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Tun spearheading the 68% non-Malay oppo to take down BN

Seven out of every 10 Pakatan Harapan MPs are non-Malay.

After its breakup with PAS, the opposition coalition has 72 MPs in Parliament.

They are:

  • DAP — 37
  • PKR — 29
  • PAN — 6

Of the 72 Pakatan YBs:

  • Chinese — 39
  • Malays — 23
  • Indian — 9
  • Pribumi — 1

Harapan MPs

Oppo bench in Dewan Rakyat dominated by nons

The majority of MPs in the DAP are Chinese.

The evangelical party has 30 Chinese MPs, four Indians and two Punjabis (counted as Indian). DAP has only one Malay MP, i.e. Ariff Sabri, its representative for Raub, Pahang.

Note: Bukit Bendera MP Zairil is a Chinese Muslim


The majority of MPs in the PKR are Malay but its Chinese MPs are a lot.

Anwar’s multiracial party has 16 Malay MPs, nine Chinese, three Indians and one pribumi, i.e. Ignatius Dorell Leiking, its representative for Penampang, Sabah.

The Chinese reps in PKR are Gooi Hsiao-Leung, Sim Tze Tsin, Lee Boon Chye, William Leong, Wong Chen, Hee Loy Sian, Tian Chua, Tan Kee Kwong and Michael Teo.

Opposition Indian YBs in Parliament are the DAP’s two Karpal lion cubs Ramkarpal Singh and Gobind Singh Deo, plus Kula Segaran, Sivakumar, party veteran P. Patto’s daughter Kashturi, and Charles Santiago.

Although Indians, these oppo YBs are significantly non-Hindu: Punjabis are traditionally Sikhs while Sivarasa Rasiah is believed to be Christian. PKR’s other Indian MPs are Surendran and Manivannan.

All six of PAN’s renegade – formerly PAS – reps are Malay.

So out of Pakatan’s 72 MPs, only 23 are Malay. A total of 49 are non- Malay. This makes 68 percent non-Malay MPs currently in the opposition pact.

Tun Mahathir Mohamad is leading the non-Malays to “take down” BN which is predominantly Malay and Muslim.

He is doing everything he can to help DAP make the Malays and Muslims lose political power. A lot of the DAP Chinese reps are evangelistas. Some even attend the City Harvest church.


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27 thoughts on “Tun spearheading the 68% non-Malay oppo to take down BN

    1. UMNO also has Siamese, Portuguese, Mamak etc. MCA has only ______ (fill in the blanks)

      Follow up on the Namewee case

      GORGE TOWN, July 29 — The police have opened an investigation paper on a video clip by singer and director Namewee for allegedly insulting Islam.

      Penang Police chief Datuk Abdul Ghafar Rajab said they received several reports from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) against the song video titled ‘Oh My God.’

      “Preliminary investigation found that the video was shot at Masjid Terapung in Tanjung Bungah. The first police report was received on July 27,” he told reporters here, today.

      The 4:05 minutes video showing four men singing ‘Oh My God’ in a mosque went viral since yesterday.

      The video has angered the public for allegedly insulting Islam.

      Meanwhile, Timur Laut Police chief ACP Mior Faridalatrash Wahid said the four men in the video had angered Muslims for tarnishing the image of the mosque.

      “The chairman of Masjid Terapung lodged a police report after he was told that the video of four men dancing and singing was shot in the mosque.

      Mior Faridalatrash said the four men also shot song video in houses of worship such as temples and churches in the state.

      “Police will summon Namewee and several people, including those involved in the making the video,” he added.

      The case is being investigated under Section 295 of the Penal Code. — Bernama…nsulting-islam

      But then Namewee sudah cabut

      GEORGETOWN: Polis mengenal pasti tiga lagi lelaki yang turut terbabit dalam video klip lagu ‘Oh My God’ oleh Namewee yang didakwa menghina agama Islam. Ketua Polis Pulau Pinang, Datuk Abdul Ghafar Rajab, berkata polis kini sedang mengesan ketiga-tiga lelaki yang dikenal pasti sebagai warga asing itu. Beliau berkata, Namewee atau nama sebenarnya Wee Meng Chee, 33, kini berada di luar negara.

      Selanjutnya di :

      1. Trust me, there is no more racist country than Malaysia. Only a blind person or a Malay will tell you otherwise. Most people around the world are aware of the affirmative action policies going on in boleh land. Wonder how the Malays would react if they were on the receiving end of these racist policies. Not to well I would imagine.

        1. Haiya, this foot, hand mouth disease carrier(HMFDC) is tirelessly posting his racist remarks…tak penat ke. What more, nobody cares what he is sending. It is like, when the acronym FHMD appears, one already knows the crappy content.

          1. Funny, a racist who backs a racist regime has the nerve to call me racist, I am just and am am trying to open the Malayus eyes of their racist ways. I detest Islam, that doesn’t make me a racist as Islam is not a race FYI.

            1. 8.40 am,

              Look at the definitions in the dictionaries – a racist is one who antagonises another race or religion.

              You definitely are racist by saying you detest Islam because by saying so you antagonise the Malays in this country who are all Muslims, the Arabs who are mostly Muslims.

              Avoid being racist, SOG. It doesn’t do you or others any good.

              1. Per the Oxford dictionary:

                Racism: Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior:

                Nowhere does it mention religion, creed or belief systems, but it clearly mentions discrimination. Therefore I am totally accurate in stating that UMNO, and whoever supports them are the racist ones.

            2. Funny, but we also deplore the brash foul-mouthed species of human being, you “F**k Helen Ang And Her Disciples” non-Muslim!!!

        2. They, the ordinary mat salehs, don’t really know the races. What they know is all are yellows. And they are busy with their own stuff, some even trying to make ends meet. It’s tough time for the men on the streets. No time to bother abt others, unless they hv their own agenda as well, such as the politicians. The laymen just carry own with their own life which could be taxing and tough nowadays.

      2. Rina….your topten list is compiled by
        Name:Anthony Becerra
        City:Santa Cruz
        Country:United States of America

        Quite a credible source……

        1. Surrhead

          Age 23? Occupation none? You hairan ke?

          I sll habaq remaja/pemuda sekarang dah canggih2 dan pintar tau.

          Many as young as 4yrs old just from home dah baca dan tulis BM/BI tau. By 10yrs old online just from home learn other languages.

          You sendili kena rajin la ajaq anak hang how to jadi cerdik2 sikit.

          1. rasa anak ku anytime lagi cerdik dari ko la….. adakah anthony becerra disamakan dgn balamurali….? kalau your source from topten ni a credibility mcm bala, boleh gak ko backup… habuk pun tarak, lagi mau crita kosong…

        2. The source’s credibility is equivalent to Noh Omar or the kedah mb. Very ” high standard ” academically!

  1. another race based article……good, but not good enough…..i am still seeing all races mingling out there……the goal is to keep these 3 major races apart, HA…and you have failed……..

      1. Besides seeing a Malay VS chinese+indian+pribumi picture, what else is there to deal with?? This is no good, you gotta do better, or rakyat might harp back on DoJ issue again….you gotta come up with a better diversion…

        1. Not all the rakyat are as demented as Dapsters.

          If post about 1MDB, then get accused as pemakan dedak Najib.

          If post about any topic under the sun other than 1MDB, then get accused of creating diversion to distract attention away from 1MDB.

          With you people it’s heads you win, tails the other fella loses.

          1. Like I said, some people want to believe in fantasy. They said Najib will be gone in July 2015 yet today Najib is still here. I m not a Najib supporter but just by looking at the way oppo supporters carry themselves you don’t need someone with a PhD to tell you these people are really delusional.

            1. the people who are really delusional are those who believe a robber is equal to a saint!

              1. and you’re here to prove you’re not delusional ? speaking of robbery nobody does it better than number 4 through his massive privatization schemes of the 1980s. just ask Barry Wain.

      2. Correct. This 68% were supporting BN all the way till 2008.
        Why not analyse what went wrong and do best to win them back.
        FYI, these voters shunt DAP in their ” Tanjung ” campaign before.
        Stop blaming the voters.

  2. “All streams flow to the sea
    because it is lower than they are.
    Humility gives it its power.

    If you want to govern the people,
    you must speak to them humbly.
    If you want to lead the people,
    you must learn how to follow them.

    Although the sage is above the people,
    no one feels oppressed.
    When he is ahead of the people,
    no one feels hurt.

    The whole world never exhausts in cherishing him.
    Because he competes with no one,
    no one can compete with him.”

    { Tao Te Ching, Chapter 66 }

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