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Badminton gold … go, go, go!

One of my regular blog commenters Lousy.Engineer made the following request @ 2016/08/16 at 11:42 pm:

“Guys, guys, guys, can we take a break for a minute here?”


Badminton light saber fight

Our country’s first Olympic gold ever?

Here’s a cheer for Malaysia’s badminton squad in the finals:

  • Chan Peng Soon & Goh Liu Ying (mixed doubles)
  • Tan Wee KiongGoh V Shem (men’s doubles)


  • Lee Chong Wei (men’s singles)

Enjoy the happy video …

Numa Numa video


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53 thoughts on “Badminton gold … go, go, go!

  1. Hope the players speak standard and flawless BM during press conference. No more “gua” or “lu” or “aku” or “kau”. Plain “saya” and “awak” are good to start with.

    1. Not being able to speak flawless Bahasa doesn’t make a Malaysian less Malaysian. It should be good enough if they can speak the language, even if it isn’t flawless. I speak English, French, passable Bahasa, very little Cantonese and not a word of Mandarin (except thank you). When Chinese people say I should be able to speak Mandarin because I’m of that race, I tell them to F#@k off. I’m Chinese, I’m Malaysian, I love my country and I support my government, warts and all. Win the gold boys, and if anyone accuses you of not being able to speak the national language, tell them to f@#k off. You’ve won a medal for the nation. How many of us can even say that?


      1. Of course it does matter if you dont speak flawless Bahasa. It shows they are more chinese than Malaysians as Bahasa Malaysia is the national language of Malaysia and Singapore.
        You Chinese try to hide your chinese ness but the fact remains this is the Federated Malay State and Malays are the natives of Singapore.
        You shold listen to Donald Trump more about being American haha

        1. And your point is…..?

          I don’t see Singaporeans being any less disadvantaged because they can choose to speak in English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil or any of the Chinese dialects.

          What about the Singaporean Malays who prefer to communicate in English rather than in Malay? Are they any less Singaporean, competitive or meritocratic?

          It seems to me that this language thing is being used as an excuse to cover up all sorts of failings, shortcomings, non-competitiveness etc.

          When the PM next uses BM solely in G-to-G meetings or in the Asean Summits, then maybe you may have a point.

          Not until then.

          1. There are four official languages in Singapore – Chinese, Malay, Tamil and English. Anyone including the athletes can choose either one from the list. Perfectly acceptable if the Malays there wish to communicate in English or Mandarin. However the situation here is quite different. There is one official language only – BM. Obviously we expect the athletes to speak good BM or else they will be struggling to sing and understand Negaraku in the event of them winning the gold medals.

            1. Ooh, touchy. Did we strike a nerve there or what?

              If there is only one official language in M’sia, how is it that from the PM downwards, all speeches & negotiations overseas are conducted in English? Like in the TPPA negotiations? Or in the ICJ? Or in Asean? During UN meetings? With visiting dignitaries?

              Xi speaks in Mandarin, Merkel in German. Abe in Japanese, Jokowi in Bahasa Indonesia. With interpreters standing by.

              What’s the difference?

              1. Do you expect Najib to speak in BM when he meets Merkel in Germany to discus issues related to trade and commerce?


                1. Yeah, and why not?

                  Got interpreters, mah…….

                  Look at Xi, Hollande, Abe etc……

                  And it is “come on”, not “common”!

                  That also you dunno, ah?

        2. Who cares if an athelete can speak flawless Bahasa? In sport, your physical performance counts. No coach will choose a player simply because of the latter’s ability to speak flawless Bahasa. Be practical. Don’t be overly sentimental on Bahasa. It will not help in getting medals.

            1. bangang.

              Chinese indonesians have been speaking chinese dah lama dah,

              nampak sgt tak pernah duk indonesia, tak pernah nak campuq org indonesia…

              nak pertahan BM konon. pirahhh

              1. Woi lembam, suka hati aku la nak pertahankan BM ka apa. Hang sakit buntot tak habis pasaipa? Ada aku korek punggkok hang ka? Cipan!

                Hang CIA ka tahu selok belok hidup aku?

            2. Be practical. Don’t be overly sentimental on national language. Let me show you some stats on how emphasizing Bahasa, Malay and Islam in the selection of coaches and athletes will not win Msia any medals.

              Rio 2016 is Msia best ever Olympics. Msia has won 11 medals in all Olympics. 5 were from Rio 2016. 3 from badminton, 1 diving and 1 cycling. 5 medal winning athletes for badminton, 2 diving and 1 cycling. Total 8 athletes contributed medals. 6 are Chinese, 1 Sawarakian and 1 Malay.

              1) 5 medal winning athletes for badminton:
              All coaches for singles (man and women), doubles (man and women) and mixed are not Malay.


              The 5 medal winning athletes are non-Malay too.

              2) 2 medal winning athletes for diving:
              Coach Yang Zhuliang is not a Malay. Pandelela and Jun Hoong are not Malays as well.

              3) Sole medal winning athlete for cycling:
              Yes, Azizul is Malay. But his coach John Beasley is not a Malay.

              In sports, performance counts. No one will care whether you are Malay, Muslim or speak Bahasa.

      2. It means a lot more if these athletes win golds and at the same time speak the language of the land through which the national athem is sung.

        1. can agree, for instance I watched ah loke tube by helen the other day on dap pertahankan islam, loke bm is almost perfect, equally good to lge if not better, how I wish this patriotic duo could lead pakatan to putrajaya.

      3. Flawless might be asking too much. But you are a “less” malaysian than an illegal bangla alien if you cannot speak and understand BM. They come here and learn the language in weeks. Most of you ,citizens, even your birth was subsidised by malaysian govt and you cannot master the language after decades? U might be a citizen but are you malaysian? Let say u are of hispanic descent, do you think you can go far in america if u cant speak a word of english? Or can a caucasian non spanish speaker prosper in mexico on his own no matter how much money he had? The reason a malaysian cant speak their NATIONAL language is because they dont want to and they dont have respect for the language or the country. They are here to leave so why learn shit you wont use in australia or taipei. Leave quickly if you dont like it here. To where you came from or to where u wanna go, IDC! Not u gene, bcs u are a passable Patut la not many nons soldiering or policing, tak faham bahasa rupanya. Susah nak kawad kalau kiri kanan pun tak tahu.
        Kalau pandai mandarin boleh la join up PRC army 左右 左右 左右
        Ps:what is the meaning of gold medal for the nation when the winner have to lip sync the national anthem?

    2. Can we start with any attending Ministers, VVIPs & VIPs to do their press conferences in BM instead of English? Or to flawlessly & seamlessly switch back & forth between BM & English?

      Maybe we should make fluency in “standard & flawless BM” a key selection criterion for all Malaysian athletes at international sporting events. And extend this to their coaches & managers.

      And put talent & hard work on the back burner.

      I don’t think Joseph Schooling has any such worries. He can even handle his PR duties in “slightly American-accented” English & just focus on getting the job done.

      Which is representing his country well & winning medals!

      Maybe that’s a tad too simplistic for you?

      Anyway, all the best to the Malaysians who are in the running for Olympic medals. May the force be with you!

      1. Kineas 1067

        Quote……..Everyone now wants to claim credit on Schooling’s Olympic gold medal.

        ….The Americans say he was trained there.
        ….Malaysians say his mum is from Ipoh and the cells in his body belongs to Malaysia (water content). Kekeke
        ….British claimed that his great grandfather was from Britain.
        ….Portugal claimed that his great grandmother was Portugal-Eurasian.
        ….China claimed that he was 1/2 Chinese.

        ….But the best part comes from the Philippines. They say he is brought up by his Filipino maid.” ……..

          1. Again….pfft!

            What about Nicole David who is based in the Netherlands?

            There are many Malaysians & Singaporeans living & working in the US. It’s called “globalisation” & the movement of talent to where it is appreciated.

            Kind of like asking the JPA scholars to come back to M’sia after completing their studies overseas.

            If Joseph Schooling wants to be based in the US, good luck to him. He’ll definitely be a medal contender in Tokyo 2020.



        1. And all of the above is correct, yes?

          So, what’s your point?

          Nicole David lives & trains in the Netherlands.

          She communicates in English.

          Has anyone questioned her commitment to Malaysia?

          Joseph Schooling’s parents decided to put him in the US because that’s where the best swimming coaches & facilities are. Like the Bolles School in Florida & the University of Texas where Schooling is studying now.

          So what?

  2. Ms H. Politics should not rule sports. Here is a real example. In 1965, Tun Tan Siew Sin requested me to open up the Selangor Shooting Association for all which was ruled for years by just 33 Hakkas with gun licences. No one may join without a gun licence. They used this privilege to travel to the 1962 Tokyo Olympics at public expense. I revised the Constitution of the Association. By 1972, Malaysia won its first meaningful shooting gold medals at the Teheran Asian Games. From then on, Malaysia never went beyond the ASEAN Games standard in shooting. The reason was only the children of the police and the armed forces could spend time in the sport. Leadership is lacking even though the Selangor Shooting Association now has thousands of members and a kitty of RM 2 million cash. There is a palpable lack of sacrifice by the leadership. Arising from this, the great achievements by diving, cycling and badminton in Rio tell us that first we must have the right leadership professionally, second, an adequate funding and lastly, the sport must be open to all. I dare say prospective Olympians must have intellect, physique and the will to achieve with years of hard training and competition at home and abroad. All sports in Malaysia should follow the BAM model. In the 1960s, only Malaysia and Singapore knew how to play badminton, table tennis, sepak takraw and football. Now in football we are ranked more than 100 in the World. The journey to Tokyo 2020 begins now.

  3. Breaking news: Our mixed badminton team lose and only got silver instead. As expected those on Malaysiakini are celebrating their defeat. Well, what do you expect from them?

    1. Ok, you seem to have inherited HA’s disease of cherry picking in order to attack the enemy. Out of 22 comments, I can only see 1 negative one.

      Besides, Chinese taking pleasure in Chinese badminton players losing and Malays still want to complain. Since you guys don’t really view the others as being Malaysians, but rather just pendatangs, why should it bother you?

        1. dah baca belum bang BH & Kosmo? bukan setakat cina je hentam…orang melayu pun hentam..

          kau banding headline Azizul dgn headline mixed doubles…

          benda nie pun lu nak defend kerrr?

            1. aku faham…

              mat salleh kata,,,,


              and nitpicking is for idiots like you…

              aku segan nak type nickname hang

              malu la sikit pakai nickname mcm nie …pi tukaq nama lain lah….


              orang lain duk sibuk pertahankan atlit malaysia pasai media melayu buat taik

              hang sibuk nak defensive pasai apa mamat FHAAD tu kata

              awat? terasa ka? memg melayu mcm hangpa nie patut terasa

              and today, malaysian media kena smackdown dgn coach cycling malaysia….

              tapi takpe….semua pun kena….bukan The Star saja….

                1. Just look at the comments on Malaysiakini talking about Joseph Schooling’s win.

                  ANNONYMOUS Only the anti-Sporean & those who hates everything about S’pore will condemn the country.The fact is,Spore with ZERO natural resources & land constraint,has almost a perfect environment/ society & globally on record as one of the most SAFEST & most PEACEFUL nation, most developed & the cleanest,richest, the greenest, united & the most UNCORRUPT nation in the world (besides a dozen other international achievements & successes in critical areas of its development!) The goverment & the people of Spore do not need to apologise & they don’t care a hoot to what others have to say against them as no one can please everyone. And in constrast, just 10 minutes across the causeway, it’s another world also globally on record as one of the most CORRUPT, dangerous, most unsafe country in the world:a world where WHOLESALE CORRUPTION,RacismCrime, Discrimimation, Extremism thrives & almost every vital institution is corrupt & supremacist bigots have absolute power & meritocracy is a dirty word!
                  15/Aug/2016 at 1:20:11am

                  Anonymous 2410591459862040 In Malaysia, discrimination first. What race? What religion? Not like Singapore. Padan Muka Malaysia
                  13/Aug/2016 at 3:19:37pm

                  Fair&Just Hey, it’s non bumi category. Eat your heart out.
                  13/Aug/2016 at 1:59:53pm

                  ash burn Thank you Malaysiakini for reporting this story. Isn’t it wonderful to see the triumph of human spirit undaunted by the Herculean task that lay ahead. Yet, had he been Malaysian, there would be questions on his “race” . Insidious insinuations that he was not Malaysian enough. His race would float to the top of his achievements as would his exposure of ” aurat”. Our girls produced their best in the 10m synchronized diving. Yet, we can only offer our individual pride. No national pride? A divided nation we remain.
                  13/Aug/2016 at 1:37:41p

                  RM2.6 billion turkey haram Still Singapore beat us for the first ever gold medal in the Olymnpics. When will we ever beat Songapore? Oh I forgot. Malaysia tops Singapore in corruption. At least we can top Singapore in one field.
                  13/Aug/2016 at 12:28:43pm

                  Vijay47 Congratulations, Singapore. The gold will surely break Mahathir’s heart.
                  13/Aug/2016 at 11:57:43am

                  The kid too is dragged into discussions about Malaysian politics. What has corruption, racism, “aurat” got to do with swimming? I wonder whether the comments in Malaysiakini are computer generated.

    2. daripada kau tgk Malaysiakini…baik kau tgk headline Berita Harian & Kosmo.

      go and read and come back here please.

      1. If I may join in the conversation …

        … I don’t think that Malaysian Chinese would be negative that our mixed doubles pair faltered at the last hurdle.

        After all, the youngsters are inoffensive and unheralded (i.e. not top seeded, and not expected to advance as far as they did).

        However what Ayam said might be true if it was Lee Chong Wei who lost to Lin Dan in the semis or who advanced to the finals but failed to bring home the gold.

        In such a scenario, I believe that the Dapsters would heap insults on him.

  4. Congratulations to the badminton team. Good game!

    And congratulations to Azizulhasni Awang on his bronze medal.

    Team Malaysia is improving.

  5. Lim Ah Chong belts in a screamer from way out of the penalty box in the last minute to help Manchester United overcome Liverpool and win the English Premier League. Ah Chong, becomes the first Malaysian to win the Premiership in EPL history.

    My question to all those who think Malaysians must speak flawless Bahasa is this: Will it bother fans of Man United in Malaysia if Ah Chong responds to reporters questions in broken Bahasa? Will he be regarded a Malaysian hero by all Man United fans, and fans of all other Premier League clubs in Malaysia? Liverpool fans will of course lambast him for his poor command of the language – that’s understandable – but my bet is he will be touted a Malaysian hero by all Man United fans especially.

    Speaking fluently in your national language doesn’t define you as a patriot.

    Despicable individuals like Hannah Yeoh, LGE, Tony Pua and their ilk might speak better Bahasa than the fictional Ah Chong. But does that define them as patriots? In my opinion, manipulating the people by spewing lies under the guise of goodness does define a person.

    Language doesn’t define a person. What is spoken does.


  6. Ms H. All sports is an important unifying factor in Nation building. In 1965, Tun Tan Siew Sin and myself saw it that way. After 1965, we always had non-Chinese in the Ntional Shooting team and many more to this day. The mixed doubles pair at Rio should be lauded as having done well given the circumstances in which they were selected and trained. If you noticed, most of the National players in Rio today come from an exclusive area in North Malaysia with no tertiary education and a particular Chinese clan too. The Americans are the pioneers of holistic and scientific approach to sports. These are the people we should emulate. To top off, American politics are not involved in their sports. My congratulations to all Malaysian sportsmen and women who won Olympic medals, gold, silver or bronze. I am happy to note that my favourite company Sime Darby contributed to Azizul’s monumental success. All are great and should be properly remunerated over and above the present stingy scheme. If the Government is serious, this is a good time to review Malaysia/s approach to international sports with the Olympic Games as the objective. How many of us noticed that Dato Nicole David is the most deserving athlete to be left out of the Olympic Games for so many decades ? Was Malaysia’s sole representative in the IOC sleeping on his job ? He was there for decades too ! On the other hand, we have kayaks, white water canoeing, golf etc esoteric sports all making an appearance. Malaysia could have won many Gold medals for squash if we have the right representative in the International Olympic Commitee. If the cap fits, wear it ! There is no free lunch in the international arena !

  7. Ms H. For Malaysia’s representative who is/was in the International Olympic Committee for decades not to fight for Squash to be included in the Olympic Games years ago, it is the most unkindest cut of all not only to Datuk Nicole David but also to all Malaysians and the Nation. We could have won so many more Gold medals since. Instead, we look with envy at Singapore’s solitary Gold medal as though it was made in Mars ! Obviously, this Malaysia’s IOC representative is no sportsman.

  8. Helen,

    I am surprised at your enthusiasm for the Malaysian badminton team.

    I have a feeling that some members of the badminton team are closet evangelical Christians.

    Do you think that they may deliberately lose their matches to embarrass Najib Razak?

    As you have always said, evangelical Christians are not to be trusted.

    1. Chong Wei has proven himself staunchly in the Mrs Projib camp.

      He has no love for the Dapsters. They always cheer for his opponents to win and they’ve cursed and said just as nasty things about him as they have Joceline.

      re: “Do you think that they may deliberately lose their matches to embarrass Najib Razak?”

      That would be stupid. Between the option of:

      (a) Winning your match and getting your name in the record as Malaysia’s first Olympic gold medalist (and all the glory & rewards it entails), and

      (b) Throwing their matches just to embarrass Najib

      Even Dapsters can surely not be so moronic as to choose (b).

    2. As usual, the comments on Malaysikini on an artcile entitled “National doubles pair gets a boost from Rosmah” would get predictable comments.

      No-brainer This letter from this witch may jinx tonight’s games.To counter this jinx,we need to curse this jinx…Should any weird and ghostly incidents occur or happen to our players tonight,then the blame must be on her.Curse will triumph,win and overrun over jinx..May Allah bless and chase away the jinx……
      2 hours ago

      wira An offer of Hermes Birkins as special reward for achieving Olympic medal standing may be more effective.
      2 hours ago

      Victor Johan What! FLOM wants to breastfeed them?
      3 hours ago

      MariKitaUbah Maybe ah mah should also promise them the anti-ageing hormone and botox as well. LOL
      3 hours ago

      But this one.

      ghostwhowalks Rosmah is only giving her support as the patron of badminton, so please leave politics and nastiness aside and jointly support our players for gold. Tq
      3 hours ago

      Kudos ghostwhowalks!

  9. Ms H. Whatever the opinion, I am for sports as a catalyst to unify a Nation. The Government should take this opportunity to review the whole panoply of sports. There are some which are not suitable due to physical or technical constraints. But many could be lifted up by the boot-straps and be up and running. For many years, since the demise of our beloved Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak, all sports drifted downwards espcially soccer. The time is now to stop and ponder to build on our human resources for the future. Sports should not be a political football for the small-minded. It is good and healthy for ourselves and our families. This is the nub. This is the rub.

    1. AK

      We had excellent sports facilities here.

      We had the funds.

      We have the talent.

      BUt the track record of management of the facilities, the association, the accounting are all very2 bad, dont you agree?

      why do you think this happens, over & over again?

      as you mentioned, all politically connected, even in sports.

      1. “Had”, as in the past tense?

        No more the case now?

        Didn’t Citizen Nades write about the long-outstanding accounts for the Commonwealth Games that was hosted by Malaysia some (how many?) years back?

        Where are our world class footballers, hockey players, swimmers & athletes?

  10. Orang Perlis, I believe I am the only person in Malaysia who cleaned up a sporting association, the Selangor Shooting Association in 1965, opened the Association to all Malaysians, restructured its administration to serve honestly and professionally for all sportsmen and women. In the process, I believe I am the only person to win a bronze medal at the SEAP Games for Malaysia who restructured a sporting association which had only 33 Hakkas as members. Now, it has thousands of members from all communities and has RM 2 millions in the kitty. The facilities, the funds, the shooters, the coaches etc are there, but the leadership is found wanting. Hence, Malaysian shooters shoot blanks at all World international meets. OP. like all else, grooming sportsmen and women is a full time job. I was at the shooting range everyday – Mondays to Fridays 2 pm – 6 pm. Weekends 9 am to 6 pm. for 5 years on a voluntary basis. This is only one event in the Olympic calendar ! Hence, a Minister in charge of sports has a full time job to ensure each sport is properly administered by the right leadership. It’s the leadership, OP not the facilities, the sportsmen or women, coaches or funds. To boot, there are plenty of internal strife and poison letters as well.

  11. Ms H. The Malaysian Olympians are to be congratulated for their fine performance in obtaining 3 Silvers and 1 Bronze. How often have I seen our athletes collapsed on the finish line through the decades ? My view has always been that unless we open up all our sports to all to participate and select the right candidates with the right IQ, Malaysia will find it difficult to get the Olympic Gold. This takes time, dedicated leadership and sacrifice. This is why LKY in order to save time and money purchased discarded sportsmen and women in table-tennis, badminton, shooting etc from China. A case in point is the National Shooting Association/Selangor Shooting Association. After I left having spent 5 years there, the Selangor Shooting Association admitted many members and has a RM2 millions kitty. As for the leadership, it did not know how or where to start. We read of glowing reports in the Press but no tangible results.

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