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How Malaysian Firsters really feel about “the idiot racist people”

In their own words, straight from the horse’s mouth …

anime sailor moon snigger

msian1st: “Salleh Keruak just show the idiot racist people how stupid is the segregation.”

(All comments taken from readers’ feedback @; screencaptured below.)

Existential Turd: “Why bother compete in a no-rate film festival? Where is the glory in winning a competition run by bigots?”

Proarte “Malays yet again show themselves to be insecure and small minded and racist. When will Malays get out of their tempurung and throw away their tongkats? When will Malays realise that Malaysia is multi-racial and multi-religious? All races and religions are ‘Malaysian’.”

OMG:No country in the world allows an army to restrict entry to only one group of citizens. No country in the world allows communal parties to continue for 59 years!”

Anonymous 1890491455255851: “Every action taken by this Government is to try and protect the Malay majority.”

Otak-otak: “Why not also suggest to send only Malay sportsmen and sportswomen to represent Malaysia in world games like the Olympics…”

Joe Lee “We all remember the Melayu fellow who swam the slowest on record across the English Channel- but he was feted across the Melayu Land; and the couple of Indians who got to the top of Mt Everest – poor guys didn’t even get a mention in the dUMNO media. And what about all the M’sian Cinakui who have done so well across the globe- not mention juga. Sombong bodoh!! Melayus should throw away the crutches, and learn to compete. The world doesn’t owe them a living; the alternative is Failed State MO1!!”

What the Dickens: “How many more years of NEP do you want?!”

Fair&Just: “Hee hee hee, after 50 over years still struggling with inferiority but outwardly over boorish with arrogance. In BM it’s known as Sombong Bodoh.”

Suck-ars-stick: “The award are called film festival of Malaysia and not fol festival of Bahasa Malaysia. Therefore all films that are made by Malaysians regardless of language or even silent films must be the main criteria. All other stuff such as language etc should be secondary.”

Vijay47: “…are you not ashamed to even suggest that Bahasa Malaysia needs support to thrive? If it has not grown and blossomed by now, it never will and all your huffing and puffing is not going to change one iota of reality.”

From Malaysiakini article titled — ‘After opening up Best Film category, Salleh’s accused of insulting BM films’


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74 thoughts on “How Malaysian Firsters really feel about “the idiot racist people”

    1. The reason for refusal is valid. Loosing the cultural identity particularly the mother tongue is the last thing in every non-bumi’s mind. The consequence is disastorous both economically and politically. It would take them years to be fully re-assimilated with their ancestral communities after the reversion.

  1. Well the Chinese and other non pribumis should be happy that Parti Pribumi gives them an associate membership. Surely this is a step up from Pendatang or Boat refugees status.

    “But why have a Bumi limitation?

    That’s where the middle ground comes in. Acknowledging the constituencies in which we will most probably be contesting. And there are still vast majorities of Malaysians, or Bumiputras, who still want to maintain their racial identity while keeping that progressive and modern stance of wanting to pursue the reform agenda.”

    Well it is true that many Pribumis do not want to be polluted by boat culture. Surely after watch Fresh From The Boat many pribumis do not want to practice such culture, this is OK to give associate or Basement Level pribumi status. This is the way to achieve Bangsa Malaysia. Basement Level Pribumi is 100 times better than Boat People status.

    PS Ola Bola is should not be Best Picture because we do not pull the ears of Indian boys and Indians don’t always pluck coconuts and keep a pet monkey.

    1. The Chinese and Indians see parti Bersatu as an umno divider, nothing more, nothing less…….no right thinking man would want to join another racist based party. BUT, please carry with with your jokes on Bersatu opening membership for nons, that should keep you occupied and your kind entertained.

    2. umno dun recognize nyonya as bumi,but I guess pribumi have no problem with that, belum ambil form kah?

      1. The jokes on you Surhead and HY. Even a young boy can fool any Chinese.
        “That’s where the middle ground comes in. Acknowledging the constituencies in which we will most probably be contesting. And there are still vast majorities of Malaysians, or Bumiputras, who still want to maintain their racial identity while keeping that progressive and modern stance of wanting to pursue the reform agenda.”

        No wonder this 23 year old boy is a great debater. He knows the Chinese in their hearts hate UMNO and NEP. How does he kowtim the Chinese? Promise the Chinese will be treated better than UMNO but NOT NOW – not in this year of the monkey. Why because many want to retain their racial identity. The Chinese are so blinded by their hate of UMNO that even children and young adults can see through them and SCREW them.

        Dear Surhead and HY do you think Parti Pribumi will take you in as associates and in a Chinese calendar or two turn you into a Pribumi? Go and dream on. Or even better Parti Pribumi closes shop after 5 Chinese calenders and get absorbed into UMNO and most Chinese member will then become UMNO members. Go and dream.

        Look at how much Hockiens dislike hudud. See how the Hockien apeks and going into Bukit Jalil and getting signatures to fight Hudud (PAS in actual sense). Has the apeks got any confirmation that Amanah will drop hudud for the love of the DAP?

        In fact the actions of the Hockiens apeks will hasten the implementation of hudud. The fact that non Muslims are telling Muslims how to practice their religion will unite Malays to vote PAS. Up to now do you any Malay NGOs going around the country getting signatures to tell the Chinese and Christians how to pray and practice their religion. None.

        Kak Helen the title of this new discussion is How clever strategists rally the Malaysian Firsters to act against “the idiot racist people” and succeed.

        1. i skip the topic pribumi first bec unlike u, i (n most chinese) never wan to be a bumi, so I dun understand what foolish r u talking abt. or as usual u just wanna show off yr batu apiness?

          will hudud impact non muslim? r u a advocate of hudud? and pray tell what is yr stance on msian with diff religion commit the same crime together (thief, robber n murderer be it muslim buddhist n christian can be muhibah u know? just look at bn) n how the non muslim could escape the hudud punishment? do u know the diff btw ‘we dun wan hudud’ n ‘malay/muslim cannot have hudud’? answer this first b4 telling the hokkian what to do.

          1. HY
            Tell these Hokkien fellas Muslims also find lots of their religious/customary practices unacceptable but we dont masuk campur becos its not our ways and non of our business wan.

            Need me to elaborate here?

            1. yes pls. however b4 doing so, y not u try to share yr view on question i posed to mulan?

              unlike yr type who cant accept how we practice our religion, we r perfectly fine with hudud as long as it dun impose on us.

              1. If it is OK for Hockiens to tell Muslim whether to practice hudud or not, then it is OK for non-Chinese to give angpows when are not red.
                We are modern people, we don’t need customs, HY?
                Your take Rina?

                1. Hudud is outdated. Period. And there’s no assurance that hudud won’t effect a non muslim.
                  There are a few cases, it’s not hudud, but related – until now, none has taken action against the converted husband who converts all his childrens into Islam without the consent of his wife – but the syariah court allowed the conversion.
                  In Kelantan, the majlis perbandaran goes around summoning for a poster of a woman not covering her head.
                  Can you see how ridiculous it’s all getting too?
                  And you wonder why people fear hudud, People don’t fear hudud, people fear the administrators who mans it.

                  1. Celah reply to Surrhead

                    re: “In Kelantan, the majlis perbandaran goes around summoning for a poster of a woman not covering her head.”

                    As far as I’m aware, there is no hudud penalty for tak tutup aurat. Why are you bringing this matter up and linking it with hudud?

                    1. The funny thing is that the MCA was way against hudud in 2008 but the Chinese who support Pakatan supported hudud with all their hearts.

                      Why the sudden reversal now?

                    2. Ah….Helen, it’s either you are being naive or simply playing dumb….i am pointing out on how the so called religious authority goes around making decisions that effect the nons….What assurance is there for nons when hudud is in place? everybody knows aurat has nothing to do with hudud….in fact hudud only covers certain crimes. In Hudud practicing countries, there are cases of rape victim condemned instead of the rapist. With all these negative decisions from hudud and it’s administrators, you expect sane people to second hudud?? And for now, we have administrators going berserk over posters

                    3. re: “What assurance is there for nons when hudud is in place?”

                      DAP’s word.

                      During the GE13 campaign, the evangelical party was adamant that Chinese need have no fear of hudud so long as we’re not thieves and have no intention of committing crime.

                      That’s what DAP had told the Chinese then. Is the party changing its tune now?

                      re: “With all these negative decisions from hudud and it’s administrators, you expect sane people to second hudud??”

                      Yes, I expect Cina DAP to support hudud as they had done in May 2013.

                      Unless they’re admitting that they’re totally devoid of principles and were/are willing to say anything, do anything for votes and to get to Putrajaya.

                    4. You are lying again….DAP never supports hudud……..maybe a few chinese citizen were fooled into believing that hudud will only effects the criminals only, BUT DAP has never supported hudud. Remember PR’s “agree to disagree”? hudud is part of it…

                    5. Waaah, senang-senang you tuduh orang bohong when it is you and your dajjal gang who are the liars.

                  2. ‘Hudud is outdated. Period.’

                    Wah sedap you hina Islam dan Syariah Laws. Your kinds kalau tak menghasut dan menghina tak sah. Memang typical pendatangs behaviour! Bagi betis nak peha!

  2. Parti Pribumi is a bit of an irony. Initiated by a man whose paternal ancestors were Indians from Kerala. The opposition is laced with irony, a man born Chinese claiming that his father is a Malay yet when confronted, all he has to do is show his birth certificate to set the record straight but we know why he would never do that knowing very well that his birth certificate will expose him for what he really is, a fraud. Another well known Chinese, also a politician has a habit of calling others “low class” yet she is no better than the people she deemed as beneath her, having failed to secure permanent residency status in a country known as Down Under. One must remember her most famous stunt, of her firstborn being registered as a Chinese even though her husband is an Indian. One must wonder the psychological damage she has inflicted on her firstborn when people start questioning her racial identity, that man is not your father, he is Indian while you are Chinese. One only has to look at the people running the opposition to understand the sort of people who support their cause. Truly an irony.

  3. Ms H, In 1968, Tun Tan Siew Sin told me that for a person to be a Minister, he has to come from a proper family background, with proper education and experience because he bears a huge responsibiity of trust, good governance and integrity to the Rakyat.

  4. Helen

    Your choice to pick up the comments only on Malaysiakini may help to prove your point about supposedly DAP supporters.

    But this specific issue was started and was being championed by Malay filmmakers, Malay film & arts enthusiast ( of which im involved in) , Malay industry crews etc….

    It has NOTHING to do with neglecting the value of Bahasa Kebangsaan.

    Also, interesting to note that now nationalist has been crying foul at Salleh Keruak :D for making this decision.

    1. The organizers of the film fest set a criterion of minimum 70 percent dialogue in BM.

      Ola Bola does not fulfill this requirement.

      This guideline has always been there. It’s not as if it was created overnight to deliberately exclude OB.

      So why bend the rules and mess with the categories just to accommodate 2015’s box office movie?

      I’m in agreement with the language nationalists.

      1. Even the Oscars and Globes have language percentage quotas. Remember Letters from Iwo Jima.

        Well it is considered a foreign language flims by the Globes but the not the Oscars. Clint Eastwood… not an American flim but Japanese flim! If this scenario would be in Malaysia, horrors controversy lah.

        My suggestion to FFDM.
        Have a Malay language categories as well as non Malay language categories and an overall category. In fact the way films are made today, films cannot be 100% buatan Malaysia. Bunohan was a Universal Pictures distributed film. Lelaki Harapan Dunia had German and Dutch support. Look how Indonesia pulled the Raid series off. Get Sony Pictures to help.

        1. usa is essentially a racist country, y emulate them? unless we wanna topple them to become the most racist country in the world.

          btw, ola bola is pretty msian, all the major muhibah race is there except nyonya, no japanese as well bec the story is not abt japanese, the foreign coach is here for the money, let him be, the language they use is not that foreign if u r familiar with msia, u see the diff when compare against iwo jima? but I do agree with helen if there is such criteria, why bising only now? the thing I dun quite agree is the “language nationalist”, y interfere something artistic like movie music etc, betui communist.

          1. Hy,

            re: “the thing I dun quite agree is the ‘language nationalist’, y interfere something artistic like movie music etc, betui communist.”

            Nobody interfered with Ola Bola.

            It wasn’t banned or censored.

            It was allowed to receive a full-blown promotional blitz by the Firster media and Dapster social media.

            It was not blocked from raking in the box office takings. Nobody called for a boycott. Tickets were sold to all races of moviegoers.

            So where does any interference come in against the movie?

            The only interference is by the noisy poseurs against Finas for upholding its longstanding competition guidelines, and interfering to force Ola Bola to be accepted into a category for which it does not qualify.

            The interference is bending the rules for Ola Bola.

            1. helen, the one who “interfere” is 1 or 2 or more from the local movie industry, the rules was “bend” because of the voice from those in the movie business, not due to me n u or any language nationalist, what we shall call all this “language nationalist” if not interference then? i seem to recall many of u like to make fun of mao china on their nationalistic act, r the “language nationalist” any difference with mao china?

              1. ‘The only interference is by the noisy poseurs against Finas for upholding its longstanding competition guidelines, and interfering to force Ola Bola to be accepted into a category for which it does not qualify.’

                Meritocracy fellas tak buka mulut pun?? Semua suka saja few films got special treatment? Subsidy mentality at its best! Meritocracy My Malay Ass!

      2. Im sorry to say you are wrong Helen.

        Its the JAGAT crew who raised this issue and was at the forefront, not the Ola Bola team.

        I have some part in the production of JAGAT .

        1. Jagat is in Tamil. I don’t see how it can compete in the same category against films in the national language.

          While they can try and bend the rules for Ola Bola because it does have BM content – albeit not meeting the 70 percent requirement – I don’t see how the same can be stretched for Jagat.

          Jagat is not the standard bearer for the Bangsa Malaysia that they’re pushing.

          Whereas there are elements about the feel-good football squad (on which Ola Bola is loosely but not historically based) and its real-life multiracial players that can be hijacked for the Firster propaganda.

          In any case, the clamour raised by Nazir Razak, Wong Chun Wai (read his effusive column two Sundays ago) and his Firster ilk is for Ola Bola to grab the trophy.

        1. The bottomline is that the 70 percent BM criterion has been in the rule book for years.

          But overnight they interfered to create a new category just so as to bend the rules for Ola Bola. This is a case of caving in to Firster public (propaganda) pressure.

          1. Yes, I noted you point.

            Please could you comment on the use bahasa pasar, broken language, mixture of English and state dialects and whether they should constitute proper use of Bahasa for the purpose of determining the 70%?

            1. The 70 percent should be proper use of BM.

              The 30 percent leeway can encompass bahasa pasar, Manglish and dialects.

  5. Ms H. How many of your readers were scolded like a small boy by 13 Tengkus and Datos in their lifetimes ? I have a list of these people whom I found quite amusing actually. I did not run off to join the DAP but stayed by example. Only a few weeks ago, a young executive in a white Lexus 4 WD jumped up and down making a lot of noise after the door of my car just touched his car. I told him in his face,’ What’s wrong with you making so much noise ?’

    1. The Bogeyman: “The only reason you Bangangs still exist is because I haven’t eaten you up!”

      The Macais: “Much ado about nothing Jemuan – we look forward to your one-man play!”

  6. Meanwhile, congratulations to Joseph Schooling for winning Singapore’s first Olympic gold medal in the 100m butterfly event today. In a new Olympic record time of 50.39 seconds.

    The “little red dot” boleh, lah!

    Now let’s hope Lee Chong Wei & Pandlela Rinong can follow suit….

    While the “firsters” & “racists” continue the debate…..

    1. Kineas 1067
      Waaa aa. Luckily Malaysia supply water to Singapore to fill their seweeming pull. Don’t tell me everyday he practice his swimming in the sea?

      1. RINA. Schooling lives and trains in Texas, United States at the expense of the Singapore Government. An up-date for you. Since the Ringgit depreciated, Malaysia now pays to deliver 2 sens per gallon raw water to Singapore ! Malaysia does not have schooling. But we have Jo Lo who claims to be educated at the Wharton School of Business ! How low can go Jo Lo ?

      2. Rina has the mentality that many Malays and some from of the other races share unfortunately. Instead of applauding success and trying to emulate it, they become very defensive about their country when another country is compared to it.

        1. Formerly known as FHAAHD,

          Haiyaaa, I am stating the reality of the world we
          live in – how important water is to all living things. Jangan sesekali lupa ya..

          He started swimming at a very young age, he only started swimming in pools while in US, kecik2 dia berenang kat laut ke? Mustahil!

          As a mom I too tumpang share the pride of J Schooling’s win and that our Malaysian water is also a part of his body.. Takde body how to swim?

          1. oh …rina…really?? Schooling has got Malaysian water in his body and that’s why he managed a gold for SGP? This is a new low, lady…..something is in our waters…..

          2. Oh, my… are plumbing new levels of ignorance, Kak. After a while, it does get tedious and pitiable.

            As far as Joseph Schooling is concerned, he learned to swim in Singapore (at swimming pools in the Singapore Island Country Club where his parents are members and in his school – ACS International – in Singapore).

            Please do your research before shooting off your mouth, Kak.

            1. Kineas 1067

              Swimming pull sana tak pakai air ke? berenang dalam pasiaq? Or they pump sea water to fill the pools?

              Owh I ingatkan pasai dia berenang dalam kolam filled with malaysian water and drinks water from Malaysia you cannot contain yr excitement and wanted to share the glory with us??

              Out of “> 100 gold medalist” out of the blue why you highlighted only a winner from Singapore? China lagi berlambak2 gold medals!

              1. Sure, and why not?

                When Malaysia wins an Olympic gold medal (in any sport), I will celebrate also.

                Like I congratulate Michael Phelps, Shannon Biles (meritocracy!), Usain Bolt, Andy Murray etc etc.

                Yes, even the Chinese gold medal winners.

                And overlooking all the controversies about being drug tainted, doping etc.

                And your issue about swimming pools and the water therein is childishly puerile.

                If you don’t like Singapore, come out and say so upfront.

                Instead of hinting here and there……l

                1. JohorMali777

                  Nothing childish to sentiasa remind mereka yang lupa daratan supaya sentiasa bersyukur dan insaf jangan terlalu asyik suka menghina Malaysia.

                  …Today, the IOM liberally recommends an even higher volume of total daily water intake: 3.7 liters (15 cups) for the average adult male and 2.7 liters (11 cups) for the average adult female….

                  When you drink water, eat, mandi, gosok gigi, pergi tandas, memasak, cuci rumah/pejabat n kenderaan/machines daily, and almost in anything you do in Singapore “THINK MALAYSIA” wokay?

                  Tanpa air Malaysia, nothing can move in Singapore.

                  1. Then why is Johor still buying treated water from the Singapore PUB-owned water treatment plant in Johor? Not self-sufficient, it seems.

                    And during a recent water shortage in JB, didn’t Bakaj request the Singapore PUB to supply EXTRA quantities of treated water on an emergency short-term basis?

                    So, who should be thankful to who?

                    Come 2061, Singapore will be self-sufficient for water.

                    Count on it, Kak.

        2. fkP. An international class athlete must have brains and a superb physique with experience. I have watched our badminton athletes in agony. They always win the first set or led in the final set. But suddenly they ran out of oxygen and collapse in agony. In 2012, the Datuk was 2 points ahead of Lin Dan in the final set. Lin Dan got the medal. Most countries rely on university students or have a tertiary education and full sports medicine support for their selected students. The sports organisers should be dedicated to improve the sport. I should know. I not only free the Selangor Shooting Association from the bondage controlled by 32 Hakkas in 1965 but won a medal at the SEAP Games as well. The Selangor Shooting Association is the best managed association in the country with RM2 millions since I left in 1970. Wherever politics interfered with the sport, we got no results. Watch the Russians badminton doubles pair at Rio – full of brains and physique. If we do not watch out, Poland, Germany, Russia, Spain, England, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc will overtake us by 2020 ! Indonesia, Japan and S. Korea have already done so.
          How many of us noticed we had a woman 100 metres runner wearing shorts and finished 20 metres behind the rest in Round One in Rio ?

          1. How much more malu can we get when we can lose to south Korea in sepak takraw during Asian games?
            Obviously our NSC is doing a good job by having some brainless datuks or tunkus helming it.
            No bad to our football team too. We are getting there soon, the 200th ranking mark. Kudos to the father and son from east coast. Dah cukup hisap kot.

            1. tehtaik, in the 1970s, I saw the Thai workers of Saha Union textile factory in Bangkok practising sepak takraw during their rest hour. I was surprised because in those days Malaysia ruled.

  7. The thing is the rich UMNO malays should share some of their economic pie with the poor malays.

    But they don’t.

    1. You’re making an inane, catch-all and populist statement.

      In many/most other countries, the rich are the political elites too. Glaring examples close to home are the Philippines and Thailand.

      Even philanthropists don’t simply rain free money on the poor. The only way to get the political tycoons to share is if the poor people work for them (the rich political families) in their businesses and the industries they control.

      1. in other countries it is obviously a class problem, only in msia some spin it as race n religion problem. who spin the most, umno/bn.

        1. It is a class problem foremost.

          But that does not preclude it as a race problem — a diagnosis the NEP policy makers had affirmed in 1970.

          To a lesser extent it can be a religion problem. Granted religion does not factor as heavily as the two elements mentioned above.

          As an example among the professional class, a disproportionate number of the media (in English language) practitioners and decision makers are Christian.

      2. And how many times the rich UMNO malays start a business and hire thousands of poor malays?

        They Don’t. They keep the money for themselves and their families only.

          1. No, becoz I’m not in the hardcore poor. I’m talking bout the hardcore poor and they’re mostly malays

            1. Do you think that if the DAP or the Christians controlled the government they would help the hardcore poor Malays?

              They are in control of the Penang state government. Look at how the DAP government had treated the Kg. Buah Pala villagers and the countless Melayu kampungs that have been demolished so that the developers (who are the DAP’s new best friends) can reap decadent profits.

              1. The Malays in Penang are many times better off than the malays in Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang. Why don’t UMNO help them?

                1. re: “The Malays in Penang are many times better off than the Malays in Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang.”

                  Can you elaborate in what ways the Malays in Penang are better off than the Malays in Kedah, etc?

                  Don’t forget that many Penang Malays have been made homeless when the developers – who are BFF with DAP – bulldozed their kampungs. Others have been coerced to relocaate from the island to the mainland.

                  1. In terms of wages the Malays in Penang definitely earn more. The point I’m trying to make is why don’t the rich UMNO malays help the poor malays especially in the rural areas.

                    1. re: “In terms of wages the Malays in Penang definitely earn more.”

                      (a) Penang Malays are not earning income equal to Penang Chinese, are they?

                      (b) Cost of living in Penang is higher than in Kedah, Kelantan, etc.

                      re: “The point I’m trying to make is why don’t the rich UMNO malays help the poor malays especially in the rural areas.”

                      Define “help”. What is it that you’re demanding the “rich Umno Malays” to do?

                      And what is it that the rich DAP Chinese are doing to help poor people (regardless of race) which the rich Umno Malays can emulate? Do let us know.

                2. UMNO is the problem,

                  Tst tst tst . Dah rasa syiok pulak sekarang ni semua parties dok beghebut pakat kalut nak sangat2 gi bantu kami oghang2 kampung yang miskin tolol dan bodoh ni?

                  BEST LA LIKE THIS, I LIKE!

                3. Really. Like when the bulldozers enter Batu Feringghi. And Kampung Siam? Even the Buddhist Siamese Bumis are not safe.
                  Now even Seah Boey is not safe.
                  Lim Guan Eng Vs Lim Mah Hui – the lovers scorned.

                  Dr Ang added that losing the Unesco status would be a long process with numerous meetings and reports on the reasons that could jeopardise its criteria.

                  “The letter also pointed out that structures and historical relics have been discovered at the Sia Boey (old Prangin market) archaeological site.

                  “However, it is still premature to make any assumption since reports and work on the transport plan and archaeological site are still ongoing,” she said.

                  When contacted yesterday, Dr Lim, who is also a city councillor, said he would issue a statement soon on the matter.

                  The Penang Forum comprises more than a dozen civil societies including the Penang Heritage Trust, Aliran, Sahabat Alam Malaysia and the Consumers Association of Penang.

          2. Ms H. When I was a boy, I learnt that there are Christians and rice Christians. My Christian arts teacher had two wives.

  8. Given that these comments mostly suit your narrative, what’s to say that these anons on mkini aren’t in reality you? Or your Handlers? Nothing seems past you….

    1. (1) Only subscribers are permitted to comment on Malaysiakini. Therefore, these people must all be registered and the portal knows who they are, plus other identity verifier such as their credit cards, cheques payment etc.

      (2) Malaysiakini has a digital trail/track record of all the comments made by these nicks. Furthermore these monikers have been commenting a long time (years) in the portal and their fellow readers ‘know’ who they are, more or less.So while their IC names and numbers may not be public knowledge, the pattern of their comments have been established over a long period.

      (3) re: “These comments mostly suit your [my] narrative”

      I do not and did not create this narrative where Malaysian Firsters hate anything that is pro-establishment.

      It is because they show themselves to be this kind of people that they merit my attention. If they were not this kind of people, Malaysia would be peaceful and harmonious. If they were not full of hate, the split in the Chinese vote would not be so extremely lopsided.

      Other than the small Malaysiakini sampling I’ve screen captured here, this trend of hate-gomen (hate Malay/hate Islam) “narrative” is everywhere in Malaysian cyberspace. It is impossible for me idividsually or personally to create or invent something so widespread that has been going on for so long and rubbing so many people the wrong way.

      (4) re: “what’s to say that these anons on mkini aren’t in reality you?”

      You people are the ones who go around impersonating others as a part of your dirty tactics – like the imposter “Rina” comment in Annie’s blog. Pandai you all accuse your opponent/rival of the strategy that you (all) employ. That’s why you all are dajjal – liars, manipulators and sly deceivers.

      (5) re: “Or your Handlers?”

      Again, you speak like an RBA. It is you who handle your army of cyber troopers but you repeatedly accuse me. You’re engaging in a smear campaign. That’s what you’re good at and how you’I’ve brainwashed the majority Chinese and some Protuns.

      (6) re: “Nothing seems past you…”

      You’re describing yourself — a group that has no limits and no ethical boundaries. We can compile thick volumes for a long series of books just recording the “what kind of people” kenakan orang vile and vicious things which your lot has been doing.

      You’re dajjal.

      Tapi sepandai-pandainya tupai melompat, akhirnya akan jatuh ke tanah juga. DAP has made the biggest mistake of its life to kenakan PAS. Tunggulah balasan.

      1. Which is not exactly the “friendly welcoming face” that Malaysia is trying to portray to the outside world, is it?

        I don’t see Wisma Putra or Miti going around and telling people that we have “dajjal types” in Malaysia. Why detract from a positive “spin” about the country? Especially where picky foreign investors are concerned?

        So all these “dajjal” rhetoric is strictly for domestic consumption. And the increasingly strident comments, verging on hysteri, seems to indicate that the rhetoric isn’t gaining traction. Which means that new “targets” have to be trotted out to overcome the digital ennui.

        Which is as good an admission as any of digital social media inadequacy.

        1. re: “I don’t see Wisma Putra or Miti going around and telling people that we have “dajjal types” in Malaysia.”

          Hahaha, discretion by the diplomats.

          re: “And the increasingly strident comments, verging on hysteria, seems to indicate that the rhetoric isn’t gaining traction.”

          You mean “kafir harbi”? Coming from a state mufti and echoed in essence by his fellow muftis — I’d say it’s gaining traction alright.

          PAS too is beginning to voice out that DAP is “dajjal”, albeit perhaps not employing this exact term …yet. Nonetheless the pronouncement of DAP as “enemy of Isam” by the party ulama is something serious.

          re: “Which means that new ‘targets’ have to be trotted out to overcome the digital ennui.”

          Unlike RBA and Melayu DAP 20k, the BN cybertroopers are not champion whackers.

          re: “Which is as good an admission as any of digital social media inadequacy.”

          Only because BN cybertroopers are not dajjal like the Dapsters.

          1. “discretion by the diplomats? Please cite references or links to substantiate your claim.

            So, by your thesis, Wisma Putra & Miti aren’t doing their jobs properly because they are not presenting a “true & fair view” of Malaysia to the outside world? Again, please cite the relevant references.

            So, if “dajjal types” are running wild in Malaysia, and if our diplomats & trade envoys & negotiators aren’t making this known upfront for external parties to make informed decisions about diplomatic, trade & investment matters – can the external parties cry “foul” & seek to void such decisions?

            Or does the “caveat emptor” rule apply?

              1. Haiya Helen, why you layan Singapore wannabe punya lang macam ini Kineas, ini orang esok tua mesti melutut sama itu Mainlanders Chinese punya anak cucu just to get his monthly pension wor! Kalau tak sure mati tak berkubur jawabnya!

                1. Pfft…..?

                  Not worried about my pension, are you? Neither is my friendly private banker…

                  But if you want to contribute your excess Ringgit, I know some deserving charities that would be appreciative of your largesse.

                  If you are not picky about their affiliations, that is.

                  As for the “Mainlanders Chinese”(sic), I am sure that they are well able to look after themselve.

                  While making the odd investment or two in Malaysia!!!


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