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Dear Tun, an open letter

Helen Ang

Need to amputate MCA before the Chinese party causes BN to lose election

Dear Tun,

I share your fear of BN losing the coming election. If BN loses, it is the DAP that will come to power. My worry about the DAP is what they do to people. I view the evangelical party as Bintang Lima. History has shown me what the Bintang Tiga did.

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37 thoughts on “Dear Tun, an open letter

  1. Please explain how does DAP comes into power when BN falls….cos logically, i don’t see that happening with the amount of seats DAP contesting…it just doesn’t add up……

    1. Isn’t DAP the biggest opposition party by far in Parliament today?

      You talk as if the number of seats that DAP can contest is static. There’s nothing to stop them from contesting in more.

      Plus the entry of Tun’s new party could change the dynamics,

      1. nope, i think PAS is much bigger than DAP….PAS and PKR contests more seats than DAP….yes, DAP can increase the contesting seats, but would it be wise to do that anytime soon?

        SO, you don’t have a full analytical data on how the DAP will take over when BN falls…..except that DAP will take over …..that’s good enough to scare gullible kampung folks….

        1. re: “nope, i think PAS is much bigger than DAP”

          PAS’s membership is bigger. But DAP is dajjal.

          re: “PAS and PKR contests more seats than DAP….”

          DAP has got a higher success rate. Contest fewer seats but win many. PAS and PKR contest more seats but win fewer.

          re: “yes, DAP can increase the contesting seats, but would it be wise to do that anytime soon?”

          Was it wise to put up Dyana Sofya in Teluk Intan? The young greenhorn came within a whisker of beating the experienced local boy who is some more the party president of a BN component.

          re: “SO, you don’t have a full analytical data on how the DAP will take over when BN falls…..”

          DAP will use its macai-macai Melayu to ride on the Protuns and train the Protun parrots. They will ramp up the hate factor against Najib and Rosmah.

          re: “except that DAP will take over …..that’s good enough to scare gullible kampung folks….”

          Didn’t the communists try and almost succeeded in taking over Malaya?

          1. hmmm i really hope dap can win but I dun see how. dap do not possess the breadth of mind to do that, moreover I still strongly believe lge is a boy lacking any intelligence to lead, he n his fanboy is just a bunch of english educated ignoramus who thought their western education make them special, but fact is they r just some arrogance creature that think highly of themselves that look down on others, they criticize everyone from bn to pas to pkr as if they r the best, u dun read any reflection from them pertaining to bangalow n snap poll. do u really think this kind of hypocrite could lead opposition to putrajaya?

          2. If the people prefer DAP who is ” dajjal “, according to you, than Umno BN, thats their choice.
            What hv you got to complain? Why not do research on umno bn on why they are not the chosen one in the urban areas? Why blame others for own failure?

            1. Dajjal is the arch deceiver.

              DAP and its RBA persuade people through their endless and crafty lies.

              Urban folks are overly exposed to the DAP’s Internet propaganda. Research has shown that DAP is the most prominent political party in/using Internet and social media.

              Umno people have their shortcomings but in the scope of ‘kena’kan orang, I’ve never had any occasion to react to Umno with the horrified exclamation “What kind of people are they?”

              I’m not aware of ever pernah ‘dianiaya’ (sorry, can’t think of adequate English word to convey this meaning) by Umno or MCA.

              The people who made a police report against me were Perkasa Youth (not Umno). Now they bersekongkol dengan DAP, that is if they decide to follow Tun into the opposition.

              The people who used that police report to putar-belit and invent twisted lies about me are Dapsters. In a way I’m glad that the episode opened my eyes to the DAP’s true colours and made me no longer support that party by the time GE13 came around.

              DAP’s downfall will be because they lie too much to the extent that they’ve come to believe their own falsehoods.

              Like the Singapore roving ambassador said about Chinese youth who think they can ‘ubah’ the government, “delusional”.

              DAP is making it next to impossible for the Chinese to co-exist with other communities in Malaysia by feeding us (Chinese) a destructive diet of lies.

              1. ” DAP’s downfall will be because they lie too much to the extent that they’ve come to believe their own falsehoods ”

                Let them fall !!! whoever cheated the rakyat should be booted out, and charged, be it umno or DAP.

                No religion should be in play when it comes to integrity.

                Unfortunately the judicial system in this country has gone to the dogs.

                Someone who stole a chocolate bar from a grocery shop is put behind bars for 2 weeks. Someone who stole 2.6b of nation’s money can simply term it as donation getting NFAs or ‘ still under investigation ‘ or ‘ masih kita kaji ‘ declared by PAC, AG chamber, BNM and MACC.

                It is hard to find a reason to swallow these nonsense from these robbers and dedak eaters.

                It is hard not to believe you are not one of the dedak eaters, HA.

                1. re: “Someone who stole 2.6b of nation’s money can simply term it as donation”

                  Is this the marching chant of the zombie army?

                  re: “It is hard not to believe you are not one of the dedak eaters, HA.”

                  Believe what you will, just like Setem who still insists that Annie is a young half-Chinese woman. When/if he is able to learn the truth one day, then he’ll realize how he’s been suckered and played for a fool by a midde-aged Malay man.

                  Likewise all of you who call me (and Joceline) names; I consider you ‘No hope, no cure’.

                  You’re welcome to the Dapster elite/ruling families and their evangelista enforcers. But be careful what you wish for in seeking a regime change.

            2. tehtarik
              Rural areas are where majority of Bumiputras, ” sons of this soil” come from. Talk about urban areas;

        2. Surrhead

          …..gullible kampung folks….

          Kekeke ini lagi satu common phase used by them.

          1. Rina…you should make a study on why hysteria only occurs to Malay girls from a certain area only…..what is being programmed into them that only these group gets hysteria…..then you might see why i tend to see good kampung folks as gullible…btw, the same cases are with old chinese and indian folks…..who thinks they are indebted to BN just because BN gives BRIM….i have met these peoples, and they are living in towns…….and i need not explain situation in Sabah/ Sarawak…..he easiest lot for umno to fool

            1. Surrhead
              Pernah tinggal dSabah n Sarawak atau once a year tour those states or sekadar visit these areas during election campaigns?

     classmates from these two states many are professionals, they will jentik your mouth anytime wan!

              Urban areas like Jalan Alor and Petaling Street.. I can bet many of them there are buta BM and BI la, blur kekekeke sekadar herd mentality.

      2. Isn’t Tun’s new Bumiputera only party kind of too racist for Bangsa Malaysia, DAP and HIS daughter to swallow?

  2. Nothing to worry if DAP comes into power. Lim KS or his son Lim GE or his son right hand man P. Ramasamy is PM material. If either one makes it then this country does not have to worry for not having a non-malay PM. History is certainly on the making.

  3. Helen you have lost your mind and can’t think straight simply because of your hatred towards DAP. I see you becoming more of “merepek, merapu dan meracau” especially if there is anything related to DAP – poor you !

    1. Have you noticed that my open letter to Tun was originally penned in April 2015? This is a reblog.

      Harapkan pagar, pagar pula yang makan padi. What a betrayal.

      I was previously convinced that Tun was the only man with enough willpower to stop the DAP juggernaut. Instead, he has chosen today to bersubahat with the evangelical party.

      It is Tun who has lost his mind and can’t think straight simply because of his hatred towards Najib. I see him becoming more of “merepek, merapu dan meracau” especially if there is anything related to Najib – poor him!

      1. it’s “Harapkan pegar, pegar makan padi”…..our schooling syllabus are crappy at times, and we haven’t gone to sejarah yet….

      2. Kekeke Cik Helen

        Guess its going to be easier now for you cik helen. You need only to reblog most of yr previous postings, as I kept repeating….story, plot, script, events and scenes all the same except to change the names of their main cast.

        They will parroy similar tune..toyol, bodoh, “bitch”, moron, stupid, evil, racist, extremist, korup, tipu, perompak, dedak…tolong2 list down lagi tak?

        1. re: “Guess it’s going to be easier now for you cik helen. You need only to reblog most of yr previous postings”

          Thanks Rina. Good idea.

          1. Let them foam at the mouth. In GE 14, BN under the leadership of UMNO will again control Putrajaya!

            1. Their behaviour.

              They play the dirtiest tricks, and then they turn around and accuse the opponent — falsely alleging the rival of doing what it actually they themselves who do.

              They’re the real racists but they’re the first to label others.

              They’re extremist but they run around screaming “bigot!”

              They’re practically begging the other side to react, “Since you’re broadcasting non-stop to the world that we’re racist and extremist, so now let us show you what racism and extremism really is. Baru tahu.”

              1. “They’re the real racists”

                If you honestly believe the NEP and the other bumi favouring policies are not the definition of racism, then why should anyone take you seriously? DAP might very well be racists, but they are not the only ones.

                1. Sometime back during this blog’s heated conversation threads on Hindraf, one of the commenters asked me if I would support affirmative action for Indians.

                  It was a tough question and I gave a reluctant “Yes’ answer vis-a-vis the Hindraf blueprint. But subject to a time limit. The positive discrimination is not to go on forever.

                  After the fragmentation of the rubber estates (rubber industry slowing down, conversion of plantation land to other agricultural uses, Putrajaya new city and new Sime Darby housing estates), the Indian tappers who lived in the labourer quarters lost their job and their home.

                  They were forced to relocate and became urban squatters. MIC, Hindraf and the Indian think-tanks/research centres acknowledge that crime and gangsterism are disproportionately Indian social problems.

                  (I used to visit Uthayakumar regularly at Kajang prison. When I was there, I saw that most of the other visitors were Indian, and some were Malay. Chinese were few.)

                  Add to that juvenile delinquency due to unstable households, bad living conditions/environment, lack of good role models and in some cases, poverty.

                  Hindraf had asked the government to give preferred entry for Indian youths into the vocational training institutes. This is more realistic than forcing quotas on book study courses.

                  The segment of Indian youths that Hindraf is concerned about are a vulnerable group. They belong to a marginalized section of the community due to historical and other socio-poitical reasons, aqnd they need that little boost to get a start in life.

                  So does it make me a pro-Indian racist for agreeing that special attention be paid to getting Indians into vocational training? After all, the above approach is race-based and within the NEP structure.

                  1. nep is one major cause of the indian poverty. it is not wrong to assert nep is a racist policies.

                    1. Inadvertently, not intentionally, yes, the Indians were further sidelined and neglected by the headlong rush of NEP.

                      As one example, Felda should have been thrown open to the Indians from the rubber estates who had become displaced when when our export economy shifted gear.

                      (Which is not to say that there are absolutely no Indian Felda setters. There are, just as there are Chinese Mara students but these are the few exceptions).

                      Without the NEP however, Malaysia would have become an apartheid state with the Chinese as the ruling oligarchy.

                      (The Chinese are the super rich in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, and in those countries they’re only a small percentage of the population unlike in Malaya where at one time the Chinese were 35 percent.

                      (The Chinese in Malaysia are also super ruthless as evidenced by the atrocities committed by the Bintang Tiga during Darurat and the atrocities committed by their descendents – the Ah Longs – against their debtors today.)

                      If the DAP had succeeded in forming the Selangor government after the 10 May 1969 election – they came very close as the Perikatan failed to command even a simple majority – then I believe Malaysia would today indeed be a race apartheid.

                    2. HY
             is not wrong to assert nep is a racist policies…

                      If you touch on NEP, then we also can ungkit pasai plee citizenships. Dapat citizenship Malaysia dah kira getting a free ticket to Heaven tau tak? Why heaven? Those people majority came here to escape from poverty and rampant abuse by their own motherland.

                      Belajar bersyukur sikit bole tak?

                    3. HY. At the point of the riots of 13 May 1969, the economy of Malaysia was owned 70% of the best assets by the British, 25% of the third rate by a handful of Chinese towkays and the Chinese whilst the Malays had 2%. The monetary system was the Currency Board, a Colonial relic, which the Federal Government adopted since 1957 without understanding its purpose. There was also a Bank Negara Malaya/sia since 1957. Malaysia under Colonial Currency Board rules could only issue currency according to what she earned. The general economy was very slow. There were no OD. credit cards, housing loans, h/p etc. The rich became richer. All Malays including my elite friends had no money in their pockets. The Chinese were blamed by the British for creaming off the land even though they were brought in to develop and distribute British goods on credit for minimal margins under the hot sun. British Malaya until 1957 was under the Empire Tariff which permitted the tariff free British goods to enter Malaya distributed by the likes of Boustead, Guthrie, East Asiatic, Harrisons & Crossfields, Socfin, Lindetives and Sime Darby. During this period, I noted that the expatriates had no proper education but overlorded the Malayans in all the important tin, rubber, palm oil and commerce councils. I cried when 13 May 1969 happened because I knew most of the facts that the Chinese were not to be blamed for the imbalance general economy. It was a horrible mistake compounded by poor Chinese political leadership which pulled out MCA at 2.30 p.m. 13 May 1969 but returned at 10 p.m. the same evening. In the meanwhile, the conflagration started at 5 p.m in the upper reaches of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur and increased in intensity from then onwards. The facts are all there as recorded by TV Malaysia.
                      Hence, I developed the 1972 concept to control and repatriate Sime Darby PLC for only RM 23 millions with the assistance of 2 Singaporean corporates and fully supported by the Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Both were visionaries and had the National Interest at heart. They were for purchasing British assets on free market terms. No nationalization. The first big business conglomerate to be controlled by the Malays who had only 2% of the Malaysian economy before Sime Darby. However, the huge wealth so garnered was wasted and Sime Darby went bankrupt twice, for RM 1.2 Billions and RM 2.1 Billions in 1996 and 2010 respectively. No one commented how a miniscule take-over expense of RM 23 millions could create such wealth to be squandered away. My vision for Sime Darby in 1972 was for it to be like Temasek of Singapore today. However, Sime Darby reverted to the easy life of running a trading company like selling motorcars or developing properties which Ahmad, Ah Kow and Samy can do. This did not help to industrialize the country.
                      For my 1972 effort to create a level playing field for all so that the business Chinese like Lee Rubber, Public Bank, Hong Leong, IOI, KLK, Lion Group, UOB, OCBC etc had a leeway to continue normal business without fear of hindrance and interference. I was labelled a ‘Bumi bum sucker’ by the newly ennobled Malaysian Chinese but not by the elite Singaporeans who are better informed. I do not bother because I knew what I did was right in the NATIONAL INTEREST ! I did not own a single Sime Darby share. But a couple of Malaysians became rich through insider trading on Sime Darby and financed by Singapore sharebrokers. A couple of RM 2 incorporated companies in the born-again Christian mould were formed as an aftermath.

                    4. Helen,

                      1. NEP itself is noble. However, implementation was hijacked by certain individuals. Cronies, millionnaires, billionaires were created. They could be Malays and non-Malays.

                      2. Majority of Malays are still in the low income segment. If NEP is implemented properly, majority Malays should be in mid income segment.

                      re: Without the NEP however, Malaysia would have become an apartheid state with the Chinese as the ruling oligarchy.

                      Yes, few selected Chinese will be the ruling oligarchy. Not the entire Chinese population. Same like the current government. Despite Umno being dominant, only the selected few get the perks/ Those at leadership level, cronies etc. The millions of grassroots are still poor.

                      re: The Chinese are the super rich in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand………….

                      Again, only the selected Chinese. The balance are ordinary people from low to middle class segment.

                      BTW, today is Singapore Independence Day after being kicked out 51 years ago. As much as you can say the Malays there are being sidelined (which I am not denying), you need to compare the average of Malaysian Malay vs Singaporean Malay. In terms of income level, standard of education and infrastructure, the latter prevails over the former. You don’t see any of the latter coming to Malaysia to earn RM but you can see thousands of the former going to Singapore to earn SGD. Same case for education.

                    5. kak rina, nep is racist, umno is racist, mca is racist, mic is racist, some so called multi racial party r oso act racially. be a man n admit it, opps, u r not a man?!

                    6. uncle, no worry, I understand yr noble intention n deed. did u ever see me criticize nep the policy?

                    7. HY. It is easy for the present generation to comment in a light hearted fashion about events surrounding 13 May 1969 and the subsequent formulation of the NEP. At that time, the political situation was dire. MCA was in the doghouse. DAP hid themselves. Only the statesman-leadership of Tun Abdul Razak held the country together. Tun Dr Lim Chong Yew bolster the political set-up as well. I never thought my deeds whatever in my life-time are anything but noble. Many others like me also did the same – the unsung heroes of the Civil Service, police, military, medical staff etc who did their duty without any monetary consideration. It takes many to bake a cake of Malaysia 2016.

    1. So sad Ambiga can’t be a member of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia. My billion rupiah question, will Marina Mahathir join? Is he daddy’s party too racist for her and her non racial friends.

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