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What the ‘Take Subang for Jesus’ crowd want next

Make no mistake. The movers and shakers in DAP are evangelical Christians, and its top leadership comprises evangelistas.

This little detail was realised by PAS after seven years of up close and personal in tahaluf siyasi. See, ‘Dewan Ulama PAS: Cina DAP rata-rata Kristian, lawan hukum Allah

evangelista meter

First a district

Then a city

Next a state

Eventually the nation

(1) First a district

They started with wanting to “Take Subang for Jesus“. And they succeeded.

DUMC, by the way, is the Damansara Utara Methodist Church which was once raided by Jais.

(2) Then a city

Their ambition grew to wanting to “win our  city (KL) for Jesus” — see DUMC Facebook posting screenshot below.

Over one Merdeka weekend during the biggest rally by Chinese pro-oppositionists, KL was swamped by Yellow Shirts. “Kolumpo kita punya #Bersih4


(3) Next a state

Electorally, DAP have set their sights on Johor. Some among the evangelical Christians share the same dream to take “Johor for Jesus”.

  • ‘Video: Johor for Jesus, Take possession of the land (Johor Bahru)’ — see Ismaweb

Sarawak is smart to ban uber evangelista Hannah Yeoh from stepping foot on their soil.

m2day Nga

(4) Eventually the nation

In God they trust to guide [Malaysia] back to Jesus.

On Aidil Fitri, DAP Perak’s evangelical warlord David Nga Kor Ming prayed, “Lord, guide our nation back to you [Jesus Christ]”.

david nga kor ming lighthouse

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s birthday wishes for the pastor of City Harvest Church Subang Jaya whom she hopes will “continue to grow from strength to strength”

WHAT HANNAH WANTS: … ” transforming this land” …

David Nga’s female counterpart Hannah Yeoh urges the young generation of Malaysians to transform this land.

Think more deeply about her call. She wants our country (a Muslim land) transformed into what?

BELOW: Muslims object to Johor evangelistas “taking possession of the land”. Rujuk, ‘Selepas dibantah, program “Johor for Jesus” akhirnya dibatalkan’ — Ismaweb

Program dianjurkan kumpulan yang menamakan diri mereka sebagai 'Movement for Jesus' (M4J)

take possession of the land johor
Credit Ismaweb: “Take possession of the land (Johor)”




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22 thoughts on “What the ‘Take Subang for Jesus’ crowd want next

  1. Its unfair to blame DAP for showing off their evangelism trait especially in Penang and Selangor. The voters there including muslims know what are coming when they decided to vote the evangelists like Teresa Kok, LGE, Hannah Yeoh, etc. More so when Pakatan treats all religion the same. What differentiate one from another is money and money is what DAP has plenty.

  2. This is the difference between Singapore and Malaysia. Call Singapore and “S” and “F” country and off you go packing home.

    KUALA LUMPUR: It started with a man’s frustration at not being able to play Pokemon Go. However, Sonny Truyen, an Australian who had recently arrived to work in Singapore, didn’t anticipate the subsequent chain of events that would eventually lead to his sacking within 24 hours., a popular Singapore news website, reported the events which gripped Singapore’s netizens yesterday, which began from a casual rant by Truyen. He had, via his social media account, lashed out at Singapore after discovering that the recently-released Pokemon Go game wasn’t available in Singapore. “You can’t f****** catch Pokemon in this piece of f****** s*** country,” he ranted.

    Read More :

    Here the drunked Pakatoons and friends call our country and leaders macam-macam. Singapore pulak take action ASAP.

      1. Its time our authorities to take radical actions and prosecute all these provocateurs within the arm of available laws. Enough is enough.

        Have some balls lah you guys and have the integrity to discharge your duties diligently to uphold maruah negara Malaysia.

    1. And yet the evangelical Christian churches continue to grow in Singapore, the City Harvest Church case notwithstanding.

      The mainstream Catholic and Protestant churches in Singapore continue to flourish.

      The Malay-Muslims in Singapore are comfortable with living in a secular society and with interfaith dialogue.

      Hate speech from any quarter is severely dealt with, regardless of race or religion, with strict impartiality. In Singapore.

      1. That why Singapore nailed the City Harvest pastors.

        During the course of the long-drawn corruption trial, the Project Crossover money trail was adduced that implicated City Harvest church KL (in Subang Jaya).

        Why doesn’t our Malaysian authorities investigate?!

      2. Kineas1067,

        Oghang Singapore actually very jealous of Malaysian. For instance sana GST 7%, 10% or 20% to them lantak le whatever, they cannot voice out.. buka mulut sikit kena tendang masuk jail;

        …GST was first introduced in Singapore on 1 April 1994 at 3%. The GST rate was increased to 4% in 2003 and to 5% in 2004. As announced in Budget 2007, the GST rate was raised to 7% on 1 July 2007…

        Malaysia baru nak introduce GST 2015 @6% pun punya la bebas nak melalak memekik macam oghang gila pun takpe.

    2. if I read correctly, it is the company that kick out truyen, it seem u r not only good at writing off topic comment, but can oso spin well. n who said msia is slow, look at the action against joseph n david, we could proudly exclaim that msian r damn fast n super efficient.

          1. Melayu maa, how can more clever than a Cina like you lots? We are the Sakais, DUMNOs, Morons, Dedaks makan kakis, remember?

            1. orang cakap pasal u, u kaitkan bangsa dan agama pula, typical paranoia communist thinking.

    3. all talking kok here….where do you want to ship fellow citizen to? And you want fellow citizens to be shipped just because they are against umno ah??

      1. ‘where do you want to ship fellow citizen to?’

        to the land of the mother tongue, can ahh? you think Tong San would accept meh Chiang Kai Shek kakis?

  3. Since the abolishment of the ISA, you can see that it’s a free for all out there by the politicians and for the politicians. Forget about for the people. Racial and religious provocations are an everyday affairs.

    This coming GE, it will be a dirty, open market for these racial bigots. I am sure the other laws will never be effective to curb these racial and religious explosions. Only the ISA can and will be effective. Just ask yourself, why Singapore a small nation with only a few million people, still hold to its ISA? Just THINK !!!

        1. i figure out long time ago, the majority from the 3 communist r equally paranoid, that’s y.

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