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Dapsters hating on Joceline Tan

A note of thanks to my regular commenter Rina for pointing out the article below.

“But then as now, the people had hate inside their hearts at the same time their mouths were uttering the loveliest words of freedom.”

— excerpt from ‘The sad truth about today’s modern Germany and Jews‘.

Two sides of the mouth


DAP hypocrites are capable of uttering the loveliest words – “thoughts and prayers” lah, “prayers and thoughts” lah, “may God comfort” lah, “heartache” this and “heartbreak” that lah in sympathy with all and sundry – when, from the other side of their mouth, they’re fomenting nothing but hate.


DAP Subang Jaya proclaims “truth and justice”, “righteousness and integrity”, “freedoms and liberties”, “accountability and transparency” blah blah blah. In their own mind, these Malaysian Firsters are God’s gift to Malaysia.


Talk is cheap

DAP evangelistas are superb at doling out oodles of political correctness and all the “peace and harmony” sweet nothings. Yet in truth, they’re the most vicious if subtle of inciters and hatemongers.

And not to mention how these self-righteous and pious paragons so like to point three fingers at other people.

One of Hannah Yeoh’s past tweets:

Demented DAP supporters will scream “Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch! Beeeecch! Cock licker, prostitute, whore!” at anyone female who is remotely critical of their Penang/Jerusubang idols. (And make death threats too.)

Their latest bout of hate is targeted at writer Joceline Tan whom they nickname “Fatimah”.

All the online comments below are screen captured from reader responses to yesterday’s Malaysiakini article ‘Penang CM sends demand letter to The Star for alleged defamation‘.’

Some of the remarks about Joceline are delusional while others are plainly deranged. This is how the Dapsters really behave while their evangelista leadership hypocritically mouth peace and love, peace and love.

What freaky people.

Joceline bitch

Joceline hate




Joceline 4

Joceline 5

Joceline 6

Joceline 7

Joceline 8



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21 thoughts on “Dapsters hating on Joceline Tan

  1. Such venom……. Good also laa that the infamous tokong wants to sue “Fatimah”. Many things will be poured out in court that tokong has got no place to run…..this time even DAP will have to change its name from the murky, dirty and tainted with racist undertones.

    If the imported, below average IQ CM of Penang cannot take the heat, get the bloody hell out of the kitchen. Why did he expected people to kowtow to him always, forever?

    The Dogs and Pigs Party can dish out but obviously can’t take the pressure when piled on them. Talked about being ball-less. Anyway, Penang people loved him to bits……and the Red beanies are now working overtime and in overdrive….

    1. Such venom by the Chinese are those born after May 1969. Abetted and embolden by greedy UMNO President Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib they forgot this is Malay country…
      Now time to get back our beloved country from the chinese and indian migrants.
      Chinese will still be chinese and indians will still be indians. Tony Fernandes have applied for Indian Overseas Citizenships. Now dont ask the website..just google ma..
      The Chinese ambasadors says all chinese are PRC citizens too..

      1. re: “The Chinese ambasadors says all chinese are PRC citizens too.”

        Where got?

  2. Joceline is merely exercising her freedom of speech, freedom of opinion.. The Dapsters have always been crying loud and defending this right. So why all the noise and personal attacks?

    1. Didn’t you realise? It’s only freedom of speech and freedom of opinion when it’s against the government. Else, the typical fanboy response will emerge leading to the “my d**k is bigger than yours” response as well as screaming, frothing at the mouth, etc..

    2. Devan,

      Joceline manages to penetrate the defence. Guan Eng, DAP are supposed to have a thick hide. But nevertheless, Joceline manages to rile Guan eng.

      Joceline is a Chinese. And she writes in STAR, a newspaper owned by MCA that is quite critical of BN( meaning UMNO). But why Guan Eng is so riled up?

      Because Joceline is just telling the truth that the euphoria over Guan Eng’s rule is weakening. Over the years, people begin to form opinion on DAP and Guan Eng.

      And the perception is that Guan Eng is a hypocrite. That Guan Eng though loves to peach to others, is unable to take criticism. That DAP rule is worse than that off BN.

      That GERAKAN manages to create doubt over indecently hasty decision on mind boggling tunnel issue. That UMNO manages to create doubt why on earth Guan Eng bought a bungalow at lower price than market value.

      Guan Eng is riled up as people begin to compare DAP’s rule with previous government.

  3. Hi hypocrites,

    How is this any different to the comments made here about DAP and its members? People in glass houses…

    1. I don’t recall anyone in my blog calling Hannah a “bitch”, “slut”, “cock licker”, “prostitute” or “whore”. Kalau ada, show me lah.

      Instead Madame Speaker is described by readers in genteel terms like “lamb of God”, “Lady of Subang” etc.

        1. Well, her tweets are consistently, and have through the years, been replete with references to her food cravings — see below.

          She’s a public figure who constantly talks about delicious food. So why can’t the matter of her weight be brought up?

          (I’m beginning to wonder also if her obsessive love for nasi lemak is real or as fake as the rest of her.)

          1. Crave crave crave. Dia tak sedar ker negara kita hampir bankrap dan mahu menjadi Failed State? Lagi mahu menggemokkan diri makan at odd hours. Nanti sudah shape tak dak itu Raju apanama husband lari, baru tahu!

            1. Jgn nak samakan raju apanama tu dgn budaya lelaki melayu…sikit2 nak tambah quota la, gemok sikit nak cari lain la…

  4. If you have read Jocelyn’s article, you would realise two new revelations are brewing.

    “Stories about a Penang-born fund manager based in Hong Kong and his links with Penang politicians have also begun to circulate in a way that seem to point to something big in the making. ”

    “Then there is talk that the authorities are investigating the manner by which the former Penang racecourse stretch of land was rezoned. All this has added to the unsettling times.”

    That is why now the DAPsters are jumping like cacing kena api.

  5. Haiyaaaa…. Baru semalam kita olang sini sambut long dlagon fest, saya punya tempat dlagon mayak panjang tau belalak waaaa mula2 terkejut sekejap bila tengok semua pakai ‘redshirts’ – macam2 aktiviti meriah diadakan celebrating your culture, everyone enjoy wan.

    Belum 24 hours cultural celebrations, sulah keluaq maki hamun mencalut2. Mana mali itu adat owh? Sifu mencalut Monsterball must be excitedly clapping in his grave.

  6. LGE !!!, Pls RESIGN asap. RECTIFY YOUR OWN BACKYARD prior to pointing finger coz whatever u say & do from now onward is a Self Humiliating Act of your’s to your families, race, DAP, PH & M’sian. 1MDB 2.6b (after 13th General Election) vs Penang Tunnel RM20–++ billion in 2025 (only 2nd General Election) Both are corruption & must be penalize asap. Whoah! Suddenly can be ‘CANCEL’ Stop Look Go Slow Down On Off On Off w/o ‘judicial contract backlash’… even tho’ Rm 133 Million already PAID = ‘Hangus’ ‘ as yet. “Big Time” the pot calling the kettle black

    1. The Race Course saga…

      We got rid of the Penang Global City Centre project – only for creeping high-end development to gobble up the area around the Turf Club, courtesy of Berjaya Properties, which has returned to Penang.

      What a mouthful: “Kensington Gardens, Parcel 1 of Jesselton Villas @ Penang”. (Must have the “most sought after” Jesselton name to add value, you know.)

  7. Hahahaha
    DAPigs behaving like pondan, if you can’t take a potshots ….Don’t throw a punch. Bitching are a trade mark for yellow streak dogs and they are good at barking.

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