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Najib knows but what will he do?

BELOW: Khairy’s press secretary Regina Lee is a former Malaysiakini and J-Star reporter

Regina Lee

For the record

The RBAs have been spreading lies saying, among other things, that I’m an ex-Malaysiakini staff. And they keep repeating this everywhere ad nauseum.

To clarify (for those unfortunately taken in by the smear campaign, and mind you, RBA lie all the time — kalau tak bohong, namanya bukan RBA):

I’ve never worked at Malaysiakini.

But rather, I was a columnist like how Marina Mahathir and Zaid Ibrahim are Star columnists. Marina and Zaid writing for the MCA newspaper does not make them staff of The Star. Similarly I’ve never been a staff of Malaysiakini.

RBA lie too much and about everything. And they fabricate falsehoods all the time.

iar burning in ae of fire

Nature of the beast

The problem is not the social media which is merely a tool. If not on FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, blogs, chain mail, chat forums and whatnot, they will still find other means and other platforms through which to spread their fitnah.

So the problem is not the communication vehicle they use but the drivers themselves. It’s become a reflex action for RBA to concoct the most malicious stories. They can’t and won’t stop.

The problem is them — the kind of peope they are.

Munafiq like them are a menace to society. They will destroy our country through their endless fitnah. It is up to us to stop those destructive bastards dead in their tracks.


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4 thoughts on “Najib knows but what will he do?

  1. Najib had demonstrated what a typical practising Muslim should do when friend or foe slanders him. He had been a steadfast Muslim because he do not retaliate by exposing his opponent true colours or bad image which he don’t have to because there will always be somebody else who will do the dirty job if not for Najib but most probably for their own political mileage if he or she is a politician.

  2. Setuju dengan kenyataan Kak Helen.

    Munafiq like them are a menace to society

    Sekarang ni kan, bird of feather, flock together gether.

    Kita ada geng yang melaungkan konspirasi! konspirasi! Tapi bukti 4cm dalam mangsa, yang sorang lagi bukti 2.6billion dalam akaun. SIL Pak Lah pula tercalit dengan skandal ECM Libra, Wanita pula dengan condo lembunya.

    1. One blogger does not speak his own real name. He does not even allow the name of his opponent to be spoken either.

      He constantly blocks reader comments.

      He does not explain what job he does/he did and he tries to dupe his readers into thinking that the China girl photos (sourced from the Internet) which he uploads in his blog, are really him.

      Whose blog is full of Anon commenters and RBA?

      About the lies you think are being told. I suppose you reckon that some lies have been told to cover up 1MDB.

      Do I blog about 1MDB?

      Between what I say, and what Annie says about Cina DAP and evangelistas/Christians, which one of our descriptions is closer to reality?

      Whose blog content is more factual and got data, tables, charts/graphs, links to research/survey/reports?

      Who tells grandmother stories — grandfather lah, cousins lah, father seriously sick (but no more mention about him after that), friend dying of cancer lah, imaginary conversation with this friend over lunch, that friend over dinner, waiter called him “Miss”, yadda, yadda …

      In the simple and straightforward matter of whether Helen or Annie is telling the truth, only a parrot wouldn’t be able to figure it out.

      Like I said, I fear for my country if the majority population can be so gullible as to believe RBA smear campaigns, false flags, red herrings and other ploys from the Department of Dirty Tricks even if they use Malay to screw Malay (in order to lull you into lowering your defences).

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