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(UPDATED) Open tender for Jamal Sekinchan tailoring contract

Well, somebody’s gotta supply the man with enough red T-shirts. And they should also settle on one standard design coupled with movement logo.

Update @ 6.42pm

Mana ada Politik Baru?

This just in at Malaysia Today.

Raja Petra Kamarudin on the formation of Mahathir’s new bumiputera-only party:

“It was almost like taking a leaf out of the book Animal Farm. After driving out the evil humans the pigs take over and become as bad or worse than those humans they replaced. So Pakatan Rakyat was now metaphorically speaking those pigs of Animal Farm.”

ROTFL — after all that rabid foaming at the mouth by Dapsters and the fire-and-brimstone thumping from the evangelistas’ pulpit, the new New Hope coalition is going to be spearheaded by a Malay party led by Tun Mahathir. How’s this different from BN?

DAP anti Islam.png

Original posting

Will “Malays and the rural folks” take up Bersih’s call to be “up in arms”?

Bersih chairman Maria Chin Abdullah said in her Facebook today:

“People have been asking me ‘What’s your plan to mobilise the Malays and rural folks?’ BERSIH is sure working hard on this but it’s not just the Malays and the rural folks. It’s every Malaysian who must be up in arms to do their part.”

The Yellow Shirts

2015 parliament rural urban

What kind of people want a regime change?

  • Who are they?

People who like the Bersih 2.0 official Facebook page also like Malaysiakini, Sarawak Report and DAP.

  • What is their article of faith?

Bersih believes that the Najib administration is a “kleptocracy”. Bersih – in their official Facebook entry – asked Malaysia’s First Couple “how many more billions have you stolen”?


Baying for Najib’s blood, nothing else will suffice

  • What do they want?


They plan for MOF1 to be ousted through people power on the streets.

  • What is their objective?


double face

Resentful people awash in hate and anger

The main thing about Dapsters is they can’t get away from lying.

They lie as their first resort, if it is expedient to do so.

They invent the most creative lies from out of the left field, like saying Joceline Tan is the daughter of the late Penang Gerakan chairman Tan Gim Hwa (not true), and that Quintin Rozario is the lawyer in Australia representing convicted killer Sirul (also false).

Yellow Shirts home base is the DAP

total_seats urban rural BN

All fired up and ready to lynch

Bersih is going to take place in a climate where lying is the norm for such people.

Bersih is an environment where the zombie tribe (Dapsters) and parrot flock (Protun) swallow lies without any filtering.

Dapsters and possibly Protuns too will form the backbone of the Yellow Shirts.

The billion ringgit question

Will PAS don yellow and join the opposition horde to throng the streets?

Or will PAS march alongside the Red Shirts?

Maybe PAS will just stay at home and sleep … like my cat below.


He was only a teeny weeny kitten in late November last year.



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12 thoughts on “(UPDATED) Open tender for Jamal Sekinchan tailoring contract

  1. Helen,

    You tell me.
    Who has been lying?
    People from which party said this:

    1. It’s not true- no 2.6B
    2. FIght jews
    3. Fight DAP
    4. Islamic brotherhood
    5. GE 2013
    6. DIdn’t use the money personally- however bought chanel handbags in Hawaii etc with the same bank acc.
    7. Returned extra cash to the beneficiary?

    Come on, who is lying??


  2. Sekarang kan zaman IT. Buat e-Bersih 5 cukup! Kan dah ada ebanking, eborang etc. Ikut macam DAP kutip derma, RM1m within 21hours.. Safe time, effort and money. Alaaa Psy masuk youtube pun bole dapat 1.6b viewers, what is 1m maaa!

    Buka blog Bersih 5, target 5jam..then those nak join Bersih 5, from comfort of own home selfie and fwd yr photo (IC, contact nbr sekali ) to show yr support. At least gambaq2 semua orang esp the Police bole tengok, kalau jadi apa2 tak perlu dok buru sana sini, senang nak contact nanti.

    Orang2 kampung yang miskin serta golongan muda without IT facilities yang Bersih 5 kalut nak sangat2 bela nasib mereka, organisers tolong pi masuk kampung pi sedekah sorang satu iphone macam Samsung Galaxy Note7 bole tak? Dedak2 tu oghang kampung tak makan, ayam, itik, kerbau dan lembu mereka saja yang makan.

  3. If Bersih alone goes to the ground, I think about only 1,000 people will attend. It is DAP and Protun that is dragging the chinese and a portion of malays into the arena. Those malays will be the macais of the chinese led by the DAP father and son.

    Well, if Bersih is held in Penang, I will attend, for sight seeing and nasi kandar but then the Lims will never allow their “dogs and cats” to come and disturb the peace in Penang.

    1. Equalizer,

      I am pretty sure Chinese in general are not that excited with another BERSIH gathering. They realise another BERSIH will only invite another Red movement right in front of the places they “cari makan”.

      1. shamsul anuar,
        It is not a matter of what the chinese want. It is what DAP and ANC want. To successfully grab power thro’ illegal means, there must be troubles and chaos.

        No group can grab power thro’ illegal means in any country in the world if the people in that country is at peace. Peace loving people will “PRAY” for peace and security. Power crazy crocodiles will “PLAY” for chaos.

        1. Equalizer,

          Thanks for your view.

          Since vast majority of Chinese voted DAP in last election, is it not wrong to assume what DAP is largely accepted by Chinese. May I assume that what DAP is doing is representing the wish of majority of Chinese.

          I wish Chinese stands up and say “enough is enough” right on Kit siang’s face.

    2. Absolutely nothing wrong for the chinese to be actively involved in Bersih or other types of rallies. They now know that ruling is simply beyond them. Rallying in the streets seems good alternative, not to mention an effective measure to relieve the stress.

  4. y tis rpk so stupid one ah? the new party + pakatan whatever could help achieve a balance of power, sort of chk n balance, n bring msia out of the dictatorial 1 party state form of govt like communist china n north korea. not sure is caused by innate of lack of education, pity.

    1. rpk provides the check and balance for the rba’s that blatantly spew venoms incessantly day and night. it is a democratic country. why your rba’s only want to spit venoms. other people, cannot? bodoh la lu, HY. Why you scared? Coz rpk could write so much better and so precisely than rba’s.

  5. RE: “Nik Abduh Nik Aziz: “DAP cannot accept the true teachings of Islam but they claim to accept Islam and that is the hidden agenda I’m talking about.” ”

    Wah! Betul kah? PAS is the true teachings of Islam? We have been conned before with DAP-Anwari-PAS tahaluf siyasi lah! Takde hidden agenda ramai2 pakat nak masuk Putrajaya melalui con job ke?

  6. To get rural malay & kampung peoples is quite easy if you know how. CM’s trial is in september so can get back 1 million bail. Use that pretty cash. Simple is it ;).

  7. If that’s what you think, they might as well grab the money or tambang wtv, then, go to jln tar for shopping. Then during a g.e., they will pangkah the gov. Who is smarter, now?

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