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Country split into two: Pro and anti Bersih 5.0

Is the protest on? How many Malays can Bersih 5.0 get to rally? Will the government allow the street demo to proceed?

Never in the history of this country have the Malays been so divided. There are even Melayu DAP who screw their fellow Malays.

Currently Malay political support is fragmented into too many camps.

Those who are willing to give the DAP-led opposition an ear are now seriously entertaining the idea that Najib must be ousted at annie cost.


Malaysiakini‘s P. Gunasegaram – see above – urges that “this is a fight which transcends everything, including race, religion, belief and political affiliation”.

In other words, Mr Guna is making a transparent gambit to entice pro-establishment Umno Malay Muslims to climb on board their let’s-topple-Najib bandwagon.

BELOW: Champion whacker Annie Anakin promoted and highlighted the DoJ document through three (!) blog posts in a single day; his writings are increasingly lebih Cina dari Cina

Marina armpits DoJ suits Annie

DAP and their Melayus in attack mode

It is more than clear that the DAP think if Najib stumbles, then the regime will come tumbling down.

DAP organizing secretary Anthony Loke views the 1MDB issue and DoJ exposé as conferring “a huge advantage” on the opposition and at the same time being a “liability” to the PM.

“This is the best time for us to attack BN and Najib,” said Loke. His party Mursyidul Am agrees — see Kit Siang’s tweet above.

The DAP and their Melayus (i.e. Umno rejects) are currently on a 24/7 hate campaign against the BN chairman. They believe that the timing is right to swing public opinion for [“First Brexit] next BNexit”.

Ubah — kicking out Najib and BN at one go

While previously it was unthinkable for the pro-government Malay to consider not voting Umno, today it’s an altogether different matter.

Tun blazed the trail recently by calling on Malay voters to make the Umno candidates lose their deposits in the Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar by-elections.

The former Umno president of 22 years has also called for street rallies to remove Najib from office.

BELOW: In yellow T-shirt on the left is Tricia Yeoh, former senior aide to the (ex) Selangor MB; Who is Tricia?

Tricia Star

Malay-sian tsunami

Sending gullible Malays on guilt trip

The 20k Malay prepaid blogger has been vociferously – if not vitriolically – slamming his sledgehammer on the head of any Malay who is less than “nice” towards the Chinese or the Christians.

Rejected by Team Khaled and his own offer of media services scorned by the new Umno Johor (post-Ghani administration), this perpetually lying Malay fraudster has departed incredibly from his “Apa lagi Cina mahu?” line.

Chinese eyes
Even pretending to be a half Chinese nowadays

After his 180-degree turn, he begins to look at Umno as a “racist party” and its leaders as “despicable”, mostly because he feels they have been bullying the “handsome old man”.

The Malay-Muslim polity has become lately “hateful” to him too, and Umno supporters deemed extremists or religious bigots just like their PAS counterparts.

Hence it is no surprise that in his gutter blog, he permits his Dapster handler to heap ridicule on those Umno leaders who are beginning to experiment with a jubah-and-kopiah image.

What kind of Melayu can be so adamantly against perpaduan ummah? And still supportive of Tun even when he joins Bersih?

KJ zumba
KJ does the zumba-zumba

No wonder he’s such a fan of KJ

They have something in common, i.e. plenty of evangelical Christian friends and colleagues.

In their school and college days, both Khairy and the 20k Malay blogger had even taken part in the social activities organized by the trendy evangelical Christian young crowd.

Although their participation did not shake their Muslim faith, nonetheless, given the association with that bunch in their formative years, it is no wonder that they’re so pro-Christian today.

BELOW: Annie’s blog flashing the subliminal message encouraging readers to give DAP a chance, Ini kali lah

Si Kitol api dalam sekam

Needless to say, the commenter going by the pseudonym ‘Zack’ above in Annie’s blog is an RBA. He hijacked a popular but generic Netizen name.

There are really a couple of genuine people commenting on local politics who go by the ‘Zack’ moniker and it’s quite typical of the RBA to take advantage of the situation.

Shy_Chinese_girlAside from Annie’s indirect bashing of Najib, his blog space – as evident in the screenshot above – is a platform for the unabashed promotion of DAP by hired guns. Some appear to be masquerading as Malay or Muslim, which is a standard modus operandi.

To build bridges – like building Penang’s undersea tunnel – is an expensive enterprise. The political operatives connecting the Protuns and the Dapsters, and bridging the evangelistas and the liberal Malays, have today hit pay dirt. Ka ching!

A small caveat though —RBAs prefer to work only with those Malays who are a carbon copy of themselves. (Which explains why some pemakan dedak so beriya-iya to masquerade as half Chinese.)

The divide in Malaysia is no longer a straightforward Malay vs Chinese (like May 13) because the DAP strategy of splintering the Malays is gaining traction.


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5 thoughts on “Country split into two: Pro and anti Bersih 5.0

  1. re ,Never in history of this country the Malays is so much divided .

    The roots cause is Najib , so is Najib willing to see Malays further divided ?, just to save his position . For how long ?.

    Biduk lalu kiambang bertaut .

  2. The malays are so divided because of the successes of the DAP evangelistas evil concoctions and the concept of ” to use malays to screw the malays”. The other reason is that the DAP had become very rich, and money power is being used like what UMNO had been doing all along. To push the concept of using the malays to screw the malays, a lot of money is needed.

    In addition, the vindictiveness of Tun to split the malays so that UMNO can be dethroned by hook or by crook, adds to the equation of “the malays are so divided”. The chinese DAPs are laughing all the way to the banks.

  3. Phase One;
    Create an issue to excite the rakyat
    Phase Two;
    Bersih Demo
    Phase Three;
    Video Namewee
    Phase Four;
    Alvin Tan and gambar/video lucah

    Yang generasi2 muda lepaih demo sekadar balik nganga kat rumah. Yang ghairah berkobar2 ikut demo macam Adam Adli belajar tak habis, dok rumah makan tidoq kerja takdak tapi dok berangan manatau bole jadi macam;

    1. Anak Tiri Najib kaya raya buat filem
    2. Anak LKS beli bangarow dapat diskaun bermillion2
    3. Anak TDM one of the richest man in Malaysia
    4. Anak Anwar dok melalak pasai 1MDB padahal pak dia dulu duit dok mai kut celah dari mana pun dia tak kisah.

    Last2 semua rakyat jadi badut.

    1. Rina,

      You forgot to mention the RBA and Melayu DAP yang kerja mereka dok tipu, bohong & fitnah jer somewhere between Phase 1 and Phase 2.

      Then between the Namewee and Alvin phases, they all pula pura-pura baik, asyik kutuk orang lain sebagai “not nice” (“racist”/”bigot”/”extremist”) like how Hannah Yeoh kenakan the Sin Chew columnist and then they preach love-love-love kononnya all the non-DAP people are haters.

      Imagine the kind of ‘love’ (the contrived anecdotes that they curate) which grows in the toxic dump where dema buka mulut jer, all the swear words and bitchy curses come out, including the vile nickname they always call the PM by.

      Their hypocrisy is more sickening than their actual nastiness.

  4. Except the felda idiots, the layman malays are smart lot these days. Able to differentiate between right and wrong, thieves and robbers.
    Not supporting the robber and gang doesnt mean they are wrong.
    Supporting the hypocrite lebais from Pas doesnt make them more malay.

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