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Melayu DAP lecture Malays on how to be good Muslims

Despite DAP dangling so many carrots/carats gold, it takes really one kind (satu macam punya) of Malay who is even willing to consider joining, much less to actually work for, the evangelical party as its hatchet man.

Incentives are plentiful and the passage to attaining them made easy by DAP for these Malays. But still, there are very few takers.

Therefore those rare Malays that do take up DAP’s gilded offer are fast tracked and certainly amply rewarded beyond what they can ever expect for their meagre talents — in comparison to should they have worked their way up the ladder in either Umno or PAS.

zairil melayu

Melayu celup pun jadi lah

Zairil, for example, was given the shoo-in Parliament seat of Bukit Bendera to contest. It is a safe and significantly Chinese-majority seat.

A short while before his candidature, Zairil had been trotted out to the general public amid much fanfare and proudly proclaimed as the DAP’s new “Malay” recruit.

Strangely for a party that touts itself as  (skin) “colour blind” and “beyond race”, DAP trumpeted and placed inordinate emphasis on Zairil being konon a … hahaha … Malay — see pix above.

It was laughably a case of cakap tak serupa bikin. At the same time that the DAP has rhetorically sworn to demolish race politics, here is the party itself employing a tremendously skewed degree of Malay ‘quota’ benefits.


Drinking from a poisoned chalice

In a specially convened press conference, DAP did not introduce Zairil as being its harapan baru from bangsa Anak Malaysia. Instead DAP was loudly crowing oh lookee, what have we got ourselves here? A bona fide anak orang besar Umno.

From the way that the DAP always talks bad about Umno, you’d think that the evangelical party would be eager to distance itself from having anything to do with a person associated with the Umno legacy. But no. DAP was so pleased that their catch is the son of an Umno veteran.

Another beneficiary of kulit-fication is Dyana Samad (pix above) who would have been 20 years away from ever qualifying to be an MP candidate had she been in Wanita or Puteri Umno.

You helptch me, I helptch you

There is no way that greenhorns of Zairil and Dyana’s (lack of) calibre could have gotten such golden opportunities served to them on a silver platter if they had been in the parti Melayu or the parti Islam. In Umno or PAS, they would have had to earn their chops and pay their dues first.

DAP, on the other hand, gives them a free ride.  In return, Melayu DAP become the front men whenever the party wants to whack a Malay or an Islamic institution or defend the Christians.

DAP’s whack squad to hentam from the inside

Zairil is his party’s ustaz mi segera — but see the Isma reminder to him below. He whacks conservative Malays who practise  orthodox Islam.

When DAP wants to whack Mara, Dyana will invariably be the one to give her alma mater a tight slap.

When DAP wants to whack Jakim, Syerleena of Team Zairil steps to the fore as party spokeswoman.

When DAP wants to whack the Mufti of Pahang, Tengku Zulpuri takes up the cudgels.

And then there is the 20k champion whacker in blogosphere — a Melayu reject who made an amazing turnaround from “Apa lagi Cina mahu?” to lebih-Cina-dari-Cina beserta tetiba menjelma pula sebagai wira perjuangan Kristian.

Melayu DAP are more RBA than RBA

Just like their evangelical counterparts, Melayu DAP advocate that one should love even enemies of their faith by turning the other cheek.

These Melayu DAP, i.e. those carrying out the party propaganda in social media and most particularly that 20k fella in the blogs, try to make out as if terms commonly found in the Islamic canon are our new four-letter/dirty words — cannot say “kafir harbi” lah, cannot discuss “jihad” lah, cannot quote Quran verse 2:120 lah, etc, etc.

Like the RBA – and most particularly that 20k fella – they liberally slap labels such as “racist”, “extremist” and “bigot” on their fellow Malays. In fact we could say they’ve become more RBA than RBA.

anime sailor moon snigger

Melayu DAP yang tampak anti perpaduan ummah

Like the  Jerusubang preachers, Melayu DAP often lecture Malays on how to be good Muslims.

Meskipun tak bertauliah, Melayu DAP preach that Malays must do this, mustn’t do that when reacting to religious provocation.

That 20k reject fella from Johor particularly loves to whack Malay conservatives as being bad Muslims and “haters”.  Projib Umno leaders are his especial target for their “despicable” and “hateful” behaviour.

The DAP doctrine of Malaysian Malaysia is dutifully parroted.

Chanting the mantra, “Malaysian First good, everybody else bad”, one Melayu prepaid blogger at least is convinced that non Firsters who are racist will not receive blessings from Allah. Pandainya dia menghukum.

According to their version of ‘Islamic’ observance, Malays in our country cannot and must not complain even when others encroach into their religion — for instance, cuba nak kebas kalimah Allah.

In their view, if the Malays utter any complaint, it can only be because they’ve been goaded by bad and wicked people.

“Malays should not listen to all the not nice goading to hate,” is the  warning given by these Melayu DAP (particularly one prepaid fraudster). Their work is dissuade Malays from listening to timely advice from the Muslim authorities.

Ada Melayu celup dan ada pula Melayu pemakan dedak yang menyamar sebagai kacukan Cina

If only hudud had a punishment where their lying tongues can be cut off …

They’re quick to rubbish the concern that umat Islam di Malaysia perlu bersatu untuk menghadapi ancaman evangelista yang memusuhi Islam.

Any Malay willing to listen to well-founded advice from those who are learned in Islam (rather than listening to ustaz dan ustazah DAP) are accused of persecuting the minority.

But most striking of all, some of these Melayu can even outdo the RBA in tipu, bohong dan fitnah. Ya le, bila sudah jadi Dapster, apa kurangnya bakat mereka.

The stories that these lebih Cinadari-Cina Malay bloggers, who serve the interests of the ultra kiasu, are able to fabricate is simply fantastic and the stories concocted keep changing to suit the occasion. Kejap ni, kejap tu.

It’s time for a pushback by decent Malaysians.

Please check on the lucrative payout given to those Melayus who have made an incredible volte face from being Umno media operatives previously, to appointing themselves today as heroic defenders of the Christian minority.

These Malays may not be kafir but are they harbi you think?


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17 thoughts on “Melayu DAP lecture Malays on how to be good Muslims

  1. These DAP malays must first beg their leaders to stop equating them with kucing kurap like Jeff Ooi used to do. They do not mind be called a dog in case of Tony Pua but kucing kurap is really too much. Of course they can tolerate both kucing kurap and dog if DAP keeps pumping RMs into their pockets.

  2. Anything from Melayu DAP, celops, kulops, bought, sold,traded or bartered like slaves are NOT worth the time of the day.

    Let them die, naturally or stress induced.


    1. Helen,

      DAP gets it right. It needs Malays to whack Malays. It needs Malays within DAP to accuse UMNO as being racist when the opposite is the truth.

      Malays are conditioned to drop whatever Malay interests. DAP is preaching that in order to move forward, Malays need to throw away all vestiges of Malay interests(meaning UMNO need to be toppled)

      At the same time, DAP goes in town saying Vernacular schools is part of Constitution and must be protested at all cost. Yet, it preaches Malays to abandon whatever clauses within Constitution that species Malay interests).

      People like Dayana actually has no meaningful talent. If she is in Puteri UMNO. she will have to earn her right to be selected as candidate in election.But in DAP, she was given the chance as DAP needs badly Malay candidates.

      But I notice Malays hate DAP. And the hatred towards DAP increases when DAP threw PAS out of PR. Before this , any malay wh accused DAP as racist will be termed as UMNO lacky by PAS.

      Not anymore. PAS know realises how stupid it was to be “kowtow” to DAP.

      1. But Helen continues to chastised those Malays proTuns for “coorperating” with DAP to bring down Najib. But she didn’t realise that this is only a marriage of convenience for both parties will resort to hating one another again once their common objective is met. That’s what happened when PAS colluded with DAP in Pakatan and is still happening with PKR and PAN sharing the same pillow with DAP in PH.

        She fails to understand that majority of Malays have a deep dislike and mistrust of DAP Chinese, regardless of their political affiliations.

        Or probably she has to take cue from her Tok Dalangs in Najib’s PMOs to cast aspersions on Malay ProTuns in her blogs. It is laughable to believe that DAP actually trust the Malay ProTuns, and vice versa. It’s like the Americans working together with the Soviets during WW 2 in order to defeat Hitler. They immediate turned against each other when the WW2 ended that culminated in a long Cold War between the 2 countries.

        1. re: “this is only a marriage of convenience, for both parties will resort to hating one another again once their common objective is met”

          So Protun Annie is lying when he exhorts that Melayu-Cina are bruders and sistas, love-love-love?

          re: “majority of Malays have a deep dislike and mistrust of DAP Chinese”

          And there was Anna-Faker-Pollyana lecturing the Malays to be ‘nice’.

          re: Helen “has to take cue from her Tok Dalangs in Najib’s PMOs to cast aspersions on Malay ProTuns”

          I thought it was you who exposed above how Annie Anakin is a liar, even when viewed from other different angles.

          His gutter blog is full of lying RBAs, so what else to expect.

          Siakap, senohong, gelama ikan duri

          Melayu bercakap bohong dah jadi DAP

          1. You conveniently used Annie to respond to everything I said.

            Standard droppoing, Helen!

        2. ..this is only a marriage of convenience for both parties will resort to hating one another again once their common objective is met….

          Cik Helen’s commenter Akim disappeared immediately when TDM seru dalam the last PRK to kick Najib out and topple UMNO. Hang pula setem, tak lama lagi bila Melayu lingkup sekadar akan jadi ‘stamp’ kenang2an buat tempek kat sampul surat!

          ….Common objective is met? Macam DAP’s excuses la to PKR as to why they need PRN. They kept UBAH tau. Depa tak pandang le TDM, Mohyuddin, Mukriz, Zaid tu semua (bekas2 UMNO who they claimed to be abusive, corrupt, dictator whatnot).

          Even Najib they tak kisah la. Boh siapa saja under BN as PM and if the cows are allowed to vote, DAP may marry the cows mooooo.

  3. Helen, this is not enough. Your job is to keep the chinese and malays apart, and you are doing a lousy job. Malays and chinese are mixing well in dap – a complete opposite of umno’s agenda. Do you expect to be paid when you haven’t kept up with your KPI?

    1. Pro-opposition slanderers like you are one reason why I will not vote for DAP.

      If you’re so eager for the Chinese to be together with the Malays, then tell them to send their children to national school, and to promote 1Sekolah Untuk Semua so that Chinese and Malay kids can study and play under one roof.

      Failing this, you’re otherwise a bullshitter.

      1. I believe if umno can abolish NEP and practice meritocracy, then umno has the leverage needed to ask for SRJK abolishment…..umno must set the example la…. And why do you think more Malays are sending their kids to chinese schools nowadays? With this said, do you think abolishment of chinese schools would be well received by public or would it be seen as a gesture of “kuku besi” ruling by umno?

        1. Pls explain how you can link ‘meritocracy’ to the continued existence of Sekolah Cina?

          1. i don’t get your question…..but what i meant was, umno must practice meritocracy…..for start, umno starts removing the quotas for higher education slots, and replace it with meritocracy, umno will show that it’s all a fair game….and with this gesture, umno can ask for one school for everybody, and with qualitative extra classes for the POL

    2. I support Helen, reason Helen is reminding and advise the Malays not to get cheated by the DAP with their rubbish policy and ill intention to degrade the Malay muslim power,Sultan,King and islam also that anything interest the Malays and Islam.

  4. Those Malays in the DAP are scapegoat or lembu cucuk hidung,nothing special if they the Malays given high position end of the day have to listen to their boss who pays their salary and allowances.So nothing to be proud of DAP tetap DAP for the sake of Chinese and Christian.

    1. But the Melayu DAP gets paid very well for his job of bermati-matian defending the Christians and the Chinese.

      It is a suitable and lucrative employment for middle-aged Malay men who like to be able to afford cuti-cuti summer/winter holiday ke negeri Jepun, lepak kat expensive beach chalets, makan sushi and enjoy body massage at the spa.

  5. I just reread this blog title.

    I can rephrase the title to “Helen, ex-DAP supporter in her blog lectures the Malays on how to think for themselves”.

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