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Regime change from domino effect

Tun is joining forces with the opposition to oust the prime minister through an uprising of mass unrest.

Anwar was the former king of street rallies. Tun will be the new emperor of street rallies.

Mahathir cube

Knock, knock, knocking down Putrajaya’s door

Knocking Najib who is the president of Umno will knock his party. Knocking the anchor party will knock BN. Knocking BN that is the ruling coalition will knock the government.

Once the government which is now sitting in Putrajaya becomes sufficiently weakened, there will be regime change. With a regime change, the DAP will come to power.

BELOW: With only a push from the tip of a poison pen – like say the mercenary Annie’s – the smallest unit of the domino can start a chain reaction from its first knock-on effect

domino effect

Peranan Melayu DAP di saat-saat genting

It is acknowledged that the DAP, on its own, cannot assume federal power.

To grab the Putrajaya throne, DAP needs the help of its Raja Mendaliars and Si Kitols. Tun-Protun and Anwar-PKR forces need to be melded with the brute strength and craftiness of the DAP’s terracotta terror army.

The glue connecting anti-establishment Malay Muslims with Cina DAP and evangelistas is the Melayu DAP elite corps.

These are the 20k Malays who share DAP’s dajjal traits of selalu tipu, bohong dan fitnah. They are capable of wreaking havoc because this new breed of Melayu pembohong are willing to cross ethical boundaries which were previously taboo.

They possess the kind of malice which is rarely to be found in the Malay community, and that’s why they’re the rare type of Melayu DAP (ruthless) and not Melayu PAS (clueless).

We’ve already seen how DAP has viciously slandered PAS and smeared the parti Islam leaders. Their main weapon of war is the wicked lie.


Even pretending to be half Chinese to please his paymaster

You can see blogosphere’s most inventive liar in action in one particular blog where the 20k Melayu admin has earned himself the reputation “makan dedak” and “DAP paid”.

Watch the sneaky spinner weave his tangled web of deceit in trying to deceive as many Protuns as he can to back the DAP’s moves for unseating Najib.

Where elections have in the past failed to dislodge Umno and BN, the hateful mob mentality being fomented by these devious, slippery fraudsters on the utra kiasu payroll might just do the trick.


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55 thoughts on “Regime change from domino effect

  1. Helen,

    To make government change possible in Malaysia, the first ingredient is by developing cult. Develop zombies who will believe you .

    Create the perception that if you are not for government change, then you are ‘pemakan dedak’ or racist(meaning UMNO is racist). Green young Malays who feel they are so great but raw when it comes to experience will whole heartedly embrace the change.

    As UMNO rule though with warts and all are liberal and merciful when it comes to treatment of non Malays, many Malays mistakenly believe that PR rule(meaning DAP) will be the same: forgiving and merciful. They have no idea how ruthless DAP is.

    The relentless attack is on UMNO. Najib is the facade only. Only morons will believe DAP is satisfied with Najib resigning. In fact, DAP will increase attack should Najib resign.

    It will go to town saying “what we said is the truth. Najib resigned as he is guilty”.

    What DAP is doing is actually trying to taker away political power. The elusive power that is elusive. The only thing that separates DAP from occupying Putrajaya is this party called UMNO.

    As for Tun, he no longer commands my respect. i accept Tun is critical of Najib. I accept Tun leaving UMNO. but i cant accept Tun working with DAP to bring down the very party that gives him the office of PM.

    Tun is laying a dangerous political game. what a sad comment on life .

    As for those Malays selling their soul to DAP, they are traitors. I understand now why then sultan of Melaka gave the dreaded “sula” punishment to these species.

    1. re: “many Malays mistakenly believe that PR rule(meaning DAP) will be the same: forgiving and merciful”

      DAP will never be forgiving and merciful once China assumes the mantle of the world’s foremost superpower.

      1. Helen,

        Precisely. DAP in Penang is the preview of sort of Maalysia should DAP take over.

        Though DAP loves to preach, it can not accept criticism.

      2. lol anyone knows that DAP is not Chinese so whatever it is China is not interested in what the DAP is doing in Malaysia. In fact if China were to discover that what the DAP is doing leads to a situation where the lives of PRC nationals living in Malaysia are in danger the DAP will find itself in deep trouble.

    2. am msian..malay….student n young. ive seen all posts about hating n haters, n about licking n lickers, so I might as well share my…. not only green n raw but still limited bhind my collegial door.
      can I say…. idiots run dis country? tats wat am thinking. maybe not u…u may as well think they r geniuses. ok let me carry on…. they r not just d ordinary idiots, they r d corrupts who waste our tax money through political filthiness. then speak n lie out to d core. they actually making themselves look more idiotic. they r d pertinent driver who is laughing to see their vehicle rolling downhill. so wat can we do about tat? do we ve to smack d driver down or jump out of d vehicle? either way its a risky option u ve to take.
      y do we ve to face d disaster? now we ve half a million penanam anggur tegar. others r fighting hard just to live on. d kampung folks like me n family….. only education can take us free from poverty. yet, my brothers after 2 graduating r doing maidin store chores for d living. d people like us ‘ll not follow n praise aloud d idiots who cnot run this country. sorry if my rawness is insulting.

      1. fatin
        Nope, you are not rude…thts your sincere thoughts and very much the same feelings my kids (new graduates) and their friends have, tak kira apa jua Bangsa. Sedih kan?

        As a mum I monitor my kids and their friends very closely. Yang terjerumus ikut rentak Bershit and Reformasi whatnot, few very intelligent ones finally wavered, abandoned their studies and following idiots like Adam Adli.. aimless now and jobless!! Rosak!

        Concentrate on your studies, a MUST.. They may claim our education system is hopeless, but my kids, their friends and my friends’ kids, after graduation easily find good jobs in multinational companies in and outside Malaysia. Doing pretty well, handsomely paid accordingly to their qualification.

        Opposition sengaja nak mematahkan semangat dan memperbodohkan Bumiputras.. thats their main aim, so sentiasa berwaspada.

      2. fatin….can you grasp how rina downplayed your ranting?? This is how umno goons cheat kampung folks. By blaming all on opposition, especially cinas and DAP…..You have living examples from your home who are not in a well position after graduating, and you are wondering why??? rina did not give a solution to that, but rather you pay no attention to the setbacks in our country. BTW, there are many more rectifications needed in our country…..

        You may be new to politics – let me give a clear picture – DAP can never take over Malaysia by contesting only 60 parliament seat. Compare this with BN contesting 221 parliament seats……Hope you get the picture, when some fools come our blurting that DAP will take over Malaysia.

        1. Surrhead

          …This is how umno goons cheat kampung folks…

          Saya pun olang kampung tau. Olang kampung saya 100% UMNO. So how can you say here we cheat ourselves? Apala lu?

          1. Well said, Rina. It’s better for Fatin to follow UMNO than DAP kafir harbi when you are caught between 2 grinding stones.

  2. I am sure that the Donald and Hillary would not countenance such perfidious moves in a close ally like Malaysia!

    Neither would Obama, but he’s a “lame duck” serving out the last months of his term.

    John Kerry would be busy thinking about his next career move. And Ms Lynch will be wondering if she will be replaced as Attorney-General when the new administration takes over in the months after the presidential inauguration.

    Which would have interesting consequences for the US DOJ civil lawsuit and matters connected thereto.

    Either the Donald or Hillary, whoever becomes POTUS come November will have a full agenda of “to do” stuff and bigger fish to fry.

    Which would be bad news for those contemplating possible regime changes. Anywhere.

  3. I don’t believe your hypothesis that UMNO and BN will fall if Najib resigns as PM.

    UMNO is much bigger than Najib, the party will survive if Najib steps down as President. Zahid won’t mind cutting short his tenure as VP to take over UMNO.

    BN is even so much larger than Najib. BN will stay at is it if Najib leaves. Zahid, albeit his feign regret having to take over BN Chairmanship, will immediately jump to the opportunity to be PM.

    DAP won’t ever be able to wrest Putrajaya ALONE from BN. It is about to lose its Tokong soon and internal revolt is about to take place soon.

    Other oppo parties are in shambles now.

    It’s that all your PMO handlers wanted you to write in order to defend the defenceless Najib?

    1MDB stink, you can’t pretend not able to smell it anymore.

    1. re: “I don’t believe your hypothesis that UMNO and BN will fall if Najib resigns as PM.”

      You’re a Protun tegar. You don’t even mind Tun bersekongkol dengan DAP.

      re: “UMNO is much bigger than Najib”

      Look at the animated photo above. Knocking down one small domino chip caused a chain reaction that ultimately resulted in the big domino chip toppling over.

      re: “the party will survive if Najib steps down as President.”

      With ABU, there is no love lost for Umno. It’s not just that the oppo want to get rid of Naibe alone, and after that they’ll graciously let Tun return to to the fold revive Umno (as if!)

      re: “Zahid won’t mind cutting short his tenure as VP to take over UMNO.”

      Zahid lacks personal gravitas and political heft. With him at the helm, Malaysia will succumb to Arab Spring.

      re: “BN is even so much larger than Najib.”

      The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

      re: “BN will stay at is it if Najib leaves.”

      I’m not so sure about that. Among the current crop of Umno leaders, it is Najib who is miles ahead in terms of establishing rapport with the component parties. He bent over backwards for MCA and Gerakan to maintain BN unity.

      re: “Zahid, albeit his feign regret having to take over BN Chairmanship, will immediately jump to the opportunity to be PM.”

      If he does, he will not be able to handle the fallout from 1MDB.

      Even if Najib is forced to go away, the issue will not. DAP will not merely crow that Najib is a “kleptocrat” (to borrow Tun’s label). They will go to town that Umno is a kleptocratic party and that’s why its president had to quit in disgrace.

      Having got the voters to hate Najib, it’s not difficult the next step to get voters to hate his disgraced party and kick out Umno so that M’sia is “bersih”.

      Ubah is not only just change the president of the rival party. It is to change the ruling coalition and change the government.

      re: “DAP won’t ever be able to wrest Putrajaya ALONE from BN.”

      Correct. Tun, Protuns and 20k lying Melayu bloggers are helping them.

      re: “It is about to lose its Tokong soon”

      Do you realise that without Tokong DAP will become more popular? Same argument that without Najib Umno can recover some popularity.

      re: “internal revolt is about to take place soon”

      There will be renewal and fresh blood in DAP with an internal revolt. Such a revolt will get rid of dinosaur Kit Siang, which is a good and beneficial development for DAP.

      Do you ever hear anyone (even Umno bloggers) ever complain or say bad things about Chow Kon Yeow? So losing Tokong and having an internal revolt in DAP is not necessarily good news for BN.

      re: “Other oppo parties are in shambles now.”

      Thanks to Najib, PAS is warming up to Umno. Thanks to Tun, the window of opportunity is open to DAP to fish for Melayu totok votes. Nanti Perkasa pula yang jemput Hannah Yeoh naik masjid.

      re: “It’s that all your PMO handlers wanted you to write in order to defend the defenceless Najib?”

      I’ve already stated unequivocally that I do not have any PMO handlers. My track record shows me to be a factual person.

      If I advocate for somebody, I’m open about it. I’ve been upfront that I advocated for Hindraf even though you personally have such a big bone to pick with Waytha and Uthaya, and even though some of this blog’s Malay readers take issue with that Hindu movement.

      Exactly a year ago, I’d already openly declared that I’m pro Najib. I don’t hide it.

      If I really do have any PMO handlers, there’s no reason for me to have to hide the fact since I declared myself a year ago as being Projib. See,

      So stop this slimeball parroting about my “PMO handlers’ that you picked up from scumbag Annie’s blog (which is why I say that Life of Annie is a menace) that’s responsible for concocting the vilest slander.

      Your obsession in harping on this unsubstantiated (Annie’s) RBA allegation against me only makes you as kiasu as they are. I’ve been reminding you … their dajjalness is rubbing off on the Protuns. You become the people you mix with.

      re: “1MDB stink, you can’t pretend not able to smell it anymore.”

      You mean I can’t choose to ignore its gravity anymore. But that doesn’t change my stance that DAP must not be allowed to come to power.

      In fact, with the DoJ blow, the risk of DAP coming to power has increased.

  4. “In the case of Malaysia, we are already seeing the breakdown in institutional functioning and credibility which will likely see the country join the other Middle Eastern countries in the infamous club of corrupt and barely functioning states.

    Malaysia has been betrayed not so much by its institutional traditions, as by its populist Prime Minister Najib Razak. He has ridden a wave of popular support into power on the back of promises for economic liberalization, and growth and opportunity, but has seemingly wasted no time in milking the state dry for his own personal gain and the gain of his family.”

    1. Setem, after ousting their so-called ‘corrupt leaders’ in Middle East countries that had gone full swing into Arab Spring, did you see them functioning well?
      Because what happened is that they seemed to go into eternal winter. Ousting their leaders have thrown them into far bigger mess making their countries a pale shadow of what it is before.

      Please see that some of the most important things will not be seen until it is lost. The zealousness of those who hunt down Najib to the point of bargaining away their own principles and values is the one that will plunge this country down into chaos, in which certain core essence of Malaysia and her people will be lost forever.
      Is that what you want?

      1. that is not wat we wan, but is that wat najib, gang n u wan? then y najib, gang n u do tis to msia people?

      2. “The zealousness of those who hunt down Najib to the point of bargaining away their own principles and values is the one that will plunge this country down into chaos”

        This country has never seen such political nor economic chaos until Najib cast aside the principles and values of the United Malay National Organization.

        1. QUOTE,”This country has never seen such political nor economic chaos until Najib cast aside the principles and values of the United Malay National Organization.”UNQUOTE.


    1. Bibit-bibit Arab Spring.

      Mencerminkan pergolakan hasil pertembungan tamadun. Perancangan mereka cukup terperinci dan bersasaran jauh ke masa depan.

      Bukan sahaja dipalitkan orang Isam dengan “extremisme”/sikap pelampau dan “keganasan” malah sebuah negara Islam moderat dibayangkan sebagai rendah akhlak.

  5. With Anwar now joining TDM and LKS I can already see kubur menggamit2 pakatan whatever name they are coming up with.

  6. “Knocking Najib who is the president of Umno will knock his part..”

    getting rid of Najib doesnt mean end of UMNO, they have changed presidents how many times already? its better for them to do it internally to limit fallout.

    in anycase its their party business. All i can do is vote for someone else.

    1. With the exception of Tunku’s ouster in the aftermath of May 13, Umno has never changed its president at a time when the BN had lost the popular vote.

      When Abdullah Badawi was persuaded to retire, BN had already lost its 2/3 majority (in GE12) but not yet lost the popular vote which was lost in GE13. BN/Alliance has only ever lost the popular vote twice — in 1969 and 2013.

      If Najib is toppled, “the centre cannot hold”. “Things will fall apart”.

      The hardcore supporters on each side are pretty much set in stone. I previously guesstimated that perhaps 20 percent (a ballpark figure) are sitting on the fence. So it’s 40-40-20.

      What’s more important now is for Najib to hold the 40 percent together and intact. This figure will possibly shrink following the DoJ revelations but even if Zahid or Hisham take over, neither men can recover support that is being lost due to 1MDB.

      Those who are anti-BN because of 1MDB will remain anti regardless of whether Najib, Zahid or Hisham is Umno president. But Zahid and Hisham are definitely unable to contain the fallout from the controversial issue.

      If Umno members think with their head, they will realise that it is too risky to jettison Najib now. The BN will crack.

      The severe loss in GE13 could not have been mitigated even if it were Tun or Muhyiddin or Zahid leading BN back in 2013. Remember that the performance of Umno improved in GE13 under Najib compared to GE12 under Badawi.

      Instead it was the non-Malay BN parties (particularly MCA) that crashed and burned, including some Christian BN seats in Sabah and Sarawak were lost. So to conclude, it is the mood of the non-Malays and non-Muslims that is very much anti-BN.

      1. pru 11 – ‘mr. clean’ menang besar kerana 1. bapak penswastaan turun takhta (pengundi dah terlalu benci) & 2. dia cucu ulamak (pas hampir tumbang dikelantan – majoriti 1 kerusi?). pru 12 pulak bn kalah di kedah, p.pinang & selangor & kerana faktor ‘menantu abah’ diantara sebab2 lain.

        jika bapak transformasi turun takhta (perintah dari maharani), maybe we could see the repeat of pru 11 becos most of the voters are emotional. are najib and umno baru as synonymous as lge/lks & dap?

  7. Ms H. I do not believe that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP can achieve power at Putrajaya without a proper leadership and full Malays support. Here are 3 significant examples of its DAP leadership failures :-

    1. In 1998, if the DPM had taken a sabbatical leave in the US with his family, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia – 18 years ago.

    2. In 2008, if the DAP had sorted out the 32 Aduns BEFORE and not AFTER the General Elections, Malaysia would have been under the control of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP since then – 8 years !

    3. In 2013, if the DAP with their allies had declared a boycott of the 13th General Elections and ensconced themselves on a 100 day fast to death ( not even Gandhi had done this ) in the the 1st class Ward of the KLGH with the international media in tow, they would have been in Putrajaya since 2013 – 3 years.

    Instead, we get a band of frustrated and disappointed followers who will bite at innocent remarks at every turn. This shows how bankrupt of ideas the Opposition leadership is.

    Hence, the succinct realpolitik remarks of a Singaporean Apparatchik, Bilahari Kausikan that the DAP is doomed with its pie in the sky politics. Pulau Pinang is the example. And I would NEVER accept any property even if it is free !

  8. “If Umno members think with their head, they will realise that it is too risky to jettison Najib now. The BN will crack. ”

    The Malay people must recover their reason and their hearts. The sagacious faithful will prevail above poisoned politics.

    1. Jade Emperor,

      Maybe you could stop the patronising attitude. Malays despite warts and all(like other races) know how to think too. No doubt they made some mistakes. But do not insult by thinking that the reason they still vote UMNO in is because they cant think.

      It is because they are thinking that they do not swallow all that DAP has been preaching to them. They can see that DAP is manipulative and loves to “putar belit”.

      Why malays are still with UMNO?

      Not that they agree with 1MDB in totality. But because they can feel that DAP or rafizi are using 1MDB to bring down UMNO. They feel that DAP is not telling the truth about 1MDB.

      Meaning they are not sure about DAP’s goodwill if it has any. Malays though are critical about Najib, his wife, believe that DAP or rafizi are not sincere too.

      DAP as it never try to understand Malays fail to appreciate subtle gesture. Malays are asking why on earth Saudi accepted Najib in Holy land if the latter lied about Saudi link on the donation.

      I too feel Najib is telling the truth about the fund from Saudi. Even Bank Negara did say that it received 4 letters from the donor.


      Why UMNO prevails in PRU13?

      Many of my Chinese friends until the very last day before PRU13, believed that BN (meaning UMNO) would likely be toppled. Imagine their surprise(and more importantly their dismay) when UMNO prevails.

      So embraced in their quest to bring down UMNO( and therefore an end to malay political power), they all out preached the chinese to reject BN.

      And the Chinese did reject BN.

      But they ignore the single most important deciding factor: the largest ethnic group. meaning underestimate the Malays.

      To bring down UMNO, you need to get the Malay votes. THE MAJORITY OF MALAY votes.

      And in last election, UMNO manages to get 63% of malay votes. And the bulk of Malays who voted in PR are from PAS. with DAP kicking out PAS, it (and PKR) can kiss goodbye to Malay votes from PAS.


      Few months away from PRU13, anyone who is willing to see already knows that Anwar lost Malay support . Malays view him as “too problematic”.

      While many Malays were willing to vote him when he was kicked out by Tun, the Malays are less forgiving when it comes to second sodomy case. They already can read Anwar’s character.

      1. lemme summarize…..
        1. malays vote umno cos they do not believe dap.

        2.Malays like shamsul still believe 1mdb has done no wrong cos our local institutions says so.

        3. Umno must always be in power even if they are looting the rakyat’s coffer.

        Shamsul can never think right – he’s a racist.

        1. Surrhead,

          UMNO in power as it has been winning the election

          “malays vote UMNO….’

          It is called choosing between the lesser of two evils. Who among the Malays who are moronic enough to vote for DAP when DAP is maintaining an anti malay attitude as long as I can remember.

          Bear in mind that sizable Malays who voted DAP in are mainly from PAS. After DAP kicked PAS out, it must accept reality that its Malays support is as good as “Gone with the wind”.

          And I never said 1MDB is so great. UMNO actually is very angry at Najib as 1MDB becomes a big problem. But for many, najib must be guilty because he is Najib and from UMNO.

          To say that non malays rejected him or UMNO because of 1MDB is misleading. The last election shows vast majority of Chinese wants to bury UMNO six feet under the ground.

  9. Is Zunar taking inspiration from your post here or the other way around or it’s purely coincidental?

  10. Najib kantoi. Songlap duit 1MDB lepaih tu bohong kata derma dari pak arab. BOHONG melayu bangang

  11. Ada dikalangan Melayu (Sunni la kot) hari ini yang sudah menggangap bahawa Syiah lebih bahaya dari Zionist. Pasal itu saya tidak mahu masuk campur dalam permusuhan Pak-Arab. Kerana permusuhan Pak-Arab inilah ‘musuh’ berjaya dan maju. Kedua-dua, Syiah dan Sunni membeli senjata dari ‘musuh’ untuk membunuh sesama sendiri. Ini baru dikatakan, bodoh.

    Saya lebih tumpukan di Negara saya saja. Hari ini, saya juga tidak lagi menganggap DAP sebagai musuh utama. Pada saya Najib lebih ‘memudaratkan’ Bangsa, Agama & Negara. Dia yang pegang kuasa. Dengan kuasa MKN, dia boleh pegang kuasa sampai bila-bila. Kerana, jika dia hilang kuasa, dia tahu, dia akan ke penjara, termasuk isterinya.
    Tuduhan DoJ Amerika saja, nama baik Malaysia terjejas teruk. Begitu juga Agama Islam kerana Najib adalah pelopor Islam-Wasaatiah.

    Oleh yang demikian, DAP akan kembali menjadi ‘musuh-utama’ kepada saya, selepas Najib dan semua penjilat beliau dibuang ke dalam tong sampah.

    1. RD

      … nama baik Malaysia terjejas teruk…

      I pun bole reka cerita buruk2 pasai Malaysia and sebarkan. Lepaih tu hebahkan yang nama baik Malaysia terjejas teruk. Alaaa.. Senang aje kan?

      Years later, buat muka kesian minta ampun macam jadi kat exCM khalid dan lain2.

    2. Previously I was always embarrassed for being a Malaysian because of 2 stupid things that Malaysians are infamous of; terrible driving habits and filthy public toilets due to poor toilet manners.

      I never thought I would have to add a 3rd reason for being ashamed as a Malaysian; for having a PM of DUBIOUS characters. More than a decade ago, my engineering peers from the Middle East would be all praise for Tun M’s many significant contributions to our country, and Tun M’s publicly hard stance against Israel’s aggression towards the Palestinians and his no-nonsense attitude towards condenscending West. Now I hardly hear any positive things coming out of their mouths about the current PM. I’m not surprised if they are laughing over Najib behind my back! Sad…..

      1. Setem

        Ye ke?

        ….ashamed as a Malaysian; for having a PM of DUBIOUS character….????

        Non-stop dari mula naik jadi PM, said ‘dubious character’ being created by Oppo and finally now Protuns ikut serta bermati-matian trying to influence Malaysians and the world to think like that? Dah naik cemuih dok pakai plot sama..

        Last2 jadi biol macam Bush and Blair with their imaginary WMD.. golongan2 pengikut2 DAP dan Protun esp yg dah tua2 finally bole ketahap hallucinate Najib ada ekoq dan Rosmah ada tanduk?? Kekekeke

        1. More than $1bn deposited in Malaysian prime minister’s account – report

          ok la, tanak sue WSJ tak per, WSJ kan gergasi….sue la guardian for stating Najib did deposit 1 bil into his account…..if not, the whole world will see our beloved PM as a dubious character…..dlm negeri boleh pulak main sue-sue, kalau dgn luar negara, takan kecut pulak….kecut kerana org luar negara tidak boleh dipermainkan kut??

          1. Surrhead
            Guardian? PM now exPM depa pun kena kelentong kaw kaw received wrong/fake info on WMD apa you cerita ni?

            JKRowling buat cerita fantasi magic2 pun berseri2 buku dan movie sampai jadi kaya raya. Kan betina SR from there, sedara mara ex PM lagi… Pasti macam2 fantasi dia dok pikiaq dalam kepala dia kan?

            Issssh Brexit problems inhand pun tak terurus and nak masuk campur hal ehwal negara oghang plak?

            Pasai sue here and there kan itu kepakaran Empress Kok dan Emperor Lim egg gua?

            1. apa yg ko merepek ni, rina?? tak masuk akal, WMD la, JKRowling la, Brexit la…..
              org dok cite pasai report yg terpapar kat dunia ni pasai PM kesayangan kita, ko pulak dok merepek…..bagi la idea mcm mana PM patut tangkis berita segini….kalau diam jer, kang satu dunia ingat PM kesayangan kita ni pencuri…..kan lagi parah tu, dan memalukan kita sebagai rakyat bodoh yg menyokong pencuri…..jadik sue atau pun hantar tentera kita serang US….

              1. Surrhead

                Haiyaaa, olang bikin celita you ada ekoq you nak selak kain kasi tunjuk to prove benda tu tak ujud?

                You mau ke sue olang gila yang bikin itu celita? Takde bukti, tak siasat betul2 nanti Mahkamah ciakap you yang sebenarnya sudah gila.

                1. The old man instituted the system. He wanted such a system so that he can rule without opposition and he did for 20 plus years. Najib inherited the system. Why blame him ? Anyone in his position would do whatever it takes to stay in power. Replacing Najib will not change a thing. A new man will simply make more changes to the system so that he will rule unimpeded. So he is not going to be any better than Najib. What people have to realize is that unless everyone agrees that we need to fundamentally change the system, we are going to have more of the same, regardless of who is in power.

        2. Rina – I suggest you start reading media/blogs/articles/news that are not paid by Najib.

          1. I suggest that Rina start reading media/blogs/articles/news that are paid by the Anti Najib Campaign.

          2. Setem and 916Malaysia

            Bila baca media/blog/articles from those mentioned by you, semua sekadar main agak2, tekor2, belum apa2 menuduh, whats going on? You all nak tendang Najib biaq la kejap dan kukuh semua bukti baru le cooool oghang semua including me akan terima.

            Nampak gelopoh kalut desperate nak sangat tendang Najib, itu dah lain macam nih? Kan PAC dah bagi recommendations and investigations ongoing?

            Alaaaa, perwaja dulu apa kurangnya, takde siapa pun babitkan TDM kan? Last2 you baca tak what happened to Perwaja?

            Sekadar baca sana sini, dengaq itu ini saya tak main ya. Anwar corner sana sini last2 pun takleh lari juga!

            1. Oh Rina, my comment was merely sarcasm. Only pemakan dedak believe the Anti Najib Campaign.

            2. quote”Alaaaa, perwaja dulu apa kurangnya, takde siapa pun babitkan TDM kan? Last2 you baca tak what happened to Perwaja?”

              go file a police report laaa pasal perwaja. why bi*ch here?

              your attempt to deflect the 1MDB debacle issue to old issues is very lembik one.

              don’t try again. malukan org Melayu penang laa.

  12. Rina

    you’ve said before you are not a fan of Najib nor Rosmah. That you are defending the seat of the PM..not the person

    so apa susah…Zahid kan ada….awat….tak suka Zahid ka? ;)

    See, Najib is smart….he picked a not so smart DPM…can you at least admit that ? :)

    and sorrylah…im not gonna say the US for this and that…crimes…that would be hypocritical….of course they are a superpower….obviously ou will see the bullying….


    we’ve been , for a very long time, being one of their biggest trade partner….we send our kids to the US to study ( myself…an american graduate)….we use a lot of American products…heck even my guitar and my amp is made in the US :D

    oh not forgetting…siap main golf tu dgn POTUS..jgn main2….banyak duit nak lobby tu :D

    also its ironic that the consensus is to REJECT Cina ( by way of DAP)


    now it seems we have to be buddy with China…

    also a lot of our assets pun dah kena jual ke China

    talk about caught between a rock & a hard place eh?

    1. quote,”See, Najib is smart….he picked a not so smart DPM…can you at least admit that ? :)”unquote.

      I beg to differ. DPM has a PhD, and Najib had to sit for pre-univ exam twice to gain entrance to univ.

    2. Orang Perlis
      So ini cara hangpa nuuu? Sesuka hati nak tendang oghang? Dah berapa ramai TDM dok buat macam ni?

      SiAnwar tu kena tuduh dapat juga naik turun mahkamah bela diri … (tu pun dalam lockup kena tendang juga kan?), akhirnya found guilty baru kejap macam ni. Ni belum apa2 dah nak juga tendang? Klo kata otak dah nyanyok satni hangpa marah pula.

      Setem… Perwaja tu tak kira la kes baru atau lama. Macam LGE beli bangarow, kes dia akan menjadi kes study, teladan dan pengajaran kepada pejawat2 awam for many many years to come tau?

      …….DPM has a PhD, and Najib had to sit for pre-univ exam twice to gain entrance to univ…..

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