians”

              The Pew survey had nothing to do with me either, and those international researchers found that almost one-third of the Malay Muslims they interviewed regarded Christians as “extremists” while one out of every five Malay Muslims felt that Christians were hostile.

              re: “if not for a political reason which favours the ruling gov?”

              I’m putting these contents for public consumption because the devil is DAP. The Dapster-evangelistas are dajjal.

              I don’t have issues with the other opposition parties.

              1. instead of fooling other with statistics on how dap nearly took over states, you should be listing how many seats dap contested compared to pas and pkr….that would show the actual scenario on dap’s support and also that dap can’t hold the reign in gov.
                And, guess what, if on a day, the friction escalated to an unfavorable event, you would still believe it has nothing to do with you, but in reality you are posting hate articles everytime. you contributed to the nation being apart.

                1. re: “instead of fooling other with statistics on how dap nearly took over states”

                  Statistics don’t lie. Dapsters and Annie Anakin do.

                  re: “you should be listing how many seats dap contested compared to pas and pkr”

                  Been there, done that — see table below. Click HERE to enlarge table.

                  DAP is miles ahead of PKR and PAS.

                  re: ….that would show the actual scenario on dap’s support”

                  DAP has a fantastic success rate. They made a clean sweep of the west coat states and won 13 out of the 14 DUN seats in Johor the party contested.

                  All 13 Chinese DAP candidates in Johor won. DAP’s only loser in Johor DUN was the party’s Indian candidate.

                  re: “and also that dap can’t hold the reign in gov.”

                  They pull the puppet strings.

                  re: “And, guess what, if on a day, the friction escalated to an unfavorable event”

                  Thanks to the terrorism of the DAP’s Bintang Lima cadres.

                  re: “you would still believe it has nothing to do with you”

                  I’m the rare Chinese who does not support and who actually opposes the DAP dajjal.

                  re: “but in reality you are posting hate articles every time”

                  You all accuse Malays as “racists”, Muslims as “religious bigots” and anyone who opposes DAP as “haters” or “low class”. This screaming “thief” and pointing fingers at others doesn’t wash.

                  re: “you contributed to the nation being apart”

                  It’s the Dapster evangelistas who are doing this. You’re delusional — shouting in your echo chamber and doing the circle jerk.

                  Do you think the majority believe or disbelieve the Mufti of Pahang?

                  1. Postscript:

                    The DUN table above excludes Sarawak as its state election(s) held separately.

                    1. you are fooling your readers again, you should be stating the parliament seats, which makes the calls.
                      BN 221
                      PAS 73
                      PKR 99
                      DAP 51
                      How is dap gonna hold reign in this manner?? And you are the one who is always putting down the Malays – giving them ideas that Malays are no match to Chinese unless by disorderly means. You are the dajjal – you create chaos in your own way, by writing hate articles.

                      As for the stupid mufti, it is clearly wrong to sanction killings of fellow citizen in the name of religion. And you are hoping that the majority believes him….you are the dajjal in disguise…

                    2. You are the one trying to fool readers.


                      – PKR contested 99 and won 30

                      – PAS contested 73 but won only 21

                      – DAP contested 51 and won a whopping 38!

                      And by the way, you are criminally defaming the Mufti of Pahang.

  2. I will tell LGE, bring it (the state snap election) on!

    The outcome of the election will not affect the judiciary process.

    1. Bro, the snap election — if it were to be called — were NEVER about effecting the judiciary process. It is about rattling BN ~ by showing that their political support is unchanged and how little is the LGE’s popularity is effected.

      To a certain extent, they had achieved its objective. Rahman Dahalan’s tweeter response clearly shows that the snap election was not expected.

  3. The 31% surveyed muslims must definitely not from Penang. With many things at risk especially RMs, the last thing in mind of every muslim leader in Penang is deserting LGE. With or without survey, they will continue to support DAP as long as LGE gives them posts and floods their pockets with RMs. Simple!

  4. I regard d Lim dynasty – father ,son n his ghastly entourage (holy ghost) as ‘political gypsies’. Penang is in their grasp n there is no way that they r going 2 let go easily. If snap polls r held now, the DAP n their partners will still win largely due 2 sympathy.

    they hv proven themselves 2 b more skillful in hiding their loot while at d same time governing adequately well.

    I know a bit abt fed/state relation especially d way monies were disbursed. I was d officer in charge in d treasury 4 4 solid yrs.

    after consulting a proff in constitutional law, I prepared a short paper on strategies 2 deny Dap d state of Penang.

    however as it involves d Palace, I was advised not 2 pursue d matter 4 now. they were wth d opinion ( HRH ‘s cousin) that Baginda Sultan Kedah wld prefer not 2 expose Himself 2 possible controversies.

    God willing I will still pursue it again in due course.

    In d mean time d people of Penang (especially d malays ) will hv 2 b content wth d power manipulation of d Lims. they r experts at it.

    1. You already mentioned that certain parties were consulted.

      Why go coy and back away now?

      If you are convinced about the bona-fides of your position, and if you have the supporting evidence in hand, then you should pursue the matter to it’s conclusion.

      Let the chips fall where they may.

      Or have you already prepared a fallback Plan B?

      One more question – are you questioning the democratic right of the people of Penang to choose their elected Representatives?

      “power manipulation” is a catch-all phrase. It is not the exclusive property of any one person, group of persons or related parties.

      Which, given your background in the Treasury, you should be familiar with.

      Or weren’t you exposed to such manoeuvres during your stint in the civil service?

      1. pls read my posting carefully. it involves d palace. I will reactivate at d right time in d near future, insya’allah.

        civil servants r not at liberty 2 perform maneuverings. we execute based on set procedures. but yrs of exposure gives u certain probable ideas.

        I m not at all questioning d democratic rights of all citizens. if snap polls r called, so b it.

        I agree wth u that power manipulation is n important skills if politicians want 2 stay in power. najib is using exactly d same strategy.

  5. If snap elections were held, not only LGE, the Lim Dynasty, the DAP but also Penangites as a whole, would show to the world what kind of people they are and their choice of leaders

    They may symphatize with lge and his predicament BUT are they also showing to the whole wide world they support unethical leaders? Are they telling the world, Penang welcome immoral, unethical practices and a blatant disregard for accountability and transparency?

    And the Malay Muslims in Penang still regard LGE as demi-god…. At any rate, their lives, their future, their fate. Do I care? Not an iota, if that is their choice.

    Oh yes, bring more imports like Anthony Loke, soon to be Sec Gen and CM in waiting….clearly shows Penangites got no guts.

  6. This type of snap election is just to get his supporters sympathy and for his egoistic fulfilment of self satisfaction by playing with the emotions of his sympathizers. It does change the fact that he is not above the law even though he can be voted as Penang God with 100 % votes. So what ???

    Guilty or not guilty depends on the relevant evidences available and presented to the court, not the number of votes you get from your sympathizers in Penang… LGE you are a real clown…full of humour as Teresa Kok said in defence of Mr. Nga recently in his insult of the muslims as in his Hari Raya posting.

  7. Snap election? Kalau la DAP menang and later should the court decide in his favour that his bangarow mullah transaction is clear of any corrupt practices, waaaa win win situation esp for pejawat2 awam to own bangarow mullah tanpa seweming pull pembelian ala LGE. Kekeke

    Yang dok berangan nak beli bangarow dalam kawasan2 mewah dengan harga mullah2 tapi tanpa seweming pull, follow his case very2 closely tau.

    I am not in gomen service tapi excited juga, banyak tanah2 bendang kepunyaan famili yang luas, bole la berangan nanti2 minta convert dijadikan tapak commercial highrise buildings cara penukaran ala PLK!

    1. under Tokong sure no problem RINA. kat SPU ni banyak dah tanah bendang juta2 jadi kilang dan stor. Walaupun penduduk bantah, MPSP pun mcm tak boleh buat apa. CAT My Malay Ass!

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