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Melayu DAP’s hatchet job on party member targeted for the kill

DAP’s Hew Kuan Yau is vulgar in his words and coarse in his actions.

He is a mulut laser who often lets the cat out of the bag wrt his party’s sneaky strategies and dirty tactics.

The political incorrectness of Hew vis-a-vis his ultra Chinese chest-thumping makes him widely disliked outside of DAP circles and an easy target for critics. After his latest gaffe, DAP decided that Hew must go.

Note: Hew has succumbed to the pressure and quit the party yesterday.

‘Superman’ (his nickname) is a DAP veteran of 27 years. Despite the length of his party membership, Hew is nonetheless a low-hanging fruit due to his unpopularity compared to a pretty newbie, say, Dyana Sofya.

Hence the well-paid Melayu hatchet man was instructed to go for the kill.

anime sailor moon snigger

Melayu DAP memang lagi jahat

Everybody knows that it is the RBA stock-in-trade to label other people “bodoh”.

Well, the Melayu DAP is even more strident. Calling Hew a “Stupidman”, the Malay hitman proceeded to whack DAP’s Superman kaw-kaw.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid!” — the 20k hired gun ranted at the Cinapek.

Well, yah lor … especially if Hew keeps alienating Malay voters and in the process torpedoing the evangelical party’s bangsa Anak Malaysia pretense.

Stupidity, declares this big-headed Melayu DAP, is a malady afflicting the handful of DAP Chinese leaders who are not devious enough to put on a false show of being “nice”.

On another note, arrogance is the Taiping MP,  David Nga Kor Meng, who wears his evangelism on his sleeve.

Like Umno, DAP is riven by competing factions and not all its various warlords love their neighbour (party frenemy). So YB Nga, being one of the internal rivals to the party godfather, is fair game for the Melayu DAP to shoot at.

It is not only outspoken Umno targets such as Rahman Dahlan, Salleh Said Keruak and Khaled Nordin who are in the Melayu DAP’s gunsight.

Rivals of his paymaster are also in the Whack List, such as Johor DAP’s (ex) Norman Fernandez and Dr Boo Cheng Hau. As well as we’ve seen presently, Perak DAP’s David Nga Kor Ming. Do recall how Norman and Dr Boo had been whacked mercilessly by the Melayu prepaid ere this.

laugh China girl

Poor guy has to work hard for his money

Yup, he was scribbling away furiously even recently throughout the entire Hari Raya holidays.

The rewards may be lucrative but the Melayu DAP has his work cut out for him.

And hence his constant merajuk at the behaviour of some of the party’s Chinese recalcitrants who dunno how to play along with pretending to be “nice” in order to win Malay hearts.

Hopefully the scolding by a master Melayu masquerader will be more effective in getting the message through to Dapsters on how essential it is for their public figures to be always be chameleon-like and hypocritical.

His holier-than-thou lectures for the DAP rank-and-fire to behave may be overbearing but what he says about their arrogant attitude is true. It is expensive advice worth its weight in consultancy fee.

Reality is the DAP Chinese today find it difficult to make further inroads into the Malay community after PAS closed the door of their masjid and surau. And nowadays also, RBA online imposters (i.e. those faking Malay Muslim IDs, such as Mr Alphabet Soup) are increasingly greeted with skepticism.

Say what you will but it still takes a born Malay to be able to understand the nuances and read the Malay ground. So the Melayu DAP’s services are very much in demand.

For a backgrounder on the current opportune timing for them to cash in on their niche, i.e. Melayu screw Melayu, read ‘Pakatan has officially become Pakatun‘.


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40 thoughts on “Melayu DAP’s hatchet job on party member targeted for the kill

    1. Someone in UMNO because there are bloggers like Helen who refuse to comment on 1MDB when they know 1MDB stinks.

  1. When was the last time an UMNO or PAS man resigned over the Ketuanan MALAYsia and that shove-my-great-Islamic-law-down-your throat religion bigotry? Ptooi!!!

    1. Vincent,

      UMNO earns the bragging right by WINNING THE ELECTION. I never heard anyone in UMNO calling on “ketuanan Malaysia”. there is no need to cry out loud on the slogan. UMNO is the supremo in local politics and it achieves the supreme position through ballot box. It is as simple as that.

  2. Hew is the best example of the disease which is now affecting every DAP member. The disease is called the inferiority complex. Like other DAP members, Hew now knows that his party will remain as opposition until the end of the world. No chance to rule. Not in the slightest. He is doing it purely out of frustration.

  3. Well at least he resigned like a gentleman. When is Najib going to resign?

    1. when r u going to resign from malaysia. y tok asif you very good inspite of beng a hopeless. u did not contribute anything 2 malaysia by spreading lies and rumuors wh are unsubstantiated. anybody can throw false allegations.

      1. Any remark forwarded by a dapster is not to be taken seriously since whatever they do is just to ruin the country by spewing hate and lies. They hv no sense of loving the country. It ia just a place to cari makan since there is no where else to go.
        Try enticing them wt a citizenship of a ‘white’ country, they ll jump up and down.

        1. You would do better if you remember to change your moniker/avatar the next time you reply to yourself.

          Tell your boss Najib to stop being a coward and resign. Then maybe we will start respecting him

          1. Haha, bagai anjinggg..menyalak bukit. Whatever comes out from a dapster is irrelevamt. Why r u still around?

        2. Not easy to love a country that clearly treats you as a 2nd class citizen. That’s a fact no matter how you chose to spin it. So hard for you Melayus to understand this, ah?

          1. Nobody wants penjilat babi babi cina DAP in Malaysia (babifucker). Who cares about your love cos you clearly has none.

              1. Yes, RBA, whatever it is. Many Malays are still the emotional type who are unable to think and act rationally and with reason. They just act like what their ustadzs tell them, never to ask questions, just accept and follow.

            1. Trump, am pretty sure that Allah has a no dickhead/racist policy. You are off to hell, enjoy it.

            2. yeah, nobody cares fr yr love
              Anything to do wt dapsters is fake. Will any country pick them up?

          2. funny, when white people treat you guys like 2nd class citizen you don’t seem to mind at all. It’s like, main pilih boss jugak ke?

            (also, wow, top ten rich person in Malaysia is mainly comprised of so-called 2nd class citizens? Gila ah Malaysia. takde negara lain boleh jadi camtu)

            1. Have you lived in the west? The whites are pretty fair in general and their laws certainly are.

                1. Look up the meaning of the term general. Stop cheery picking and being deceitful. Overall they are cool…

                  1. Formerly known as FHAAHD,

                    Yeah, yeah cooooool. Just try imagining why zaman jajahan British, so many Chinese and Indian women were shipped and landed on this land? Haiyaa, even today just go to Jalan Alor and Petaling street.. Hope thats not the “dump” where you are living now?

                    1. I am not talking about the past. We are taking about today’s respective Asian and western societies and how people are treated today. Stop doing a Helen and deflecting, just acknowledge the reality that the minorities in Malaysia are not given anywhere near the same opportunities in comparison to the Malays. I bet you won’t as you will then have to acknowledge the shortcomings of your people.

                    2. aiyaa….rina…you know the chinese and indian were brought over by the british cos they need this people’s expertise to build and run Malaya. Do i need to explain why was the expertise not sought locally?

                1. On thing is for sure, they are morally a lot better than the Malays. Satisfied with my answer? Stop posting links of individual cases to cover up the wrongdoings of your racist clan. It’s a well known fact globally that UMNO’s affirmative actions are nothing short of bullying and in some ways not too different to what happened during the apartheid era in South Africa. Malaysia is definitely one of the most racist countries on earth, what a dump.

                    1. “So when are you moving to Tasmania?”

                      When you stop your unhealthy stalking of Hannah.

                      Question for you. Do you think that the Malaysian govt or rather its policies are racist? Be honest.

                    2. Wow, your language … “fuck”, “bitch”, “damn” …

                      Lemme guess: You pangkah Roket?

                    3. Helen, why do you always deflect questions that you know the answer will be damning to UMNO? You are not fooling anyone.

                    4. The answer would be complex. One or two lines would not suffice to cover the scope of the complexity.

                      But I can say that unlike the Cina DAP, I’m not angry and resentful at the state of race relations that way you all DAP people are.

                  1. Formerly known as FHAAHD

                    apartheid era? Haiyaa itu apartheid olang putih masuk negala olang katang naik kapal dari negala lain and oppressed, abused and cheated the natives la, steal their lands and lived like Lords. Rings any bells? Ramai2 living in luxury bangarows without seweming pulls, curi and converted native lands and make themselves rich ala Aso apanama tu yg jual lia punya bangarow tara fungshui to LGE..

                    Haiyaa, Snow White is so loving and loved by millions, worldwide

           must be the Mr Grumpy owh?


              1. i have friends who lived and worked there and they said, while on the surface things may seem fair, there is a glass ceiling and a certain perception on you if you are not white.
                I have also visited a fair amount of Western countries and have been subject to 2 cases of outright racial profiling, and a few microaggressions – though not so bad thankfully, that I still could enjoy the trip at least.
                You have to work twice harder, toe the line twice more than the whites to be perceived as ‘accepted’.
                On top of that, to be truly accepted, you have to live the way they do, as in- embrace their lifestyle wholehearted as to not seem ‘foreign’ or ‘strange’.
                and speak their language fluently.
                The thing is, some people seem to be ok with embracing ‘white people’s’ language as it seems more ‘classy’, but still cannot speak a lick of their own national language (e.g Bahasa Malaysia).

                Look up in cases of racism in Finland, Denmark, France etc.
                I needn’t speak of the US and Britain as you can read cases of it openly in the news daily.
                Have you read of French soldiers sexually abusing the very people they are supposed to protect in Africa?

                how about this ruling that certainly allows animals to be exploited, sexually at that? how deprived can you get? Still fair to you?

                The west is not without its flaws. While promoting their liberal values and social justice causes, you may find that in the very heart of their society – they are quite conservative in maintaining their lifestyle and values and would fight tooth and nail to keep it even if it means depriving others of their rights.

                I have learnt to view everyone, every nation, every society in the world as fallible, flawed as humans are. To idolize a certain ideology as ‘right’ as though they are white knights (literally in this case) ready to save you from whatever tyranny you perceive here is a fallacy. Often the knight turns out to be an even bigger oppressor. Such is the way of the world.

                You have been brainwashed by DAP to see the world only in black and white – They are the Good Guy, everyone else against them the Bad Guy. Things are not that black and white. Good guys can turn out the be bad guys all along. Don’t be so zombified. The sooner people realize this about Malaysian politics, the better.

                1. I will tell you something about Asians in the west, they have a chip on their shoulder and will blame the white man for just about anything and everything. I have lived in a few western countries and have always been treated fairly, but have friends who will always blame racism when they are overlooked for positions etc. Go to cities like Sydney and Melbourne, and you will notice the fact that the commercial world there is made up of at least 50% Asians. Racial profiling is definitely not apparent in those cities.

                  1. you obviously did not read a thing I said. The only person blaming anything on anyone here is you – did you lose a business contract/ position here in Malaysia, hence the constant harping on racism?

                    At any rate, it is useless to further a conversation with a person who cherry picks his whole world view. Good day, sir/madam :)

                  2. re: “they have a chip on their shoulder and will blame the white man for just about anything and everything”

                    Sounds like malays/muslims. Happens in Singapore too

                  3. Formerly known as FHAAHD

                    …..Go to cities like Sydney and Melbourne…..

                    Haiyaaaa kamu ni. The whites in Australia are descendants of pendatangs themselves macam keturunan awak juga. Go check what TDM once lashed at them when they tried to show their arrogance. Tau tak? Omputih hard core criminals shipped and dumped far away fm their homeland. Baca sejarah cikit bole tak?



                    Tapi yang anih, berjuta2 olang dari entah mana negala2 tak putus2 nak masuk dan merempat dalam negara ini despite claiming this place being a dump?

                    You ni betul2 Snow White punya Mr Grumpy

                    1. yayayaya…..the australian are descendants of criminals and the malays are descendants of lanun……..shall i go on with the stereotypes??

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