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Tun’s Bersih 5.0 — “a million people taking to the streets”

Tun Mahathir said in his press conference yesterday:

“You know, in other countries, you see a million people taking to the streets to remove their president but in Malaysia we’re very nice people, we don’t normally hold rallies like that.

“But of course if the people feel strongly about it, I think they should have a peaceful rally to demand the removal of this kleptocrat who has stolen money from the government.” — (video @ bottom of this page)

Without missing a beat, the blogger Melayu pemakan dedak quickly followed up on Tun’s call.

PLAYACTING: Squat middle-aged Malay man pretending to be a Chinese girl

Using reverse psychology, Tun had goaded Malaysians for being too “nice” and “timid” to protest on the streets.

Mirroring Tun’s tactic, the Malay mercenary blogger baited Malays by mocking that they are likely to be absent due to embarrassment about being seen marching shoulder to shoulder with DAP demonstrators.

Uppermost on the mind of this Umno reject blogger is the predicament faced by his paymaster the last round during Bersih 4.0 when Cina DAP stole the show.

Chinese eyes
Pudgy Malay male blogger says these are his sepet eyes

Anticipating that the yellow shirts might once again predominate in numbers, the 20k prepaid blogger is trying his level best to cajole the Melayu totok (who he fears are anti-DAP) to participate in the upcoming effort to destabilize our government through “people power” .

DAP needs the anti-Najib rallies to appear multiracial in order to claim success. As much is acknowledged by the lagak lebih-Cina-dari-Cina media operative.

Urging Malays to rally under the Protun-Dapster protest banner, the malicious blogger even fear mongered by warning of a retaliation by the red shirts should there be not enough Malays turning up for the rallies to pressure Najib.

A lack of Malays taking part will give the planned rallies a mono-racial appearance, he warned.

At this juncture in our political crisis, the select group of Malay anti-establishment agitators – working to serve Chinese opposition interests – have a pivotal role to play. That’s why one of them is tirelessly fanning discontent against Najib – writing up to three blog posts a day! – so as to earn his bonus.

girl cartoon
Malay masquerader claims he’s the cute cartoon girl above (with his Chinese mom, konon)

Japan is an expensive holiday destination.

To finance his self-indulgent habits (spa massages, sushi, frequent travel to the Land of Cherry Blossoms, big hotel rooms during his visits) that all cost a fair bit of money, the opportunistic mercenary blogger is now planting ideas to subtly coax Protuns to take to the street.

Reason: He wants Malays to be the buffer that shields the yellow shirts.

What he wants is clearly what DAP desperately requires to happen. No wonder he ranks elite among the well-rewarded black ops spooks.

From his deliberate lies and calculated fraud (pretending to be what he’s not), you know that this is one individual who possesses no scruples. Not surprising the birds of a feather he is now choosing to flock with.

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16 thoughts on “Tun’s Bersih 5.0 — “a million people taking to the streets”

    1. tis bunch of idiot sudah makan dedak la, otherwise they would not use the term official no 1. u must respek the dedak gang, bolih dedak sampai america.

    2. It is written on the walls of Harvard Law School the following epithets:

      “An unjust law is no law at all.”
      {Saint Augustine of Hippo, 4th-5th cent.CE}

      “O ye who believe!
      Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses
      To Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents,
      Or your kin, and whether
      It be (against) rich or poor:
      For Allah can best protect both.”
      {Al-Qur’an, 622 CE}

      “To no one will We sell, to none will We deny or defer, right or justice.”
      {Magna Carta of King John, A.D. 1215}
      Here are several verses from the invocation of Imam Abul Hassan al-Shadzili (ra), (13th cent, CE) who was inspired by our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to compose this “Litany of the Sea” (Hizib al-Bahar). It is seeking the Refuge of Truth against injustice and oppression, wherever it may occur. This litany is part of the treasury of the sufi Tok Guru Nusantara which unfortunately political Islamism has ignored:

      Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
      In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

      Ya Allahu, Ya ‘Aliyyu, Ya ‘Adheemu, Ya Haleemu, Ya ‘Aleem. Anta rabbi, wa ‘ilmuka hasbi, fa ni’mar-rabbu rabbi, wa ni’mal hasbu hasbi, tan-suru man tashaa-u wa antal ‘azeezur raheem.

      Oh, Allah! Oh, Most High! Oh, Exalted! Oh, Most Gentle! Oh, All-Knowing! You are my Sustainer and Your knowledge is my sufficiency, how excellent a Sustainer is my Sustainer; how excellent a Sufficer is my Sufficer. You aid whom You choose,and You are the All-Powerful, the Most Merciful.

      Nas-alukal ‘ismata fil harakati was-sakanati wal kalimati wal iradati wal khatarati minash-shukuki wa-dhununi wal awhamis-satirati lil qulubi ‘an mutala’atil ghuyub.

      We seek Your Protection in our actions and in our quiet, in our words, our desires, and our thoughts; from the doubts and the suspicions and the illusions that veil our hearts from the perception of the unseen.

      Faqadib tuliyal mu’minoona wa zulzilu zilzalan shadeedan.
      Wa idh “yaqulul munafiquna wal-ladheena fi qulubihim maradun ma wa’adanallahu wa rasuluhu illa ghurura.”

      And “truly have the believers been tested and shaken, shaken severely and if the hypocrites and those with doubting hearts say: Allah and His Messenger did not promise us other than delusion” (surah 33:11-12)

      Fa thibbitna wan-surna wa sakh-khir lana hadhal bahr, kama sakh-khartal bahra li Musa, wa sakh-khartan nara li Ibrahim. Wa sakh-khartal jibaala wal hadeeda li Dawud. Wa sakh-khartar reeha wash-shayatina wal jinna li Sulayman.

      Firmly root us, support us and subjugate to us this Sea (of trials and tribulations) as You subjugated the Sea to Moses. And You subjugated the fire to Abraham. And You subjugated the mountains and the iron to David. And You subjugated the wind and the demons and the jinns to Solomon.

      Wahdina wanajjina minal qawmidh-dhalimeen.
      Wa hab lana reehan tayyibatan kama hiya fi ‘ilmik.
      Wan-shurha ‘alayna min khazaaini rahmatik.
      Wahmilna biha hamlal karamati ma’assalamati wal ‘afiyati fid-deeni wad-dunya wal akhira. “Innaka ‘ala kulli shayin qadeer.”

      And guide and deliver us from the People of Oppression.
      And grant us a fair wind according to Your Knowledge and blow it upon us from the Treasures of Your Mercy. Carry us by the conveyance of Your Generosity with Peace in our lives in this world & in the world to come “You are over all things, powerful”(Quran 3:26)

  1. duduk2 ditepi jalan ni, pak syeikh dah buat dah & tak kemana pun, gagal. adakah dgn berbuat benda yg sama akan memberi kejayaan yg dihasrati? who’s the better politician?

  2. bersih ke mana? ketua yang peliwat ada, yang penzina ada, yang pengkhianat ada, yang komunis ada . . .

    1. Bukannya Tun Mahathir asing daripada membuat slogan2 kerajaan yang bertuah. Beliau pernah berkata:

      “Buat kerja dengan amanah, jujur. Dahulu saya cipta slogan, “Bersih Cekap Amanah”. Kalau kita latih diri sebagai orang disiplin, dan andai kita ikuti prinsip yang dibawa slogan itu, negara kita akan maju lebih dari negara maju yang lain.”

      Sesungguhnya Tun telah menafsirkan surah Al-Asr pada penganjurannya supaya rakyat kita tidak berkerugian dalam jalan kehidupan. Amanah itu adalah sebahagian dari iman yang hakiki. Dan amalan yang berprinsip jujur itu tidak akan merugikan diri dan negara.

      Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pengasih & Maha Penyayang

      Demi Masa,
      Sungguhnya manusia ada dalam kerugiaan,
      Kecuali mereka yang beriman dan beramal saleh,
      Adapun mereka yang saling menasihati pada kebenaran dan kesabaran.

  3. Sekarang cuaca tak menentu..panas terik tiba2 ribut kencang, banjir la macam2. Nak adakan demonstration jalanan kesian kawasan2 yang terbabit, kena katop jalan, business, oghang nak pi kerja payah, nak enjoy shopping takleh.

    Polis penat dok kena kepong, kejar, tembak air lepaih selesai majlis2 bandaran kena sapu sampah, cuci bau2 hancing peserta2 yg kencing merata. Boring la.

    Ketua2 Pakatan yang Anti Najib buat video macam Psy, try dapatkan “likes” sebanyak yang bole? Dari US, UK, Singapore, Swiss etc (SR dan WSJ sure will help wan). Kan skrg ni zaman IT, takyah penat2 peluh2 buang masa aja demo kat jalan.

    1. alah, rina….kalu buat video dpt like jer, bukan si kleptocrat akan turun takhta…..ko tak payah risau pasal Bersih turun padang ni, dah 4 kali turun padang, bisness jalan mcm biasa kemudian hari….si kleptocrat masih duk kat takhta…

      1. Surrhead
        Kleptocrat yang mana satu? Semuanya ada kingdom dan tahta masing2.

        Kan depa ni dok ikut skrip Games of Thrones?

  4. You can have peaceful protests to express feelings regarding issues but you cannot use it to topple governments. It is the nature of parliamentary democracy that governments can be changed every 5 years (or so). The leadership also cannot be changed unless members of parliament of the party in power or the party itself decides to unseat its leader. It is also the nature of parliamentary democracy that you have to wait for the next election. In the meantime, try to change people’s beliefs or perceptions to coincide with yours hopefully by giving them truths.
    Already, a state election and three constituency re-elections show that many people are still in support with the government. Yes, there were opposition victories in some constituencies too. But again parliamentary democracy is about the party with the most seats that rule. It does not mean that interests of some segments of the population would be not taken care of. There are rules like the constitution, laws, regulations and general orders that will prevail and ensure equity because the government in power cannot change them at will.
    Yes, you can change governments by means other than through the ballot box. You do it by creating chaos and put people’s security at risk. Then, the people in charge of security (like the army in Thailand or most likely the police in Malaysia) have to step in and restore law and order. In other words you lose democracy.
    No sane person would follow this path.

    1. re: In the meantime, try to change people’s beliefs or perceptions to coincide with yours hopefully by giving them truths.

      The whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God! Protect us against the powerful who change the laws and regulations at will . . . . . . .

  5. True Dr tapi tengok lah datuk datuk yang dok tertungok pun dok tengok saja mereka-mereka tu di pilih melalui proses pilihanraya tak kan dok diam begitu saja jika ikut cara Westminster sekali pun tak kan bala didepan pintu pun nak elak. Wallahwallam bisawab

    1. Saya selalu mengikuti sessi bahas di parlimen melalui TV. Saya dapati ahli dari BN, samaada menteri atau ahli biasa, kebanyakannya berhujah dengan bernas dan memeperlihatkan pengetahuan dan pengamatan tinggi mengenai pelbagai isu. Jadi usahlah perlekehkan mereka. Lain pula dengan ahli dari pembangkang, kerap berhujah tanpa bukti atau berpandangan jauh terutama mengenai GST, TPPA, harga getah dsb. (lihat komen saya di Facebook).
      Saya tidak bersetuju dengan penubuhan 1MDB. Modus operandinya ialah menubuhkan syarikat dengan modal yang sedikit kemudian mendapatkan dana dengan berhutang (pinjaman, pengeluaran bond dll). Lepas itu beli aset (dengan murah) dan jual. Boleh pula tu beri pinjam kepada saudagar Arab. Berniaga begini tiada berkatnya. Bila terdesak jual semula aset untuk bayar hutang. Jadi wal hasil balik asal.
      Yang menjadi masaalah sekarang, ada dikalangan pihak yang mengurus pecah amanah. Bersekongkol dengan orang lain untuk menggelapkan wang.
      Kesalahan PM dan semua dikalangan kerajaan ialah menubuhkan syarikat ini (termasuk TSMY walaupun kononnya ia tidak tahu menahu). Macam usaha lain juga kadang untung kadang rugi. Tabung Haji pun banyak rugi. MAS tak untung untung. ASN dan ASB jika dikaji betul betul tentu banyak transaksi yang rugi, tapi modalnya berkenjah kenjah (kata orang Seberang Perai) jadi tak akan habis habis. Kalau berniaga baiklah dengan modal sendiri.
      Semua kesilapan yang menyebabkan kerugian harus dipikul bersama bukan diletak atas bahu PM sahaja. Namun PM releks saja sebab memang boleh dikata semua dalam kerajaan bersama beliau mengaku bertanggung jawab. Kalau tidak tentulah PM sudah bersara atau telah disarakan.

  6. Buat sesuatu tu macam kalah mati bila tak jadi baru nak salah sesama sendiri tengok lain buat lain strategic business apa benda ber angan-angan lebih pi cekau hak orang lain konon fast gain setakat nak serang negara orang tak kan tak belajak bahawa negara sendiri pun pernah kena nasib juga Allah ta’ala selamatkan jika tidak awai-awai dah telonji

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