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Love affair of the century

Hell, yeah!

Mahathir LKS Kit Siang love heart flag 50%

 Note: The @hannahyeoh tweets are a blast from the past


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4 thoughts on “Love affair of the century

  1. These DAP leaders are a group of sick people who twist and turn at every opportunity in what they do or say and they did it shamelessly and couldn’t care about the consequences. They could get away with it as their supporters have been turned into zombies with their constant brainwashing.

    They conveniently forgot that they have demonized a certain person some time back because he/she had disagreed with them, but now had treated the same person like “God”, just because that same person had agreed with them.

    To them Demons can turn into “Gods” and “Gods” can turn into Demons according to their whims and fancies.

    To sum it all up, DAP’s leaders do not have any principle. If they do, their principle is not worth 5 cents.

  2. The wrong of Tun M is that he used to be wrong to DAP and today he seems to be right.

  3. Duringthe run up to the 1995 GE, I attended a ceramah in which Dr. Syed Husin Ali of then PRM spoke and he said that Anwar had climbed into the shitpot, thinking that he could change it from within but the problem with climbing into a shitpot is that one cannot help getting dirty.

    Then when Anwar was booted out of UMNO (not left on his own accord) and after Anwar formed Keadilan in opposition, he became “bra-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-der”.

    So this is the same thing happening now, that Mahathir is supposedly out of the “shitpot”.

    If Anwar had remained in the “shitpot” and patiently bided his time until he became PM, I’m sure he would be demonised to kingdom come.

    That’s Malaysian politics, so can you trust politicians. I don’t any more.

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