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Zairil Khir Johari: Umno rompak harta negara

Strategi DAP bagi sama ada …

  • Melayu skru Melayu
  • Melayu celup skru Melayu
  • Melayu (nilai 20k itu), yang menyamar sebagai kacukan Cina, skru Melayu

… sedang berjalan dengan giatnya.

“Sebetulnya, orang Melayu patut takut dengan Umno kerana menipu dan merompak harta negara atas nama perjuangan Melayu.” — Zairil Khir Johari berkata dalam sebuah rencana yang diterbitkan di Roketkini pada 23 Julai 2016.

ruj. ‘Al-Kisah Melayu dan DAP (Bahagian 2)

BAWAH: Seorang lagi YB penyamar yang mahu segala-gala di’ubah’ ikut selera DAP, seiring dengan hasrat parti evangelis tersebut untuk “Bersihkan Malaysia”

Hannah Yeoh bertudung litup
Hannah Yeoh bertudung litup

BAWAH: Azira Aziz (pembantu kanan Hannah Yeoh) membawa placard yang menyarankan “Siapa takut Bersih memang kotor”


ATAS: Bersih 4.0 membuat tuntutan “impeach the dirty PM”; Bersih 5.0 pula bakal menuntut supaya Najib digulingkan

Najib kotor

Umno kotor

Malaysia kotor

Hanya DAP bersih seputih salji

HannahYeoh Bersih

Hannah Yeoh memberi ucapan atas pentas ketika program DAP untuk “Bersihkan Malaysia”


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32 thoughts on “Zairil Khir Johari: Umno rompak harta negara

  1. Zairil, though chinese by birth, is a good reflection of Malays in Penang right from peasants in kampungs to aristocrats in Komtar. Nothing wrong with submitting to the whims and fancies of DAP as long as their bellies are full. The “Kucing Kurap” which MP Jefferey Ooi used to label them is a small matter compared to RMs which DAP keeps flooding their pockets. Undoubtedly, the Malays in Penang have soared upward.

  2. The irony here is that a person who is by birth a Chinese identifies himself as a Malay.

    1. The irony is how Dapsters whack Ridhuan Tee – accusing him of trying to be “lebih Melayu dari Melayu” – when in fact

      – RT keeps his ‘Tee’ Chinese surname and ZKJ does not

      – Ridhuan was a life member of MCA while Zairil is DAP

      – Ridhuan registers his children as ‘Chinese’ in their birth cert while Zairil’s DAP gang try to register theiur kids as bangsa “Anak Malaysia”

      – Ridhuan is cursed by the Dapsters for converting to Islam (they say he has shamed the Tee clan, he is “pengkhianat bangsa”) but Zairi’s Muslim and kononnya Malay status is feted

      – Ridhuan is the victim of racist slurs (they say he can’t get rid of the pork from his veins, or that he can’t escape his pig DNA) but with Zairil who is the stepson of an Umno veteran, his Melayu-ness diangkat dan dijulang

      Conclusion: Dapsters are deranged

      1. Indeed.. they seem perfectly normal on the outside but once they start talking about politics, they’re so emotional you’d think that Najib personally murdered their mothers or something. Crazy!

      2. Zairil never attack the chinese.
        RT attack the by labelling them ultra kiasu and all sorts name after his conversion.

        Cant you see the difference, bitch?

        1. tehtarik
          ….Zairil never attack the chinese….

          Haiyaa toknek moyang mak ayah lia kaw kaw Chinese, lia UBAH nama dan DNA cina lia dan mutated jadi Melayu! Bukan sekadar attack, kira hapuskan darah cina completely.

    2. Actually the DAP can be “anything they want”. The only party with “absolute” power to do what they like, seems they are above the law.

      That’s why ROS so silent regarding the status of their “illegally” elected offcios, raping the hills of Penang and tunnelling away billions with no report in sight….

      Alas, nothing much can be done….even the so called authorities….

      1. His real name is Christopher Lim. Khir Johari was his step father. Chris Lim is 100% Chinese and that’s why he thinks like a Chinese but pura-pura mengaku Melayu. The Malays know this guy cannot be trusted.

  3. Kenapa dap tak mau kelas kan untuk melayu dikalangan ahli-ahli mereka sebab apa yang terlihat hari ini dan berlaku tidak sama dizaman Tun, mereka sama-sama meyumbang kearah dan demi kecermerlangan rakyat dan negara kenapa hari ini pulak ia lah semata-mata nak selamatkan Malaysia.

  4. …..menipu dan merompak harta negara atas nama perjuangan Melayu. Namun, DAP yang tidak pernah menindas mana-mana kaum pula menjadi mangsa…..

    hehehe hebat mulut celopar Zairil nih – sendili tatak suluh muka dalam cermin ke?

    DNA Singapore Apek + DNA Singapore Aso = Melayu Zairil?
    Bab ini pula dia nak panggil apa? menipu, merompak, menumpang, hijack, hitchhike atau parasite?

    Owh mungkin sebab 80% body weight of all Singaporeans are made up of water from Malaysia their children’s DNAs “mutated”?

  5. Keril ni, jangan la hallucinated dgn Malays. It is not that we do not realise, we realise it that, once in power, the dapsters will not only merompak, it will also meratah everyhting in sight. The dapsters are simply hooliganistic in nature, name all the negative traits, all theirs…busuk hati, perompak, tamak haloba, to infinity.

      1. Surrhead,
        Betoi tu, semua voters esp BN voters are not stupid. Tu pasai sejak Merdeka BN menang, baru2 ni 3 PRK pun menang.

        …plundering of nation without any consequences?…
        Ini pun betoi juga. Jangan kasi muka.

        Contoh kita lihat incidence kat lowyat. Telah memberi kesedaran jangan berterusan oghang duk plunder duit rakyat kena beli barang2 tiruan/fake/ciplak rompak etc. Buka business macam Mara Digital Mall, hmmm kan dah ada dua cawangan, tak lama lagi buka banyak2 lagi.

        1. Rina, you are a true blue moronic racist…’s really hard for me to get down to your level and explain to you the consequences of your dumb decisions that’s only benefiting a few from umno, especially the top guns only……If that lowyat thief is your hero, so be it, cos that’s what you are. This just clarifies you and your kind support kleptocracy – and that’s why najib’s thieving is a non-issue.

          1. Hiii, this sorehead? does anybody bother abt what he says. the most corrupt, indescribable level of organism..nothing that is spawn carries any weight.

          2. Laaa kamu ni Surrhead?

            Oghang bikin kemudahan supaya rakyat tak tertipu hari2 sejak Merdeka dok kena kelentong harga, timbang, beli barangan tiruan (paid at ori price) bla bla hang tuduh saya racist? Mara Digital Mall is for all Malaysians la..

            haiyaa.. You faham tak apa erti thief ke?Penjual barangan tiruan ciplak, tiruan, 2-nd bekas curi products bla bla tu kepala segala pencuri tau. You sepatutnya tolong tangkap mereka2 ni semua apahal plak nak support their business?

            1. Laaa Rina…..mengarut lagi….ko nak cover kes lowyat kononnya peniaga lowyat yg menipu, tak payah la, semua org tau apa jenis pencuri hp Shahrul tu….org gilo tu…kalau ko nak lagi info pasai shahrul tu bagitau,i boleh link kan….

              BTW, penjual barangan ciplak dan ckp ori itu bukannya dipanggil pencuri, tapi PENIPU….pencuri adalah budak Shahrul kes lowyat…..tapi bapa penyamun najib cover 2…tipu dan curi…..tipu rakyat dan curi duit rakyat….muka tembok tu……

              1. re: “tapi bapa penyamun najib cover 2”

                Oii. How can simply say one?! Your kucing cirit-birit osso you will kaitkan dengan Najib.

      2. Stupid or not, wtv, senili(sendiri) cakap mesti betul.
        haha, plundering nations wealth. look who is talking. why bother. you should have stayed in your previous homeland and not plunder others’ til the land is barren, like the tin mines and the hillsides, such as Cameron highland. who are the culprits who botakkan tanah sampai rata di sana?

        1. And where were the regulators in the state & federal governments while all this “plundering” & “barren-ing of land” was going on? Sleeping on the job or “buat bodoh”? Still happening in Cameron Highlands, Sabah & Sarawak, ya?

          No laws & regulations on the books, izzit?

          1. That is the problem. Orang yang buat salah nak dilepaskan. Alih isu, alih goal post, live in denial, typical of a particular trait, too familiar of a particular species. The issue is, where is the self-restraint? Tak de civic conscousness. Kalau tak de pemantauan tak boleh hidup ke? Mesti nak dipantau.Tak boleh ikut peraturan ?
            Same like the people who abuse the emergency lanes along the highway. If they misuse the lanes, they are jeorpadizing other road users who follow the rules since the road rouges have cut the queue. In Islam, they owe other road users their time and petrol consumption. In other words, they are answerable in the aftermath for the queues that they jump for the time and petrol consumption needed to be spent by other road users who follow the rules. Besides, they also tempt other law-abiding citizens to follow their negative up-bringing traits. Imagine if everybody starts behaving like these road thugs, there will be no more need for the 3-4 lanes, the government should only build the emergency lane, single line. And the ambulances could use the normal lanes …haha! Unthinking road users. These are the kind of citizens who are wasteful and useless to the country.
            These are the culprits whose descendants had been brought in by the British a long time ago. The kind who will grab anything and everything in sight, no matter what, even during Hari Raya open house(the boon habit is still on going during the recent celeb where the asos brought along containers and plastics. No wonder the later guests of a raya open house came back hungry, the fnb had been ‘tapaued’ by the forever ‘hungry ghosts’).
            Kalau orang lain boleh ikut peratuturan tanpa melakukan rompakan, tanpa perlu pengawasan, ikut peraturan, why can’t they do the same?
            How do most of them curi tanah? First, they simply pacak and tanam at any piece of land. After many years, they claim the land to be theirs. This kind of people memang berperangai penyangak. They would do anything unthought of by other people. The worst part, there are people like the commentor above who will gleefully back them up, and back up their ill upbringing traits,so the negative traits prevail. Birds of the same feather, bersekongkol, bersubahat.
            The enforcement officers are for normal cases and not for culprits en-masse. For that kind of massive destruction, more enforcers are required, the need to employ more enforcers, to the chagrin of a certain quarter. The point is, if everybody follows the rules, there will less requirement for more enforcers and the wasteful resources which could be channelled to other more beneficial courses. No wonder the government needs more revenues to ward off all this unlawful traits in the form of some unlawful peeople.And they cry foul about gst, that is the result of the wasteful habit of the culprits above who are always in need of pemantauan.
            They love pemantauan/enforcement so much that they won’t bother about self-restraint and good conduct. Talk about good governece, should start with good conduct of every citizen to deserve them that, ironically speaking. For Cameron, this is not any ordinary case, the army needs to be mobilised to ward off the thugs and gangsters or the lanun in Cameron. Simply because the thugs apparently from a particular group of people refuse to follow the rules. Always want to plunder anyone’s or any countries’ wealth since time immemorial.

            1. re: “This kind of people memang berperangai penyangak. They would do anything unthought of by other people.”

              Termasuk orang Melayu hipokrit seperti Annie Anakin. Perangai penyangak 20k tidak terbatas kepada satu-satu kaum khususnya.

            2. wawe, you sound like a person who is not happy with multi-racial nation, my advice is for you to migrate to a nation when you won’t be going through this heartache day in day out. It’s sad moving to pathetic. And moreover addon the future influx of Nepalese and Bangladeshis, that would really mess you up…..Lead a happy life in a nation of your preference, and die well….

              1. Sorehead has gotten crazy. To think that anyone would heed your blatant scrap.. Your advice, my foot. Why are you still around? Btw, did you really go through my previous long rendering.I guess you would not last the first few lines before getting ablaze. Obviously, I am against cross migration initiated by the early colonials. Even they have realised the negative consequences alas too late that resulted in Brexit. Even fellow Europeans are unbearable to them, what more those unrelated in any minimum trait from a far away land.

                1. re: “Even fellow Europeans are unbearable to them, what more those unrelated in any minimum trait from a far away land.”

                  You have hit the nail on the head, wawe.

                  But don’t hope for the delusional bunch of poseurs (Firsters) to possess even a modicum of self-awareness to be able to realise evident truths.

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