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9 dash line: Cina DAP = Malaysian First

Hew Kuan Yau is a DAP veteran leader. Back in 1999, Hew had been put up as the DAP’s general election candidate in a Petaling Jaya state seat.

More than a dozen years ago, he already held the high-ranking post of pol-sec to Kerk Kim Hock, the then interim party sec-gen.

And Hew was made director of DAP’s campaign in the last general election.

Sea and all the fishes in it belong to China

DAP’s Superman is very Chinese. He made his controversial remark on Facebook writing in Chinese — see above.

Most of the Facebookers commenting on his page express themselves in Chinese.

Hew went to Sekolah Cina. His PhD in Comparative History was obtained from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Superman supports world superpower; DAP thinks M’sia is “failed state”

Cina DAP are clever because they’re highly educated. Other Malaysians are, in their opinion, cukup bodoh. That’s why Cina DAP are always calling BN supporters “idiots” and “morons”.

Everything about the DAP is Cina, Cina, Cina (and Kristian, Kristian, Kristian). Vely good. Excellent, in fact.

Hence it comes as no surprise that Hew would side with China on the motherland’s territorial waters claim dispute.

Everything about DAP is Malaysian First

Cina DAP are the most patriotic of Malaysians. They pay taxes.

They also curse and swear endlessly as well as spew the most vicious profanities. Hew Kuan Yau is a shining example of the perfect DAP model for us all to emulate.

To be a true blue Malaysian, one must be offensive, hateful, rant and rave very often on top of spitting four-letter words in every other sentence that you utter. You need to follow the high standards set by DAP to prove that you’re truly Malaysian First.

Bangsa ‘Anak Malaysia’ yang menjadi teladan bagi semua

DAP’s young icons are the energetic Malaysian Firsters who define for the rest of us what it means to be Malaysian.

DAP evangelistas instigate. DAP evangelistas provoke. DAP evangelistas hate on their targets. DAP evangelistas demonize the victims of their bullying.

If you fail to frenetically do all the above, then you cannot be DAP. Epic fail.

DAP epitomize Malaysian Malaysia’s ideal middle ground of moderates. They represent the Malaysian Dream.

jeling garang

DAP is truth and justice

DAP is service to the rakyat

DAP is incorruptible

DAP is upholding freedoms and liberties

DAP is accountability and transparency

DAP is equality

DAP is fair and ethical

DAP is righteous and full of integrity

DAP is the best thing to happen to Malaysia since the invention of nasi lemak and lemang

hannah jeling



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62 thoughts on “9 dash line: Cina DAP = Malaysian First

    1. Jadi sekarang Belacan, Budu and Cincalok dari Kelantan diperbuat daripada ikan dan udang segar yang diimport dari negeri Cina.
      Mesti sedap untuk santapan bangsa Malaysia.

    1. why you so stupid one. if you don’t want people to utter ‘pegi balik china’ then please respect the constitution and what makes Malaysia in the first place. if there’s a Malay who support Indonesia claim over Malaysian territory, we will also ask them to get the hell out of here and apply for citizenship there. likewise if you think Australia, US, UK is so much better then by all means, go and migrate there. you can’t stay in a marriage but at the same time worshipping someone else at the ‘greener pasture’ just to milk the best out of your spouse. But at the same time curse, belittle, mock, ridicule and abuse her/him. solution? divorce her and go to the greener pasture so both parties won’t waste time with each other. so bila mau balik cina Vincent?

      1. ‘ if there’s a Malay who support Indonesia claim over Malaysian territory, we will also ask them to get the hell out of here and apply for citizenship there. ‘

        True blue pendatang, camna nak faham logik ni. Bodoh sombong kakis maa!

      2. Hey, do you think it;s so easy to emigrate? Instead, why don’t you telly your stupid Melayus to stop being ultra racists and start giving everyone fair go like the white people do. Malays and Muslims have to stop being racists.

          1. You love to cherry pick, don’t you. At least in the white man’s land, no such thing as one race getting preferential treatment in obtaining permits, licenses, scholarships, discount on houses etc? I laugh whenever an ultra racist Malayu decides to attack a western nation. So hypocritical.

            1. re: “At least in the white man’s land, no such thing as one race getting preferential treatment in obtaining permits, licenses, scholarships”

              In the USA, the blacks get preferential treatment in obtaining scholarships and entry into college.

              1. But they are underprivileged minority not. Here is the true maning of affirmative action. In Malaysia it is Ketuanan Melayu Islam based on nothing but the majority having “won” the race riot in 1969.

                1. baguslah. Korang kan suka menjerit. Tak boleh bawa bincang kakis. Bodoh sombong. Nak tunjuk korang pandai. Tapi lupa, kalau Melayu semua dah starts menjerit, jeritan siapa agaknya yang lagi kuat? Siapa yang akan jerit lebih lama? Go figure? Kita orang kat 20 Juta and counting kut!

                2. respectfully please look up poverty statisctics in Malaysia in terms of race. You will find that Indians and most Bumiputras fall into these category, while there is very little poverty among the Chinese. Does this reflect the country that so called treats them like a ‘2nd class citizen’? Sure the system isn’t perfect – but I’ll be damned if you lots didn’t hidup senang than most here anyway.

                  Also please read up on the actual meaning of Ketuanan Melayu which means to acknowledge and respect the origin of the Malay polity, instead of always repeating DAP’s mantra that it means supremacy of the Malays.. Tolong stop baca Rocketkini and kena zombie setiap hari. and please open an actual history book.

              2. Not really. Check the reports. Many US colleges are quietly rolling back “affirmative action”. Including some in the Ivy League.

                The US Supreme Court has ruled against affirmative action policies in some areas.

                And some of the biggest opponents of affirmative action in the US are Asian-Americans who believe that their kids are being a denied a fair chance (based on merit) to get admission into the top US colleges (private and public).

                So, I’d hesitate to make sweeping claims….

                1. The affirmative action for blacks has been in effect for quite some time. It is not a “sweeping claim”.

                  1. Really?

                    Have you checked the relevant rulings by the US Supreme Court?

                    Or the admissions policies of the top US colleges?

                    And “blacks” is a derogatory term, is it not? Like “niggers” or “nigras”?

                    1. Why should ‘black’ be a derogatory term? It is used extensively by American mainstream media.

                      Your assumed political correctness doesn’t wash. (You do realise that the DAP assumes a political correctness that is nauseatingly plastic?)


                      As for the positive discrimination, that’s a fact you need not bother twisting.


            2. it is because the other race have come to term with anglo saxon worldview be it through language, manner, way of life or even food. do you naively think an African American who speak Swahili in the middle of New York will get the same treatment as his white American? or a Chinese American speaks Mandarin with his brethren in front of a white man in Washington? I laugh whenever your ilk cry foul as a so called 2nd citizen. you don’t respect the constitution, cant speak Malay properly and even mock Malay and Islam ritual on daily basis. But yet have the cheek to be treated with respect. So delusional.

              1. Are you honestly suggesting that if the other races here embraced all the things that you mentioned, the Melayus will happily give up their concessions that they are enjoying now? Somehow I doubt it. Justice only exists in the west at the current point in time.

                  1. I think deep down, even you know that what your race is doing is not right. Even petrol station and money changing licenses are now only available to the bumis. RM 300 per month for single bumi mothers but not the others. Do you know that it’s a lot easier for non bumis to obtain a business loan if they include a bumi partner? Not racism you say?

                    1. Why should anything be given to you. have you smelled your breath lately ? ask your babi mother how it smells. Cina Cina babi DAP babifucker!

                    2. Trump, please don’t strap a bomb to yourself and bomb me. It’s really not God’s will for you to do so…really. Spread the word to the rest of your clan as well.

        1. i never say it is easy but it is always an option. revoking and applying of a citizenship is not yesterday news.

        2. racist? the white should not hv meddled wt our land by bringing the ungrateful pendatang here.

          1. What should we be grateful for? We helped develop this country just as much as the Malays did and if not for the other races, Malaysia would not be anywhere near where it is now. It’s the 21st century, and it’s every man is for themselves. Your land, my land rhetoric is only for the small minded. I thought you believe in Allah so this is his land, not yours or anyone else’s. Look up the definition of racism, UMNO and their supporters cannot be deemed as anything but racist rednecks.

    2. Before the mass migration from the Chinaland brought in by the britss, there were no malaysia and Indonesia. It was only, the MALAY Archipelago; what the hell are you doing here from so far a land, that you support it incessantly, rampaging people’s soil.

        1. you should be pissed with your moyangs for allowing brits to ship in chinese…, you can’t do much except make hollow noise, cause the current chinese that you are harassing are born and bred here….you got no choice but live with them…..and you gotta embrace the impact of globalization……with that said, i don’t support this superman guy canvassing in hk or for china, he’s a super fool….

          1. ‘and you gotta embrace the impact of globalization’

            Haiya my atuk nenek dah face ini sebelum Cina berani nak belayar la, lu ingat bangsa apa yang bina kapal kasi sewa sama Cina yang gerun dengan laut selatan?

    1. Yeah Man ,without DAP we may never realize that the Chinese in Malaysia are still Chinese , though they claimed and registered as Malaysian .

      Salah UMNO jugak .

  1. Aiyoyo!! Helen the UMNO-PUS Malay bitch. Just bring your hot Minahs over and fuck the commies to death lah demi UMNO-PUS. Islam dan MALAYsia!. Your men are too busy being pondans doing the on your knees moth exercises along with the bend over calisthenics. You Minah heroes have to do the fighting, sorry, I mean fucking. Ok?

    1. Vincent, you are a typical DAP dog sent to bark here and there. Your dirty foul mouth full of sewerage exposed you. Go back to Komtar Penang.

      1. DAP is the epitome of Machiavellian the end justify the means. They wouldn’t try to control their dogs to spew fitnah and vulgar words as long as umno goes down. But the thing is, all this spewing will direct and indirectly conditioned the people that it is ok to make false accusation and be rude to anyone regardless. The outcome is the birth of generation that has no accountability to their action. We have seen this in the CM Lim saga.

  2. Now, and NOW I said it loudly “DAP chinese leaders are the cause of certain malays asking the chinese to go back to China”. So to all the malays when you want to condemn the wrong doings of certain chinese and wanted them to go home to their homeland, do it right. “DAP cina, balik Tongsan” not “Cina balik Tongsan”. Remember there are two types of chinese in Malaysia long ago. One that treats China as their homeland and the other that had accepted and treats Malaysia as their homeland.This is the truth. DAP hates the truth.

    Even our great ” Malaysian ” Hannah Yeoh dare not correct Superman Hew. They preferred to irritate and be wrong together. Hypocrites flock together. Oh, just joking Teresa Kok. Well, to you Superman Hew is just joking….

    1. Equalizer,

      Once I wrote that many Malays refer Chinese as “pendatang”. Actually the assessment is quite accurate. And for a simple reason too.

      Many Chinese politicians from DAP behave like pendatang. And they encourage Chinese in general to develop the mentality that they(Chinese) alone can dictate terms to others (meaning Malays). Chinese are encourage to live in system outside national agenda. They do not mix beyond casual greeting. They do not take the trouble to know the Malays. They refuse to accept that Malays can be upset when DAP politicians like Theresa and Nga Kor Ming mocked Malays through Hari Raya Greeting.

      They did not chastise rude Alvin the porn star for insulting Muslim belief. They are dead set wanting to use “Allah” when no Christians whom I asked said they worship Allah. They refuse to accept reality that Guan Eng in his predicament due to his own doing.

      They live in cocoon. They base their decisions on reading Malaysia kini, STAR. They reject any view not compatible to their political inclination.

      Yet they wonder why Sarawakians rejected them. They still do not understand why UMNO won handsomely in SG Besar and Kuala Kangsar.

      They wonder why Malays still lock to UMNO and lesser extent to PAS. They wonder why PAN fails to attract decent Malay backing. They are unable to fathom why Mohd Sabu was trounced in PAS muktamar. They wonder again and again why on earth Malays are still with UMNO even after tonnes of their allegation on 1MDB.

      How blind they can be

      1. shamshul anuar, RINA
        “Once I wrote that many Malays refer Chinese as “pendatang”

        Wikipedia says the opposite, the Melayu’s are the pendatang. The word Huanna used to refer to Malays means…

        Huan-a (Chinese: 番仔; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: hoan-á) is a Hokkien word which means foreigner. 番 means ‘foreign’, and 仔 is a Hokkien noun suffix. This phrase is commonly perceived as derogatory by most non-Chinese speakers

        In Penang, huan-a are used to refer to Malays.

        Back days, the term is used by Han Chinese to refer Mongolians invaders. Basically Huanna connotes “barbaric foreigner”.

        Huanna means “pendatang ganas”. Think about it.

        1. Mulan,

          wishful thinking . Unfortunately to you, the world recognises Malays as native of the land. All treaties, war ultimatum were done and done only with Malay Sultans, not some Kapitan Cina

  3. ‘Once I wrote that many Malays refer Chinese as “pendatang”.’

    Well they can’t stop behaving like one, can they??!

      1. Paranoid? WHO? The person who introduced the word is most suited. Balik la to where you belong and the place you long so much to be, day and night, dreaming of being there! It is best for you and us, you especially, instead of willy wheeling in a foreign land where you do not wish to fit in?

      2. using your same logic, the mat saleh in UK are also paranoid lot who demands that you, as a British citizen regardless of ethnicity speak proper UK English, uphold the UK constitution, sing God Save The Queen, behaving in standard English manner and civility. wow you sure are one delusional guy/gal!

          1. so katak bawah tempurung comment. do you know there’s a special national hate crime awareness in UK arises from social media? sure, maybe the cari gaduh type fella is smaller there but you know what? it gives perpetrator like you to have a field day, instead. really waste the police and government resources to curb damages started by your foul mouth / hand, sometimes people like you need some tough love in order to give you some senses back. shows how you got no balls. baru gertak sikit dah kecut. typical social warrior justice in FBs.

            1. i dun know, i dun live in uk. u mean uk allow people like u to cari gaduh whenever one post in his fb something u dun like or dun agree? interesting. i thought civilize white man would normally report one who did the hate crime to relevant authorities?

              n minta maaf yeah tuan, i will keep my mouth shut, who dare go against the cari gaduh red communist like u? i suggest u shd participate in the manhood waving contest against the white man n see who can pee the farthest, people like u who got big ball sure win.

                1. that’s y i say paranoid, u type burden is not less than the white man, day in day out wan to dictate how we live.

  4. Follow up to Dr Superman PhD,
    He has quit to help the cartoon business for Penang gomen.
    Must be work pressure. So stressful that it creates permanent head damage.

    Lim Sian See
    Follow · 13 hrs ·

    Superman Hew Kuan Yau just announced on his FB that he has quit DAP as of today.

    Just in case it is a wayang, let’s see whether DAP will still use him in their ceramahs. If yes, then he has only quit in name.

    Even now, he is still managing the Penang Manga art exhibits – which is a position given to him by the Penang State Govt.

    1st, RINA, HY….
    Work stress is so bahaya… sampai boleh cakap merapu. BTW Kalau adik ipar gua nak mintak kerja di Taiping atau JSubang tak tau kerja stress tak. Gua dengar kerja sama bos Ah Pek tersangat stress sampai boleh Permanent Head Damage. Betul ke?

    Tolong advice.

    1. not good. he’s curating a manga exhibit, a post appointed for him by the state government? That means even art, creative sequential art, is being selected, managed and policed by the State, who is run by DAP. So much for freedom of expression eh

  5. Aiyah! Why are you Malays so upset about the 9 dash line thing. If you people think the Chinese should not be claiming practically all of the South China Sea then go and stop them lor!! Not able to? Powerless against a powerful enemy shoving injustice down your throats? Bangsa asing power grabbing what is yours? No way to enforce a legal ruling? Wait a minute isn’t this imotence of the Mlays here the same as that of the nons in the face of Ketuanan Melayu-Islam injustices and bigotry? Nah, just the imagination of a pendatang working overtime.

    1. Vincent,

      Errr. Are you from this planet?

      Entire South East Asia nations are upset with China’s greed. Not just the Malays.

      1. ‘Not just the Malays’

        Seluruh ‘Langka’ tak puas hati kut! Vincent pendatang mana tahu sejarah, celik2 nampak satu benda saja…skop kecik!

    2. Cina Cina babi DAP apa tau, sondol taik babi dari bontot corrupt leaders taula. ptooiii!!!

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