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Wooohoooo! Chinese have returned to BN

MCA and its J-Star media have been trumpeting repeatedly that Chinese voters have moved back to BN.

Well, we’re soon going to see a visible display of the community’s renewed support and enthusiasm for the ruling party when pro-government Chinese in red shirts take to the streets to counter rally against the anti-government Bersih.

Waaay to go, MCA! Hidup semangat Barisan Nasional. Hidup, hidup BN!

Chinese gonna be 40% of the Red Shirts


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24 thoughts on “Wooohoooo! Chinese have returned to BN

  1. This news coming from Malaysiakini is just a game of “Reverse psychology” used by the DAPsters. I don’t think it will happened en masse.
    Maybe a few chinese friends decided to take part with the red shirts and there is nothing wrong with it, but those DAPsters who got the news quickly did a damage control by using psychology sabotage.

    1. re: “those DAPsters who got the news quickly did a damage control by using psychology sabotage”


  2. Have there been free flow alcohol (with roofies) passed around in the Star headquarters and in Jalan Ampang?

    1. So if the Chinese populate Bersih and not the Red Shirt rally, then MCA and its J-Star must be lying about the community’s returned support.

      For the record, the last Red Shirt rally was joined by Parti Cinta Malaysia vice president Datuk Huan Cheng Guan.

      So there’s no reason why MCA cannot support a counter rally against the anti-gomen (read: anti-BN) yellow shirted crowd.

  3. Very bad news for demoracy. Surely the chinese have been misled thinking that they can rule the country by returning back to BN. Its very distant pipe dream away. Their chance is much better with DAP than the BN controlled MCA. The best that they can expect from MCA is a ministership, wheras Lim KS is surely a PM in waiting if they stick with DAP.

    1. Well stick with Pakatan.
      Good news. The Chinese will graduate from Boat People, Hill People, Pendatang to Second Class Aborigine. So that’s worth it is it?

      What has the almost 2 terms of DAP done to Penang?
      1. Hills as bald as Betty’s head
      2. Flat kampungs
      3. Seagate decided to take the sea home
      4. Penang airport cum Penang port
      5. Dogs slaughter
      6. Suddenly everyone wants a swimming pool.

      Coming soon.
      1. Penang graduating from UNESCO
      2. Swiiming for everyone

      Well to the Penang lang it is worth to sell yourself to Singapore because they hate UMNO. How many properties are Singaporean? It is actually quite rewarding to whore yourself to Singapore, let Singapore kick your people out of their homes. Penang has been colonised by the British and Japanese and in 2008 Singapore.

      1. at least we r still chinese, unlike the nyonya that could sell their mother for bumi status.

            1. Since I’m letting your comment through, I shall reply on Mulan’s behalf.

              Kamu jenis yang memang patut diajar.

              1. ‘unlike the nyonya that could sell their mother for bumi status.’

                Baba & Nyonya-Mother lineages memang darah Melayu Pribumi kut. HY punya keturunan ‘chap cheng langs’ mana boleh faham high culture punya sejarah.

    2. Blue, a Chinese will never become a PM in Malaysia, even if the Constitution allows it. The current political scenario does not allows it. And Umno has made sure racism leeks in every nooks and corners of Malaysia. And LKS is not a PM material, LGE yes, not LKS. The Chinese do not have the idea to rule Malaysia, they only want a fair and stable Malaysia. Looks like you are easily fooled into believing that Chinese will take over Malaysia. Pray tell me how….

      1. The chinese have missed the golden opportunity to rule by reverting back to BN. Imagine LGE holding a PM post while Tony Pua as Defence Minister while Jagdeep Singh is a new foreign Minister. Ruling would also allow them to shower the malays with RMs in order to make them happy like what they are now doing in Penang.

        1. Actually, my stand is good Malays must hold politics, and Chinese must work together with Malays in managing the country. No doubt, LGE, Tony, Rafizi, Jagdeep can do wonders, provided they are given the right avenue with less politicking. AS for some Indian(s), they can continue laughing and be happy receiving BRIM.

      2. ‘And LKS is not a PM material, LGE yes, not LKS.’

        I was cruising around the net for a good laugh this morning and I found it. Here of all places. LMAO!

        Kam siah!

  4. I predict that most Chinese will stay away from both rallies. The threat of violence will make them stay home. Instead, they will use the keyboard to join in the rally because they can be anything they want to be hiding behind the keyboard: a Malay; a red supporter; a yellow supporter; an Indian; a sophisticated Chinese; a Sikh; a foreigner; etc..


    1. re: “they can be anything they want to be hiding behind the keyboard”

      Like Mr Aphabet Soup at Life of Annie blog pretending to be non-Chinese and a Protun, and Annie himself pretending to be an awek cun of mixed race, and Anon talking to himself.

      Then these peope will turn around and accuse you of being an imposter or using various aliases.

      Dajjal betoi.

  5. Wah! hebatnya Jamal Ikan Bakar, kehebatannya mengembalikan sokongan kaum Cina pada Najib.

    Hidup ikan bakar!! cicah dengan air asam pun sedap.

    1. Memang kita sokong Datuk ni.
      Nanti dapat makan ikan pari bakar percuma
      dengan air asam. Fuh, tak sabar2 lagi nak makan ikan pari bakar tu. Memang best.
      Kadang2 dapat bonus jugak dalam peraduan yang dianjurkan Datuk sambil makan ikan bakar. Enjoy betul di kedai Datuk!
      Kita sokong Datuk!

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