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Meet the dirty half dozen

Something must be done about the tokong-worshipping liars hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. They are a menace to society.

All the comments below are taken from Malaysiakini article ‘Penang CM sends demand letter to The Star for alleged defamation‘ (17 July 2016).

Sampai salasilah keluarga orang pun dema sanggup tipu.

Pembohong semua! Joceline Tan is not a daughter of the late Gerakan politician Tan Gim Hwa as the liars below are claiming.

There’s nothing wrong with being Datuk Tan’s offspring and I’m sure that he left behind some fine and upstanding children — one of them being the former MP for Nibong Tebal, Tan Tee Beng  (who is anti-DAP, btw).

However, Joceline Tan has her own set of parents (let’s respect her family tree, okay) and it is quite deranged for the Dapsters to concoct a falsehood about her parentage just to kenakan her.

But this is just the kind of thing they like to do.

It’s been proven time and again that these demented people have no qualms about inventing outrageous lies, lying at whim and spreading lies at the drop of a hat.

They can simply say anything, simply accuse anything. Exactly like that lying, fraudulent  blogger Annie Anakin.

Telling lies is their first resort in choosing a course of action. Whenever they want to get the upper hand, it’s so easy for them to fabricate something out of thin air.

But to tell lies about a writer’s parents who have nothing to do with her politics is just too much. (Same like one commenter that attacked my grandmother – of all people – someone who passed away when I was a very small child.)

I hope that our authorities realise this kind of behaviour by the Dapsters cannot be tolerated nor be allowed to persist for much longer because otherwise nature will find its own equilibrium.

The Anonymous below is a liar.

Dapster liar 2

anonyxyz is a liar too.

Dapster liar 1

CucuMalaysia is also a liar.

Dapster liar 4

This Anon below is another liar. These are faceless people who refuse to be accountable for what they say by providing their real name. The RBA syndrome has fed a gross culture of anonymous attacks and turned the phenomenon into a monster.

Dapster liar 6

BumiKita is lying. How can he/she so confidently repeat an invented story as if he/she knew it for a fact?

Truth: Joceline is not the late Gerakan strongman’s daughter.

The fruit does not fall far from the tree. The kind of DAP supporters we see merely reflects on the party leadership.

Dapster liar 5

And you Roger are a bumbling idiot.

Dapster liar 3

Helen stands in solidarity with Jos

Joceline is among the best and most astute commentators writing about politics today in Malaysia.

Puak Dapsters sememangnya tak tahu menilai yang mana intan dan yang mana kaca. You all deserve the party that you support and the leaders whom you follow. God help you.


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9 thoughts on “Meet the dirty half dozen

  1. Just write the truth.dont worry about others.we are outside here to support you.(helen n joceline)keep writing so that the rakyat will open the eyes.

  2. The modus operandi of DAP dogs are to go for the kill using the most vicious lie concocted. They use this to kill off anybody who disagree with them, calling and using all sorts of vulgar languages even on ladies to intimidate them into submission. Decent disagreement on issues are always welcome by Helen I am sure.

    Their leaders’ quarrelsome nature, spinning lies and hatreds, pushing blames and threatening behaviour are all acquired and passed to their dogs. I don’t call them RBA. I call them DAP dogs and anybody can instantly recognise one as they just come in and post very short cursing sentence with very vulgar language showing how very badly they are brought up.

    I salute you Helen for standing up to their nonsense when they tried very hard to discourage and intimidate you. Bravo !!!

  3. Her colleagues do their best to stay away from this bitch at Menara Star. So much integrity and respect the bitch has from her mates. Non of them wants anything to do or be associated with her.
    Perhaps she is decendant of baba nyonya too, specialises in instigating and insinuating.

    1. You’re describing blogger Annie.

      His colleagues do their best to stay away from him at the ‘underground’ workplace too, mainly because they (both male and female) GELI at the pretense of a squat, middle-aged man trying to pass himself off as an awek cun.

      Annie is being shunned by Projib and even Protun bloggers. None of them want anything to do or be associated with him.

      Annie, who is pretending to be half Chinese, is becoming more and more RBA by the day — specializes in instigating, insinuating, lying and fraud.

    2. No need to call her by unsavory description. If you do not agree, just rebut it with all your intellectual might. Unless you feel intimidated by her superior capacity.

      In which case, my guess is you are hardcore DAP supporter and sympathizer.

    3. If you’re pronouncing a fatwa on a bitch, it is imperative that you refrain from barking like a dog.

  4. Joceline Tan is very professional and responsible journalist. Her reports are always based on facts and figures. She tries as much as possible to remain impartial. She never resort to using lies and fabrication in order to undermine her foes. Importantly she is aware of the religious and and cultural sensitivities of this country. I urge JT to keep writing. Do not give in to threat or intimidation especially from DAP which is wellknown in abusing the court in silencing the critiques. Be strong.

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