Will Malaysia now be more friendly to China?

What a stab in the back from the golfing buddy. The DoJ presser was like a whack on the head with a golf club. Is Uncle Sam trying to spring an Arab Spring on us?

Suppose that come November, the Islamophobic Donald Trump succeeds in becoming Potus?

trump jesus banner

Not that the hawkish Hillary is any more of a peace-lover — she has, after all, a reputation for warmongering in the Middle East when she was Secretary of State.

Whichever one of them gets to sit in the Oval Office, the influence of the neo-cons and Christian fundamentalists will surely be felt in the White House; it’s just a matter of degree. What then will be the USA’s policy on foreign affairs wrt Islam?

In which case, perhaps China rather than the American hegemon will be a better friend for the small Muslim countries.

To refresh our understanding

China is Chinese.

DAP does NOT! represent Chinese culture nor civilization.

While its members may largely be of Chinese ethnicity, DAP is in essence an evangelical party with a structure that’s Christian top-heavy.

MCA, the Malaysian CHINESE Association, is the organization which has ties with China. DAP, on the other hand, is a child of PAP — the ruling party in Singapore which is America’s chief satellite in our region.

China and her one billion ‘real’ Chinese are freaked out by evangelistas.

DAP, the evangelical party that is supported by the Chinese diaspora in Malaysia, is actually a departure and aberration from mainstream Chinese sentiments.

What the Umno/Malay/Muslim-led gomen needs to know

There is at present yet another clampdown on churches in China.

Beijing is simply freaked out by the Chinese evangelistas. It is the same creepiness like if Malaysia were to hear that Malays are converting to Christianity in droves.

Evangelical Christianity poses an existential threat to the Chinese nation state. The Tokugawa shogunate had also come to the same conclusion in Japan’s not-too-distant past.

Wenzhou authorities remove the cross of a 'Chinese Jerusalem' church in Dongyang on 30 May 2014
File pix: Wenzhou authorities remove the cross of a Dongyang church on 30 May 2014

“All of the crosses will go”

Previously, demolition of churches by the Chinese authorities had centred on Wenzhou, a seaport city in Zhejiang province that’s dubbed the ‘Jerusalem of the East.

But state action on churches has now expanded to Hangzhou, which is the Zhejiang capital. A district government in Hangzhou recently tore down a large cross displayed on a church wall in Jianghan.

China is intensifying her campaign to remove a potent symbol of Christianity – the (rooftop) church cross – from dominating the Chinese skyline.

“The crosses have come down in waves, with at least 1,200 removed as of last summer [2015], according to people working for government-run churches. Many local residents [in Zhejiang] estimate the figure is now close to 1,700.

“It was quiet late last year,” one local Christian said, “but the government is now making it clear that all of the crosses will go”— see ‘Decapitated churches in China’s Christian heartland‘ (The New York Times, 21 May 2016).

China is a one-party state

The party politburo is a body that rules over 1.3 billion China citizens. It is a huge responsibility taking charge of the teeming masses.

Hannah Yeoh

Lay preacher Hannah Yeoh is among the prominent DAP evangelistas camping in mosques; PAS should be monitoring not only Penang but Subang Jaya too

Recommended read:

PAS: ‘Buletin Mutiara sebar doktrin canggah Islam ke masjid di P. Pinang’

Bulldozing churches is not a decision to be carried out lightly unless the communist oligarchs are convinced that such a course of action is in the best interests of China.

It is only because they firmly believe evangelistas are a clear and present danger to China’s existing social order that the rulers in Beijing have greenlighted the current crackdown.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Ubah — change in Malaysian geopolitics

China’s leaders understand well the Chinese psyche and how Chinese subversives operate. (Evangelistas are a deviant cult.)

Umno leaders evidently do not comprehend Chinese behaviour, much less which among the Chinese community are evangelistas, i.e. a group not even belonging to mainline Christianity.

PAS ulamas are more clueless (due to the lack of exposure to, and interaction with Chinese/evangelistas) and thus were easily suckered by DAP into allowing its evangelistas to occupy masjid and surau.

Hannah Yeoh pergi ke masjid untuk ma

If Malaysia finds itself realigned in the near future — moving closer to China and becoming more distant from America, then the factor of China’s wary attitude to the evangelistas and on the opposite side of the coin, the influence of the evangelicals in Congress and on the White House must be carefully evaluated by Najib and the PMO.

Team Najib must understand that something like the mutant missionary DAP would be an anathema to China, to Beiijng and to the billion-strong Chinese polity.


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52 thoughts on “Will Malaysia now be more friendly to China?

    1. I am really surprised none of you can detect the sense of preplexity Penang (the local government, the religious authorities etc) would be when I point out the boo boo they made when they allowed the Oh My God MTV to be shot in Penang.

      Did the Catholic Church, Burmah Road Siamese Temple, MBPP, Khoo Kongsi, a certain Hindu temple and the Chew Jetty realise that by allowing Namewee and the Taiwanese band 9-1-1 to flip they allow themselves to be mocked? Imagine the video featured Jesus, a Buddhist monk, an Arab and these scenes mock the hosts that allowed the filming. The hosts (i.e. church, temple, kongsi etc) thought the filming is for publicity and tourism not releasing the video mocks Jesus, Islam, Taoism and Buddhism.

      You wouldn’t realise this if I did not point this out. Watch the MTV carefully again.

      1. Whats the big deal? It is just an MTV show.

        Only the WEAK ones will feel disturbed and intimidated. Utterly stupid to get upset over a video.

        1. That was how the chinese were brainwashed to convert. I was shocked to find out that the buddhists are no more, my observation. Even a close friend I asked, cited she did not know what her religion is. Another one said she is a free thinker
          That was the result of ignoring minor signs of brain and mind manipulation. Without realising it, the minor issues takes anyone not being surprised not realising it. The weak ones are supposed to be the ones who are not firm in their belief , easily manipulated and converted. I think one day the new-born evangelists will convert to other religions.

          1. re: “I think one day the new-born evangelists will convert to other religions.”

            I hope one day the new-born evangelists will meet their karma for the harm they’ve caused to others.

      2. that’s the difference between fundamental Muslims and rest of the world…….the rest of the world would probably find this to be NOT a pressing issue…..A fundamental christian would leave it to God – as he believes God Knows All…….thus no need for extreme actions………in fact, i find it to be funny and catchy

        1. You keep using the word ‘fundamental’ but I seriously do not think you know what it means

          1. Do i need to care what you think about about me?? BTW, just to give you a much clearer picture, Islam is a religion with fundamental practices i.e hudud…and i find people who freak out over these type of music video to be fundamental too……in case you are finding it hard to get my drift…

    2. I enjoyed that video. Namewee can come to Penang anytime.

      UMNO lousy cunt bastards not allowed, ok? I repeat UMNO lousy cunt bastards not allowed

      Thank you very much and have a nice day

      1. I have not been to penang since the dapsters took over. I feel the place is jijik, kotor and hanching. just like china, as told by a chinaman tourist guide when I was touring europe. no thanx to Penang, the way i boycott macd and that oldtown cafe wtv and the ilks. Let us boycot penang, macd, oldtown cage wtv and the ilks. When the business there go bankrupt, then we ll go to take over.

        1. Then we shall reply by boycotting malay eateries. Which are already half dead in Penang.

          1. Penang Kia, you don’t need to go down to wawe’s level. just because of these fools, we don’t take grudges on people who are earning a honest earning. It is shameful to see Muslims preaching holier than thou antics, while “niat” itu sememangnya jahat…

            1. Haiya sorehead. you do not have any level. where else you wanna go? lower level, balik la lu. orang tak kesah la lu punya non pendapat or not. who are you, btw? just a pendatang. watave la lu. who cares about what you non-think! niat la konon. niat lu ialah merompak in all sense of the manade niat apape other than that. talk so much, nobody cares. shameful wtv, you manade shame, since lu migrated. the lowest level or non level of any species.
              berpura concerned for a non-tanahair. it is just a place to cari makan, for you people. where got other niat wan? hypocrites! may i offer you a better place to migrate? sure, sorely lu wan wan! See, nobody takes you seriously wannn!
              The key-word is your asal usul, your championing of yr tanahair, not lari bila ada famine, civil wars, warring factions and what-not, wtv. Heard of Mat Kilau, Dato Bahaman and Dato Maharaja Lela? Never. right? coz you do not care wan, your heart is somewhere else.

              1. “who are you, btw? just a pendatang.”

                I keep on harping on about the Melayus being the most racist group of people on planet earth. And they keep on disagreeing. I can’t believe they can’t acknowledge this.

                1. FHAAHD, in general, melayus are not racist people…..but the umno goons, who are usually not highly educated and easily duped, are usually fooled into believing that chinese are bad people. By shouting pendatang and whatnots, give them a euphoria of being a higher being. Ya, it’s bullshit, but these goons believe that. And can you see how wawe freaked our when i exposed her “niat” – her heart is black. But it’s not for me to judge, it’s for her to realize.

                  1. If I may mencelah kejap,

                    You accuse BN of being racist” because it is made up of race-based parties.

                    But now Tun’s new party is going to be solely Malay (‘bumiputera’) but that’s alright as long as it’s anti-Najib and willing to join forces with the opposition.

                    So it’s not a matter of principle but political expediency when Pakatan Harapan embraces Tun and his new project?

                    1. Everybody knows Tun’s agenda, just to kick najib out and save umno. As for PH, they grab all ammo needed to oust bn.

                      Yes, i too would like to see najib replaced, and i would like to see it happen during a GE…..and these partnerships might help to achieve that during GE.

                    2. What is the difference then between the BN (communal parties) formula and the Pakatan set-up of Tun’s Malay party + the Chinese-dominated DAP + the Muslims only PAN?

                      The parties individually are not a healthy mix that represents all Malaysians.

                      Currently in the DUNs, DAP has the most number of Aduns in Penang, Selangor, Perak and Johor.

                      However if a small shift were to give the opposition a simple majority in the latter two states, or if there were to be an exco reshuffle in Selangor, DAP does not have even a single Malay YB to nominate as the MB.

                      Neither does the DAP have a single Malay among its 19 Penang Aduns.

                      So they require Mahathir and his party to lead. Yet oppo voters spent the last two elections trying to erase Mahathirism.

                      Isn’t embracing Mahathir now doing the full circle and returning to square one? Apa yang ubah?

  1. Someone sent me an article yesterday on China making major moves to ban Islam.

    They clearly see religion as a dangerous ideology.

    I’m not in favour of communism.

    But religion, if not curbed, can have a devastating impact on the running of governments.

    I don’t need to go into details as it is evident in almost all corners of the earth.

    I don’t condemn the actions of the Chinese government in trying to reduce the influence of religion. I actually applaud it.

    When we embrace religion, we disavow reason.

    Stay faithless, my friends.

    You become wiser.


    1. re: “Someone sent me an article yesterday on China making major moves to ban Islam.”

      Can you provide (share with us) the url of the said article?

      China has been harsher on Christianity than she has on Islam (no mosques demolished or minarets knocked down so far).

      But even though China has taken stern action against churches and pastors, she has not banned Christianity as yet. So it’s hard to credit news that China intends to ban Islam.

      What do you think chances are that the news is a piece of Western black propaganda — like the alleged WMDs in Iraq?

      1. She obviously hasn’t asked the Uighurs in Xinjiang what they think of the CCP!

        Wasn’t there a campaign in Xinjiang to dissuade people from observing the recent Ramadan?

        Or was that misreporting?

        Btw, some Uighurs have landed up in Indonesia and security agencies there think that a linkup with homegrown ISIS supporters is in the works.

        Or is that more “Western black propaganda”?

        1. Dissuading Muslims from observing the recent Ramadan is not at par with demolishing churches.

          The authorities can’t jolly well tie ’em up and force (force-feed) them to eat.
          Practically speaking, how is a ban on fasting to be enforced?

          1. A Google search using the words “China Ramadan Xinjiang” yielded the following (all for 2016):

            1. “China Restricts Ramadan Fast For Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang” (

            2. “Ramadan 2016: China bars civil servants and students from fasting in mainly Muslim region” (

            3. “China restricts fasting in Ramazan for Xinjiang government staff, minors” (

            Restriction or repression?

            As far as Christianity in China is concerned, the numbers of Christians there aren’t decreasing. And, afaik, the Chinese government hasn’t stopped Christians from observing Good Friday, Easter and Christmas.

            Anyway, it would be strange for an overtly secular China to make common cause with an Islamic/Muslim-majority country……

            And I doubt that Malaysia would want to burn all its bridges either the US. Starting with opting out of the US Dollar-dominated international financial system and opting to use the Yuan/Renminbi.

            1. No hahaha?

              re: restriction or repression?

              Depends on whose viewpoint. To you it may be the former and to the Malays, the latter.

              re: “afaik, the Chinese government hasn’t stopped Christians from observing Good Friday, Easter and Christmas.”

              So, neither Christianity nor Islam has been banned by China.

              re: China restricts fasting for govt staff

              How to implement? How can the authorities force the Uighurs to eat?

              1. Really. Are you denying the reports from 3 separate sources?

                And haven’t you heard of “forced feeding”?

                Or the threats of having your employment terminated if you don’t play ball?

                Why don’t you you ask the Uighurs in Malaysia if the reports are true or a bunch of falsehoods?

                1. I did not say that the ban is false. I asked how such a ban can common sensically be implemented?

                  Would you care to share with us some news reports of Uighurs being force fed?

                    1. Giving the references is all.

                      If you want to follow it up or not – that’s up to you.

                      China is an equal opportunity anti-religion country. Officially.

                      Islam, Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism – all are treated “equally”.

                      The CCP is the master of all it surveys. And woe betide anyone or any country that tries to get in it’s way.

                      As demonstrated in the South China Sea.

                      Or with Cambodia and Laos supposedly acting at China’s behest in Asean.

                      At least the US is around to provide some semblance of balance.

                      Which Malaysia is loath to acknowledge, apparently?

                      I suppose that as the US DOJ lawsuit wends it’s way through the US courts, this ambivalence will get more pronounced.

                      Neither Trump nor Hillary owe Malaysia any favours. Or are beholden either.

                      Talk of being caught between a rock and a hard place!


      2. You need to look at what the PRC gov is doing in Xinjiang. As far as they are concerned anything that is a threat to the state is fair game.

        The PRC is not going to ban religion but if people use religion to oppose the state the state will respond forcefully.

        1. Truly, these Wahhabis have destroyed the religion of the Seal of Prophecy, Sayyidina Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Allah Most High has decreed him as a Mercy sent for the worlds of existence. Any action or speech that contradicts his teachings has thus fallen outside the pale of Islam.
          Say, (Oh Muhammad, to humanity): “If you love Allah, follow me; Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. Allah is Most Forgiving and All-Merciful.” (Quran, 3: 31)

          A certain man was circumambulating the resplendent Kaabah in pilgrimage carrying his mother on his back when he met his teacher. He asked: “Teacher! Have I repaid my debt to her?”
          The teacher replied: “I hope so.”

          “Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain to old age in life, say not to them any word of contempt, nor turn them away, but do address them with honor. And out of kindness, lower yourself to them in humility, and pray: ‘My Lord! bestow on them Thy Mercy even as they so cherished me in childhood’. ”
          (Quran, 17:23-24).

          Abu Usaid Saidi r.a. said: We were once sitting with Rasulullah when a man from the tribe of Salmah came and said to him: “O Messenger of Allah! do my parents have rights over me even after they have passed away?” And Rasulullah said: “Yes! You must pray to Allah to bless them with His Forgiveness and Mercy, and fulfill the promises they made to anyone, and respect their relatives and their friends.”
          (narrated by Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah).

    2. Eugene

      ….When we embrace religion, we disavow reason….

      Free your time just an hour each week and attend Agama classes to at least learn how to read the Quran. You will be amazed to discover the wonders of Islam.

      Tak tau macam mana nak jatuh cinta?

        1. Kineas 1067
          On this I do agree with you.
          Tak kenal maka tak cinta.

          Eugene, lets just ponder on this one first;

    3. “When we embrace religion, we disavow reason. Stay faithless, my friends. You become wiser.”

      Well, how do you reckon that Eugene? I mean are you proclaiming your belief as a general exhortation to all kinds of people about every religion?

        1. So for you, faith and reason are incompatible? You are not alone. But there are things of the human spirit that defy articulation and go beyond logic don’t you think? Eventhough we would all sink without a healthy regimen of critical reasoning in our affairs – in this world. What could Socrates have meant when he uttered, “I know one thing: that I know nothing”?

  2. Helen

    …Is Uncle Sam trying to spring an Arab Spring on us?…

    Hai kan China and Spratly islands in the spotlight? Nak guna Singapore kawasan dah sempit, Singaporeans pun live in pigeonholes, kat mana nak sumbat kapalterbang2 mereka?

    Kan Sabah belly dekat wan. Thats why some here already dreaming of moving the mountains there?

  3. Its like this la. Najib and his gang have only 1 strategy left. And that is keep lying.

    Keep lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying…..

    Najib is stupid for taking too much out of 1mdb. If he taken 1or2 mil chances are he would have gotten away with it. But if you take 2.6bil it would not go undetected

    Sry la Najib, no one can save you

    1. re: “Its like this la. Najib and his gang have only 1 strategy left. And that is keep lying. Keep lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying…..”

      You’re describing the RBA and Annie Anakin.

        1. Whats the big deal? It is just an MTV show.

          Only the WEAK ones will feel disturbed and intimidated. Utterly stupid to get upset over a video.

  4. Dear Helen,

    Here’s the link:

    Thank you to the readers trying to make me see the beauty of your religion, but having been brought up in the faith of Catholicism, I doubt it will change my mind about my loss of faith in faith.

    God and I disagree on too much, and so now we’re no longer on speaking terms. He also couldn’t answer many of my questions, and it was then I began to realise He actually didn’t have the answers. If He doesn’t have answers to my questions, why do I need religion?


  5. Perhaps China would be more accommodating if these evangelists spread the true teaching of Christ. Unfortunately they are not. Cross is just one of so many examples. Rest assured Christ in his second coming would disown crosses and other types of widgets invented by people who had misunderstood his teaching.

  6. Very easy to see if Msia is friendly to China. Just look at the events of recent years:-

    1. Panda;
    2. Xiamen campus;
    3. 1MDB sold energy assets to China;
    4. Bandar Malaysia land is sold to China consortium;
    5. HSR is confirmed. Soon, contract will be awarded to China contractor;
    6. China ambassador making statement on red shirt rally;
    7. China is Msia’s largest trading partner.

    We don’t see Msia making such overtures to India, Arab and EU countries. Msia is indeed beholden to China.

      1. Don’t think US will ever initiate any proceedings against Najib. At most, US will seize the assets alleged to be acquired using funds misappropriated from 1MDB. Seizure of assets is equivalent to wrongdoing (albeit without criminal sanction on individuals) especially when the owners of the assets do nothing to contest the seizure.

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