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Islamists prevail in Turkey, evangelicals rising in the US, showdown shaping up in M’sia

Islamist president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan successfully quashed a coup d’etat yesterday by the Turkish army whose officers are traditionally secular.

In the aftermath of the violence, Erdogan has vowed to purge those responsible for the putsch attempt. So far, more than 1,500 Turkish military personnel have been arrested.

Suggested background reading:

Secularism and how does M’sia compare with the Turkish model?

Meanwhile in America, presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump has picked Indiana’s Christian right governor as his running mate.

If Trump gets the Republican party’s nod to run for Potus, his choice of vice president is Mike Pence who is a devout Born Again Christian.

According to The Guardian, Pence is fond of describing himself as “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order”.

Pence’s positions on issues are conservative in the extreme; The Guardian places him at “the far right of the Republican party”. He was an early advocate of the Tea Party movement, the paper reported.

In short, Trump’s right hand man is an evangelical.

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich was one of the three contenders on Trump’s VP shortlist.

Following the killer truck attack in Nice, France, Gingrich said:

“Western civilisation is in a war. We should frankly test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in sharia they should be deported.”

Not only is there friction between the major faiths but religious hardliners are also coming to the fore in politics.

So that’s the situation elsewhere in the world.

It is simply mind-boggling that Tun is in cahoots with the DAP evangelistas!

There is a clash of civilizations going on out there but back home in Malaysia Tun has chosen to align himself with the enemies of Islam.


Will Perkasa bersekongkol dengan DAP for GE14?



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30 thoughts on “Islamists prevail in Turkey, evangelicals rising in the US, showdown shaping up in M’sia

  1. Quote,”It is simply mind-boggling that Tun is in cahoots with the DAP evangelists”unquote.

    It is simply mind-boggling that Helen self professed truth finder, could look the other way of the stinking 1MDB fiasco.


    1. (1) I have not seen the 1MDB documents. Have you?

      (2) If the AG, MACC, Bank Negara and PAC are not making a case against Najib, why are you pressing a blogger to do so?

      (3) Prior to Tun taking up this issue roughly one year ago, I have four years’ (July 2011-mid 2015) worth of blog material here. Do you see that I’ve ever displayed a keen interest in dissecting financial matters any time during that period (1MDB era aside)?

      (4) How many bloggers are actually actively opposing or defending 1MDB? What are their professional backgrounds?

      I’ve chosen to opt out of the debate. I’m not a 1MDB defender. Yet even this stance of neutrality you can find fault with.

      (5) I do not proclaim or profess myself a “truth finder”. I’m just declaring that Annie Anakin is a liar and a slanderer.

      (6) I’m Projib because the Protuns bersekongkol dengan Dapsters. The Dapsters are bullies yang selalu kenakan orang while the Protuns pandai-pandai je lempar tuduhan dan tohmahan.

      You people annoy me. Why in the world would I want to take your side?

  2. Erdogan the tyrant has become untrue to Prophet Muhammad, and Najib is going in that direction.

    1. Thinking about it, it’s kind of funny how the more secular faction of PAS before the split of Mat Sabu, etc, were dubbed “The Erdogans” as opposed to the Ulama faction.

      Then on the other hand, we have people calling Erdogan a tyrant, which leads me to wonder whether those more secular PAS “Erdogans” would turn out to be tyrants.

      Malaysian politics is really funny.

  3. Following the killer truck attack in Nice, France, Gingrich said:
    “Western civilisation is in a war. We should frankly test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in sharia they should be deported.”

    It’s the counterfeit brand of Islam they are afraid of.

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia won the support of the U.S. after World War II and grew stronger following the discovery of petroleum in its lands. Wahhabism, which is known as the Salafi Movement, is the official sect of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Imams and Muslim judges uphold Wahhabism and they are guided by the views of Ibn Taymiyyah in their decisions. Since Ibn Taymiyyah used to belong to the Hanbali school of Sunni Islam, people tend to think that the Saudi Kingdom also belongs to this sect. However, the four sects of Ahl us-Sunnah are not accepted in this country.

    But the government of Saudi Arabia has adopted a more moderate policy. However, Wahhabism is spread through the press and education systems. Rabıta al-alami al-Islami (The Muslim World League) is an international propaganda organization for Wahhabism. The organization opens Islamic centers all over the world and sends religious people to these places in order to spread Wahhabism. These types of organizations have been growing stronger every day and can now be found from the Balkans to the Caucasus, Africa to India. They especially target Muslim countries that do not have social or financial power. This movement is a serious threat to world peace.

    This is how ISIS stifles the scholars who oppose them. Their strategy is simple. Drive them out, arrest them, kill them, or at the very least — ban them from teaching. And it’s working. There are countless scholars who are living in refugee camps, fleeing from war, or just trying to find a way to support themselves and their families. Either way, they’re not doing much teaching. As a result, mainstream Islam is losing teachers by the day, while toxic ideologies like that of ISIS are continuing to spread.

    1. The Sheikh al-Islam, Taqi al-Din al-Subki (D. 756AH) comments that Ahmad ibn Taymiyya and his followers were from the deviant Hashwiyya sect, a minority fringe group who would teach their beliefs in secret :

      “As for the Hashwiyya, they are a despicable and ignorant lot who claim to belong to the school of Ahmad (ibn Hanbal). They – especially some of their Hadith scholars lacking in logical reasoning – have corrupted the creed of a few isolated Shafi’i (scholars), … They (the Hashwiyyas) were held in utmost contempt, and then towards the end of the 7th century AH (14th cent. AD) a man (Ahmad ibn Taymiyya) appeared among them who was diligent, intelligent and well-read but could not find a Sheikh (teacher) to guide him. He belongs to their creed and is brazen and dedicated to teaching his ideas… He said that non-eternal (creaturely) attributes can subsist in Allah (the Eternal and Everlasting), and that Allah is ever-acting, and that an infinite chain of events is not impossible either in the past or the future. He split the ranks and cast doubts on the creed of the Muslims and incited dissension amongst them. He did not confine himself to creedal matters of theology, but transgressed the bounds (hudud) and even said that travelling to visit the tomb of the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) is a sin. Thus the scholars agreed to imprison him for a long time, and the Sultan imprisoned him… and he died in prison. But then some of his followers started to promulgate his ideas and teach them to other people in secret while keeping quiet in public, and great harm came from this.”

    2. Mufti Iraq Sunni : Al Qaeda dan ISIS bunuh 300 ulama Sunni

      IRAQI sunni war against ISIS

      Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

      Imam al-Shafi’i r.a. used to be hounded by ignorant and capricious muslims himself and was once beaten up by them. He died a few days later from complications with his poor health.

      Shafi’i said: “Be aware of your tongue, it is dangerous! It’s like a snake; so many people have been killed by their tongues.”
      Indeed, the Prophet s.a.w. warned us: “He who believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak what is good (and true) otherwise keep his silence.” Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari (r.a) reported: “I asked the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ): “Who is the most excellent among Muslims?” He said, “That person whose tongue and hands other Muslims are secure from (its evil). And al-Shafi’i said, “Nobody is safe from the tongues of people. Even if he were to be the Prophet (peace be upon him), one so pure. If one is silent, they say he is voiceless. And if he speaks, they say he talks too much. Were he to fast and stand to pray at night, they say he’s blind, he shows off, he deceives.”

      Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. reminded his ummah: “Honor the (true) scholars, because they are the inheritors of the prophets. Anyone who honors them has honored God and His Messenger.”
      Imam Shafii’s conviction on a particular issue was based on his criterion: “I believe I am right, with the possibility that I may be wrong; and those whose words are at variance with me, are wrong with the possibility that they may be right.”

      Yunus as-Sadafi’ narrated this: “I have never seen a wiser man than ash-Shafi’i. I was arguing with him once about an issue and I left him. Then one day, he met me, held my hand and said: ‘Cannot we be brothers, even if we disagree about something?’’
      (may Allah have mercy on them both).
      Al-Shafi’i counselled, “A man does not become complete in this life unless he posseses four [qualities]: religiousness (al-diyanah), trustworthiness (al-amanah), abstention [from sin] (al-siyanah) and sobriety (al-razanah).”

      When his friend Al-Muzani entered the room and asked Al-Shafi’i r.a. who was on his death-bed, “How are you?” He replied with sadness, “I am journeying away from this world, departing from my brothers. Drinking from the cup of death, and arriving upon Allah, Exalted is the Lord. And no! By Allah, I do not know if my soul is travelling towards Paradise or the Hell Fire! …. Perhaps the One source of all Goodness will forgive and overlook my mistakes, And will hide the sinful burdens that I accumulated, My sins seem very great to me, so I return in humility, Were it not for my contentment in you, I would not, O my Lord, have seen any comfort at all ….”

  4. It’s pretty obvious that the protestors against the military coup in Turkey di not necessarily op[pose it because they are pro-Erdogan but because they oppose military coups more than they oppose Erdogan.

    “Opposition parties released statements saying they did not support the coup, and parliament called an emergency meeting.

    Pro-Kurdish political party, HDP, condemned the coup in a statement. “The HDP, under any circumstances, in principle, opposes any kind of coup. Turkey urgently needs a pluralistic democracy and complete freedom.”

    1. Like that is going to happen anytime soon!

      The “pluralistic democracy” and “complete freedom” as envisaged by the HDP.

      Add to the scrapheap the “secular republic” ideal of Ataturk.

      Erdogan wants to make Turkey the dominant Islamic power in the Middle East. Bar none.

      How long before that rings alarm bells in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt? Especially in Egypt where the military holds sway and the Islamists are being marginalised.

  5. Helen, this thought came to me recently: the way things are going now, with DAP evangelicals goading (and unfortunately,stupid ppl taking the bait) is it possible that DAP is deliberately festering a situation where religious extremism is rife so that when a clash happens ala May 13 ’69, Najib will be forced to step down ala Tunku Abdul Rahman, and they will also have the opportunity to shut down UMNO once and for all, and blame them for allowing it to happen?
    Because papers aren’t reporting how DAP evangelism is causing unease among the people enough to create backlash of sorts, but they ARE reporting how mufti this, Jakim that, and agong this and that aren’t doing anything to curb extremism and thus complicit in allowing it to happen.

    What do you think?

      1. Jamie,

        Another matter is how Chinese in general is oblivious on how upset Muslims are facing daily provocations by DAP. Most Chinese whom I met think that entire Malay population wants UMNO dead and buried.

        How surprise they are when I told them that UMNO still has the lion share of Malay votes. And they are puzzled that despite massive effort to paint UMNO in all negative light, malays(majority) are still with UMNO.

        They are puzzled when I told them the Mufti of Pahang is just being frank and what he said is the truth. They are upset when I told them that I predict PKR is likely to lose majority of whatever Malay votes that it got in 2013.

        They are at loss when I told them DAP is viewed very negatively by Malays.

        Actually DAP, PKR, PAN and jokers like Mohd Sabu thrive in chaos. DAP for example keeps fanning racial and religious sentiments for as long as I can remember,. It cherishes the day when Malays lose patience and react against Chinese.

        I told my chinese friends that provocations against Malays are actually bringing Malays closer towards UMNO. and more importantly, it will push PASS towards UMNO.

        As for Mohd sabu, he is no longer relevant he lost elections 3 times consecutively. He is popular, entertaining BUT NOT TRUSTED.

        1. Since PAS is Islamist in ideology and UMNO is moving towards it, will Najib transmute into another Erdogan? UMNO’s governance is kafir according to Ustaz Hadi’s fatwa, so is Hadi becoming more kafir by moving in with UMNO?

          1. UMNO traditionally has been associated with the Islam Klasik of Tok Guru Pondok Nusantara. Indeed, the Wasatiyyah (Middle Way) movement which Mr. Najib initiated some years ago is a part of the Islam Klasik of Ahlil Sunnah wal Jamaah – Tauhid, Fiqh, Tasawwuf. How can Mr. Najib now stray towards “Takfiri Islamist” ideology which is invariably linked with Salafi Wahhabism – without severing his fundamental Malay roots?

        2. Encik Mohd. Sabu was not highly schooled. The traditionalist Malay ulama have always wondered how Guru Nik Aziz could have positioned him among the scholars, even after his scandalized liaison with a married woman. We suppose it was to entertain the populist politics of PAS.

    1. the question you should be asking is – WHY aren’t the papers reporting on how DAP evangelism is causing unease among the people enough to create backlash of sorts?? Or is just a boogeyman created by umno and likes to spook the muslims?? Or there is no such material – thus no news??
      Anyway, i gotta compliment you knowing may13 was staged by umno to bring TAR down….it was never was a racial thing, but a political stunt

      1. ‘Or is just a boogeyman created by umno and likes to spook the muslims??’

        Haiya, tak payah, lu ingat UMNO langs rajin sangat meh? Depa mau duduk lepak minum kopi. Senggang2. Itu RBA’s punya kerja sudah cukup kasi Melayu lari pergi sama UMNO/PAS.

        ‘Anyway, i gotta compliment you knowing may13 was staged by umno to bring TAR down’

        Haiya, lu baca itu buku Kua Kia Soong mesti lu cakap itu macam maa! Auta la lu!

      2. Some people like to gaslight and say ‘this doesn’t exist’, or ‘this is just a boogeymen’ and the likes. Those same people are denying what is definitely rumbling on the ground.

        All I can say is time will tell, if the DAP’s political stunt will bring to a bloody clash or not. I sincerely hope it will not come to that.
        If May13 is staged by UMNO, (and I say a big if, because that YOUR belief and words, stop gaslighting and putting words in other people’s mouths) well then – the next big one may well be on DAP’s account. One must be naive to think politicians do not hesitate to use whatever in their arsenal to swing things to their favour – be it race or religion, and DAP is not exempt from this.

        1. IF at all chaos were to occur in Malaysia, it will be initiated by umno, and umno only…..only umno has got a lot to lose….the oppo has never been in power, thus nothing to lose… 969, a lot of people were not as intelligent as nowadays….you can go on and on with this threat on ala may13, and all most are saying is, bring it on……sick of hearing this empty threat

          1. re: “in 969, a lot of people were not as intelligent as nowadays

            You mean like that ‘intelligent’ bunch repeating that Joceline Tan is Tan Gim Hwa’s daughter?

          2. Surrhead,

            Many times Kit siang told that he was in Sabah on May 3, 1969. He was telling the truth.

            Kit siang however forever silent on his whereabout on May 11, and may 12 , just days before Malaysia was engulfed on racial clash. The white paper clearly said Kit Siang fanned racial sentiments.

            As Malays have the habit of not wanting to remind Malaysian on painful may 13, Kit Siang took the opportunity to blame UMNO. He however chooses not to tell Chinese on fateful Chinese procession that breached police permission and ventured into Malay settlement of Kampung Baru.

            I learn that the only way to handle DAP is by showing force and by being blunt. I told off my Chinese friends right on their face that Kit siang started May 13.

            And if UMNO intends to punish Chinese community, it has ample time to do so. Only moron like Surrhead will blame UMNO on may 13 incident

            1. Maybe finally Mr.Lim Kit Siang has heeded lord Buddha’s words: “If you find a wise critic to point out your faults, follow him as you would follow a guide to hidden treasure.” Perhaps Kit Siang has found Dr. Mahathir.

            2. Shamsul, on May13, it’s back to who has to gain more. Tun Razak had more to gain from the stunt than simply fanning racial sentiment in a country where majority is Malay. That would be stupid. So, what do you think KS would have gained by fanning racial sentiment? I would like to hear your story on this question.

              Umno never punishes the Chinese community unintentionally, it’s just uses the Chinese community as a political tool to stay in power.

              1. re LKS – I’m guessing he’s doing what Lee Kuan Yew was doing – you DO know Singapore suffered quite a few more racial riots before LKY pulled the plug on being in Malaysia and stamped on all riots by forcing dominance of the Chinese polity on them.
                Had Tunku Abdul Rahman not forced to step down, would someone like Mahathir have gained power to take away the powers of the Royal Rulers in Malaysia, which had acted as a check and balance power to the government? When Mahathir did just that in the 80s, it was a move supported by DAP and MCA, the representatives of Chinese political power in Malaysia.
                TAR would never have let that happen.

                That would be his gain in fanning racial sentiment. A slow but sure grab of power. It’s a constant effort on his part, always keeping a spark alive – and wait for a opportunity to fan it alive.

          3. The new may13 is the melayutsunami. ALLLLLL Melayu(islam) will join hands…my prayer day and night. The bolehland, that is not impossible at all. All, we sad people here, the deprived(of many things, especially our homeland, due to the brits meddling), pray that our prayer will be answered by Allah. I also believe all thing wayang by the melayus is just to shield some hidden agenda. When the need arises, ALLLL melayus will UNITE. AMINNN!! I believe, ybmin, tunm, etc can and will make it. They have done it before, they can do it in the future. Please ybs and tuns. That will be a bigger nightmare that will initiate an EXODUS by the ingrates. So, there will be no more kafiruns calling at 8-9 p.m. and steal my carts at the supermarket.

            1. U wud love to corrupt the Melayus wouldn’t u? ahjibgor & jholow have messed us up bad enuff already.

            2. You want Allah to answer your prayer in downtrodding fellow citizens?? great prayer……
              And you find supermarket carts being carted away to be a bigger problem than people in power siphoning billions of rakyat’s money?? great deduction….
              You are just plain racist…….

  6. Kepala sorehead is as dirty and filthy as his words as in the above remark. You are what you eat and spew. Childish pon ade sorehead ni. Macam tak cukup makan susu dedak cop dapster a.k.a. susu babi.

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