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Dapsters don’t want Chong Wei to win Olympic gold

All Malaysians are rooting for Lee Chong Wei to bring home our country’s first ever Olympic gold medal, except for the Dapsters that is.

Below is a sampling of comments by Dapsters on Chong Wei’s previous Olympic outing and its run-up in London (screenshots at bottom of page):

  • Lee Chong Wei, thanks for giving badminton a bad name. What’s the use of becoming an excellent sportsman when you are ultimately just another greedy, ambitious jerk who sucks up to your powerful patrons in Putrajaya?”.
  • “I am a Malaysian Chinese and I admit that I root for all of Lee Chong Wei‘s opponents. … Yes someone called him BN-Ah Beng while he should be called Umno running dog — tui tui.”
  • “I am not a badminton supporter but was relieved he did not win. Can we imagine how the politician would have gloated over this.”
  • “Yes, I cheered for Lin Dan for political reasons.”
  • “He may be a good badminton player but his intelligence is below par. He doesn’t even know that he’s being made use of.”
  • There were Chinese watching the game at the local pub who were relieved that LCW didn’t win. I know many Chinese who think the same.”
  • .“Honestly, I was rooting for Lin Dan.”
  • “I too always root for his opponents.”
  • “But after knowing the Big Fat Mama is going there to ‘support’ LCW, I preferred that LCW to lose the final.”
  • “I have some friends who are disgusted with him, hoping that he loses each time he played.”
  • “I, for once, really am glad that LCW lost.”
  • “I stopped watching after his All England win last year. I understand that he has to attend gov’t functions like Nicol David but do you hear Nicol David talking cock?”
  • “[The fat lady] has no business to be giving you advice — encouragement ok but definitely not advice.”

Lee Chong Wei Rosmah

Rio Olympics: Badminton men’s seeding

  1. Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia)
  2. Chen Long (China)
  3. Lin Dan (China)
  4. Viktor Axelsen (Denmark)
  5. Jan Jorgensen (Denmark)

Badminton ace Chong Wei is currently holding the world No.1 ranking. At age 34, the  Rio de Janeiro Games is his last chance to win that elusive Olympic gold and bring glory to Malaysia.

The matches start in Rio on Thursday.

Lee Chong Wei Rio 2016

Runner up finish in Beiijng and London

Chong Wei has been the silver medalist twice in the last two Olympics.

Both his matchups in the consecutive Olympic finals were against China’s Lin Dan.

Olympics badminton final

  • Bejing 2008:  Lin Dan beat Chong Wei 21–12, 21–8
  • London 2012:  Lin Dan beat Chong Wei 15-21, 21-10, 21-19
  • Rio 2016:  Lin Dan seeded to meet Chong Wei in the semi-finals

As the two-time Olympic defending champion, Lin Dan has the chance to go for a hattrick. As the first seed, Chong Wei stands in the path of China’s badminton legend etching his name in the Olympic hall of fame.

No prizes for guessing who the Dapsters are cheering for to win.

Lee Chong Wei Rosmah laugh

Chong Wei booed by Dapsters

While the popular Chong Wei is generally well liked by Malaysians of all races, he is hated by the Dapsters.

The hatred that Dapsters have for the country’s symbols, including its champion sportsmen, is par for the course. In the case of Chong Wei, the animus which the Dapsters have for him is compounded by what they see as his friendly relations with Rosmah Mansor.

Daspters are, needless to say, demented.

Rosmah is the patron of Malaysia’s badminton association. How do they expect our country’s top national player to behave towards her? Perpetually spit venom just like them?

Angry cartoon

Their hatred knows no bounds

Malaysiakini subscribers confessed their animosity to Chong Wei at the last Olympics in London.

Screenshot of reader comments on Chong Wei taken from Malaysiakini article, ‘I’m no political tool, says badminton champ‘ in the run-up to the last summer Olympics, and ‘Chua slams Mano in front of Chong Wei‘ when the then MCA president Chua Soi Lek defended Chong Wei after the latter was berated by a DAP Adun for his bridesmaid finisher performance at the London Olympics.

There is something pathologically wrong with Dapsters. Aside from spilling over with hate, they can’t stop from always wanting to ‘kena’kan orang.

It’s getting harder and harder to see where the boundary of their nasty. deranged behaviour will ever have an end.

Lee Chong Wei gets a hug from Rosmah


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14 thoughts on “Dapsters don’t want Chong Wei to win Olympic gold

  1. Perfectly understood why dapsters prefer LCW to loose. To them, LCW is not Chinese enough even though he is struggling with standard BM which is a common trait among top DAP hardcores. Moreove LCW’s mandarin sounds less communist which upset many dapsters even though he tried very hard to appear more chinese than those in mainland. Anyway loosing is almost a certainty as far as LCW goes. He is no match to 100% authenthic chinese Lin Dan especially in the major event like Rio 2016.

  2. Typical of Chinese hating each other. That’s why they can be seen every corner of the planet running away from their shadow.

  3. It reminds me of the Legend of Korra. A quote from Zaheer, one of the antagonists, “To create order you need disorder”. I think this is what DAP wants. Although no fire arms or whatsoever terrorism is used but still causing harm by using psychological methods

  4. Dapsters are a group of very sick DAP dogs who had been manipulated by their masters in Komtar Penang to hate and racially abuse anybody who has any opinion or views different from them. That’s how they are trained and brainwashed to spit venom at every opportunity.

    You observe how their master talk and act, and immediately their dogs will wag their tails and ready for action. They can’t migrate because they are not rich enough yet, so in the mean time, they have to create more chaos as demanded and wished by their masters. When they are wanted by the police, they would run away and hide in foreign countries. Who support them with funds there? In fact they had become an abusive anti-national lot, very provocative and intimidative.

    To put in mildly, they had become a national racial security threat. Harsher and effective laws are needed to contain these threats otherwise there will be no peace.

  5. This is a very bad attitude that many Malaysian Chinese have. They are wallowing in the 3 poisons: hatred (for all things government / malay / islam related), attachment (to material gains and a zero-sum game mentality) and delusion (that they are the smartest people around because they tell themselves that they are the smartest, duh).

    The only fortunate thing I would say is that they are acting out this negativity through micro aggressions that are only verbal. They won’t resort to physical violence en mass.

    But given the recent spate of contract killings; don’t be surprised if some zombified fool with a few thousand ringgit to spare decides to put his money where his mouth is and try to be a hero.

    I think one antidote to shock them out of this trance is for the media to start showcasing some very smart Malay entrepreneurs (believe me, some of the tech startups being incubated by the govt are run by brilliant young Malaysians) to let them know that not only the Chinese can contribute to the economy.

    It pains me to say all of the above because these are my own people after all; but if they don’t get out of this toxic mentality (even those elderly ones), then their misery will infect more people.

  6. Dapsters are not Malaysians. They are just here to cari makan. Cari makan is their philosophy. They are just opportunists, treating the country as a transit before and IF they get to go to greener pastures. At the same time they create havoc and jeopardy, to satisfy their busuk hati. Not sure who they are angry with, the native or their ancestors? Never knew they could be this busuk hati, until the last decades,

    1. We never knew either that a Malay male blogger could be so bitchy.

      And the Melayu DAP are 2 x 5 with their Chinese party comrades … busuk hati.

  7. All those who claim to hate Dato’ are just too jealous. Their jealousy streaks are too obvious to be ignored.If they were to be in his shoes, they’d be worse and worst.I remembered him embracing his coach, Dato Misbun. How harmonious I thought, instead of the ever negativity protruded by the dapsters.

  8. What about Pandelela & Jun Hoong who just won an Olympic silver medal in a diving event?

    I can’t recall any online brickbats and social media “flaming” directed against either of them.

    Perhaps sports in Malaysia is politicised, like most other things in the country, and viewed through the lenses of race & religion.

    I congratulate Pandelela and Jun Hoong on their Olympic silver medal. Finishing second to the Chinese diving powerhouse is damn good & proves that the Malaysian duo are world class.

    Hopefully Lee Chong Wei will be able to go one better for the badminton men’s singles Gold.

    With support from across the political divide!

  9. Whatever rba dapster says, lee chong wei is malaysian hero. When he shed tears when losing at london olympics, everyone feels for him. Even lin dan console him. If you watch that without tears in your eyes… better change nationality asap. Malaysia boleh!

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