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Brace for new level of nasty against Najib

Look who’s whacking Najib now

“[Annie’s] blog has now turned into a haven for Pakatoons and Pakatuns to bash Najib and his government.”

Annie Najib whack

The Melayu-screw-Melayu Life of Annie is one of the nastiest ‘Whack Najib’ blogs

For many years now, everything and the kitchen sink have been thrown at Najib Razak in terms of what detractors are capable of saying about him and his family. So how could it get any worse?

But it can … because our political landscape does not stand still.

In the last quarter alone, there was a major shift in the tectonic plates. Who could have imagined that an ex-BN chairman of 22 years standing could make his 180-degree turn to now spearhead the opposition GE14 campaign?

Tun Najib
Poster credit: Cil!sos

Sekali lagi pantai berubah

Before delving into why the road ahead will be even more rocky for Najib’s reputation, first a little background on how the battleground of perception has further evolved.

Case study (1)

FACT: The late Tan Gim Hwa was Gerakan state chief in Penang.

FACT: Joceline shares the same surname ‘Tan’ and she hails from Penang. She did enjoy a good rapport with the Datuk when he was alive, and is chummy with his son Tee Beng.

(Reporters have to cultivate contacts and network with politicians, so Joceline’s professionalism on the job is nothing surprising.)

FICTION: Joceline Tan is Tan Gim Hwa’s daughter — story circulated by Dapsters (see my yesterday posting ‘Meet the dirty half dozen‘ for details).

Now why would the Dapsters concoct such a lie?

One, they want to paint her as a political animal by association. And thus, fabricating the family ties that Joceline is daughter of “a controversial politician” and sister to a “frog” MP.


Second, the Dapsters tried to portray Joceline as a political “instigator” who is linked to the BN — see screenshot of Malaysiakini reader anonyxyz‘s comment above.

So they conveniently cooked up the story that Joceline is a former Gerakan strongman’s daughter in order to frame their fictional narrative.

See how licik they are in their unscrupulous method of riding on a few actual details, and then extending their own off-tangent twist.

chew-mei-fun-sinchew crop

Case study (2)

FACT:  Chew Mei Fun, then the Wanita MCA chief, quit her post as a deputy minister in 2010.

REASON: Dr Chua Soi Lek had made a comeback as MCA president, successfully returning after his sex tape scandal.

Chew, who was Women, Family and Community Development deputy minister, felt that she could not serve in her ministerial portfolio under a party president who was not a good role model for family values.

At the same time, Chew resigned her senatorship too. Relinquishing the two jobs at one go meant that overnight she had to forgo a double pay cheque in the five digits as well as the perks that came with being a YB. What she did can only be described as highly ethical.

FICTION:  Chew Mei Fun was pressured to resign as deputy minister because she abused her maid.

During the campaign for the Kajang by-election, where Chew contested against Wan Azizah, leaflets were distributed in the Malay areas saying that she had been sacked from the government earlier because she tortured her Indonesian maid.

(Note: Chew, a single lady, did not even have any maid in her employ.)

What kind of people could plot such a vicious character assassination, especially against one of the most principled politicians ever to serve the rakyat?

To say that I am aghast at the opposition is an understatement. It is a great struggle to find the words adequate to explain to our cukup bersangka baik segment of the public as to what dajjal some of these opposition operatives really are.

Ask the villagers of Kg Buah Pala if Guan Eng had put people before profits
Kg Buah Pala Indians protesting against the Guan Eng administration

Case study (3)

FACT:  Helen Ang is on good terms with Hindraf

FICTION: Hindraf bullied Helen Ang to kowtow to them

Here’s the wicked storyline concocted by the RBAs who have taken over the blog belonging to the liar and fraud above.

FACT: A young Chinese female blogger ranted against Indians after her mobile phone got stolen. Alleging that the thief was an Indian, she proceeded on a tirade stereotyping the Indian community in negative terms.

In response, Hindraf urged police to take action against the blogger for her “racist” outburst — see news report here.

FICTION: The RBAs said the blogger was me. They created a cockamamie story that because Hindraf had threatened ‘me’ over the stolen h/p incident in 2008, that’s why I’ve had to backpedal, cower and pay back in writing services to Hindraf. What the …

walking cat

The guilty Chinese blogger’s name is Sammy, and Sammy was 22 years old.

Come on lah. Hindraf are a hard-bitten group led by gritty activists who have spent time in Kamunting, in jail and in exile. Do you think they would trust a young airhead to advocate their cause for them if it was true that I was indeed Sammy?

It just beggars belief, doesn’t it, the deep malice that is behind these most inventive lies which these sneaky bastards are able to devise.

They’re especially dangerous because they have no compunction in calculatedly warping a few authentic details – such as Joceline’s Penang background, Chew Mei Fun’s resignation, my relationship with Hindraf – to join wholly unconnected dots and make believe a far-fetched and false scenario (which some suckers nonetheless swallow).

What kind of people are they? I’m speechless.

BELOW: Annie the Fraudster claiming that his job is as an “educator”, and that he is a “little lady of the valley” who looks like the anime below. Yup, the middle-aged Melayu blogger actually captioned the cute cartoon as representing himself.

Click to enlarge – note that the reader says he can’t tell the difference anymore between an RBA and a Protun in Annie’s blog

Annie whack

The nature of the beast

Getting to the point: How does my illustration above – wrt the kind of deceit and deception that the RBAs are capable of – relate to Najib’s reputation being at greater risk in the near future?

After all, Najib has already suffered from every type of fitnah under the sun.

There is undoubtedly much venting and ranting at the PM (and his wife). It has become a habit for disgruntled members of the public to carelessly mouth off at Najib, egged on by the opposition leaders.

Najib has also been bestowed the most vile nicknames and accused of highway robbery. This falls in the category of spouting insults and spewing ridicule. It is damaging but not devastating, unlike the malicious lies crafted with cold deliberation by the dajjal with  only a sole intent to ‘kill’ (character assassinate).

It truly takes a special kind of venom and dajjal ‘ingenuity’ (you might say) to come up with the dirty tactics as in the Case Studies 1-3 I’ve outlined above.

keng laing Account Suspended


Annie Anakin has no boundaries

The Bintang Lima are the DAP’s Chinese terracotta army.

It is usually critics of the DAP who are victims of the RBA, e.g.  Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng L- I- A- N- G falling victim to imposture — see fake Twitter account Tan Keng L- A- I- N- G @ tankenglaing above (note the transposed letters ‘i’ and ‘a’ in the sign in/handle spelling).

I was similarly a victim of impersonation – see,

as were public figures such as royal professor emeritus Ungku Aziz, Olympic athlete Pandelela Rinong and celebrities. The opposition’s Department of Dirty Tricks are bastards, period.

The difference between Malay and Chinese bastards online – I have found – is that the latter have absolutely no boundaries. The Malays, on the other hand, can still be prevailed upon not to cross certain lines. For example, Anwar Ibrahim would not swear in a mosque that he did not sodomize Saiful Bukhari.

So you see, there are still certain things that a Malay who fears hellfire will not do, e.g. ultimately Anwar cannot bring himself to take that oath (sumpah laknat) in a mosque.

But what has changed in recent days – besides the Tun turnaround – is that there are now Malays who are no longer held back by the line most mukmin fear to cross. The blogger Annie Anakin is one of them.

Generally, the Malay ranter may even be hostile and threatening but in terms of sneakiness, he can never match the RBA.

The new bread of Melayu like Annie is, however, quite different. Annie is a liar and a slanderer, and vindictively devious – comparable to those scums responsible for the Case Studies 1-3 recounted above.

In the run-up to GE14, Najib will be subjected to a nuclear blast of black ops psywar.

A Chinese slamming a Melayu will not be effective enough. To defeat the entrenched ruling party, it takes Melayu to screw Melayu. What has changed today compared to the past is that some Malays have turned. Contohnya, Tun sekarang bersekongkol dengan pembangkang.

Then you have former Umno operatives like Annie who has become lebih Cina dari Cina. I’ve never before met a Malay as malicious as Annie.

This is the new wave of Ubah. This is what Najib will be up against with those determined to send his reputation reeling into the gutter at Annie cost.

Updated: 8.08am on July 21 


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  1. It has started with news from WSJ this afternoon. Will wait more details before commenting.

  2. Kunjungan aje… siapa kata Snap Elections?
    BTW. Azmin is very free to visit Penang… mungkin dah buat decision pasal Salena Gomez. Mungkin Nurul nak bagi LGE kuih raya kot… jadi jangan buah gosip snap election.

    1. Does the Dear Leader’s FB usually have a lot of Malay fans? Urm, looks like yes.

      It looks like DAP has succeeded in engaging Malaysians (of all races) through social media. The BN parties are lagging behind.

      I remember it wasn’t too long ago that the J-Star was actively promoting its favourite DAP idols to become Twitter stars.

      I’ve also noticed that the RBA are active in Malay social media. Umno has a lot of catching up to do.

  3. Yanfg ini ke….????

    Federal prosecutors poised for largest asset seizures in U.S. history

    step up investigation into billions siphoned from 1MDB
    to seize properties, assets purchased with money misappropriated from 1MDB
    people linked to 1MDB invested millions in real estate and businesses in U.S.
    FBI criminal investigation into people and institutions connected 1MDB
    1MDB set up by Najib Razak in 2009


    asset seizures U.S. govt’s first action tied to 1MDB investigation
    move by U.S. major escalation in US global efforts to fight corruption
    block illegal obtained funds from world’s financial system
    action by U.S. to upend country’s relationship with Malaysia
    Obama played golf together in Hawaii in 2014
    (OSTB : because Mr White – Obama’s good friend – was paid money too).

    asset seizure by DOJ’s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative
    target overseas corruption cases

    WSJ has reported money laundering / siphoning of cash from 1MDB
    1MDB funds went into real estate in New York, LA worth tens of millions
    funding of 2013 “The Wolf of Wall Street,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio

    center of U.S. inquiries are Riza Aziz, stepson of Najib, son of Rosmah Mansor
    Jho Low who played important role in all 1MDB dealings
    Khadem Al Qubaisi, extensive dealings with 1MDB

    US$50m real estate in New York, LA bought by Aziz using 1MDB funds
    Aziz runs Red Granite Pictures, bought two properties from Jho Low
    Jho Low has broader investments and dealings in U.S.

    in May Jho Low liquidated art collection worth US$300m (RM1.2 billion)
    including prized Basquiat painting at a loss
    also owns stakes in hotels, music publishing business and companies abroad

    US asset seizures culminating moment for six global investigations
    into fraud and money-laundering related to 1MDB
    1MDB raised > US$13 billion debt

    > US$6 billion of money went missing
    Hundreds of millions in Najib’s own accounts in Malaysia

    Najib helm of 1MDB throughout all transactions under investigation
    he and his wife spent US$15m of 1MDB money from their bank accounts

    properties bought with money diverted to Abu Dhabi partner of 1MDB
    partner then moved money through BVI company
    which sent it to company owned by Riza Aziz
    Riza bought 7,700-sf duplex in Park Laurel condo New York US$33.5m
    11,000-sf walled mansion in Beverly Hills with 120-ft pool for > US$17.5m

    Riza also collector of movie paraphernalia
    including US$1m movie poster for 1927 Fritz Lang “Metropolis.”

    KIHKIHKIH…………habislah dedak. Pru14 dah dekat, mana mau cari dedak kalau semuanya sudah kena tarik:

    1. Waaaa aa cikminah

      Macam movie James Bond aje ni… Tapi baca skrip sikit2 plot ala Games of thrones. Anak isteri menantu dan kucing2 pejawat2 awam bersedia ya (juga bekas pejawat2 awam). Tidak lama lagi pun akan dipanggil untuk masuk audition.

      Anak yang dok Tanjung 1st audition dah selected, sikalang anak tiri Najib, lepaih ni anak bapa yang mana pula?


      Light reading for entertainment pasai bini2 anak2;


      1. So, are you going to sue the WSJ? On behalf of the gahmen?

        Seeing as how you seem to “know it all”.

        Time to put the courage of your convictions to the test.

        What’s that…..a deafening silence?

        Must be tough trying to follow the script.


        1. Kineas1067

          Alaaaa buang masa aje. Imagine the President of America (now ex) Bush, his own intelligence oso can kelentong him and now make him look like a clown, so people like you for them to kelentong is kacang putih ma.

          Just look at the lifestyles of their bosses of WSJ people..owh aso also sempat jadi wife dia some more?. hahahaha very kelakar wan.

          Haiyaaa Kineas 1067…saman olang you suluh Empress Kok dan Emperor Lim saja, itu kepakaran mereka.

          1. So, the move by the US DOJ is a joke and deserves to be treated with contempt?

            Or maybe the US Attorney-General has been woefully misinformed by her staff in this instance?

            Even SSK is treading cautiously. In his blog, he said that the matter is best left to the courts and that the “innocent until proven guilty” concept applies.

            Incidentally, just how does former US President Bush figure in all this, seeing as it’s now President Obama serving out his second and final term?

            Desperately trying to throw smoke, are you?

            Btw, who are the “bosses” of the WSJ?

            Why don’t you name names?

            Like the US DOJ did.

            That also you cannot, ah? Or will not?

            Cowardice? Or commonsense discretion?

            1. Kineas 1067

              …..Even SSK is treading cautiously. In his blog, he said that the matter is best left to the courts and that the “innocent until proven guilty” concept applies….

              So bekum apa2 lagi can sentence someone based on “hearsay” isit?

              Otak kamu macam Tony Phua tweet (betoi ke tweet dia) terus accuse Najib merompak? Macam tu ke you all behave? Kalo ikut logic hangpa, apakah kes LGE beli bangarow tanpa seweeming pull pun kena juga kaitkan bapanya? Haiyaaa.

              BUSH? Kan dia pun kaw kaw kena kelentong dengan his own intelligence, media2 US sampai jadi clown gi serang Iraq? Percaya sangat kat omputih nuuuu?

              Waaaa aa….tu pasai depa managed to lure so many of your toknek makbapa naik tongkang mai sini jadi coolie mereka, lebih2 lagi pompuan lamai depa bawa mai jadi prostitute…. sekarang asalkan apa saja keluaq dari mulut omputih, you gedik excited semacam?

              1. Still banging on about Bush (Dubya) and “faulty intelligence”?

                What’s that got to with US Department of Justice civil suit that’s got people all hot and bothered?

                Different POTUS. Different US Attorney-General. Different FBI Director.

                And what’s with you and “prostitutes”?

                Not suffering pangs of conscience, are you?

                As for the “naik tongkang” spiel, I could, if I were so inclined, pen chapter and verse about Malaysian motorcyclists in their hundreds who cari makan in Singapore.

                Not shy, ah, seeking their livelihoods in a foreign country? Because cross-border comings and goings have been around since who knows when.


                1. …Malaysian motorcyclists in their hundreds who cari makan in Singapore…

                  Haiyaa, depa pun hari2 cross border cari makan kat JB.. Beli bahan2 makanan subsidised by our gomen, air pun they depend on Malaysia.. they cannot survive without Malaysia tau..

                  1. Wow, you missed the bit about “prostitutes”? How magnanimous of you! Unless you are chary of giving vent to unseemly proclivities…..hmm?

                    I am glad that you acknowledge that Malaysians travel daily to work in Singapore. And that Singaporeans travel daily to Malaysia to eat, shop, buy real estate etc. All beneficial to the economies of both countries.

                    Which is one of the expressed benefits of the HSR link between Singapore and KL, as articulated by the PMs of Malaysia and Singapore. Unless the Malaysian government got it’s strategies wrong…..?

                2. Singapore was part of tanah melayu yang telah dirampas. secara licik oleh pendatang. Sapa yang tak tau malu? Membujur lalu melintang patah, anything goes for the pendatan. Even the pendatangs were brought in by the brits as colies way back, ada maalu? lagi, terus tak balik tempat asal. How about the foreigners who work here and many Malaysians and Europeans working all over the world, like Mid-East, U.K., etc? Even some China men from your mainland work in Saudi Arabia, being converted to Islam. What’s that?

                  1. And your point is what? That Singapore was part of “Tanah Melayu”? And that the Brits wrested it away? Historic wrongs unsighted? How about channelling Hindraf and threatening to sue the British government for this historical act of perfidy? Or lodging a suit in the ICJ to that effect?

                    Oh, wait – wasn’t there a Pedra Branca/Palau Batu Putih case that was adjudicated by the ICJ. We all know how that turned out, don’t we?

                    Foreigners working in Malaysia and Malaysians working overseas are part and parcel of global talent mobility.

                    As too the flows of immigrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East to Europe and the US. Are you blaming political upheavals and economic bad times for this?

                    As for mainland Chinese working in Africa and the Middle East, they go where Chinese companies invest and where Chinese companies are awarded projects by host governments. Some have come to Malaysia. And I don’t see the Malaysian governent turning away investments from China (or from Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore). Do you?

                    So, please – elucidate exactly what your point is. Or whether you are just parroting a mishmash of gobbledygook.

              2. Orang orang kuning terpaksa percaya pada orang2 putih. Anyway, orang2 kuning mana ada maruah, no one would believe them in anything. Dia cakap apa pon, orang buat tak denagr dan tak tau je. Worthless people with worthless views.

                1. Seems to me that the “orang2 kuning” are doing pretty good in the South China Sea. Oh, wait – you missed that, didn’t you?

                  And it seems to me that the Malaysian government isn’t buying your views. Otherwise why would it make a big deal about diplomatic relations with the PRC?

                  That also you dunno, ah?

                  And I won’t bore you with details of mainland Chinese companies investing in real estate projects in Johor. Are those “worthless”?


                2. Mister, time and again this happens …. when individuals – on both sides – stereotype a whole race of people because of their private disputes. But the devils in the group do not speak for the angels and men who have no choice, just because the devils have forced their way into among them.

                  Confucius said, “Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself; real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

                  Lao Tzu remind us: “A man with outward courage dares to die; a man with inner courage dares to live. Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?”

                  Buddha taught: “Should a seeker not find a companion who is better or equal, let them resolutely pursue a solitary course. And should you find a wise critic to point out your faults, follow him as you would follow a guide to hidden treasure.”

                  I think Prophet Muhammad, may he be blessed, said:

                  “None of you is truly faithful until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself. Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith.”

                  So please my fellowman …….

                3. Tak guna punya orang kuning. Mungkin sebab itu Najib kasi jual itu Bandar Malaysia kpd orang2 kuning itu semua.
                  Apa lagi Najib mau….. jual?

          2. In case Kak Rina is lazy/reluctant to research the ownership of the WSJ, here’s what’s available in the public domain: the WSJ is owned by News Corp through Dow Jones & Co. The controlling shareholder of News Corp is the Murdoch Family Trust that was set up by Rupert Murdoch. The elder Murdoch and his son Lachlan are the Executive Co-chairmen of News Corp.

            Rupert Murdoch’s political leanings and views are well known. They have been written about extensively as a Google search will show.

            Does the elder Murdoch and the WSJ have an “agenda” with regard to Malaysia? Who knows? But I am sure that conspiracy theorists and bloggers will have no shortage of opinions about this.

            I am waiting to see who the WSJ and the elder Murdoch will endorse as their choice in the US Presidential race – Trump or Clinton. With all that will imply….

    1. pg 75:

      OFFICIAL 1 “

      1. Yup. That was a donation. Transferred by Tanore. Zahid hamidi said he met the prince before. AG pun tau pasal derma ni.

      2. Albert,

        SAudi Arabia has been making donations to many other countries. Malaysia is not an exception.

        And actually, there is no law (YEt) to prohibit the fund from being credited to Najib’s account.

        Wait a minute. If my memory is still strong( and I feel it is still strong), I remember reading WSJ admitting that the money came from Saudi Arabia.

        Now , we all know not any Tom Dick and harry can donate such a huge amount. The person or the organisation must be filthy rich. Not just filthy rich but POWERFUL too. The process of elimination will logically reveal the source. Think. Who is it in Saudi who can donate and has the authority to part with national fund to another country?

        Najib made official visit to Saudi Arabia recently. I believe diplomatic ties will suffer if the Saudi denies it? Why no denial? Because it is the truth.

        But why Saudi does not come out with strong statement admitting it? Because by admitting it, Saudi Arabia knows it will have to explain too on numerous huge funds that went to other countries too.

        I mean I am sure DAP is reluctant to tell on its source of fund too.I was told that top DAP guys often go to Singapore? For social visit or visiting Sentosa? Not likely?

        Certain things in Malay traditions are best left unsaid. many Chinese until today do not realize once Anwar refused to swear when the accuser already swore in full view of the world, Anwar already been viewed as having something to hide.

        Making an official visit or performing Umrah by Najib himself at height of the statement that the money comes from Saudi is already short of telling point blank to the face.

        Remember Najib is accused here. It is not his job to prove his innocence. rather the accuser to bring forth the evidence.

        No doubt 1MDB is a mess. But to bring down Najib, by all mean bring the evidence.

        And for those claiming to be Muslims and like to be known as”Umat nabi Muhammad SAW, do remember that Allah SWT is the best of the planners.

        Do remember that. If you feel you are Umat nabi Nuhammad SAW.

          1. Surrhead,

            The Quran reminds Muslim to verify news before jumping into conclusion.

            Quran also reminds Muslims about species who love to slander and telling lies. Sort of species populating DAP.

            I am no fan of Najib. But in all fairness, I must ask for evidence.

            1. Shamsul, DoJ is gonna seize properties and stuffs bought by jolo and aziz, DoJ claims that all this was bought with cash siphoned from 1mdb…..if at all US managed to seize all the said properties and stuffs, what do you derive from that action?? NOW, nobody is gonna be arrested or charged in US or Malaysia for this, but what is your understanding from this seizure action? Quran also asks Muslims to be smart, don’t tell me you overlooked that….

              1. Surrhead,

                Do not jump into conclusion. That is my advice to you.

                What next after DoJ announcement? Certainly there are steps in legal process.

                Let the due process of law take place.

                As for Quran, it reminds of Muslim to be on guard and verify all news received above all.

                1. shamshul anuar. With the release of documents by the US DOJ, it proves that I have been correct all along when I said that it was the closest aides who let down their Bosses or screw them up big-time. We do not expect our Prime Minister or ex-Prime Minister TDM to lift up the phone to buy or to sell or do anything mundane. This was what LKY said in the 1st Volume of his autobiography, ‘ I was sitting on the lawn with my wife at the Istana. I saw the butler picked up the ball for my children and thought………’. Great men do not do small things. The closest aides do this. And in every case except one exception, scandals bloomed ! I strongly believe that both the Prime Minister and ex-Prime Minister TDM were misled by the closest aides and now hold the can !

        1. Thus is how the Singapore Business Times paper ( reported on this subject today:

          – front page report: “MAS raps DBS, Stanchart, UBS over 1MDB fund flows”.

          – on page 4: “US suit piles pressure on Najib”, “Singapore seizes S$240m in assets linked to 1MDB funds”.

          – on page 4: an explanatory chart: “The wolves at 1MDB’s Door”.

          From the above-mentioned explanatory chart:

          “Seven entities and nine individuals were listed in the (US DOJ) civil suit. The individuals include: Low Taek Jho or Jho Low, Riza Aziz, Eric Tan Kim Leong, Khadem Al-Qubaisi, Mohamed Badawy Al-Husseiny, 1MDB officers 1,2,3 (executive director, chief executive officer and executive director respectively who served between 2009 and 2013) and Malaysian Official 1.

          “The entities include: 1MDB-Petrosaudi JV, Good Star (Jho Low entity), Aabar BVI (Khadem Qubaisi + Mohamed Badawy Al-Husseiny, former IPIC officials are directors), Tanore Finance (beneficial owner – Tan Kim Loong), Abu Dhabi Kuwait Malaysia Investment Corp (Jho Low entity) and Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners (beneficial owner is Tan Kim Loong, Jho Low’s associate)”.

          Also shown on the chart: “Saudi Prince & PetroSaudi CEO)”.

          From the Business Times reports:

          “The Malaysian people were defrauded on an enormous scale,” deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe remarked at the DOJ press conference where AG Lynch described the global scam as “an international conspiracy to launder funds stolen from 1MDB”. She hopes to return forfeited funds to Malaysia.”

          Those are pretty strong words: “….defrauded on an enormous scale” and “an international conspiracy to launder funds stolen from 1MDB”. US AG Lynch has claimed, according to the reports, that funds were “stolen from 1MDB” and laundered though “an international conspiracy”.

          Now tie this in what the Business Times reported on the MAS criticism of DBS, Standard Chartered Singapore and UBS Singapore “for “control failings” linked to flows from Malaysia’s embattled state fund 1MDB”:

          “The central bank (MAS) said its supervision of financial institutions with 1MDB-related fund flows revealed “a complex international web of transactions involving multiple entities and individuals operating in several jurisdictions”….

          “The statement from MAS confirms earlier reports that top banks here have been rounded up by the regulator for large-scale investigations into the scandal, with global regulators probing the vast web of illicit fund flows. MAS has, until now, mostly sidestepped directly naming 1MDB as the subject of investigatio…

          “MAS said it has been examining banks on their exposure to 1MDB-related fund flows since March 2015.

          “….its (MAS’s) examinations “revealed extensive layering of transactions and subterfuge aimed at disguising the nature of certain activities and fund flows…. In some instances, shell or unauthorised companies domiciled in various jurisdictions were used to conceal the true beneficiaries of the funds””.

        2. Shamshul Anuar
          From your posting I understand your points (1 – 4) as follows :
          1) The hundreds of million USDs cannot be from Jho Low or Tanore because they did not have that kind of money or authority to make such a big donation. Saudis do have the money.

          2) The Saudis did not make any denial of the donation, so it must be the truth.

          3) And also, the Saudis did not admit it, because if they did they will be obliged to explain their donations to other countries too.

          4) As the PM made the Saudi Arabia visit and the Umrah during the time of his statements on the Saudi donation, so he can’t be lying, so it must true.


          Taking your remarks with those statements and reports of our authorities in response to the US DOJ suit :
          a) Minister of Communications and Multimedia Datuk Salleh Said Keruak :
          “… …the [DOJ] action currently being taken is based on complaints made by a third party or certain people aligned to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who are not actually the aggrieved party . ….. 1MDB itself has said it has not lost any money or no money has been stolen from it. … … the US is sometimes too hasty in its decisions or actions and later what it claims is proven incorrect, such as the Iraq WMD case as one example….”,
          “….politically motivated attacks to unseat a democratically elected head of government…”

          b) Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohd Apandi Ali “… reiterated that local investigations by multiple agencies did not uncover any criminal activity at 1MDB and no criminal prosecution has been initiated in any jurisdiction over the same matter.”

          – we can rest assured that all the accusations are part of a conspiracy to unseat our PM, the US DOJ being a participant after being egged on by our opposition figures. 1MDB is doing fine, no illegal activities were found, and the US DOJ filed a statement in the court containing falsehoods or fabrications, especially that part on the funds transferred to “Malaysian Official 1”.

          Hope I understood correctly.

          1. Albert,

            No . You misinterpret what I said.

            Tell me whether Saudi Arabia would want to receive him in the kingdom should he lie about the donation. Tell me whether SAudi will keep quiet if there is no such thing. Tell me whether diplomatic ties will be affected if there is no such donation but Najib said otherwise.

            Though WSJ is deemed representing biblical truth to many(especially species worshipping DAP), WSJ ironically not trusted when it admitted the money trail leads to who’who in Saudi.

            I am all for the truth. But the truth to DAP is what he(Guan eng) sees though his political inclination. If the truth is not as DAP sees, it rejects it.

            Remember the 40000 Bangla phantom voters? Remember the accusation that UMNO created invasion in Lahad datu? And who could forget that hypocrite anti malay ADUN Sekinchan accusing UMNO Adun of putting racist billboard , only to be embarassed when DAP guy finally admitting doing such thing?

            Until, today many in DAP who refuse to think are unable to see that the only reason UMNO prevails in PRU13 is due to its ability to lock the majority of malay votes. Maybe not out of love. But seeing how ruthless DAP is and how anti malay, anti islam DAP is, who will blame Malays if they do not trust DAP.

            I am not saying i am blind of the sentiment. But I cant fry someone based not on the truth. DAP can.

            1. Shamshul
              Let’s leave out the political parties and the polemics from our discussion. I too would like to focus on the truth like you said, so let’s concentrate on the PM donation and leave out the Banglas/Lahad Datu/billboard, politics and religion shall we?

              The 4 points I reproduce here are a summary from your postings #26 and corrected from #33:

              (1) “… not any Tom Dick and harry can donate such a huge amount. The person or the organisation must be filthy rich. … POWERFUL …” process of elimination … will reveal only a Saudi prince can do it.

              Discussion: Have you considered that other billionaires, e.g. Jho Low also have enough money (or acquired enough) to make the donation? Jho Low is not any “Tom, Dick and Harry” too. He is also powerful in controlling the funds.

              (2) “… Why no denial? Because it is the truth.”

              Discussion: Your line of argument is that the lack of denials = confirmation of truth. However, my contention is that it is also possible that the many princes chose to keep quiet and not make an issue out of it as they were not singled out individually as the donor. If you mean why their govt kept quiet, it is also possible the govt chose not to interfere. To be sure, one must name the donor
              prince and ask him to confirm it. Lack of negatives is not always equal to positive.

              (3) “… why Saudi does not come out with strong statement admitting it? Because by admitting it, Saudi Arabia knows it will have to explain too on numerous huge funds that went to other countries too”.

              Discussion: Why is the Saudi govt obliged to explain other donations just because it revealed one? Isn’t it the donor country’s prerogative to donate to whom it likes, whether to keep it secret or not? Who demands that donor countries explain their funds movement, if there is no hanky-panky?

              (4) “Tell me whether Saudi Arabia would want to receive him in the kingdom should he lie about the donation. Tell me whether SAudi will keep quiet if there is no such thing. Tell me whether diplomatic ties will be affected if there is no such donation but Najib said otherwise.”

              Discussion: Why would Saudis want to complicate an official visit by PM with this issue, when the visit has other more important things on the agenda? It is possible that politicians would look at the big picture rather than squabble over this issue. Yes the Saudi govt will just maintain the good relations with Malaysia and carry out whatever is on the agenda rather than bring up an issue they do not have a problem with. The Saudi govt is not going to spoil the relationship over this thing which is not a key issue to them.


              Now take a look at the US DOJ document filed in court:

              pg 33 para 99.
              QUOTE ===========
              As set forth above, between September and October 2009, $700 million was fraudulently diverted from 1MDB to the Good Star Account. An additional $330 million was fraudulently diverted from 1MDB to the Good Star Account between May and October 2011. According to J.P. Morgan Chase banking records, between February and June of 2011, approximately $24,500,000 of these funds was transferred to an account at Riyad Bank maintained in the name of a Saudi prince who, together with the PETROSAUDI CEO, co-founded PetroSaudi (“PETROSAUDI CO-FOUNDER”). From those funds, $20,000,000 was then transferred, within days, to an account belonging to MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1.
              UNQUOTE ==========

              Discussion: Now there was a prince after all! He did made a “pseudo-” donation to MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1. Could this be the “donation” that has been bandied out (if you ignore the source of the money it is a genuine donation all right) ? And also explains the lack of denials etc? Technically, they were right, a Saudi prince
              did make a donation (if you don’t link the amount involved)! But whose money?

              pg 75-6, para 263-4:
              263. The Attorney General of Malaysia publicly stated that he conducted an inquiry into the $681 million in payments. In a press release issued on January 26, 2016, the Malaysian Attorney General confirmed that, “the sum of USD681 million (RM2.08 billion) [was] transferred into the personal account of [MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1] between 22.03.2013 and 10.04.2013,” and that, “in August 2013, a sum of USD620 million (RM2.03 billion) was returned by [MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1]. . . .” The Malaysian Attorney General ultimately characterized the payment of $681 million as a “personal donation to [MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1] from the Saudi royal family which was given to him without any consideration.”

              264. Bank records associated with the Tanore Account show that TAN was the beneficial owner of the Tanore Account, from which the $681,000,000 payments to the account of MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 were made, and that 1MDB OFFICER 3 was added as an authorized signor on the Tanore Account roughly one day before the first wire of $620,000,000 was sent from the Tanore Account to the account of MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1.
              UNQUOTE ==========

              What would you make of this?
              – Sarawak Report was accused of telling lies, and was blocked. OK, fine.
              – The Edge was accused of false reporting, and was banned. OK, fine.
              – WSJ was accused of false reporting, and almost got sued. OK, fine.
              – Now US DOJ make similar claims in court, saying the same things as the three above have said. Would the DOJ people be lying in court too?

              I hope you can concentrate on the points above in our discussion.

            2. “Tell me whether Saudi Arabia would want to receive him in the kingdom should he lie about the donation. Tell me whether SAudi will keep quiet if there is no such thing. Tell me whether diplomatic ties will be affected if there is no such donation but Najib said otherwise.”

              We ain’t telling you nothing. Let global jurisprudence take its course. Let’s not jump to conclusions. Let the guilty jump out of the sentient frying pan into the eternal fire.

                1. Shamsul, if DoJ seized the said assets from jolo and riza, what do you derive from that decision made by DoJ? This is a simple question and straightforward question…..

      1. Hang on, brudder. Patience, lah.

        After all, the US Department of Justice has just filed a suit in the US courts.

        Let’s see what evidence the US prosecutors present in court.

        And take it from there…..

        1. Kineas 1067

          Haaa aa macam tu la. Sabar. Takmau terburu2 tak pasai2 menuduh dan sendiri memandai jadi hakim.

          Macam kes LGE kita kena sama2 nunggu macam tu juga, apakah bangarow tanpa seweeming pull satu amalan rasuah bagi pejawat awam atau bukan.

        2. Kineas1067,


          So take it from there. jangan kelam kabut tak tentu hala.

  4. Like it or not..he is INCOMPETENT. Recent issue regarding assets seize is another proof how incompetent (and useless) he is…

    An incompetent leader with so many scandals and hiding should step down asap.

    Only morons will back him up for not thinking properly..and only crooks will back him up in order to get more $$$$

    1. Qwerty

      Scandal apa you dok cakap sini? Dulu perwaja pun skrip lebih kurang 1MDB aje… Kamu baru mai dok Malaysia ke?

  5. Helen, in light of the latest proceedings initiated by US Dept of Justice, do you think that Najib should go on a leave of absence pending the outcome and why?

    1. Najib is not mentioned in the court document and nor has he been charged with any crime.

      Guan Eng is indicted on corruption in a Malaysian court of law.

      Two different set of circumstances.

      1. You know, with money, you can find yourself a lobbyist/lobby in America and they will get your ‘case’ heard by people in Washington DC. Nothing new, remember the French ‘trial’ ? Remember the noises they made about the FBI investigations into Najib ? All this is just a ‘show’ for the Pakatuns’ consumption. If you don’t know how this all works out you will buy the crap. But then again, they are not Pakatuns for no obvious reasons.

      2. Just to be clear, you aren’t predicting how the US DOJ case will play out in the US courts, are you?

        But when the legal proceedings in the US start, the case will go subjudice.

        As for LGE , as SSK wrote in his blog – let justice take it’s course. Innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

        Of course, SSK was referring to the US DOJ case and the allegations therefrom.

        I doubt that he was indirectly referring to LGE…

        1. I wasn’t predicting a guilty verdict on Guan Eng.

          ‘Indict’ means to formally charge in court.

          Your English is not as good as I’d earlier thought.

          1. I didn’t say you were.

            How’s that for good English?

            Btw, are you ducking the issue by pleading a non-understanding of the 1MDB imbroglio? Because you are not familiar with the legal/accounting/financial/banking issues therein?

            Seems to me like a pretty convenient “plead ignorance” card to be played when put on the spot.

            How convenient!

            1. re: “Btw, are you ducking the issue by pleading a non-understanding of the 1MDB imbroglio?”

              Largely disinterest. But if it’s been simplified enough to paint an arresting picture, then come some point everybody would eventually get it.

              This current development is compelling because of the (heavy)weight of the array of law enforcement – US Attorney-General & her cohorts – who have publicly stepped forward to address the issue.

              Plus Ms Lynch is such a forceful personality.

              1MDB can’t be ducked now.

        1. I also think it’s a joke how a certain Protun Umno-reject blogger has overnight metamorphosed into a high finance expert.

  6. On the Singapore Straits Times website ( a short while ago: “S’pore seizes $240m in assets in 1MDB probe, half from Malaysian financier Jho Low and family”.

    It is noted that hitherto gung-ho bloggers like Big Dog, Another Brick In The Wall, Rocky Bru etc have become a tad circumspect in their posts after news of the US Department of Justice action broke.

    Matters are still unfolding.

    And it remains to be seen if Jho Low’s lawyers will file suit in Singapore to prevent the seizure of the S$120 million in assets there.

  7. Reading your post with disgust;

    Please take 1 hour to read the 130 pages. Leave aside the dedaks that have been paid…You will see that there has been a massive plan/plot to use this company as a vehicle to swindle billions of dollars.

    If bugis has nothing to hide;

    1. Why OSA the AG (Malaysia’s) Report?
    2. Why not inform who the real owner of Good star is?
    3. Why not investigate Jo?
    4. Why fire the Attorney General (Gani)?
    5. Why not prosecute the 1mdb leadership after 100 days of PAC release?
    6 Why Arul has not debated Tony Pua? Said no time but turned up at Sg Besar.

    I’m going to list the main defenders of this company at this stage
    1. Salleh Keruak
    2. Helen Ang
    3. Lim Sian See
    4. Azmi Arshad
    5. Another brick
    6. Rocky
    7, Annie


  8. Bukti “perisikan yang terHEBAT” pun SILAP! Apalah sangat setakat 1MDB.
    Atas nama FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY mereka sanggup menjemput Amerika Syarikat menghantar bala tenteranya menjatuh dan membunuh Presiden mereka yang “KEJAM lagi ZALIM”.
    Apakah mereka lebih BAHAGIA hari ini berbanding di bawah pemerintahan kuku besi Saddam Hussien dan Muammar Gaddafi?

  9. The latest US DOJ filing of claims against the closest aides confirm what I have been saying for years ‘ It is these irresponsible closest aides who messed up their bosses agendas with their personal agendas. From 1981 to 2016.’ We have an ex-closest aide who now resides in Singapore collecting Stradivarius violins from Cremona at
    US $5 million a piece which he on-lends to the Shanghai or the Singapore Philharmonics but not KL. He started life in a small factory in JB carrying the Boss’s brief case. It was alleged he was the off-spring of a Korean soldier in Taiwan !

  10. Further, this Korean progeny had the courage to threaten me as a Director of both Cycle & Carriage Ltd Singapore and Bintang Cycle & Carriage Berhad KL to resign in 1992 so that he could take my place to sell the best assets of these companies to his cronies with no valuation eg. Ardmore Park, Singapore and Headquarters of Bintang in PJ in 1992. I quickly resigned so that these transactions were recorded in the Annual Reports of 1993 & 1994 ! HE WAS STUPID. This corruption stinks. And illustrates the abuse of power which these numbskulls of the closest aides did to give their Bosses a BAD NAME. I am certain their assurances to their Bosses was the famous phrase, NO PROBLEM.

  11. Ms Helen, I have so many ideas for the prosperity and beautification of the Pearl, Pulau Pinang. It irks me to find that after 8 years of rule under LGE, nothing has happened apart from the wanton destruction of greenery and the construction of condos in the wrong places. It is the Creation of Money Without Money which should have happened. Not Cash is King. Having said that, all of us were born as hapless and naked babes with equal opportunities. Yet, we do not find anything creative, innovative and visionary for 8 years in Pulau Pinang except for the normal administration by the State Government which claims that their administration is best which in fact it is normal – it is to be expected of all government administrations.

  12. Ms H, This Korean guy a closest aide of TDM bragged to the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Dr Goh Keng Swee in front of my cousin in the 1980s that he had the ears of the good and the great of Kuala Lumpur. These closest aides have abused the trust and goodwill entrusted to them by their Bosses and gave those who fed them a BAD NAME.

  13. Ms H, The Edge pictured a Chinaman involved in this crazy fiasco spotting a moustache. Never trust a Chinaman with a moustache as is commonly known.

      1. Shucks Helen, he reminds me of Mao’s cultural revolution zombies …..

        Fu Manchu: [telling Terence Granville, who is strapped to an operating table, what Fu Manchu is about to inject him with] “This serum, distilled from dragon’s blood, my own blood, the organs of different reptiles, and mixed with the magic brew of the sacred seven herbs, will temporarily change you into the living instrument of my will. You will do as I command!”

        Manchus don’t have what it takes

  14. Ms H. The truth must be told concerning all these mega public scandals affecting Malaysia. Without exception, all the closest aides except my friend screwed up their Bosses with their personal agendas ! The first closest aide to TDM was my close friend who told me that he was given the task to prop up the KL-Singapore Stock Exchange by TDM in 1984 with unlimited funds. My friend found that this could not be done because the Singaporeans were dumping shares in unlimited quantities. He told TDM. The first giant scandal was averted because my friend was honest and had no personal agenda. In 1996, it is alleged that Repco via a police officer contacted TDM in London and offered to save the KLSE Stock Exchange. Very soon after, Sime Darby and the Sime Bank were bankrupted to the extent of RM 1.2 Billions. This stink still lingers to the present day.

    1. So, AK47, why don’t you be specific and name these individuals? After all the claims that you have made, it can’t be too difficult an exercise to name names, yes?

      And let the chips fall where they may.

      Unless it’s that last bit, and the legal implications therefrom, that are causing your reticence.

      1. Kineas 1067, The names of the closest aides are well-known. All you need to do is a bit of homework on the Net. No problem. We Malaysians have been living with these names from 1981-2016. The closest aides who now live the high life in luxury and screwed up their Bosses big time and UNNECESSARILY caused them to fight each other for no reason at all. It’s the closest aides mates ! At the end of the day, I see both the PM and TDM come together for a better Malaysia for the Rakyat. After all its only MARNEY. The Creation of Money Without Money made Lee Kong Chian, Lee Loy Seng, Tun Daim etc great – no need monopolies for small boys !

        1. Well-known? Maybe. But, if they are “well-known”, why don’t you call them out and name them, seeing as how you seem to feel so strongly about what they did?

          Btw, a mischievous question – how is it that their “Bosses” didn’t cotton on to what was happening and read them the riot act? The laws and regs to deal with this type of stuff are all in place, are they not?

            1. Names?

              And why hasn’t action been taken against them?

              Lack of evidence?

              Or that’s it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie?

              Even if it’s “Mat Public” who ultimately gets shafted (I was about to use a less decorous word!)?

      2. Kineas 1067 Sir, Also LGE a person devoid of ideas has screwed up the World’s beautiful one and only Pulau Pinang big time over 8 years. Why ? How ? Because he believes in Cash is King and not on ideas which give you unlimited and wide ranging options to develop holistically ( word I copy from a well-known pol ) for the Rakyat. This GDP is a dangerous thing these days. See what it is doing to Singapore, making them pack the small island with FTs from China and India ! I have ideas for them too ! No problem !

        1. Kineas 1067. I like you who use your brain. I have a close friend who started penniless because his eldest brother stole all his money when he was a teenager. Without a single sen, he made RM 100 million in 30 years within the borders of KL, not even PJ. No monopoly. No cheating, No stealing. No killing. No cronyism. The opportunities are still available today if not bigger and better. And the moment is just around the corner ! The Creation of Money Without Money ! Like Lee Kong Chian, Lee Loy Seng, Tun Daim etc. Monopolies are for small boys !

        2. I hear you about Penang.

          But there’s a trade-off between heritage and nostalgia and moving with the present.

          Urban blight is not unique to Penang.

          I would venture to say that KL/greater Klang Valley and Johor Bahru don’t exactly have stellar records for urban renewal and sustainable/holistic development. Or Malacca, Kuching or Kota Kinabalu for that matter.

          As for Singapore, it is unique as a city-state with no hinterland to fall back on. But it seems to be doing ok in terms of things like water sustainability, public transport, health care, urban renewal, public housing etc. Don’t you think so?

          1. Kineas 1067. When LGE worships others whom he thought are better than him, then, he cannot move out of his mind-set. His frustration could be seen in the media daily. If I am LGE, a few deft moves will bring down the quit rent and assessment rates of Georgetown and the rest of Pulau Pinang. Actually, the infra-structural development of Singapore Jurong, reclamation, Asian Dollar, gllittering towers etc was master-minded by Dr Alfred Winsemius, the Dutch UN Advisor to the Singapore Government 1961-1984. The development of human resources was left to LKY. It is not the water resources, the education system or whatever which makes a Nation great. It is the leadership with creativity, innovation and vision shows the way. At the moment, I do not see anything which will lift Singapore from its fixation on the GDP. But I do have the ideas for Singapore too without the barnacles !


              It’s getting worse by the month sir, for home-bred Singkies. Home mortgages are high and stretched for decades – I mean public housing that is. And the competition for jobs is on a maddening scale. Forget the exorbitant car and worry that you might fall sick into debt . . . the bourgeoisie are fomenting a realm that is neither of the east nor of the west. Big government in businesses, so watch out here comes TPPA.

              1. Chris, Sir, I have always been pro-Singapore and pro-Singaporeans but not pro-LKY Policies or anti-LKY . I believe that he was honest, frugal and hardworking for Singapore. But his Policies screwed up the Singaporeans big-time. There were 47 failed Policies of LKY. If you are aware, the University of Cambridge is one of the ancient homes of Western Democracy. All graduates professed to believe in free speech, free thoughts and free expression with the exception of the British Soviet treasonous spies, Blunt, MacClean and Burgess and LKY who created the neo-Communist system in Singapore supported by the U.S. and the West. It was A-OK because as illustrated by my favourite US President Truman – In 1947, Truman was told by his aide that every time Marshall Aid was sent to China, it ended up in the New York bank account of Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek. Truman replied, ‘ He is a bastard. But our bastard.’ Hence LKY could go merrily on and on creating 47 failed Policies at the expense of the indigineous Singaporeans. I have the answers to solve this problem quite simply without imposing harsh and tricky dictats. As long as the Singaporean ellties or Apparatchiks buy their tomes from Borders, Kino and MPH and think conventional because they have been brain-washed by their peers at Ivy League or Oxbridge, they cannot think out of their box. LKY hoped these folks would be creative, innovative and visionary. He was disappointed But he did not realise that to much education or cleverness is bad for being an original, like himself !
                What is this neo-Communist Political and Social System of Singapore as created by LKY ?
                It is a central command system operating through GLCs in full control of the economy by a single person through the elites or Apparatchiks both in the Government Sector and the Private Sector. The GLCs came about by accident due to the failure of the private Singapore entrepreneurs who were traders to establilsh successful industrial or financial enterprises to fill the vacuum to turn Singapore into a full-fledged Nation with all the requisite accoutrements. I should know because I used to own 2 industrial enterprises in Jurong, one failed because of wrong timing, the other became very successful to this day by a change of ownership and brand name.
                In the whole World, there are only 3 countries which adopted this neo-Communist Political and Social System of LKY eg. Russia, China and Singapore. Malaysia is on the verge of doing so.
                Russian operates this neo-Communist Political and Social System of LKY through GLCs and oligarchs controlled by apparatchiks answerable to President Putin via the Parliament.
                For this Communist innovation, LKY was awarded the highest academic award together with 3 other academics in October 2010.
                China’s Deng Xiao Peng said in 1992, ‘ They administer well. But we will do better than them.’ China also adopted this neo-Communist Political and Social System of LKY with all the trappings of the GLC creating instant billionaires and multi-millionaires and is answerable to the Central Committee of the Communist Party.
                Corruption is rife in the GLCs of Russia and China except Singapore because it was under the scrutiny of LKY who knew about the personal peccadilloes of each Singaporean in a small place like Singapore. Less than 100 days after his demise, a further 1000 pigs were permitted to be imported from Sarawak over and above the existing quota of 5,000 pigs ! Hence, the West kept the Government public sector strictly separated from the ding-dong activities of the private sector. They had the experience.
                At the moment, Malaysia practises the Free Malaysian Style Democracy with our loyalty to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and Country together with a Malay bias in keeping with our religious, cultural and historical heritage. This has kept us alive and resilient and sustainable through the years since 1957.
                In passing, I like to explain why 13 May 1969 happened. The Government carried on the Currency Board Policy of the British colonialists from 1957 onwards without understanding its implications and consequences. A Currency Board meant that a Government can only spend what it earned by the control of the issue of the currency. From 1957 to 1972 till the Currency Board of Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei was disbanded, the Bank Negara Malaysia played second fiddle to the Currency Board. The economy was slow moving. On 13 May 1969, the British controlled 70% of the best assets, the Chinese 25% of the third rate by a few towkays and the Malays just 2% ! My Malay friends were disadvantaged. There were no overdrafts, no credit cards, no h.p. no housing loans etc. The poor became poorer and the rich became richer. My concept on the repatriation of Sime Darby PLC in 1972 at the beginning of the NEP broke the chain and gave opportunites for the Malays to fast trek into big business, the Chinese a leeway to continue to do their business without interference and the same to all the other races.

              2. ….It’s getting worse by the month sir, for home-bred Singkies….

                Betoi tu Chris.. Kineas 1067 mesti tak rajin bercampoq dengan locals there to “hear” them “properly”.

                Haiyaaa my son was horrified when he discovered an Aso born in 1947 driving a “CAB” in Singapore!!

                Many have to work till they drop dead otherwise hard to survive there wan.


                1. Still banging on about Singapore, Kak?

                  Gotten over the “prostitutes” fetishism, have you?

                  Tell your son that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

                  Well, unless you are accustomed to “privileges” not available to others….hmm?

                  Please tell the delusional Malaysians working in Singapore that they have to work till they build up a sufficient nest egg (1 to 3 doesn’t hurt) to balek to Tanah Air.

                  Or, better yet, stand with a banner at the JB end of the Causeway and exhort the “lemmings” streaming on their motorbikes to go to work in Singapore that they should embrace their maruah and get back to Malaysia where the grass is greener and the living is easy.

                  Free lunch, remember?

                  And while you are about it, please tell the Johor state government to get their water act together and stop buying treated water from Singapore to remedy their shortfalls.

                  No problem, right?

                2. Rina, I am very much aware of the deteriorating state of the life-style of indigenous Singaporeans. The Government has very much reached the limits of conventional thought and economic philosphies. But fortunately all is not lost. I have ideas which will put Singapore on a sound sustainable economic footing which would benefit the citizens and do away with less FTs. This GDP thingy will soon be a thing of the past with so many great nations going for negative interest rates. It is just the matter of putting round pegs into round holes and square pegs into square holes to get out the true values of assets !

              3. And yet the SGD is perceived as a “safe haven” currency post-Brexit (SGD1.00 = MYR2.99), Singapore has a triple-A credit rating and Johor still buys treated water from Singapore.

                Meanwhile Singapore’s public housing (aka HDB estates) are way better planned and maintained than what passes for “affordable housing” in Malaysia.

                Let’s not even talk about public transport, public health care and public universities. Or competitiveness rankings.

                MAS compared to Singapore Airlines says it all.

                Right, Mr AK47?

                1. Bullseye. That’s why happy Malaysians are flocking to goldrush Singapore. Eg. Work 12 hrs/day, 1 day off a fortnight in a coffeeshop, food and lodging taken care of, get paid S$1300 ($2200 for cooks) … and send home what RM3000? Pay installments for a condo, drive a nice car and fund the kids tertiary education back home? That’s why ever so few Malaysian permanent residents will take the final step to full Singapore citizenship . . . you’re overawed by the workings of the machinery but are unable to perceive the woes of the (local) machine operators – because it works fine for you the foreign worker.

                2. Kineas 1067. Tun Abdul Razak appointed me the youngest Director of the Board of Bank Negara Malaysia at the age of 36. I was there 10 years. During that time, the RM1 = S$ 1.03 and the BNM had plenty of gold in its vaults.

                  Since you brought up KL and the Klang Valley again, KL was a colonial administrative town to serve the Peninsula. Jalan Damansara up to 1980s was no wider than a bullock cart track to Klang. Singapore from a Colony was a sleepy colonial entreport with rows and rows of shop-houses interlaced with slums. It was idyllic but the town was a hot-bed of left-wing politics ! The colonials were ensconced in District 10. The Chinese towkays in Katong. Like Malaya, there was a distinct compartmentalization of the races in commerce and social activities. From these bases, both KL and Singapore grew according to their political masters.

            2. Did you miss my point about KL/greater Klang Valley and Johor Bahru?

              Hopefully it wasn’t a deliberate oversight on your part!

              As for water resources, isn’t it a fact that Johor is still buying treated water from Singapore? And that it had to request emergency short term water supplies from Singapore because of unanticipated shortages and shutdowns in Johor?

              I don’t see anything wrong with Singapore’s “fixation on GDP”. It’s how you generate the funds for infrastructure development, education, public health care and welfare services without running up chronic budget deficits or raiding the reserves.

              A 17% corporate tax rate and a top 20% personal income tax rate doesn’t hurt either!

              1. Kineas67,

                Yup. The agreement between then Sultan of Johor in 1927 and British Colonial Govt was for Johor to sell water to Singapore.

                It is reviewed from time to time. Back then Johor did not have a facility sufficient enough to treat waters. But time has change. Johor now treats its own water need.

                Singapore too changes. It has a new desalination plant to reduce water dependence on Johor.

                1. shamshulanuar. Does anyone realize with the depreciation of the Malaysian ringgit, Malaysia has to pay Singapore to sell water to her ? , But water is no longer strategic in modern warfare as we see what is happening around the World. Despite LKY trying to outsmartMalaysia all of the time, he created 47 Failed Policies of which the 1970s-1980s 2 Child Policy spells the doom of Singapore as regards her demographics. Hence, her population is 3 millions indigenous Singaporeans, 1.2 million FTs and 800,000 permanent residents. Bilahari Kausikan in October 2015 highlighted the fact that Singapore’s frontline is now UMNO in KL. No longer the Muar – Batu Pahat line to be defended by Singapore’s military ! At the slightest sound of anything untowards, the 2 million FTs and permanent residents will just flee Singapore, leaving the Singaporeans holding the can. The GDP will go as well. Never try to be too smart to outsmart others.

                2. And now? Why does Johor still need to buy treated water from Singapore? And to request additional emergency supplies of water as Bakaj had to do recently?

                  Btw, Singapore has 4 working desalination plants, with a fifth plant to be built on Jurong Island.

                  Forward planning to prepare for 2061 when the Water Supply Agreement runs out.

                3. Kineas 1067
                  ….Singapore too changes. It has a new desalination plant to reduce water dependence on Johor….

                  Kan elok tu, forward thinking.

                  Masakan sampai kiamat, nak mandi, minum, masak, and 90% basic body weight of all Singaporeans “just to remain alive” pun must depend on Malaysia sangat? Selama ini without Malaysia Singaporeans takleh hidup tau tak?

                  1. Maybe so, but you can’t dispute the fact that Johor still has to buy treated water from Singapore.

                    Why is that?

                    It’s a simple matter of self-sufficiency, is it not?

                    Which Johor is not, apparently?

                    By 2061, when the Water Agreement runs out, Singapore will be self-sufficient for water. Fact.

              2. Kineas67,

                Stop all these childish attitude of listing which is better country, Malaysia or singapore.

                Both has their plus points. Singapore has an efficient public transport system. We can learn from the island.

                Malaysia too has its advantages. Despite being ridiculed as inefficient and cruel govt, you can get treatment at Govt hospitals with a minimum amount of RM1. And you can curse the PM and yet rush to his open house and eat with gusto. In Singapore, you are likely to end up in ISA for cursing the leader.

                And you can withdraw your EPF at 55. In Singapore, you have to wait much longer.

                When you start praising other country and yet at same token belittling you very own “negara”, you must not get upset if people respond by asking you to migrate to the country you love so much.

                1. shamshulanuar. LKY created 47 failed Policies in his lifetime. The first was his 2 Child Family Policy of 1970s – 1980s. This is the nub of the political and socio-economic problems of Singapore today and the future. Second, LKY worshipped the denizens of Wall Street. This resulted in the loss of US$108 Billions on Wall Street in October 2008. In November 2008, he commented that they would be locked in for 30 years ! Third, his purchase of Thaksin’s business brought tragedy, deaths and injuries to thousands of innocent Thai men, women and children. This split a smiling Thailand to this very day. There are 44 failed Policies more !

                2. A comparative list of faults and merits? Do go ahead, but be prepared for rebuttals (robust at times).

                  And if pointing out faults is “belittling”, then there is no room for honest criticism, by your book.

                  Can you, hand on heart, say that everything is 100% ok in Malaysia?

                  Like everything is 100% ok in Singapore?

                  I don’t think so. I wouldn’t even want to try, on my part.

                  But there are published metrics, rankings and comparisons to refer to. And external perceptions – like which countries are presenting themselves better internationally, to foreign investors and governments too.

                  And aren’t those the facts?

              3. Confucius have said, “The Superior Man is aware of Righteousness, the inferior man is aware of advantage.”

                When Confucius was traveling towards the east of China, he came cross two boys arguing bitterly with each other. Confucius asked what their dispute was about.
                One boy said, “I believe that the rising sun is closer, and the midday sun is further away.” The other boy said, “I think it is the opposite: the midday sun is closer, and the morning sun is farther.”

                The first boy said, “But the rising sun is as big as the wheel of a vehicle, and the midday sun is only the size of a dish, since an object looks bigger nearby but smaller farther away.”
                The second boy replied, “Can’t you feel the morning sun is cool and comfortable and it is hot as hot water at noon? Don’t you know that a burning object is hotter when it is closer?”

                When the boys asked Confucius’s opinion, Confucius shook his head and said, “I really do not know.”

                According to a chapter in his Analects, Confucius once said to his students, “I am going to teach you about knowledge. What you know, say you know; what you don’t know, you say you don’t know. Then you are a really knowledgeable person.”

                There is no superiority to appearing like knowledgeable.

                  1. Mr. AK Sir, I sense your proper reasoning through your experiences. It enlightens our troubled situations today. Many do not realize that mere data and information is not necessarily knowledge,. And what about wisdom?

                    1. Kung Sir, I only present facts as Ms H knows and do not insult, abuse or look down on others as she also knows. I present the facts so that all those who come after me are well-informed of the historical facts before they were born. How many of us realise that independent Malaya/Malaysia after 1957 continued to practise the Currency Board policy of British Colonial Malaya from 1957 to 1972 ? This policy put a cap on the advancement of Malayans/Malaysians especially the Malays because a country cannot issue more currency than what she earned. All British Colonies were shackled up like this. On 13 May 1969, the British had 70% of the best assets, the Chinese 25% of the third rate through the towkays and the Malays 2%. Business was at a snail pace. There were no OD., HP, Credit Cards, Housing Loans, etc. Is this fair ? The Chinese were blamed by the British for creaming off the land. The Chinese were brought in by the British to develop the land under the hot sun and distribute their British goods as middlemen working for peanuts. Hence, in 1972, I developed the concept of the Malaysian control and repatriation of Sime Darby plc with the help of Singapore and her corporates. And to buy out all British assets at market prices – no nationalization. My concept was supported by the Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. I am not showing off. I am not boasting. But these are the facts. My concept also gave the Malays a short cut into big business, the leeway for the Chinese to keep and continue to expand their businesses eg. Public Bank, KLK, Hong Leong, Lion Group etc. which all resulted in more jobs and opportunities for all. The abuse of whatever which came later is not my business. I want all to make money.

                    2. On the authority of Abu Hamzah Anas bin Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) who was the servant of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) – that the Prophet (pbuh) said :

                      “None of you has faith until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”

                      And Imam Nawawi r.a. who is widely recognized by all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence comments that “brother” in this prophetic narration refers universally to all mankind.

                      So if sir, you have accomplished what you spelled out here for the sake of our nation, then we say this prayer together:

                      Allahumma anta salaam, wa minka salaam, wa ilaika yu’udu salaam. Fa hayyina rabbana bis salaam, wa adkhilnal jannata daras salaam. Ya rabbil alamiin.

                      O Allah! Thou art Peace; from Thee comes peace and to Thee doth the peaceful return.
                      Therefore, imbue us with peace our Lord!
                      And admit us into Thy Heavenly Abode of Peace, O Lord of the universe!

                      A companion asked the Prophet (pbuh), “Oh Messenger of Allah, you can see what is bestowed upon me of beauty, and because of that beauty bestowed upon me, I don’t like anyone else to look better than me. Is that arrogance? Is that transgression?”

                      The Prophet (pbuh) responded saying, “No, that’s not transgression, that’s not arrogance. What is arrogance or transgression is to the reject the truth when faced with it and to look down on people.”

                      Thus, one of the characteristics of a believer is to accept the truth when they are confronted with it. Just as no one likes to be debased for being honest just because it is in his own favor, therefore no one should hold any honest truth in contempt.

                      Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

      3. Kineas 1067. For starters, there was a closest aide who purchased a luxury flat behind Harrods along Sloane Street London. Next time you visit London, please look for this flat. It’s the block with the fountain at its entrance. Ask the doorman who owns this flat – a short curly hair gentleman with round eyes !

  15. Ms H. Apart from the rule of the Law, the leadership of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP does not seem to be aware of the three words ” PROPRIETY”, “STANDARDS” and “MORALS”. The latter word is not only applicable to sexual misconduct but also to financial and other peccadilloes as well. Hence, the latest fiasco. If such simple governance is not in their vocabulary, how to have a Government of the Opposition in Putrajaya as’ pure as virgin snow’ or beyond reproach like Caesar’s wife ?

  16. Kineas 1067. The difference between SIA and the MAS was that the former was not politicised and without commissions and omissions. SIA might follow normal commercial practices when dealing with outsiders. But they never permit outsiders to corrupt them. For many years, the SIA was managed by my relative, an ex-student of the Methodist Boys’ School, Kuala Lumpur who went on to become the Chairman/ Managing Director of the OCBC Singapore. MAS was a monopoly until Air Asia. MAS found it difficult to make money with a politicised airline even though it was a monopoly. Hence, I always said that it is better to let the Private Sector owns and operates the huge panoply of GLCs now controlled by Civil Servants without business knowledge, experience and accountability. Only 1 in 100 succeeds in business. LKY had all the time in the World to spy on his fellow Singaporeans !

    1. Neither here nor there.

      Why was MAS “politicised”? On whose watch did this start to happen? And why was it not addressed and rectified subsequently?

      How much public funds have been spent on the various MAS bailouts up to now?

      Have the bailouts achieved anything?

      As for SIA, DBS, SingTel etc, Temasek owns majority stakes in these GLCs. Yet it lets professional managers and boards of directors get on with the job of managing these companies.

      That’s the difference.

      1. kineas 1067. I have been closely associated with the political and socio-economics of both Malaysia and Singapore since 1960. I am sorry to say the questions you ask made me wonder whether you are from the Moon or Mars. Tomes of information on all the agencies you mentioned have been reported in the published media or the Net for decades. For the bungles of Temasek, I refer you which provides the most analytical details of Temasek bungles. Like in any financial crisis, this one has been on-going since 2008. No one buys a bank’s shares. Or should anyone invest in any institution which pay its executives hundreds of millions of US dollars as bonus. It was reported that MAS had a surplus of 20,000 workers and the executive director could only sack 6,000. He found them sleeping on the job as well. A monopoly which lost tax-payers money. What you do not know is that I turnround and saved the biggest corporate scandal in the mid-1970s, Folex Industries Berhad. Actually, I was set-up by vested interests which expected me to run-away after 2 weeks. I turned the textile business around in 2 years which employed 1,200 Malay workers on 3 shifts with not a single sen from the Consortium of Banks. And made millions of ringgits thereafter. At the end, the Banks collected their loans in full and walked away as though nothing has happened. If there is a will, there is a way. MAS being a monopoly, if efficiently managed cannot lose money !

        1. Not really. Just simple commonsense questions.

          Like how MAS went through multiple predicaments, while SIA was and is, by and large, consistently profitable?

          Sure, Temasek has bungled. Which SWF hasn’t? Starting with Khazanah, perhaps.

          The fact of the matter is that, even after bungling and bad investments, Temasek is still about double the size of Khazanah in terms of assets.

          We haven’t added in the assets managed by Singapore’s GIC.

          You are harking back to the 70s. We are talking about here and now. Triple-A credit ratings, safe haven currencies etc.

          And an ongoing unfolding probe into Singapore-based banks over some allegedly dodgy transactions and funds flows.

          It will be unravelled in good time.

          1. Kineas 1067. I respect your comments since you are sensible and polite unlike some vulgar denizens who operate in these Blogs. I am sure you agree with me that Malaysia and Singapore are as dfferent as chalk and cheese. The Ringgit was deliberately weakened during TDM’s regime for our exports to grow. In Malaysia, our wealth is our land and natural resources. Do you realize the function of the 13 State Exco is to create wealth from the conversion of raw jungle land into commercial land eg. 20 sens to RM 3 per sq ft. This is the wealth of Malaysia. If you fly above our land you see a mass of greenery – this is the wealth. If you fly above England or France, even Canada, you will note that the land is dellineated and cultivated ! Hence, the construction industry always prospers in Malaysia. Singapore up to LKY has pulled all the rabbits out of the hat – 20 years ago ! Water resource is no longer strategic. BUT IDEAS ARE. And I have plenty of ideas how Singapore can resume its progress which was halted since 2000. without relying on FTs which are actually expensive in terms of everything. As long as Bilahari Kausikan and his boys stick to the books bought from Borders, Kino or MPH, no new ideas will come out of the box ! It’s the ideas which flow out of an enriched mind which count. This was what Oxbridge imparted to undergraduates without teaching them. See how the Pulau Pinang chief bungled for 8 years and bought something legally which I would not even touch with a barge pole.

  17. Kineas 1067. All public monies in Singapore were monitored and controlled by LKY whilst he was alive. He could not afford a scandal of any kind. Are you aware of the case of the Minister in charge of HDB who was alleged to have committed corruption in the 1980s ? He died by his own hands with some unprescribed pills. In a small place like Singapore, how to be corrupt without being noticed by LKY ? Vide. Wikeleaks on LKY.

    1. So, to pursue your argument further, it’s easier to be corrupt in a larger country like Malaysia? Or Indonesia?


      1. Kineas 1067. Corruption has been with Humanity since Adam and Eve. It’s a matter of degree. There was also corruption when the British were here. And even in today’s Singapore. After 13 May 1969, an architect friend joined the Singapore Utililties Board. He found that they were building retaining walls 6′ thick. He complained that in KL, such walls were only 3′ thick. After this incident, a couple of gangsters accosted his wife at the Newton Market. The whole family returned to KL very soon after. The head was caught 20 years later ! At this time, there was a Singapore Government dictat that the entertainment of civil servants at night clubs and restraurants was banned. But from the 18th Floor of my penthouse, I could hear the sound of merriment, the tinkling of wine glasses and the smell of roast meat every night emanating from the house of the King of the Road of Singapore across the way ! Sir, different strokes for different folks. If you are a Singaporean Civil Servant, you have your fun according to your means but do not dirty your own doorstep. You cannot afford it go to Geylang. Can a bit. Johor Baru for you. Don’t like Malaya. Go to Bangkok. I heard the head of a Singapore Government Dept went to Taipeh. The topmost rung goes to Australia for the horse races as well. We are all humans.

        1. Uncle AK47
          I suppose ramai kat Malaysia tak berapa faham erti “Corruption”. Esp DAPsters and now pula the Protuns. Thats the reason I selalu minta mereka cerminkan diri dulu…

          Kalau tiba2 beri jemputan kat anak2, kakak2 “pejawat awam” untuk turut serta konon ajak main badminton dengan isteri you pun bole dikatakan merasuah tau! Ada sapa2 disini pernah dipelawa main badminton? Kekekeke

          1. Rina. Convicted and non-convicted felons established RM 2 incorporated churches in this country only to take advantage of the tax free status. I know one who took so much that he had to form his own church to enrol his employees so that they would not steal from him. Smart ! My own son-in-law cheated me even though he said he would not. He died clutching millions of ringgits at the young age of 39 ! In the early 1980s, believe it or not LKY sent round a rich man’s son to the schools to lecture to the children that it is good to be greedy ! The best teachings are from our parents.

          2. Rina. The RM2 incorporated tax free churches are designed to collect money from the innocents in this troubled World. I have an illiterate sister-in-law from Bentong an ex-hair rinser working in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur. She formed her own RM2 incorporated tax free church which collected millions of ringgits. She invested the money in the Marble Arch area of London unlike the MCA which invested in some northern boondocks. She made it big time. Why should we bother to go to school these days ? But a nephew of the same ilk as the Subang denizens, went to Laos to teach the peasant folk how to rear ducks. And a neice went to darkest Africa to save the folks there ! It is a strange World !

        2. I note that you are discreetly reticent about naming names. In Malaysia or Singapore.

          Hints and innuendos don’t cut it. Not even a spot of “hint, hint” on occasion.

          The facts of the matter are here and now. Not past history and past glory.

          Who is doing a better job? The markets have more or less decided, haven’t they?

          1. Kineas 1067. I do not know about others. I find the Chinese in Malaysia below the age of 40 today have lost their cultural ballast because they think like you that history is irrelevant to the present condition and the future – like the Red Indians of North America. They only look like Chinese but inside they are hollow and argumentative without cultural ballast – this is applicable to the English educated Chinese. The Mandarin speaking Chinese who have a command of just 1,000 Chinese characters out of 10,000,- just able to read the Sin Chew Jit Poh, have an inferiority complex and no commonsense and also no cultural ballast. Both types are arrogant and selfish. The Malaysian Chinese first of all were on a weak basis because the British were smart to import all types of Chinese from Southern China so that they could never unite as one. By now with the passing of their parents, these below 40 year old folks have become de-tribalised. This is why the timid and the weak-minded think the Subang religion is great – a situation peculiar to the socio-anothropological and psychological aspect of these detribalised people. They want a home for their demented souls desperately. What have the Malaysian Chinese done for themselves and others during the last 25 years which is earth shattering ? You have now lost my respect by being personal and have an inferiortiy complex. Somehow instinctlvely your lack of grasp of the historical facts so presented to your unreceptive mind, is not properly prepared to tussle in a refine way through a proper university education !

            1. Kineas1067. You accused me of ‘hints and innuendos’. Why you hide under Kineas1067 ? To accuse hiding behind an anonym, is’nt this cowardice ? If you reveal your real name, I reveal mine. My elder brother married the only sister of the late LKY. The 1st Minister of Finance Malaya was also my brother-in-law. My daughter was the neighbour of the short, curly hair gentleman with round eyes from MAS who ignored her for years in the same lift. You still want names ?

              1. Regretfully, Mr AK47, I must, for now, pass on your dare. Maybe at a more opportune time….

                Thank you for the hints, anyway. I had a fruitful time using Google to trawl through the Internet. Amazing what you can unearth…

                Anyway, it is noted that you have some connections with Singapore. Which is good, because you can present a “fair and balanced” view of matters as they arise, right?

                I also note that you have mentioned MAS, but you have avoided pinning the blame on where the “national airline” went off track, and who was responsible. Why?

                1. Kinweas1067. I do not think you are a Chinaman. On MAS, as Ms H knows, I only present facts which I know. MAS and many other matters which I do not know I do not talk about unlike you. I am not sanctimonous. Just talk sensibly and politely. I have noted that because most Malaysians have an inferiority complex they cannot argue without being insulting, abusive and vulgar like you. This form of behaviour any doctor will tell you that you are third rate. Goes on and on and on. Refusing to accept an opinion better than yours. Look at the Malaysian drivers along the highways. All driving with their brains switched off. At home, they do not even have a book in the house !

                2. Kineas 1067

                  …I had a fruitful time using Google to trawl through the Internet. Amazing what you can unearth…

                  Tu laaa. Masakan toknek makayah you tak cerita ni semua? Payah tau sekadar nak harap Mr Google sja tau!

                  BTW toknek makayah dan kamu baru aje ke mai dok dMalaysia? You ni macam tak tau sebenda pasai sejarah negara2 kawasan ni?

                3. Kineas1067. Since you are an Indian, let me tell you something. I discovered that the Malaysian Indians are also de-tribalised like the Malaysian Chinese. They look Indian but inside them they have nothing Indian as regards culture, customs, virtues etc. They do not even know from which part of India they come from The better off types think of migrating to OZ. I suppose you are of the same ilk. Further, I am more Indian than you. I studied and spoke Hindi and Urdu and Anglo-Indian English as well when I was a boy. I was invited by real high class Indians to dine at their homes in Bombay, New Delhi and Mussoorie. The India Indians are entirely different from the Malaysian Indians. History tells us why.

                  1. “I want the Brahmins to realize that the Dravidian people today very much hate those who cunningly cheated them with absurdities. They are now aware of the particular community making a living by spreading the foolishness. People have begun to hate god, religion, caste, mythologies (puranas) and so on”.

                    Periyar Ramasamy, social activist, freedom fighter and politician who started the Self-Respect Movement against the caste system.

                    1. Which Indian? I am always grateful to the Indians of Mother Inida who welcomed my family when we were refugees. I will always remember their kindness, hospitality and sympathy. The Indians are great. I recommend that India is a great place for tourism and the best curries in the World. Unfortunately, in Malaysia, I got cheated twice by them and also by my fellow Chinese including my closest relatives. But not by the Malays !

                  2. That’s a bit of a reach. But, as they say, good try but no cigar…

                    It could be expressed more colourfully, of course.

                    I suppose that you could blame the founding fathers of MIC for a lot of things, including the “split” between the Tamil, Sikh and Malayalee communities in Malaya/Malaysia. And the woes, including deprivation and academic and economic underperformance.

                    Unless you want to blame the Brits for this?

                    1. KIneas1067. Whatever. History is the finest arbiter of the truth unless the historian wears pink coloured spectacles. I used to ignore history when I was young. But through the years, I found historians do play a part in the rise and fall of nations ! For example, in 1982, I sat next to the History Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge at the commemoration dinner of the Commonwealth Society presided over by Prince Charles. He told me that the fall of Rome was not because of the barbarians but by the presence of large numbers of foreigners in Rome. Comparing present day situations and his remarks in 1982, how true !

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