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No snap poll in Penang, so who’s going to be the next CM?

In the event that Guan Eng goes to jail, is it going to be the

  • Malay DCM (I) Rashid Hasnon
  • Indian DCM (II), P. Ramasamy or
  • Chinese senior state exco Chow Kon Yeow

who will be stepping up to fill the chief minister job vacancy in Penang?

Hollande's women

Do readers prefer an opinion poll on the three lovely ladies above, or on the three Penang chief minister hopefuls?


France’s president François Hollande has traded his partners for a younger version by decade

  • Mother of his kids: Ségolène Royal, 62, socialist politician
  • Former girlfriend: Valerie Trierweiler, 51, journalist
  •  Current girlfriend: Julie Gayet, 44, actress

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21 thoughts on “No snap poll in Penang, so who’s going to be the next CM?

  1. Aiyoh, Helen……did you forget Botak Betty? Can she be the de facto CM ruling behind the scene ala Empress Dowager – from her bungalow??

  2. Ramasamy is an ideal candidate. There are so many problems associated with hindus especially those in the estates where the evangelists are most active. Recent statistics show the decline of hindu population in Penang as a result of mass comversion. If left unchecked there would probably 2 hindus left in the state. Himself and Rayer. Ramasamy can fix this problem if given a chance to lead. He knows how to make hindus a force to be reckoned with.

    1. What a naughty comment but I concur with your choice.

      re: “If left unchecked there would probably 2 hindus left in the state. Himself and Rayer.”


      But seriously, without a snap poll, it’s fairest that Ramasamy assumes the post as he’s got the most seniority. And he represents DAP.

      Rashid Hasnon would not be able to move up as he’s PKR and the strongest party DAP would not want to hand over the chief ministership to PKR.

      With a snap poll, and should LGE be willing to step aside, then the bet is on Chow Kon Yeow.

      1. Seriously the right candidate is Ramasamy. Appoint him and Penang will create a history for having a first hindu CM.

    2. Blue, this is not India, it’s Malaysia…..and you want a CM who can fix hindu’s problems? What about the other Malaysians?? And why are you bringing down the Hindu’s religious faith akin to Malaysian Muslims i.e. evangelists@boogeyman?? BTW, i think Ramasamy is a lousy candidate, always tamil this and tamil that, and sri lanka tamils. Hope you can see how Helen is coercing you stick to your warped logic – where the race and religion tool is used. Cause of seniority – Ramasamy should get the post?? Do you really think this should be the criteria of CM??

      1. Ramasamy is definitely a candidate based on seniority alone. He is race sensitive as any DAP hardcore should be. Imagine what it means to Penang’s indians if Ramasamy becoming a CM and Hindraf Wathyamoorthy is his special advisor.

          1. Do you have anything to say about DAP getting CM to represent Chinese, and DCM (I) to represent Malays while DCM (II) represents Indians in Penang?

            Or you need to get clearance first from your RBA paymaster as how to spin this? (Am just mirroring the easy-peasy way you’re throwing accusation$ at me.)

            The Penang Chinese-Malay-Indian merely same wine being recycled in a new Pakatan – and now Harapan Baru – bottle, no?

            1. nonononono….you are the one who’s spinning, gotcha again….since when did dap say that CM represent chinese , DCM (I) represent malays and DCM (II) represents indians…….dap proved the three major races can work together….We don’t see Rashid or Ramasamy as a balaji to dap, but more of colleagues……But, the same can’t be said of umno, mca and mic, where mca and mic are just balajis to umno……that’s the perception out there. you may take it or ignore it.

              1. Go ahead and insist that a small state like Penang needs all three positions in order of Chinese, Malay and Indian YABs.

                Don’t forget that DCM (II) Ramasamy was twice bypassed for promotion to DCM (I) in 2009 and 2013 respectively when Fairus Khairudin and Mansor Othman were both edged out.

                Rama has super seniority, having held office since 2008 but he’d never make the cut to become DCM (I). Why?

                Because the first deputy post is fixed for Malay and held consecutively by three PKR Malays – firstly Fairus, secondly Mansor and currently Rashid Hasnon. The Indian wi remain forever stuck in the second deputy post.

                You’re insisting that the appointments are not race-based. You’re also insisting that you’re not spinning. Yeah, right.

                Takde spin ma. Hanya bergayut ada le.

          2. Don’t underestimate Rama. He is miles ahead of all Penang UMNO combined. So sensitive not to mention down to earth this feller is. There are many accounts of Rama unique features. For instance he was the first leader who immediately arrived at the spot where four hindu thugs have fallen as a result of the shootouts with the police not so long ago. He was also the one who dared indonesian goverment to provide shelter to tamil tigers fleeing Sri Langka. The list goes on.

            1. I am not underestimating Rama. He’s a prof and to be where he is now, he should be good. It’s just that i would prefer to see Rama vouching for Malaysians, instead of Indians. Anyway, politically, it’s not wise to just cater for just a certain race in Malaysia anymore.

              1. What is wrong with Rama fighting the rights and plights of hindus? UMNO, as you correctly put, has been doing this for years but for the malay muslims. Afterall the hindus are the most problematic people in Penang as evident from the recent statistics on crimes. Rama has a solution. He can fix this problem if given a chance to lead.

  3. Helen,

    Believe me, Guan Eng despite having the penchant to preach to others(like his father loves to do) cant swallow his own medicine.

    He will be the CM.

    We know his tactics already. He knows he is in deep trouble with his bungalow purchase. If he feels he is not guilty, he will go to town saying he will defend himself.

    Yet he chooses to make his personal issue as state matter. Why? Because he is not confident of his act.

  4. Helen,
    Non of the above name by you will be the new CM if there is gonna be a new CM.
    Knowing the Tokong, he would want a chinese to replace him but then Chow is not “very very close” to him. He just named Chow to test the reaction of the ” market “, then finally if Tokong had to go, a proxy CM will be named by the group of kingmakers in DAP headed by the proprietor.

    As for the Deputy I and Deputy II, they are Tokong’s decorations only.

  5. My nomination Betty Chew or LGE’s sister. Or perhaps LGE’s aunts, cousins or uncles. Good knows what will happen to Penang if ruled by a Malay or Indian or a non-Lim.

    Well it is very clear why PKR is so afraid of the snap poll and saying it would be benefit UMNO. This time UMNO has a real advantage in the Seberang.

    1. Mulan,
      Awat jadi lagu ni? Apek/Aso/Amoy/Akow DAP tempatan, ie anak2 kelahiran tempatan takde ke yang berkemampuan to represent and manage their own state, their own people? Dok kena cari macam treasure hunt plak ‘pen’datang dari luaq?

      Klo tak kisah siapa saja macam ni amik Zairil aje la…
      Singaporean Chinese > Malaysian Malay. Lagi hebat!
      Kalau DAP insist nak juga cina, dia kan cina?
      Kalau nak ‘show’ CM DAP Melayu, kan dia Melayu?

      Ini betoi2 la ikut seruan “UBAH”.
      PKR pula seruan REFORMASI.

      1. Rasa-rasa kalau Tun buat party, saya vote Tun. Syiok juga tengok drama yang akan menjelang antara Anwar dan Tun dengan apek Cina tersepit di tengah.
        RINA jom kita undi macam ini. Apabila gajah berperang, babi mati hempit di tengah.

        1. Mulan
          Agaknya gabungan ini (Pakatan B yg dicadang) nak minta letak calun pilihanraya mesti akan kelam kabut macam kena kat PAN? Baca article depa tak setuju allocate seats to PAN pasai parti tu masih terlalu baru dalam perjuangan Pakatan A. Betoi ke?

          Klo pendirian terus tegas macamni party baru Tun payah la lagu tu, lebih baru dari PAN. PKR pasti taknak berganjak.

          It will be more exciting kalau adakan PRN. I really want to see TDM, Muhyuddin n geng berkempen kat sana pujuk semua Melayu pangkah DAP!!

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