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The lucrative business of Najib-whacking

Ka-ching! Now is the time for mercenary Melayu-Protuns to cash in, and they are. The 20k premium has reportedly shot up overnight, following yesterday’s American cannonball.

It is nothing new for DAP (Kit Siang, Tony Pua, et al) to whack Najib & the Gomen. They eat, sleep and pray whacking Umno and everything related to the Malay party.

It is also nothing new for PKR (Rafizi, Tian Chua, et al) to whack Najib & the Gomen. And as for PAS, they have been whacking the successive Umno presidents & Gomen since time immemorial.

What’s new, however, is Protuns whacking Umno (and Najib) — the abata party whose president leads the gomen as well as the party that used to hold the allegiance of the Protuns in the past.

Tony Pua and Rafizi had been whacking 1MDB and Najib from quite early on but their efforts did not register on the general public’s radar. It was only when Tun began to dig his teeth into 1MDB like a pitbull that the wider public – i.e. Malays who form the majority population – started to sit up and take notice.

laugh China girlSo now, if 1MDB gets into trouble will Najib get into trouble and if Najib gets into trouble will BN get into trouble and if BN gets into trouble will this cause the ruling party to lose Putrajaya in GE14?

If BN falters and loses its footing, who stands to gain the most? There is only one answer to this question. The beneficiary is undoubtedly the DAP.

Hence the opposition, the DAP and its Melayu DAP have been gleefully making the DoJ civil suit viral.

Among the very first mercenary Melayu blogger to highlight and push the DoJ’s 136-page court document is a disgruntled ex-Umno Johor media operative — a reject who is presently considered a pariah by most players in the pro-establishment political circles.

BELOW: Some Malay fraudsters operate just like the evangelistas — cakap sedapkan telinga tapi bikin bukan main jahat

Hate disguised as Love poster

Melayu DAP — senjata serampang dua mata

DAP whacking Umno is par for the course and those RBAs still adopting their traditional SOP will not be able to convince anyone beyond their hardcore Cina audience.

PKR whacking Umno is like sibling rivalry and their erratic tactics – such as Ezam’s magic boxes of evidence – have already become familiar to many. While PKR command some support among the urban crowd, they have so far failed to make significant inroads into the Umno heartland.

PAS are pulling in two directions at the moment. There is a Malay saying “ajak-ajak ayam”. Lately when PAS hentam Umno, it’s like ajak-ajak ayamada hentam juga but more like a manja slap on the wrist. And while doing it, PAS tersipu-sipu dan senyum kambing.

Nik Abduh

Melayu berbaik sangka dan percaya sesama Melayu

There are about 20 percent of the electorate who are fence sitters. The direction in which they swing will determine which side wins the Putrajaya ‘game of thrones’ come 2018 (the most likely date when election will be called).

Chinese voters are already committed to the opposition while Sabah-Satawak pribumi voters look to be sticking with the BN. Thus it is a slice of the Malay middle ground in the peninsula that is up for grabs.

Obviously the Cina DAP will not be able to exert any influence on this Malay middle ground. Hence it is no surprise that Malay recruits are very much in demand by the evangelical party.

There’s one malicious Malay prepaid blogger who is not only a master masquerader but also a champion whacker. Najib’s key lieutenants have all been whacked kow-kow by him.

In fact, he was in KL recently on Monday to collect his big payout and awaiting more to come, given the developing situation wrt 1MDB.

BELOW: The master masquerader pretending to be one of the gentle sex

sailor moon giggling

Musuh dalam selimut (Melayu skru Melayu)

The opposition politicking furiously to try and grab federal power is old hat. They’ve been doing so for 13 editions of our election series, and coming close to success in 1969 and 2013.

What’s new and unprecedented this time around is the Tun factor. This is an elder statesman who had himself led BN for more than 22 years and he is currently aligned with the opposition and most determined to topple Najib, his nemesis.

Another new and unprecedented element in the attempt to oust Najib is the Protun factor.

The RBA are lean and mean – that we know. It’s rare to find Umno bloggers who can be as vicious and ruthless as the RBA.

However it is possible for Melayu penyamar – a few whom are lebih Cina dari Cina – to be as sneaky and unscrupulous as RBA.

These RBA-like Melayu are penipu, pembohong dan pemfitnah. Birds of a feather flock together.

Siakap, senohong, gelama, ikan duri

Tak hairan pun Melayu pembohong sama DAP

20k blogger

DAP’s huge war chest for do-or-die mission

The coast seemed to be clear for BN after its landslide victory in Sarawak and comfortable wins in the recent twin by-elections. However 1MDB represents a single issue that will be the biggest setback to BN’s electoral performance.

Earlier 1MDB was a complex tangle that was not grasped except by those with financial knowledge. Ordinary people tend to shy away from putting their mind to complicated matters beyond their own personal areas of expertise.

But if there were to concrete action being taken by the authorities (albeit not Malaysian authorities) such as the seizure of assets worth more than US$1 billion, then the issue becomes translatable to soundbites.

The man-in-the-street can now be made to understand through simple soundbites or memes.

It is not surprising that the mercenary Malay (Umno reject) blogger was super quick to pounce, and to publicize the 136-page DoJ report. Already getting big bucks from his paymaster, his cash value to the opposition payroll now takes a quantum leap as Najib’s Achilles heel is beginning to be exposed.

Team Najib must now be on the ball and deal with the enemy within. They should be aware who is pretending to be “nice” but allowing his platform to whack the Umno president in the nastiest possible way.

The sneakiness and malice of this lying individual is not to be under-estimated.

DAP alone cannot break or unmake Umno. It is only with the help of Raja Mendeliar and Si Kitol that the Umno citadel can be unlocked from within.

Updated at 1.30am on July 22


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43 thoughts on “The lucrative business of Najib-whacking

  1. 1MDB is a continuing problem for Najib.

    It just won’t go away.

    It just gives his enemies ammunition to continue shooting at him, not that they need it.

    I hope for his and our sakes, that nothing sticks on him.


    1. Gene,

      Even without 1MDB , DAP has been wishing UMNO dead. Now they are very happy as DoJ of USA mentioned something related to 1MDB.

      But as goes the saying, we must read between the line. Najib or 1MDB are not implicated . But who cares.Those species from DAP or those who refuse to think already made up their minds. To them, Najib is already guilty.

      I am no fan of Najib too.But to be fair, there is no evidence pointing to him directly or indirectly. Just because he does not the “religious look” does not mean he can be victimised.

      But who or which party will benefit the most if Najib goes down( and UMNO too)?

      1. Shamsul, a certain Malaysian Official 1, related to Riza Aziz was mentioned. and money trail by billions leading to a certain account in AMbank…..many wonder who is the MO1 mentioned by DoJ….i think it’s LGE, what say you??

          1. maybe Lim Kit Siang or Hadi or Mat Sabu or….?? actually it’s tough for me to figure out who this MO1 is…..DoJ did not make this easy

          1. what do you expect the court to decide?? Who is MO1?? or did Riza, Jo Lo and “others” really did siphon 1mdb cash?

      2. Like I said, I hope nothing sticks on him.

        And he gets to clear his name once and for all.

        The names mentioned in the report, however, are far too close to him.

        That is manna for the opposition.

        Leaving aside that for a moment, I’m just aghast that this level of financial abuse was allowed to carry on under his stewardship.

        As a supporter, I’m very disappointed.

        Back on the political saddle: I’m pretty sure LGE is thrilled with all these news.

        It takes the spotlight away from him.

        And we wait for justification of his “corruption” (it’s pennies compared to the billions, etc.).


        1. Who’s He?? is it the one-name-that-you-should-not-mention? BTW, nothing will stick on him, cos the person won’t be charged at US, only assets seized by US……but, knowing all this and the mismanagement of public fund, and knowing that he won’t be charged, are you still a supporter of public fund mismanagement?

      3. “I am no fan of Najib too.But to be fair, there is no evidence pointing to him directly or indirectly. Just because he does not the “religious look” does not mean he can be victimised.”

        There’s none so blind as those who will not see. What’s religion got to do with the King that worships Cash?

  2. Confirm the money is not a donation from the Saudis. It came from 1MDB.

    Tell that thieving bastard Najib to step down

    1. You’re putting two and two. The DoJ filing apparently did not name him.

      You should first ask Guan Eng to take a leave of absence before you usik Najib.

        1. FOR FREEDOM

          Kamu menuduh LGE pula? Issshhh.. Jangan confuse ya. LGE kes rasuah sabit beli mulah2 bangarow tanpa seweeming pull tau.

          1. Najib curi $681 million dari 1MDB. Jika dia beli bangarow mulah2 saya tak kisah itu bukan jenayah. Tapi dia sekeluarga sama Jho Low sama orang-orang arab curi duit 1MDB itu jenayah

            1. waa, so lopsided one. then can anyone pay back khir toyo prison time ah? since you say lge is innocent of buying cheap bungalow, so khir toyo should have been innocent too right?

  3. From the horses mouth itself, on how the Malaysian gov and media has managed to confuse the rakyat over 1mdb scandal.

    “Earlier 1MDB was a complex tangle that was not grasped except by those with financial knowledge. Ordinary people tend to shy away from putting their mind to complicated matters beyond their own personal areas of expertise.
    But when there is concrete action being taken by the authorities (albeit not Malaysian authorities) such as the seizure of assets worth more than US$1 billion, then the issue becomes translatable to soundbites.” The man-in-the-street can now be made to understand through simple soundbites or memes.”

    The thing is, Helen, knowing this and you still prefer to sleep with the devil. This sure says a lot of thing about you and your integrity.

    1. You can’t blame us ordinary people for not taking a keen interest. I’m not going to read the 136-page DoJ court filing. Nor am I going to read the Auditor-General’s report.

      Plus you can’t force people to follow a saga if it involves concepts above their knowledge. If we don’t get the accounting/business/finance terms and transactions, it’s not because, say, Utusan or NST is trying to “confuse” us.

      Only pemakan dedak – like a certain Protun Umno-reject airhead – will rush to promote this when it’s not his area of expertise (his areas being Korean dramas, Japanese cartoons, K-Pop and other fluff).

      1. Helen.. Najib terlalu perlahan & terlalu pengecut utk mengatasi masalah 1MDB ini. Kenapalah Najib bodoh sgt pergi pinjam duit pd Goldman Sachs (inikan sykt Yahudi). Kedua kenapa sampai sanggup jual aset2 strategik negara & tanah2 kpd negara luar walaupun pegangan sahamnya bukan 100%. Ketiga.. Perniagaan apa yg 1MDB sedang jalankan skrg? Keempat.. Kenapa biarkan isterinya Rosmah menunjuk-nunjuk kemehawan beg2 tangan? Kelima.. Allahyarham Tun Razak tidak kaya, jadi mana datangnya duit perkahwinan yg mewah bergemerlapan sampai kosnya berjuta-juta? Keenam.. Terlalu byk tindakan Najib yg ingin menutup kesalahan2 1MDB & peribadi beliau. Ketujuh.. Di dlm jabatan kerajaan terpampang banner yg mengatakan sebarang hamper, hadiah & derma tidak dibenarkan kpd kakitangan kerajaan. Kelapan.. Kenapalah Najib bodoh sgt terima duit derma yg dimasukkan ke dlm akaun peribadi? X boleh ke masukkan ke dlm akaun amanah UMNO? Saya sgt2 benci kpd DAP terutamanya. Malah PKR & PAN juga. Saya sayangkan UMNO tapi Najib jadikan UMNO sbg perisai utk beliau & keluarganya bermewah-mewahan.. Saya sgt sedih kerana terpaksa lupakan UMNO buat selama lamanya disebabkan Najib & pemakan2 dedaknya. Saya tidak mungkin menyokong DAP tapi skrg ini Najib sedang membahayakan & memusnahkan negara tanpa beliau sedari atau tidak. DAP sgt berbahaya kpd Islam & Melayu manakala Najib sedang mewujudkan ketidakpercayaan rakyat kpdnya ekoran tindakan2nya yg byk tidak munasabah. Org Islam & Melayu sgt2 tersepit dlm membuat pilihan. Antara UMNO & Malaysia yg mana perlu didahulukan? Semestinya Malaysia Tanah Airku. Walaupun saya tahu DAP sedang mempergunakan Tun Mahathir & saya rasa Tun Mahathir pun sedang mempergunakan DAP tapi kedua2nya sudah tiada pilihan. Bekerjasama seketika utk jatuhkan Najib bagi menyelamatkan Malaysia & slps itu pasti Tun Mahathir & DAP akan berlawan kembali. Semua org tahu hakikat ini..

        1. Agree with you En. Yusof. It is most sensible and rational piece of opinion. What you have just said succinctly describes the feelings that most of the Malays have about this issue

        2. Bingo!

          Helen tak terjawab sebab apa yg saudara tulis tu adalah benar. Itulah sentimen org2 Melayu professional yg dedak-free dan berupaya berfikir sendiri tanpa ada Tok Dalang ataupun proJib bloggers mcm Helen yg cuba mempengaruhi fikiran mereka.

          1. Setem,

            Saya rasa ‘makan dedak’/ ‘pemakan dedak’ dan sewaktu dengannya ini telah menjadi blanket statement yang sangat damaging and sengaja digunakan to shame people into thinking the same way of Protun people. Same like how Mahathir used to be called Mamakthir/ Mamak by the Opposition as a slur to his racial background, and how people who would defend him (and by extension UMNO/ vice versa) would be termed ‘Macai’.

            With that, I tend to think people who freely call other ‘pemakan dedak’ without checking for truth are people who sadly have been brainwashed into thinking in one certain way only, egged by their preferred leaders, and refuse to open their mind to see the bigger picture.

        3. Yusuf Isa, do you read Corridors of Power by Raja Petra Kamarudin? He writes some very interesting revelation about the donation money and IMDB some time back that would perhaps open your mind about certain things. It would also perhaps show you that what Tun Mahathir is doing , and had done in the past – is not entirely for the good of Malaysia as well.

          I do not particularly like Najib myself, but I have to admit that I do pity him for having to take over the financial and corruption mess from Tun M when Tun M steps down.

              1. if that’s the case, RIza, jo lo and MO1 has nothing to worry about…..cos RPK had said so, americans are all about lobbying only…….US can’t do jack schitt to those properties, painting and jet, right??

                1. y worry? nothing to worry. rpk seem to imply that as long as u got money, everything can kautim, cash is king in america, even if mo1 wan to be the next usa president, i guess if entrusted tis task to rpk, he oso can do.

      2. Now that 1MDB is in the news again the pemakan dedak are hitting your blog in full swing. Or is it just one person with multiple usernames ?

  4. “‘we must read between the line. Najib or 1MDB are not implicated””

    “‘You’re putting two and two. The DoJ filing apparently did not name him””’

    Really……. sorry reality bites…..

    681 million was transfered from Tanore deposits into Malaysia Official 1 accounts
    Then its transfered out of Ambank.

    Do we have a short memory? Or maybe like many dont want to have a memory?

    Remember our local Pak Pandir story everyone.

    1.681 pies was a personal donation from some Arab prince.

    2.Used some 30-50 million .

    3 Balance given back to the Arab Prince.

    4.Confirmed by our AG that money was a personal donation and balance has been returned.

    So what is what? So now our smart and intellectual want to question DOJ .. Already we are the butt of jokes all over the world yet we are sooooooooo glad about it., we are willing to stoop to the lowest stoop and act as nothing is going on.. So i guess this defines

    Malaysia Boleh !!!

      1. I can see it. Probably your computer quirk or firewall.

        Or you can check with other readers.

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