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Is KJ on his way out?

Umno Youth making a police report against MACC chief Abu Kassim, ex-AG Gani Patail and former Bank Negara governor Zeti is a deadly serious business.

However it was not Pemuda boss Khairy who had lodged the police report but his deputy Khairul Azwan.

Of late, KJ has been keeping a low profile. Rather than actively defending No.1 – like say ARD, SSK, Azalina, Nazri and Ismail Sabri – he has instead distanced his Pemuda Umno from the party president when traditionally it is the youth wing that takes up the cudgels.

For Umno Youth – under Khairul’s initiative – to presently accuse segments of the MACC, the central bank and the Attorney-General’s office of trying to topple the Najib administration is tantamount to a declaration of civil war.

Hence now is the time for the Umno warlords to answer the roll call. Either they’re with The Prez or they’re against him.

What has KJ divulged to evangelista(?) Regina

Khairy is one Umno man who is seen as hedging his bets.

He had once even declared that he does not mind if his office staff are opposition supporters (see tweet above).

In fact, Khairy was asked by Umno bloggers if he ever provided “first hand knowledge of what is going on in the Umno ministries” to sleeper agents of his political rivals.

Not only is KJ a Malaysian Firster with a Dapster on his staff but his press secretary could well be an evangelista too.

Regina Lee’s most recent tweet – see below – quotes the following Bible verse:

I will carry out great vengeance on them and punish them in my wrath. Then they will know that I am the LORD, when I take vengeance on them. — Ezekiel 25:17

KJ is too cosy with the evangelistas

Regina’s boss himself adopts a dubious stance on matters pertaining to the Christian-Islam conflict in Malaysia. As one example, he likens Isma to the extremist group Boko Haram.

The cosmopolitan KJ is at heart a liberal. As an international student studying abroad, his schooling days were spent in a missionary Christian environment.

Not too long ago, Khairy was in the controversial Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) to launch a book of Dr Denison Jayasooria — an evangelical who is a lay preacher as well as Comango activist.

There is no place in Team Najib for lieutenants whose loyalty is suspect. KJ’s close association with Dapsters and evangelistas means he cannot be trusted to carry out the abata agenda.

A fight to the finish

In his latest Che Det blog post yesterday, Tun implied that those Umno ministers giving pathetic excuses (e.g.  ‘Malaysian Official 1’ is not identified explicitly in the DoJ document) must be “goons” of Najib for them to disclaim the PM’s involvement.

On his part, Tun has urged foreign countries to name and shame the MOF1 culprit — see Monday’s report by Australian broadcaster ABC, ‘1MDB: Former Malaysian PM calls on foreign nations to shame Najib Razak over scandal’.

Tun is clearly going for the kill.


No quarters given by Dr Machiavelli Mahathir

Continuing on his warpath, Tun slammed the current AG Apandi Ali, saying:

” The A.G.’s words have no credibility at all. His claims that there is no evidence of Najib’s wrongdoing in all the reports submitted to him is about as credible as a crocodile shedding tears.”

Tun further piled on the accusations as he goes for Najib’s jugular.

He blogged yesterday:

“They [the rakyat] cannot do anything themselves because Malaysia Official 1 controls the Attorney General and the police – the enforcement agencies. They cannot remove him through a vote of non-confidence as he controls a majority of the Members of Parliament through illegal measures.”

It is no wonder the police are investigating our ex-premier when he is practically begging for foreign intervention.

Proclaiming that Malaysians “don’t want to be led by a leader suspected of kleptocracy of stealing billions of Government money”, Tun added, “Like it or not they [dissenters] have to rely on actions by foreign countries”.

He concluded, “When the thief is in charge of the police and the prosecuting agency, only foreign intervention can bring about justice”.

Bersih 4 London Marina Clare

Tun calls for street rallies to topple Najib

The preferred course of action by Tun is for people to take to the streets and precipitate Najib’s ouster.

His daughter Marina had previously made an appearance at the London chapter of global Bersih 4.0 (pix below), sharing the same stage as Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle Brown.

Photo credit: Mariam Mokhtar

Marina Mahathir had also participated in past Bersih rallies held in KL.

Not only is Marina is the darling of the Nest of Evangelistas media but she has a wide fan base among the Firsters too.

Marina at Bersih. See which side of the divide she's on
Marina on the side of the UBAH crowd

Protun dan Dapster bersekongkol jayakan agenda DAP

Khairy Jamaluddin, on the other hand, has done nothing to stanch the increasing popularity – if not radicalism – of the Bersih movement.

It was the Red Shirts led by Jamal Sekinchan and Ali Tinju who put a brake on the Bersih momentum. Not Khairy. Not Umno Youth.

Marina Bersih 4.0 londonThere have been altogether four Bersih rallies which Najib characterized as being consecutive slaps on the Malay right cheek and left cheek – and repeat – but through it all, Umno Youth did nothing.

Marina, on the contrary, has helped popularize and legitimize Bersih through her participation. Hence a couple of days ago she became the unwitting mechanism for the Melayu 20k operative to carry out his goading.

BELOW: “[Annie’s] blog has now turned into a haven for Pakatoons and Pakatuns to bash Najib and his government.”

Annie Najib whack

Toxic dump of a blog that is the ‘whack Najib’ haven

It must have been a surprise for Marina to find herself the target of a below-the-belt (actually on her exposed armpit) hit from out of the blue.

Tak semena-mena ada blog longkang cari pasal dengan keterampilan si Marina yang kelihatan berbaju tanpa lengan menampakkan ketiaknya. Cara berpakaian beliau tiba-tiba dijadikan bahan cemuhan.

For those of you who are yet to latch on as to why that Malay gutter blog – lately populated by Dapsters and RBA – chose to swing such a low blow at Marina, the answer is simple.

The sneaky bastard Malay blogger wants to make Marina’s Firster fans angry. To see this favourite child of Tun getting whacked for her liberal dressing will only elicit sympathy.


Marina a potential crowd puller

Therefore, should Marina take part in Bersih 5.0 (which is most likely), then large swathes of the liberal public comprising all races will feel moved to walk with her in solidarity.

Thus the aim of getting more demonstrators to join the Bersih protest will be furthered.

When that Malay fraudster (who is blogosphere’s champion whacker) takes a potshot at Marina’s hairy armpit, it is really a strategic tactic. They’re going for broke and need to make the next rally a success at annie cost.

Having the dedakian bash a Bersih icon is beneficial to the opposition’s objective. Ka ching!

Melayu DAP have chosen their side. Tun and Marina too have chosen theirs. What about KJ now?


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73 thoughts on “Is KJ on his way out?

  1. UMNO Youth filing a police report against the trio Zeti, Ghani and ex MACC fellow for alleged conspiring to bring down Najib is an act of stupidity of the highest order. It reflects the low caliber of UMNO Youth leaders.

    Poor UMNO. The party has a dimmed future. It’s youth members are clueless.

    1. Setem
      Kesian diri sendiri dulu ma.

      Baru buat police report, investigation belum apa2 lagi hang dah kalut tuduh oghang “stupid” (boloh) and clueless?

      Tak lama lagi hangpa mula keluaq cerita pasai isteri, anak menantu, cucu, kucing Khairul Azwan kan?. Haiyaaa boring la kamu nih!

  2. Frankly, I like KJ for spearheading the Jom Belajar Koding initiative and being able to complete a triathlon.

    Think his strategy now is to build his reputation differently from previous Youth heads.

    How that’s going to pan out, time will tell.

    If he’s not impatient to grab power, he can go the distance. Still quite young, after all..

  3. Helen

    You accuse KJ of being liberal

    But the Prez and his family also very liberal….

    so how?

    1. Granted that the wife a bit problematic but PM recently willing to don jubah and kopiah, and take part in selawat (public programme).

      Once he mixes more with the PAS people, it will rub off.

      KJ on the other hand has got a (seeming) evangelista in his office.

      Always be mindful of the company you keep. That’s why I’d remind the Protuns flocking together with Dapsters to beware absorbing RBA traits through osmosis.

        1. I hope you will tolong sekolahkan any of your friends duped into thinking that Hannah Yeoh has become Islam-friendly just because she keeps posting photos of herself in tudung on the social media.

          SO FREAKY a these alim-alim kucing evangelistas. Bila agaknya MAIS dan JAIS akan kuatkuasakan larangan?

      1. quote,”Granted that the wife a bit problematic but PM recently willing to don jubah and kopiah, and take part in selawat (public programme).

        Once he mixes more with the PAS people, it will rub off.”unquote.

        Sorry, haven’t you been accusing Hannah for being pura-pura when she donned the tudung, visited masjids, had break fasts with the Muslims during Ramadan.

        You’d think Najib will change when he started to rub shoulders with PAS people?

        Politicians are all alike laaa, Helen. Politics are all about perception. Wayang kulit, most of it.

        1. re: “Sorry, haven’t you been accusing Hannah for being pura-pura when she donned the tudung, visited masjids, had break fasts with the Muslims during Ramadan.”

          (1) Najib is a Muslim. When he is in a mosque, he will pray. As a non-Muslim, Hannah is in the mosque solely for the purpose of politicking.

          People who give bigger donations can just quietly send a cheque. (Haha, or imagine when Ku Nan donates lembu-lembu, he must insist on photo ops NOT!)

          Muslim donors will not bring a posse of interns to eat hanya sekadar dok tebus derma RM1,000 yang tak seberapa itu.

          (2) Admittedly the suave image of bespoke suits better reflects Najib’s persona in our popular imagination. But jubah and kopiah are Islamic dressing and Najib is a Muslim. He is not dressing ‘outside’ his religion.

          Hannah, on the other hand, is appropriating the hijab. If she’s sincere about tutup aurat, she will similarly wear tudung to work. After all, she has a gomen office.

          (3) It’s okay for Najib to break fast with Muslims as he puasa. Since Hannah is a bak kut teh fan, it’s obvious that she does not observe a halal diet.

          Non-Muslims do join their Muslim friends in Ramadan buffet social events but it’s mostly in hotels and restaurants.

          For a pork lover like Hannah Yeoh to keep barging into mosques is very much in your face.


          1. I am no fan of Hannah or any of the current DAP politicans.

            But she wore the tudung while in mosques due to the standard requirements by the mosques. And she did not barge into mosques, she was invited, I believe.

            And there is nothing wrong buka puasa with non-Muslims. I did it every year with my fellow non-Muslims colleagues.

            1. re: “But she wore the tudung while in mosques due to the standard requirements by the mosques.”

              I thought it is budaya Melayu (or is it Muslim culture) apabila tangan kanan memberi, tangan kiri sendiri tidak mengetahui. Tak payah lah hok diheboh-hebohkan. Derma dia yang 1k tu bukannya sebanyak manapun, especially when you bring a big group melantak kenduri.

              And another thing. Hannah Yeoh is such a sneaky bastard.

              She was rightly admonished by a Sin Chew columnist for her opportunism but she made the straw man argument that he was a Chinese chauvinist and religious extremist who did not understand nor tolerated the need fpr non-Muslims to respect mosque custom.

              In fact, she egged on her rabid, blinkered followers to hate on him.

              re: “And she did not barge into mosques, she was invited, I believe.”

              Alright. She was invited. But she won’t be getting any more invites from PAS. Only PAN.

              I can’t see why JAIS is failing to enforce the MAIS circular vis-a-vis Tuanku’s titah that masjid/surau merupakan rumah ibadat khusus untuk orang Islam and is not to be misused for politicking.

              re: “And there is nothing wrong buka puasa with non-Muslims. I did it every year with my fellow non-Muslims colleagues.”

              Are you saying that your non-Muslims colleagues suka masuk masjid untuk makan-makan?

              1. Aiya Helen, why the obsession with HY? She is just a junior politician at state level. Yes, she invaded mosque but is that a crime? Other than certain people feeling hurt, there is no real bodily injury, monetary and property loss. Why bother anyway?

                We have a much bigger issue now, i.e. the US DOJ civil seizure lawsuit on assets alleged to be acquired using misappropriated funds from 1MDB. You should start to blog about it. Not that hard to comprehend. Can read the link here:


                You should be able to raise some pertinent points.

                1. re: “Aiya Helen, why the obsession with HY? She is just a junior politician at state level.”

                  Actually, the Speaker (Dewan Rakyat, Senate and DUNs) rank very senior in protocol. See pix below, the Sultan is flanked by the MB on one side and by the Speaker on his other side.

                  Also in terms of the office/post that they hold, there are not many DAP politicians outranking her, with the exception of LGE and perhaps last time LKS when he was opposition leader in the House.

                  re: “Yes, she invaded mosque but is that a crime?”

                  Since she is a habitual mosque goer and she wears tudung, she ought to tell her her stance on hudud.

                  re: “Other than certain people feeling hurt, there is no real bodily injury, monetary and property loss. Why bother anyway?”

                  She is spearheading DAP 2.0 — the new vanguard of evangelista YBs, i.e, OKM, Tony, Yeo Bee Yin, Steven Sim, Rajiv and plenty more.

                  1. re: she ought to tell her her stance on hudud.

                    You just arrive in Msia meh? Already blog for so long. HY is from DAP and the latter is dead set against hudud. HY’s stance is the same. Still want HY to confirm some more ka?

                    1. re: “HY is from DAP and the latter is dead set against hudud.”

                      She’s a chameleon.

                      It wasn’t too long ago that the DAP were dead set against wearing songkok. But today Hannah Yeoh is happily wearing songkok and strutting around officiously in her impressive/elaborate state uniform.

                      (There’s never been a female Speaker before, so she’s wearing the official regalia same as her male predecessors, i.e. including songkok. They did not redesign a feminine uniform just for her use.)

                      re: “Still want HY to confirm some more ka?”

                      Given that HY – like Annie Anakin – is a master masquerader, stating her position in b & w would be good.

              2. Happens in Singapore, Helen.

                The recent “Buka Puasa” meals at mosques and CCs in Singapore were attended by non-Muslims too.

                The Ramadan bazaars in Geylang Serai, Arab Street, Tampines etc were well-patronised by non-Muslims.

                And no one made a big deal about it.

                A more mature, tolerant and grown-up attitude? As opposed to an immature, intolerant and childish/infantile attitude?

                Inclusivity vs exclusivity?

                1. re: “Happens in Singapore, Helen.”

                  Singapore is strictly a secular country.

                  re: “The recent ‘Buka Puasa’ meals at mosques and CCs in Singapore were attended by non-Muslims too.”

                  This mosque occupation does not happen in the BN-ruled states. Only in Selangor and Penang.

                  re: “The Ramadan bazaars in Geylang Serai, Arab Street, Tampines etc were well-patronised by non-Muslims.”

                  Was it you who previously mentioned that in Singapore, the food courts sell both halal and non-halal food side by side. And that the various races have no problem to sit at the same table eating their separate food choices?

                  So, do the Geylang Serai, Arab Street and Tampines pasar Ramadan also sell non-halal food stuff to cater for the non Muslims that patronize their stalls?

                  re: “And no one made a big deal about it.”

                  Singapore is a secular nation. Islam is not the religion of the tiny republic.

                  re: “A more mature, tolerant and grown-up attitude? As opposed to an immature, intolerant and childish/infantile attitude?”

                  Differing attitudes shaped by secular vs Muslim environment.

                  re: “Inclusivity vs exclusivity?”

                  Secular state vs Muslim land.

                  1. mana ada muslim land atau islamic state.

                    Sahih International: Say, “Travel through the land (earth) and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation. Indeed Allah , over all things, is competent.” (quran29:20)

                    allah taala tak pernah rezab mana2 tanah khas utk muslims macam tanah rezab melayu.

                    1. Yup, Kineas also does not need a passport to travel to his favourite First World countries because no land is separated by national boundaries.

                  2. From what I’ve seen, the Ramadan bazaars in Singapore have both Muslim and non-Muslim vendors selling food, beverages, clothes etc.

                    The organisers of the bazaars curate the food and beverage offerings, without any reported problems or controversies.

                    There are a lot of non-Muslims who patronise these bazaars to buy “once a year” Malay kuih and delicacies.

                    It’s just taken for granted.

                    And you are right about the “secular environment”. It makes it a lot easier for different races and religions to feel “comfortable” in their own space and who have no qualms about interacting in public spaces (schools, workplaces, food courts, national service etc).

                    1. Maybe so.

                      But Turkey is still schizophrenic, don’t you think? In wanting to join the EU, Erdogan’s bravado notwithstanding? Or in wanting to be the “bridge” between Europe and the Occidental east?

                      Erdogan is using whatever means possible to get a place at the table. He doesn’t want Russia, the US, Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to negotiate a deal over his head.

                      Realpolitik trumps religion as the means to an end.

                    2. I thought they’d cold storaged the idea already.

                      It took Croatia, Poland and Hungary 10 years to successfully become members.

                      Turkey applied to join the then EEC in 1987. It’s been almost a 30-year wait and pending. Christendom are afraid of Muslim Turkey.

                    3. Kineas 1067

                      ..There are a lot of non-Muslims who patronise these bazaars to buy “once a year” Malay kuih and delicacies….

                      Bohong la kamu ni. Did you actually go there yourself or again main agak2 saja?

                      Habaq mai sini sat, malay delicacies apa ada jual kat situ? Ramly Burger?

                2. “A more mature, tolerant and grown-up attitude? As opposed to an immature, intolerant and childish/infantile attitude? ”

                  Mature together lah in common national school from infancy through childhood . . . . . . .

                  1. Exactly.

                    Including the fact that there is a flourishing madrasah school system in Singapore that follows a government-mandated national curriculum and which makes English & maths compulsory subjects.

                    But you left out the bit about a government that is committed to keeping Singapore a secular country and continued religious and racial harmony. Including coming down hard on anyone, regardless of race or religion, who crosses the “red lines” or “out of bounds” markers.

                    1. kINEAS1067,

                      Yup. How I wish Malaysia is as firm as Singapore in dealing ith racist DAP. By the way, are you aware that Singapore does not have separate school system

                    2. Really, shamsul?

                      What, then, are the madrasah schools in Singapore doing?

                      They follow a national curriculum, with an added emphasis on Islamic subjects.

                      But their administration and teaching staff are not controlled by the Singapore Ministry of Education.

      2. Not only the wife problematic la…

        anak lelaki dia kaki clubbing

        anak perempuan dia pun liberal lifestyle ( tgk vacation photos pun dah boleh tahu dah)

        anak tiri dia..well…we all know whats going on with him :D

        their family….and the families of many UMNO ministers…are very liberal in their way of life and thinking…

        so dont get fooled ;)

        1. It’s okay. The “let’s ban Selena Gomez” PAS leaders will be a moderating influence on the Umno liberals.

          1. The “misanthropic misogynists”?

            Oh, my…

            Meanwhile, Ms Gomez is laughing all the way to the bank.

            Like Ms Taylor Swift.

            So much for the “ban the concerts” PAS.


      3. Helen,

        Precisely. Khairi being an UMNO guy who won Ketua Pemuda post should have taken an UMNO man as his political secretary. Yet, he chose Regina Lee.

        UMNO is not his personal property. He becomes MP due to support from UMNO. BUt, when it comes to appointing official to help him, he chose Regina.

        This is an acute problem facing UMNO. UMNO who’s who contested and won in heavily Malay majority areas. Yet, they are so proud of appointing those who dreams on getting UMNO buried the sooner the better.

        Cant Khairi appoint one UMNO youth to the post? At least, he would expose the guy to high level politics.

        And I cant agree more. While Khairi projects a liberal image(meaning tolerating Malay bashing), it was KEtua Bahagian of Sg Besar who organised RED movement and effectively telling BERSIH that Malays can match any of BERSIH gatherings.

        And the best part is that the RED gathering was held just right on front of Petaling Street. Miracle does happen. Chinese who previously said that any gathering should not be thwarted as they are manifestation of freedom of speech, became kelam kabut.

        What Jamal did was actually very ordinary. Jamal just did what any decent man would do in that predicament. What is required is firmness. He just turn the table. Even without UMNO express support, the RED movement brought in the admirable crowd.

        Jamal managed to rattle DAP especially and to lesser extent PKR. The myth that UMNO lost Malays support was broken. Jamal has managed to send message to DAP when others in UMNO fail.

        Why? Because he used the only language that DAP understand. Firmness and refusal to be treated like an idiot.

        Something that Khairi can learn . Something that UMNO should adopt.

        Kalau nak harap Khairi “habisla UMNO”.

        1. And all this helps the Malaysian economy how?

          Does it encourage foreign investors to make long-term commitments to the country?

          Or will they be more wary about the deepening racial/religious divide and take their funds elsewhere (like Singapore, for example)?

          So, the “Red Shirts” may be cock-a-hoop that they’ve outflanked the DAP/Bersih etc, but long-term they will lose the war.

          Because they’ve no answers about how to grow the economy, increase incomes, reduce inequalities and provide good jobs. Keeping Malaysia relevant in the international scheme of things is totally alien to their mindsets which are all short-term.

          1. Kineas1067,

            “…and all this helps the Malaysian…..?

            How about you ask Guan Eng whether it is necessary to hold another election In Penang when everybody on this planet knows that the suggestion is for Guan eng’s political survival only.

            “…long term they will lose the war…”

            On the contrary, the Red movement managed to put some sanity into Chinese mind. Finally, Newton Law of physic is beginning to be accepted by Chinese. They realise that Malays can bring their grievances right on their(Chinese ) faces in the very heart of Petaling street.

            ‘…They’ve no answer….”

            What do you mean? Are you saying Malays “makna tidur ” only?

            1. Dodged my questions about the economy, investments, jobs, competitiveness, relevance and other such mundane matters, have you?

              Why am I not surprised? Long on rhetoric, but short on effective and practical solutions.

              Unless there are Chinese still coming in bearing gifts…..

              Which kind of begs the question, doesn’t it?

              Given an increasingly nationalistic China driven by the Xi doctrines and an uber aggressive domestic media.

              It sort of makes you wonder just who is “sleeping” and who has their “eyes on the ball”.

              The Red Shirt movement?


              1. Kineas1067,

                Dapat oghang macam kamu how to progress? Kerja bayaq cukai semua kat Singapore, balik Malaysia sekadar mai beli barang2an subsidised by Malaysian gomen.

                Hari2 kalau tak minum ayaq Malaysia bukan saja otak kamu pun takleh fungsi, nak hidup pun takleh. No living thing can survive in Singapore soil, faham tak.

                Inilah yang dikatakan dog bites the hand tht feeds him.

            2. Is that so?
              I like to see the chinese ambassador distributing some mooncakes to the chinatown people again.
              I like to see the reactions of the red shirts.

              By the way, who is paying for jamal ikan bakar’s tekun loan for the failed ikan bakar outlets?
              Anyone can enlighten a bit?

  4. One comment from Syed’s blog which I found to be a gem!

    Mmm said…

    I think is a foolish move, only idiots can do this. The 3 have already retired and out of the corridors of power, why disturb them? They may forced to come out and split all the beans. Since DOJ already done all the necessary work, the 3 can be heros overnight. People will overlook their pass sin, just like Dr. M and Mooo.

    Tuesday, July 26, 2016 7:54:00 PM

  5. The rakyat’s dilemma – summed up – “They [the rakyat] cannot do anything themselves because Malaysia Official 1 controls the Attorney General and the police – the enforcement agencies. They cannot remove him through a vote of non-confidence as he controls a majority of the Members of Parliament through illegal measures.”

    The actual scenario Malaysia is facing is already known and stated by all, only umno goons prefer to play dumb and blind.

    Riza Aziz being in the picture is already a good indicator on who would have orchestrated the whole 1mdb scam.

    I don’t like najib, cos during his reign, price of household goods and whatnots have risen tremendously. But i would prefer him to be around for GE14.

    1. Surrhead

      …., price of household goods and whatnots have risen tremendously…

      Depending on what you buy la. Controlled basic food items price increase are negligible. Each year for Hari Raya our grp distribute food packs to the needies, barang keperluan dapur harian, ada naik sekupang ada turun dua kupang, tak banyak.

      Harga melambung tu the greedy shopkeepers…and those very excited about GST.. and just boycott these traders. Tak mati kalau tak beli barang mereka.

      1. Go to tesco, mydin, jusco..worth the trip. For baju raya, go to those organised at pwtc, mood rep. etc. never the chinatown-like shops and the ilks. I even cancelled an order of baju kurung from one apia shop for her rudeness and ill upbringing trait.The mere mention of gst by a shopkeeper will shun me from the shop the rest of y life. To them mentioning gst is a fad, cool and updated? In actual fact, the concept had been a familiar one in most foreign countries.

        1. The Pakatan Harapan supporters are all high class, high society. They will not shop at those places you just mentioned.

          1. I had never made any reference to this pakatan haprak in whatever suggestion I made about shopping. These are the familiar places for normal people like many of us.Once in a while, some of us do make our yearly escapade to outlets like Harrods, U.K. etc, never the danger zone B.B. what-not. Btw, there are also always hipster outlets sprucing up in the like of Shah Alam.Never mind the ‘high-class society’ wtv, whatever they are up to.

            1. Harrods? They have VAT woh. Why complain abt Najib’s 6% GST and yet feel proud to pay 20% VAT at Harrods?
              Sounds like you are a katak bawah tempurung trying to keep up appearances and class! Malu loh….

              1. ttarek wtv,
                you misunderstood my writing, i am surprised.? I am not against gst at all, only against those using gst to exude exorbitant price to the customers. yeah, i went to Harrods etc a couple of times, nothing much spectacular about that, why do you sound panicky or jilted?.just keep the receipt later claim vat at the airport before departure. the 20 p.c is refunded.Don’t tell me you are not aware of this simple fact? I still keep the refunded pounds til today.
                There is nothing to keep up and whatnot, since my family member is residing there.We could also use the “Loyal customers’ Discount Card” to get better bargain and discounts up to 50-70 percent. How is that compared to 20 p.c.?. Hewhew!
                Many Malaysians and Muslims were also doing their Raya shopping there.Since I was on visits, I might as well go to the place, purchasing souvenirs for relatives. Besides, not all items there are expensive. It caters to a wide array of purchase and affordability.
                So, refrain yourself from jumping up and down before you attempt to nail any comment. It is just a respond to a comment above that stated that the pakatun followers comprise of those from the upper echelon. This is just to verify that our political inclination does not necessarily indicate our status or preference of the shopping outlets, as often pointed out by the supposedly higher echelon group who often associate the kampong folks with the establishment, besides negatively harassing them
                Did you really understand my comment? Seems like you dare not really understand the truth before blurting out with your false allegation. Sedap nye perumpamaan yg you guna, I guess it suits you amicably.

                1. ” Many Malaysians and Muslims were also doing their Raya shopping there.”

                  Wow, memang ada klass ya. Raya shopping in UK?
                  Oh boy, whose money you guys stole from?

                  Talking about claiming VAT, you know the procedure or not? So easy to claim ah?
                  Still keeping the pounds from VAT claim? Wow, again, which poor contractor was that got robbed by the bastards ” pengarah ” or some civil servants?

                  1. HAIYA.. kalau jealous pon, do not make it so obvious. Apa yg saya tau lanun yg dibawa masuk oleh brits decades ago from one eastern troubled country, also enemy to Japan, and the descendents are the real lanun. Hiya, all this going shopping in ukay, is nothing new. You ni duk bawah tempurung atas bukit mana?
                    All this stuff is back dated laa, nak kecoh sampai gini gitu. Obviously, your kind memang tak boleh tengok orang lain lebih dari you all,,,confirmed my belief about your busuk hati. Patut la korang attack semua entity yang maju associated wt the Mims, Terserlah kebusukan hati korang.
                    Tuduh orang lanun la konon. Pdahal sendiri yang keturunan lanun. Tapi, tak heran la perangai korang cam ni. I see it everyday, everywhere. Malas la layan orang yang busuk hati hati dan pendengki ni hal macam ni.
                    My family member is earning there laa apa nak kecoh ni? Memang I pergi U.K. every year. Ade ape hal you? I nak visit my family pon, salah ke? Ni apa lagi you nak tuduh. Kalau you muslim, bolh la I advise you fasal menfitnah and what-not. Tapi if you are kafir harbi, I tak tau la nak cakap apa. Watave la.
                    Btw, whatever you say tak jadi kudis pon disini. coz I don’t have any respect for people like you and your ilk. Can’t be bothered.
                    It is just, kesian tengok orang macam you ni with negative aura and what-not surrounding you. In Islam, jealousy and busuk hati is among the key root of evil.
                    Benda kecik je pon, tapi you cuba nak besarkan isu…haha, watave! and it all started sebab ada commentor kat atas ni associated political inclination with puchasing power. Ridiculous you all ni, you and your ilk. After this I malas layan remark cam you hantar ni, kids’ stuff.
                    Fasal vat tu,go figure yourself, tak yah dok kecoh la. Buat malu kat mat saleh jer. I met and had long conversation with a few of them, none behaved and ‘talked’ like you. One of them even asked whether I was a native there! Woahhh, terbakar tak you? Fuming burning with jealousy? Tak yah jealous la, rezeki masing2, my advice, if you happen to be a muslim.

                  2. Apala tehtarik ni, kecoh pulak fasal vat. Apa yg susah sangat nak claim vat ni? you pernah pergi? pernah cuba claim tapi tak tau, tak dapat? kesian! hewhew! If you find it difficult or tak dapat claim vat, do not assume others as stupid as you.
                    Mudah sangat, even a student could do it. Izit you study kat smjk kot, tu susah nak isi borang vat. May be muka you cam penyangak kot, so the mat saleh enforcers made it difficult for you? I know, memang nak masuk U.K. pon susah for people like you and your ilk, the immigration officers will give you the hell out your life so as to prevent hooligans like you from entering their country.
                    I encountered one occasion where a Chinaman, I did not know from where, Chinaland, HK or Malaysia. was chased away, meaning not allowed entry, at the airport. That was a familiar sight at the airport. In my case, the officer siap apologise “for the tedious procedure that you have to go through”. Hewhew, sorry for the revelation! This I hope is the answer for your false allegations using words, such as b—, pengarah, civil servants. Ewe, please la, you really have gone bonker! Dalam kepala otak you ada perkara negative je, Need I elaborate?

        2. Of Course….the purchasing power lies with us, but if the price increase happens simultaneously across the nation, it’s quite hard to have choices. And the cause being GST- the promise was prices will go down after GST, but it never did. IF the gov had made thorough impact study and control measures before implementing it, we would not be in this predicament. The gov’s agenda was just to save it’s own ass, by taxing the rakyat, and it succeeded. People like you let gov gets its way, where else it should be the gov working and answerable to us.
          BTW, my prefered spot to shop barangan keperluan harian is pasar mlm, which also saves the petrol trip down to the hypermarkets. This should give you a picture on how stringent i am. Should i boycott the abang whom i buy curry puff ever morning, because the puffs have become smaller and lesser fillings after GST, and became much more smaller after this raya holidays?

          1. Surrhead,
            Yes go ahead, boycott them and give a piece of your advice too.

            I was about to pay for 2 kuntum bunga kantan for RM4…I shoved it back and told the makcik “tak perlu dlm masakan saya la macam ni” beli sebiji buah impot apple/oren lagi murah!

            She immediately reduced the price by half…RM2 but I walked away! Jangan layan oghang gila!

            1. Not only you, another friend of mine too has given the same advice. But i don’t have the heart to tell off the abang whom i buy from every day, and moreover i am only contributing RM2/day.
              BUT, not everybody gets that special treatment……

            2. Regardless of race?

              Or maybe the Makcik is the sole breadwinner for her family? Maybe she is widowed and refuses to live on charity?

              It’s enlightening the values that you seemingly espouse while cloaked in the middle class “comfort zone”!

              1. Kineas 1067

                ….widowed and refuses to live on charity…

                Does not give her a ticket to cheat on others right?

                Ini pun masuk dalam golongan peniaga2 ciplak rompak, fake and stolen items – thieves.

        3. GST is contribution to najib and rosmah.
          You dont like Najib? Or simply, you hv no knowledge about GST at all?

      2. Sounds like what the Catholic Church’s St Vincent de Paul Society is doing….. distributing essential food items to the poor and needy. Which they do year in, year out, in most parishes.

        As for “controlled price” food items – for just how long can the government continue to bear these subsidies without government finances going topsy-turvy? If push comes to shove, subsidies will be discarded and replaced with more targetted measures aimed at the truly poor and needy.

        Supplemented by private and corporate charity efforts.

  6. oleh kerana komen2 didlm artikel ini ada menyentuh tentang doj & 1mdb, ingin saya tumpang sekaki.

    ada pihak mengatakan duit 1mdb tak hilang & kita tengok apa dilapurkan baru2 ni;

    The justice department said it will seek to return recovered funds to Malaysia. “The Malaysian people were defrauded on an enormous scale …” FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe said at the briefing in Washington.

    1. ada syarikat lain ka yg hilang duit?
    2. apa atau siapa yg trigger doj/fbi memulakan siasatan? dia mesti ada tuntutan rasmi dari pihak malaysia dulu baru diikuti dgn proses & tindakan sewajarnya oleh agensi2 pengekuatkuasa amerika.

    sama2 kita tengok wayang.

    1. re: “oleh kerana komen2 didlm artikel ini ada menyentuh tentang doj & 1mdb”

      Aiyoh, even if I post bagaimana untuk mandikan kucing dengan wangi-wangian, they will still make comments on 1MDB, and then scold me for not posting on 1MDB.

      1. Because you are good at denying realities?

        Or only wanting to highlight certain realities (supposedly), while ignoring others (supposedly)?

        The “pleading ignorance” excuse is wearing thin…

        1. If I were trying to deny 1MDB, I could have blocked or banned all reader comments on the topic.

          (I noticed that the English-language mainstream media have largely blacked out news about the 8 victims of the Puching Movida blast. If it had been some other kind of tragedy, like say 8 M’sian victims of ferry capsize or earthquake, there would surely have been a news splash.)

          But I’ve let thorough practically all your (everybody’s) comments on 1MBD since Day 1.

          1. If you can take the effort to save the pictures of HY being fat, invading mosque, in speaker attire, wearing tudung etc, why not spend that same amount of effort to understand and blog on the 1MDB issue?

            While it is hard for ordinary people to understand the complexities of 1MDB before the US DOJ initiated the lawsuit, it is much easier to comprehend now.

            1. With the exception of Jho Low, the 1MDB players such as Casey Tang and Jasmine Loo are not in the celebrity limelight (unlike HY). Dunno what they look like, whether fat or not.

              1. That is the difference between a politician and businessman. The former needs popularity. After all, election is very much a popularity contest. Businessman will prefer to stay low profile especially if the gains are ill-gotten.

    2. kampong lad,
      Sejak 2008 macam segala wayang dok tengok. Plot serupa aja, penulis skrip sama kot? Kasi semua berahi lepaih tu buat road nak Bersih 5 pulak kan?

      Lepaih roadshow keluaq le video terhegeh Namewee. Alvin Tan naik semangat nak tumpang glamour, cepat2 akan keluaq dgn gambaq2/video2 lucah pula.

      Dok pi mai pi mai lagu tu aje.

  7. Hahaha – you wish!

    Struck a nerve, have we?

    Good, good. Gotta keep rubbing it in.

    Now, while you are on your moral high horse, how about begging Johor to stop buying water from Singapore? Lagi, in times of shortage, asking Singapore for emergency extra supplies of treated water! No forward planning, izzit?

    I love these arguments. What better way to highlight the paucity of your narrative?

  8. Remember the visit made by DAP politicians (Teresa Kok and a few others) to the Middle East (was it Egypt or Jordan?) some time ago (they said they wanted ‘learn more about Islam).. did anyone remember what the real reason was? Or what came of it?

    1. I think one of real reason is they really wan to learn more abt islam. any problem with that?

      me too at one stage wan to know more abt islam, when pas was under tok guru.

      1. For ilks like dapsters, no need waste fare go Jordan to study islam. just ask mr google, yr fav hotspot, sure got everythin you wanna know wann. On a serious note, i Malaysia pon you tak boleh habis belajar abt Islam. Tu la, nampak sgt hipo, hipokrat…ada hidden agenda, as usual. dapssters won’t do anything unless it is politically motivated.

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