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Are the Chinese really as clever as they think they are?

When Lim Guan Eng got into trouble – and Bungalow-gate is actually only his own personal problem – he tried to drag the whole Chinese community into the imbroglio.

Likewise, a little earlier when DAP backed some Christians on the use of ‘Allah’, and some Muslims retaliated, again the evangelical party tried to drag all the non-Muslims into their religious conflict.

The reality is that when decent Malaysians are revolted by the DAP, they’re merely anti-DAP. It does not mean that they’re anti-Chinese. (Or anti-Christian.)

anime sailor moon snigger

Melayu DAP … liar, fraud and slanderer (many in political blogosphere know who he is)

It is not the Chinese or the Christians who are the problem in Malaysia. It is the DAP.

In fact, I would even say Melayu DAP lagi jahat.

So the bottomline is that the troublemakers can be Chinese or Indian or Malay or any race but rest assured, they are DAP.

Now if Malaysian Chinese are really as smart as they believe themselves to be, wouldn’t they realise that there would be no anti-Chinese sentiments if not for the DAP’s constant provocative behaviour?

Kesian. Taoist customs get mocked when it is specifically one Perak DAP evangelista warlord who made the clueless Umno Youth protestors see red.

BELOW: Azizi Safar, the Penang BN executive secretary, is not anti-Chinese; he’s just anti-DAP


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      1. I’m sure the women in that video are proud walking 5 steps behind their husbands


  1. Helen,

    As vast majority of those supporting DAP is Chinese and the very party that DAP constantly mocks is UMNO(that is supported by Malays), the conflict takes on racial and religious flavour.

    I do not what is it in Chinese head that they are unable to see what DAP is leading them. I simply do not understand how Chinese cant see that DAP is waging war against Malays at every opportunity available. Are they out of their minds?

    And I simply do not understand how Chinese still unable to see that Guan Eng’s problem is his personal problem, not a national tragedy.

    1. re: “As vast majority of those supporting DAP is Chinese”

      True. With the benefit of hindsight, I can see how much better for us (Chinese community) the MCA has been.

      re: “and the very party that DAP constantly mocks is UMNO (that is supported by Malays)”

      The basis is resentment over the Malay special position and NEP.

      re: “the conflict takes on racial and religious flavour”

      Correct. That is the logic of the situation.

      re: “I do not what is it in Chinese head that they are unable to see what DAP is leading them.”

      Difficult to breach the barrier of groupthink. It is almost automatic for urban Chinese to support DAP. I voted for them too in 2004 and 2008.

      To break free from the herd mentality requires critical and contrarian thinking and a strong catalyst due to the terrorism of the Bintang Lima.

      re: “I simply do not understand how Chinese cant see that DAP is waging war against Malays at every opportunity available.”

      You need a frame of reference in order for the perception to register, i.e. possessing the tools to be able to do the thinking. I read, write and speak bahasa Melayu, and have exposure to Malay society. The majority of Chinese don’t.

      re: “Are they out of their minds?”

      Evangelistas are a cult. Cults excel in brainwashing.

      re: “And I simply do not understand how Chinese still unable to see that Guan Eng’s problem is his personal problem, not a national tragedy.”

      The Dapster family – Papa & Mama – are experts in playacting, shifting the blame to others and casting themselves as the victim.

      e.g. When the Sin Chew columnist rightly criticized Hannah Yeoh’s dangerous politicking in the mosques,

      she turned around and accused him of being a Chinese chauvinist religious extremist who is intolerant of mosque tradition that requires a woman visitor to cover up. See how deviously she set up a straw man to portray him as the bad guy.

      That’s what the Dapsters are – SNEAKY BASTARDS!

      The main weakness of the Melayu is your naluri dan kecenderungan untuk bersangka baik. DAP is waging war, will take every advantage and go for the jugular.

      So they capitalize on fitrah Melayu and this kind of deceitful and crafty manipulation/exploitation is how a minority is able to get the better of a numerical majority.

      Remember that the British sahibs ruled their Indian empire with only thousands of officers and soldiers whereas the subjugated natives were the teeming masses.

      1. Helen,

        Constitution is sort of a “win win situation”. The non Malays, immigrants during British rule, were granted precious citizenships. The Malays regain control of the land, though the new political landscape reduces them from being exclusive owner of the land to one of the races in it. In return to their willingness to share the nation with non Malays, a provision was inserted in the constitution.

        And that is article 153. There is nothing special about it. Malays or more accurately the then 9 Malay sultans would not have agreed to massive citizenships if they do not receive something in return.

        BUT one thing for sure, had then 9 Malay Sultans(all of them had passed away ) able to imagine the attitude of DAP and species worshipping the party, the Highnesses definitely would not have agreed to grant citizenships in scale unheard off.

  2. Does Mr. Hew have a learned opinion on the ROC Taiwan island issue which PRC Mainland claims is theirs too? Why would he beam his political spotlight on the distant South China Sea when his cerebral effulgence should be focused on the long standing domestic Chinese predicament? Is this the initiative of his party for the cause of “democracy”, or his personal viewpoint for whatever his agenda?

  3. Since they all think they are very very clever and rich already and majority don’t support the gomen, therefore govt should please put more effort in making sure Bumiputras also become clever and rich like them can or not? Easy wan just follow ala Brunei, really2 take care of their Bumiputras welfare and interest;

    ….Open-up more and provide the most advanced and better equipped educational/learning facilities, preferably free education all the way,

    ….provide more business opportunities for the Bumiputras,

    …build luxury bangarows without swimming pull so Bumiputras also can buy at below RM250K (not RM2.5m) okay?

    1. why waste time with free education and what nots? just make sure every bumi can collect RM10k monthly from umno la…isn’t that the purpose? easy everything, which converts to easy cash…just collect the cash from umno, and umno also can run in peace knowing whoever collected will vote for them. it’s a win-win situation for bumis and umno…

      1. Itu bodo namanya. Laterla babi DAP oiii .. . Just collect taik lim guan eng and shoved it up your mother’s ass k. I mean ,,, all your keturunan memang kaki jilat taik babi babifucker kan ?

        1. wei…i am giving an easy solution to umno to stay in power, isn’t that the main agenda of the country? you tell this to umno supporters and i am sure all will support it. i too might join umno after that.

  4. “Are the Chinese really as clever as they think they are?”

    The answer is NO.
    Chinese are hardworking.. yes, diligent… yes, but they get a certain amount of success they get very arrogant and feel other people are inferior to them. The Chinese think they are being from a place just under heaven and they feel that dark skinned people are inferior to them.

    Somehow the Caucasian seems to have a grip of fear on them. The Caucasian would advocate “No Dogs and Chinese Allowed” but they seems to always want to migrate to white man countries like US, Tasmania etc. I believe that the fear of the White Man brings the Chinese to submission. Remember the White is a gwei lo. Ghost man. Submission and fascination. Like how Bella is attracted to vampires – fear and awe.

    Somehow the darkskinned people do not seem to fascinate the Chinese.

    “Similarly, the word fan-kui (Chinese: 番瞶; pinyin: fānguì) is a Mandarin Chinese word which means dark foreigner. 瞶 means ‘dim’ or ‘dark’. This phrase is used by Chinese Indonesians to imply Indonesians due to their dark skin color[citation needed]. Indonesians consider this phrase to be rude and racist.”

    1. We don’t have that here, and yet Melayu Malaysia practises apartheid…haha…Apa lagi Cina mahu? Seems like Cina punya wants memang tak dak ends punya!

      1. Semua dia nak, lock,stock and barrel. Sapu melayu ke laut. Baru dia happy. Itu yang Cina DAP mau.

  5. News from my Penang

    Seagate in Penang will close in 2017. Apa kata LGE?
    Penang 14 hearing) American Drive manufacturer Seagate Technology (Seagate) previously announced 6500 job cuts worldwide, of whom about 60%, or 3,900 employees from the state of Penang and Mori.

    A company spokesman confirmed today, will be closed in 2017 and is located in Penang, Negeri Sembilan production lines and 3,900 employees will probably be expected (VSS) mode retrenched through voluntary severance plan.

    Following the April this year, outgoing US-funded pioneer Intel layoffs, Penang Island industrial area this month and then heard another pioneer Seagate Technology because they have to evacuate the plant and layoffs.

    Seagate spokesman pointed out that when the interview with this reporter this morning, based on the global market to reduce the traditional hard drive (HDD) demand, they will be closed before the end of 2017 in Penang and Negeri Sembilan production lines.

    He added that Malaysia is an important partner Seagate Technology, although the closed state of Penang and Sen delivery room, but the technology and the Pacific Regional Resource Center HR Contact Center will remain in Penang, Johor and the company will retain the plant.

    “At present, plus Sembilan, Penang plant a total of 3,900 employees, they will be affected when the plant closed.” According to reliable sources told the newspaper, in Penang Seagate Technology will begin in the near future voluntary employee severance plan (VSS ), and plans to complete closure of the plant in June next year.

    It is understood that the message has been passed Seagate partial evacuation Penang business, and evacuation of the plant, no doubt known as the Silicon Valley of the East, said Penang Island brings shake. (Guangming Daily)

    1. Seagate is doing good in Singapore. As too is Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter. Not forgetting SAP, Symantec and Uber.

      Plus IBM, of course.

      Singapore is 80% Chinese and counting. Go figure.

      While you are doing that, add in the 2,000+ Japanese and 800+ Indian companies doing business in 80%+ Singapore.

      Not to mention sizeable contingents of Brits, Aussies, Germans, French, Swiss and China Chinese companies.

      The 80%+ does make a difference, doesn’t it?


      1. Kinneas1067 is very happy that many Penang lang including the Chinese will be unemployed.
        Very Christian of you to wish happy unemployment. So thoughtful.

        1. Nope, just acknowledging the realities of “onshoring”, the shrinking of global supply chains and the move into “smart manufacturing” anchored by big data, data analytics and intellectual property.

          Which part of the above don’t you understand?

          Have you canvassed the views of, let’s see, Miti, the foreign Chambers of Commerce and the Malaysian Manufacturers’ Association as to whether manufacturing (especially low-skills labour-intensive) is still viable in Malaysia?

          Instead of harping on Penang, why not let us know just how much FDI in high-tech manufacturing has landed up in Malaysia.

          As compared with, say, Singapore, Taiwan, China or South Korea?

          1. Kineas1067

            Haiyaa. Singapore lagi? Mana bole compare lia olang punya cala dgn Malaysia?

            Sana, high-tech manufacturing ikut suka hati lor. Kalo next month no orders coming… pukul 4pm kasi announcement, serah paycheck and whatever and the poor workers want to say bye bye pun tak sempat! Talak kasi ape2 notis maaaaa.
            Retrenchment exercises, buang pekerja macam buang surat kabar lama saja la..

            Tak kisah locals or whoever, apakan lagi foreign workers (siap process work permit termination!). Nangis air mata darah pun they make donno wan. Suddenly orders came in, they cali new workers.

            Try buat style gitu kat Malaysia. Melompat, melalak terpekik meraung2 esp DAP macam kera2 kat botanical gardens. Last2 tala and accuse semua SALAH UMNO!

            Haiyaa apa lu bebel? You bole jalan lor, tak perlu temberang sangat hal Singapore kat sini.

            1. And your point is what?

              We are talking about the manufacturing sector. Which was raised by Mulan.

              Jobs are gained, jobs are lost. Everywhere.

              How many have been laid off in the Malaysian oil-and-gas sector? Or in the manufacturing sector? Or in service industries?

              Are you counting the 6,000 or so let go by MAS?

              If you are beating the drum for Malaysia, ask Mustapa Mohamed and Miti just how much FDI has gone into the manufacturing sector over, say, the last 5 years.

              You are claiming that Malaysia can’t be compared with Singapore. Yet Malaysia wants to become a “high income” and “developed country” by 2020 (unlikely). Where are the growth sectors to underpin this? O&G? Commodities? Manufacturing? Transport? Construction? Services? Finance?

              I call it as I see it. From either side of the Causeway. Deal with it.

        2. I thought as much.

          Mulan’s smart aleck comments seem to have dried up when asked the hard questions!

          Here’s a report from the Singapore Sunday Times ( – “An ‘Elon Musk’ era for Singapore” – for you to peruse and savour.

          Don’t see any ‘Elon Musk’ types coming up in Malaysia any time soon, do you?

          1. I have not dried up. Penang is one state dumb enough to model itself to Singapore by the great LGE. Really fucked up right. The city building bought up by Singapore. Regular visits to Singapore. Now you get a haunted Batu Kawan, overpriced rentals in the inner city thanks to Singapore and Mahathir wannabe development.

            Well Elon Musk don’t have to come to Malaysia. This is MALAY-sia.
            For a 47 year old man, you are sure a grumpy one. Singapore not treating you well. You know old people are a burden to Singapore. You have to bear with the MALAYs in Malaysia. Betul tak RINA.

            BTW. Doctors specialising in hormone replacement therapy are very famous in Singapore. Since you are there why don’t you use it. Perhaps it could help with your er-hem…. and this will make you less grumpy.


            1. If malays dont’ like Penang or Singapore so much, then just get out and go back to your home states la

              1. Penang is still in Tanah Melayu. If the Chinese like Complaint Complaint can’t stand the Malays then they are welcomed to populate the many islands in Singapore and the Nanhai.
                This kind of DAPster logic that fuels Chinese bashing. Betul tak RINA, 1st,

                1. If you malays don’t like Penang or Singapore then get lost. Don’t come here to Penang, don’t apply for jobs here, don’t do business here. Go work in Kelantan la

                  1. Chinese who lose their jobs after Seagate and blablabla closes should not apply jobs in Tanah Melayu like Selangor, WP, Negeri and Johor.
                    In fact UMNO should be alarmed, the amount of DAPsters that will be “pendatang” to the Malay areas will rise when these people find they cannot find work in Penang. Talentcorp should find ooportunities for these people to migrate to Singapore or Tasmania.

                    Note: Where do you think most Chinese of JSubang come from? Just monitor where JSubangers drive to during Chinese New Year. I am sure definitely not to Pahang, Kelantan or etc.

                    1. The bulk of those being laidoff will most likely be foreign operators working in the production lines.

                      As for the locals, they don’t have to go anywhere. There are hundreds of factories and MNCs in Penang. We will absorbed them back into the workforce

            2. Penang? How about Johor (the birthplace of Umno)?

              In the Singapore Straits Times ( today – “S’pore supplying more treated water to Malaysia”.

              – additional 6 million gallons of water per day to M’sia.

              – urgent request from Bakaj (Badan Kawalselia Air Johor) to Singapore’s PUB asking for an additional supply of treated water.

              – PUB statement: “Bakaj requires this water to stabilise its own supply system in Johor Bahru after a shutdown on Wednesday, due to pollution in the Johor River”.

              – PUB said it started supplying the additional amount of water yesterday (Sunday) and the arrangement will carry on till tomorrow (Tuesday). The extra amount of treated water is being supplied by the PUB-operated Johor River Waterworks.

              – the latest arrangement will not affect S’pore’s own water supply as PUB is able to increase its own local production (from desalination plants and reservoirs) at short notice.

              – PUB is entitled to draw 250 million gallons of raw water daily from the Johor River under the 1962 Water Agreement which expires in 2061.

              – under the Agreement, S’pore is obliged to sell 5 million gallons of treated water to Johor daily.

              – however, PUB has been regularly providing Johor with up to 16 million gallons of water daily. The new temporary addition of 6 million gallons of water daily is in addition to this.

              – this is not the first time that Johor has asked S’pore to supply more water. There have been previous instances where S’pore had to supply additional water to Johor due to “urgent operational needs”, according to PUB.

              – last month, Bakaj also requested that PUB provide an additional 6 million gallons of (treated) water per day for a month, following dry weather which severely affected water levels in Johor’s Sungai Layang dam.

              Seems to me that for a city-state with no natural water resources, S’pore is doing pretty ok.

              As to why Johor is still not self-sufficient in water, that is anybody’s guess. Care to hazard an opinion, or two?

              I still think S’pore is doing ok. Temasek + GIC is bigger than Khazanah Malaysia. Triple-A credit rating vs A- credit rating. SGD1.00 = MYR3.00 (give or take a few sen either way). Luxury property sales on an upswing (rich Indonesians, Chinese, Indians, Malaysians and Om Putih.

              And maybe Malaysia doesn’t need an Elon Musk. After all, why would any self-respecting Silicon Valley head honcho want to invest in Malaysia, let alone site any major R&D facilities there, because, as you have written, this is MALAY-sia? And we are ok, thanks very much.

              You might as well tell Mustapa Mohamed and Miti to close shop instead of going out to beat the bushes for FDI to consider Malaysia as a destination.

              Not up to the challenge, eh? Or are you running off to look for softer targets?

              Start by asking Johor about water….


              1. I think this article series is full of lies, Kinneas.

                “It has been a stormy start to the year, with volatile stock markets and plunging oil prices. Faced with a challenging external environment, the Singapore economy will also see a slowdown of growth to between 1 per cent and 3 per cent this year. Ahead of Budget 2016, The Straits Times takes a closer look at the slowdown in a series of stories over the next fortnight.”

                Elon Musk is flying to save Singapore. No series to slowdown stories of Singapore that takes two weeks to tell. Elon has made sure there is NO slowdown AT ALL.

                Ha Alif Ha Alif Ha Alif.

              2. Singapore is not just doing ok. It is doing many times better. For a country with no natural resources.

                In Malaysia, the states with the high population of non-malays beat the states with the high population of malays. How do you explain that?

                Lets take Kelantan for example, it is 95% malays. But it is one of the poorest states in the country, high crime rates, high drug abuse, high porn searches and highest AIDS epidemic. I thought religion matters to them? Hypocrites.

                So these Malays will come to Singapore and states with high population of non-malays to look for work… and some of them will slander us. Jealousy?

                So if you malays want to come work in Penang or Singapore? Don’t biadap or kurang ajar here. If you don’t like it then go back to your home states

                1. “So if you malays want to come work in Penang or Singapore? Don’t biadap or kurang ajar here. If you don’t like it then go back to your home states”

                  Pray tell when Penang became part of China.

                  In fact the Penang Chinese are shrinking. Not enough babies. The Malays are more now.

                  Real heritage thinking. With postings like this it make people think of Penang Gong.

                  Gong Gong Pai. (Bodo bodo jahat)

                  Please spend your time having sex and procreating. (Sorry RINA, not all in Penang are smart.)

                  1. They are not shrinking. The population is more or less still the same. The malays are more if you count those from other states but if you take them away the penang malays are the minorities. During Hari Raya, you don’t see many malays in Penang.

      2. Kineas1067

        …..While you are doing that, add in the 2,000+ Japanese and 800+ Indian companies doing business in 80%+ Singapore. Not to mention sizeable contingents of Brits, Aussies, Germans, French, Swiss and China Chinese companies…..

        Waaaah. Itu pasal anak saya talak mau cali kelija kat Penang. Bikin kelija sama gaji baru lapat RM5.5K tapi Singapore lia olang kasi Sgd5.5K.

        Haiyaaa, you mana bole samakan Malaysian Chinese dengan Singaporean Chinese. Sana Singaporean Chinese ciakap macam you, sulah lama masuk JAIL tau.

        Semua kena anggok anggok ikut saja. Gaji Sgd5.5K sekadar mampu luluk lumah macam luluk dalam lumah merpati, mana bole mampu beli bangarow mewah tanpa seweming pull wan! Keleta pun payah mau beli owh!

        1. Don’t see those companies choosing to set up shop in M’sia, do you?

          And plenty of Malaysians working in S’pore. Including those commuting daily across the Causeway and Second Link. Plenty of Malaysian Malays and Indians in the mix, in addition to the usual suspects (Malaysian Chinese).

          The need to feed families and put bread on the table trumps all, I guess.

          Including ersatz pseudo-nationalism that thinks that realities are figments of overheated imaginations.


          1. Kineas 1067

            Alaaaa apa kurung sana crossing over to buy their weekly food supplies? Berduyun2. Malaysia also feed their citizens maaa..

            Malays are not like Chinese kena mali sini dari negala mayak jauh dulu kena naik tongkang besat2. Malays crossing borders in and out JB/Singapore been going on for centuries, nothing unusual for us la.

            Kamu saja rasa peghaq pasai kut baru saja berlabuh kat kawasan sini?

    2. Statistics of Seagate lay-offs: 400 locals, 800 foreigners. At this ratio, who cares? In fact Seagate has made smart move by relocating to Thailand – closer to home of 800 people who would soon heading north.

      1. Wrong statement…Penang Seagate lay off 3900 locals. Not even one foreigner.

  6. Post-Nice (84 dead and counting), Newt Gingrich wants to deport Muslims in the US who believe in syariah.

    Kind of puts matters in perspective, doesn’t it? 1

    1. Kineas1067,

      ….Kind of puts matters in perspective, doesn’t it? …

      Waaa.. itu dia olang ciakap2 berbuih mulut Democracy, Fleedom itu semua sulah masuk longkang ke? Lain ciakap lain bikin, apa hat ini semua?

      1. This is the same US that Malaysia wants to stay “engaged” in the region? Freedom of speech and the US agenda notwithstanding?

        Beggars can’t be choosers, right? Especially where strategic realities are concerned.

        1. Singaporeans are so polite. Ah Pek pun tau pakai finger. Ah Pek not racist.

          I went for lunch today at a new Japanese tempura restaurant that I saw on Daniel Food Diary. (I love that blog!) I arrived about 20 minutes early and was the first person in the queue. Soon, 8 or 10 others joined me. A few minutes before the restaurant opened, a man and a woman arrived together and cut in front of everyone queueing. I kindly informed the gentleman that there was quite a long queue already. He said, “So? How the hell was I supposed to know that?” I said, “Well, sir, you could look behind you and see all of us standing here waiting.”

          That’s when things got nasty.

          – More at

  7. Singapore ada GST ke?

    “SINGAPORE – Singaporeans’ inflation expectations have hit five-year lows, fuelled by Brexit uncertainty and global economic headwinds.

    Consumers’ one-year-ahead median inflation expectations fell to 2.63 per cent, its lowest level since September 2011, according to a quarterly survey by Singapore Management University (SMU).

    In the latest Singapore Index of Inflation Expectations (SInDEx) poll conducted in June, consumers shared their views on expectations of inflation-related variables over the medium term (one-year-ahead) to long term (five-year-ahead).”

    Must be GST-lah Kinneas? Or Straits Times lying ke…

    1. Get an economist to explain to you what “inflation” is all about and the difference between “inflation” and “deflation”.

      Maybe he or she could also explain to you why Singapore is “triple-A” rated and why 1 Singapore Dollar is worth 3 Ringgit.

      And what is the connection between GST and inflation?

      Get the economist to educate you on that as well.

      1. Kineas 1067

        ….Singapore is “triple-A” ?

        Memang laaa, anak I kerja sana satu dola ada masa dpt triple owh ie RM3/- tau! Yang dok enjoy are the foreign workers. Hantaq pulang duit bertimbun2, bole beli bangarow tanpa seweeming pull kat kampung masing2.

        Tapi hang tanya locals tengok? Harap kena rajin hari2 berjudi lor klo nak berangan keluaq dari rumah ala pigeonhole.

        Takpe… kita tumpang gembira… jangan lupa
        bawa duit mai belanja banyak2 kat Malaysia ya..

        Haiyaaa…kaya tapi rakyat negala sendiri merana apake benda ni?

          1. Siapa nak tolong mangsa banjir di Pulau Pinang? Rata-rata bangsa mana?


            “BALIK PULAU – Beberapa pihak kini menuding jari mencari kesalahan siapa yang bertanggungjawab menyebabkan kejadian banjir kilat yang melanda Pulau Pinang semalam.
            Lagi ini kerja siapa

            Dan tengok kerosakan alam sekitar di persekitaran Teluk Bahang. Ini salah siapa?

            “GEORGE TOWN: Unknown to many people here, massive clearing has been taking place over the years on a hillslope in Teluk Bahang near the dam, probably even without the knowledge of the authorities.

            There is lush greenery on most sides of the site close to the Teluk Bahang dam but the said lot itself has been stripped bare.”

            1. Not just the kampung fell victim to the floods. Even the animal shelter.
              So banjir Teluk Bahang salah siapa ye?


              “IT was a harrowing experience for two-year-old Robin, a pet mongrel, which was swept away in flood waters on Monday afternoon, from the Penang Animal Welfare Society (4Paws) shelter in Teluk Kumbar.

              He floated away in the water after the shelter’s emergency door was forced open by the strong water current from the nearby river.

              Robin initially managed to escape the flood, but on the way back to the shelter, he got himself trapped in between several bamboo trees by the river bank for almost 18 hours.

              The shelter’s founder Barbara Janssen said the dog, which is among some 600 dogs at the shelter, got carried away by the water current at about 2pm on Monday.

              She said Robin was found by the shelter’s workers at about 8am yesterday.

              Choo carrying Robin after he was rescued. — Photos courtesy of 4Paws

              “We had heard barks and we found him clinging for dear life in between the bamboo trees,” she said when met at the shelter in Jalan Hassan Abbas in Teluk Kumbar yesterday.”


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