DAP’s double standards on foreign interference

When you cross Lim Guan Eng, expect his Rottweilers to tear you to pieces.

“Vicious” is the DAP’s middle name.

Foreign interference in 1MDB okay, in TMP not okay

Guan Eng is trying to foist his Transport Master Plan on Penang.

An NGO coalition Penang Forum is concerned about the impact of the TMP on Georgetown’s heritage sites. So they sent a letter to Unesco.

Don’t forget that the Dapsters cheered when Mahathir’s henchmen made various reports to foreign agencies around the world over 1MDB.

But when it came to one letter sent to Unesco about TMP, suddenly the DAP is possessed by the spirits of those thousands of allegedly rabid dogs which Guan Eng’s government killed not too long ago during its vicious culling of strays.

Aliran member with Guan Eng
Guan Eng and Penang Forum rep Dr Lim Mah Hui in happier times

Sending letter to UN agency is “subversion of democracy”, konon

Here’s a typical bark at the Penang Forum from a Rottie calling himself On Your Toes:

“Stop talking crap, why did you fellows send letter to Unesco without proper consultation. Who are you fellows? Who elected you? I think the state government has given you fellows more than enough face. So stop the crap, and please resign from all the posts you hold in the state government. Enough of nonsense. This is not democracy or transparency. This is subversion of democracy and going around naked. Just shut up, enough.” (Source:

Guan Eng critics can only be “bitches” and bought by the BN

The front man for Penang Forum wrt its objection to the TMP is Penang city councilor Dr Lim Mah Hui.

Like Joceline Tan, Dr Lim is in Guan Eng’s crosshairs.

And like Joceline, Dr Lim is being called all kinds of nasty names by the DAP hit squad, except that being a man he is spared the insults of “bitch”, “slut”, “prostitute” and “whore”. Nonetheless, he is not spared the accusations being Najib’s minion, BN’s tool and bought with (a portion of) 1MDB’s fabled treasure chest of RM2.6 billion.

Leading the charge against Dr Lim is Guan Eng himself who called the former a liar.

Dr Lim Mah Hui is “a farting piece of shit”

Sequenced below is the standard Dapster reaction to Dr Lim Mah Hui over the letter sent by him and his Penang Forum colleagues to Unesco.

All the comments (screenshot below) by the archetypal Dapster On Your Toes are taken from

Note the double standards for Penang’s TMP compared with the one for 1MDB.


(1) Dear Leader is the state, the state is the Dear Leader

Criticizing Guan Eng’s development plan is equivalent to backstabbing “the whole state government of Penang”.

Only “a farting piece of shit” will alert a foreign agency about a Penang controversy. Urm, does the same label – farting pieces of shit(?) – apply to Matthias Chang and Khairuddin Abu Hassan for alerting foreign agencies about 1MDB?


(2) “He has no business to send letter to Unesco”

But the same “he has no business to” criterion is not applied to Matthias and Khairuddin when they made many reports against 1MDB with various agencies and organizations abroad.


(3) Sack Dr Lim as Penang city councilor

When a DAP critic such as Dr Lim denies something, he must be lying. His denial is to be construed as the very opposite of the truth, and the truth – in DAP La La Land – is always that the DAP critic is without doubt guilty of whatever it is the Dapsters are accusing him of.

In the eyes of DAP supporters furthermore, problematic people like Dr Lim exist only because DAP is “too democratic”.


(4) Only a “nincompoop” will complain about the government

It’s hard for Dapsters to believe that any critic of their party or its leaders can suddenly become “a great protector of public interests”.

Dapsters however are easily convinced that any overnight critic of Najib has become the greatest guardian of public good.

oyt5 nobody

(5) Who cares about the nincompoop anyway, he is “a nobody”

That “farting piece of shit” Dr Lim Mah Hui is a nobody, so how dare he criticize DAP’s Dear Leader?

Dr Lim has more than 20 years’ experience as an international banker, having worked in major banks in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta and Manila. These banks included (the now) JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse First Boston, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered and the Asian Development Bank.

In contrast, Guan Eng is a “failed accountant”. But in Dapsterland, the belief is that Dr Lim must surely have makan dedak BN or else why would he have criticized the immaculate DAP sec-gen.


(6) Hypocrite critics just shut the fart up and balik Timbaktu

Shut up, you lot of hypocrites! is how Rottwelier On Your Toes typically responds to those who fail to toe the DAP line.

On Your Toes‘s idea of countering arguments is his epic one liner — Just “who the fart are you?” As we’ve already seen, he asserts that Dr Lim Mah Hui is a “nincompoop” and “a nobody”.

In this context, it is interesting to note that On Your Toes actually believes Malaysians/Penangites had been “completely stifled and obliterated” throughout the long period before DAP took control of Penang.

Wow! And ever since Pakatan took over in 2008, Malaysians in DAP-occupied territory have been enjoying too much freedom and democracy.

ABOVE: Dr Lim Mah Hui touchy feely with Guan Eng during their honeymoon period

Dr Lim should have listened to Helen Ang

Five years ago, I blogged a post titled ‘sPICE: Dr Lim Mah Hui harus bersuara demi kepentingan awam‘ (16 Dec 2011).

Back then I had written:

“Boo Chang meletak jawatan sebagai kaunsilor pada hari Rabu (Dis 14) dengan menjelaskan bahawa faktor tiada ketelusan dalam projek mega Subterranean Penang International Convention and Exhibition Centre (sPICE) antara satu sebab beliau menarik diri.”

I also said:

“Boo Chang merupakan kaunsilor di bawah kuota PKR. Hanya beliau berserta Dr Lim Mah Hui – seorang kaunsilor MPPP mewakili NGO – yang cukup bertanggungjawab membantah perjanjian sPICE. […]
“Hanya dua orang sahaja, iaitu Lim Boo Chang dan Dr Lim Mah Hui, di kalangan 24 orang ahli majlis – 10 DAP, 8 PKR, 2 PAS dan 4 NGO – yang melahirkan rasa waspada mereka.”

Five years ago in 2011, I had described Dr Lim Mah Hui as a “conscientious objector” who was “outnumbered” in the council of Guan Eng’s yes men.

I said:

“Bekas kaunsilor MPPP Lim Boo Chang menceritakan tentang sikap main kasar (‘abusive attitude’) kerajaan DAP Pulau Pinang, dan ‘intimidasi’ serta ‘arm-twisting’ (perbuatan mengancam dan memaksa) yang dilakukan oleh pentadbiran Guan Eng.”

Most presciently, I had anticipated too that someone who seems a decent enough human being like Dr Lim would not be able to fit in with the DAP bullies.

I wrote:

“Sungguhpun pentadbiran Guan Eng dibayangkan sebagai bertindak ‘membuli’ namun saya rasa sebagai rakan sejawatnya, Dr Lim Mah Hui harus menjejak langkah Boo Chang berterus-terang demi menjernihkan suasana.”

Last time, MPPP councilor Lim Boo Chang yang kena. Presently, MPPP councilor Lim Mah Hui pula yang kena. I’m surprised Dr Lim managed to last so long in the Guan Eng administration.

I told you so, didn’t I?

Needless to say, Boo Chang was accused of all kinds of things because he changed his mind about the DAP government in Penang. Similarly Mah Hui is now being accused of all kinds of things because he changed his mind about Guan Eng and how things are run in Penang.

Anyone who changes his or her mind about the DAP will be made the target of a most vicious smear campaign. For sure, DAP will sic its rabid dogs on you.

It took five years but looking at Dr Lim’s current travails, it’s clear that I’ve been vindicated in my prognosis. I do have a knack of being ahead of the curve.

This time, I hope it will not take five years before more people begin to realize that what I’m saying about the vicious Melayu DAP is totally spot on.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

68 thoughts on “DAP’s double standards on foreign interference

  1. There is a very big difference between the LGE regime and the earlier government. What ever development projects that was implemented in the past can be reverted easily without permanent environmental damage.
    LGE’s regime projects create permanent damage that cannot be reverted. Hills cut, kampungs leveled and now the changing of the shape of the bay at Gurney Drive. Whether there is a tunnel or not, the bay is seriously altered that today there is no shellfish in the Northern side of the island.
    Rope Walk is all Singaporean. The original inhabitants have to move after the Singaporeans took over the area.
    Dogs are killed last year just like that. No questions ask. Permanent.
    Where is the heritage? The whole Cannon Square is full cafes and hotels and not the cobbler, tin kosong vendor which is native there.
    This time’s curse on Penang is permanent. Unlike the past, you cannot revert this time.

  2. ….That “farting piece of shit” Dr Lim Mah Hui is a nobody, so how dare he criticize DAP’s Dear Leader?…

    You kena faham cara percakapan mereka Cik Helen. Zaman British omputih had coolies to collect their ‘shit’ hmm lembut sikit, the ‘night soil”. Foreign women wr brought in as prostitutes to entertain them hmmm lembut sikit “women of leisure”.

    So those mencarut words will be commonly used daily among these families, kalo dari golongan 1st and 2nd generation, payah nak buang tabiat tau.

      1. opps, 2 exemplary muslim creatures found here in helen site, how to catch such foul mouth species ah? wakaka

  3. Ironically, members of Penang Forum and other “connected” NGO players were some of the louder ones who welcomed, supported and defended Tokong and Co right from the very beginning…only to get their faces slapped hard and repeatedly.

    Despite this and strangely enough, its only now that they’ve woken up to who Tokong and his mad dogs really are, and what irreversible damage Tokong has and is capable of inflicting upon Penang.

    Are they slow, stupid, masochistic or just plain delusional?

    1. hindraf tu apa nama gua sudah lupa pun kiss najib what, is he slow, stupid, masochistic or just plain delusional?

  4. The number of properties Singaporeans have bought up and pushing Penang residents out is even highlighted in the Singapore Straits Times.

    “GEORGE TOWN (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Penang’s heritage property market is showing signs of overheating, with Singaporean investors “snapping up shophouses by the rows” and causing rentals to skyrocket by as much as 500 per cent.

    A row of 12 shops near the Komtar-end of Jalan Pintal Tali (previously known as Rope Walk) has been dubbed “Little Singapore” because of their similar appearance to restored pre-war houses in the Republic.

    And like their Singapore lookalikes, these shophouses now command a hefty rent: They now cost between RM7,000 and RM10,000 a month, more than five times the RM1,300 charged before 2010.”

    To me, this is the making of the Penang lang themselves who love to fashion Penang like Singapore. After penjajahan British dan Jepun, the next would be penjajahan Penang oleh Singapura. No wonder we call Penang, Singapore North in this blog. Thanks to all his efforts in promoting Penang to Singapore, LGE should be the First Resident of Singapore in Penang.

    1. Syabas Penang Langs! Harap2 meritocracy terus mekar di Penang. Say No to Rent Control law by subsidy minded Cina DAP.

      Long Live Meritocracy!!!

  5. Singapore’s Today talks about LGE’s efforts to turn Penang into Singapore North.

    “He is emulating Singapore’s public housing planning and has teamed up with Singapore’s Temasek Holdings to develop a RM1.3 billion (S$441.9 million) mixed-development project near its industrial zone.

    He is also an admirer of Singapore’s efforts in building up its capital of human talent and is currently doing the same with Penang’s workers.”

    “At times, Mr Lim has turned to Singapore for inspiration, a point he candidly made in his interview with TODAY. “What Singapore has done is to follow international best practices, and the fact that it works in Singapore and makes the city-state prosperous, we feel we can achieve the same result for Penang,” he said.”

    So with his efforts
    “Singaporeans are not just investing in Penang; many are also buying homes.

    Up to 20 per cent of buyers in the state are foreigners, said Mr Jerry Chan Fook Sing, chairman of the Penang branch of the Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia. Mr Chan reckons Singaporeans form the bulk of purchasers.”

    Question Penaag lang will live where?

    LGE should be given the position of Resident General of Singapore in Penang if he is no longer CM.

    1. “Question Penaaag(sic) lang will live where”?

      How about Forest City in JB? Or any of the luxe condos in Danga Bay or Nusajaya?

      Certain quarters in Johor are also admirers of Singapore. As had been reported.

      And there’s nothing wrong about looking at what Singapore has achieved after being ejected from Malaysia.

      They made a go of it. Much to the displeasure of certain other quarters in Malaysia.

      Guess the “abangs” are gobsmacked to see the “adeks” making good….


      1. How about Penang Chinese who hate Malaysia move to the many islands of Singapore. It would certainly balance out the racial balance in Singapore. You wouldn’t want to many Malays in Singapore 1067

        1. What, no mention of Forest City in JB?

          Got it’s own duty-free zone too!

          You are slipping, Kak!

          As for the Penang Chinese, what’s not good about trying to be a “global city”?

          After all, isn’t that what KL is trying to do? InvestKL ring a bell?

          Or the multifarious developments in Iskandar Malaysia – who are the target markets?

          I don’t see you (or Helen) condemning those….

          Being selective, are we?

          Or an acknowledgement of which side your bread is buttered?

          1. re: “I don’t see you (or Helen) condemning those….”

            Why do you drag me into your S’pore discussions for which I have no interest?

            1. Just for the heck of it……

              And it was “Mulan” who raised the Singapore angle.

              I am just pointing out the fallacies in her opinions…..

              Successfully, it seems…..

              Isn’t it strange, if now downright peculiar, that “Mulan” can comment on Penang, but ignore the developments in Johor?

              Partisanship or woeful ignorance?

              1. I allow both you and Mulan a lot of leeway to raise subtopics which I myself don’t blog about and may not have any interest in.

                However Mulan is helpful while you’re just a pest.

                It’s true that Mulan uses my platform to ventilate on Penang but there’s a quid pro quo as I’ve enumerated above.

                You use my platform to ventilate on Singapore and in the process merely make a nuisance of yourself, and not to mention bait my other commenters like Rina and islam1st.

                (1) I do not have a Facebook account and Mulan has been updating us on DAP shenanigans in the social media — contributions for which I owe her thanks.

                (2) Mulan has also provided this blog with Penang-related tip-offs, some of which I’ve picked up on with acknowledgment and due credit for the leads she furnished.

                (3) Occasionally, Mulan has taken the trouble to give me links to technical details that I’m not aware of, such as Section 37 (1)(b) of the Legal Profession Act 1976 (here), and where to locate court judgments online, etc.

                (4) Mulan does not drag me into Penang issues – e.g. Chew jetty – which she raised but I’ve no desire to follow up.

                You, on the other hand, have the tendency to operate like a Dapster.

                You are obsessed with Singapore and when I ignore your “fetish” (to borrow the apt word used by Mulan to describe you), you can audaciously turn it around and make like somehow I’m the one at fault for failing to heap praises on our southern neighbour.

                1. There’s none so fetish as those who will not let go of Sinchiapor
                  . . . hehehe

                2. The “latitude” is appreciated.

                  But why does “Mulan” obsess about developments in Penang while ignoring developments in, say, Johor, about affordable housing, urban planning & renewal, economic restructuring etc?

                  A clear case of “double standards”?

                  And if you think that I am “obsessed with Singapore”, it is to acknowledge what the “little red dot” has achieved after being unceremoniously ejected from Malaysia.

                  No apologies there.

                  As for “Rina” & “islam1st”, I call them out as I see them. A robust debate is what I call it.

                  You have the option to cut me off as some other bloggers have done. No biggie.

                  The “southern neighbour” is still there, still doing quite good, still supplying water to Johor and still providing jobs for substantial numbers of Malaysians (the CPF issue notwithstanding).

                  Deal with it…..

                  1. re: “But why does ‘Mulan’ obsess about developments in Penang while ignoring developments in, say, Johor…”

                    Ask her.

                    Speaking for myself, I complain about water rationing/disruption and garbage collection/disposal problems in Selangor. If I were living in Pahang, I might be venting about Lynas tho’ not to the point of wrongly calling it a “nuclear reactor”.

                    You don’t see me blog about Kedah or Malacca issues. It’s natural to be focused on one’s own state and we shouldn’t be faulted for our disinterest in another state or in a foreign country like Singapore.

                    re: “A clear case of ‘double standards’?”

                    What should Mulan or other readers be compelled to take an interest in another state’s problems or another country’s achievements that you’re so thrilled about?

                    re “And if you think that I am ‘obsessed with Singapore’, it is to acknowledge what the ‘little red dot’ has achieved after being unceremoniously ejected from Malaysia.”

                    And if Mulan is not equally obsessed with Johor and S’pore, what’s it to you? You’re the one with the double standards of not leaving Mulan alone with her Penang obsession while you pursue your own Johor-S’pore fetish.

                    re: “You have the option to cut me off as some other bloggers have done. No biggie.”

                    Unlike Annie who removes every other adverse comment upon flimsy excuses (we only have his word for it), I don’t cut off commenters for disagreeing with me. Setem and HY can testify to this.

                    re: “The ‘southern neighbour’ is still there, still doing quite good, still supplying water to Johor and still providing jobs for substantial numbers of Malaysians (the CPF issue notwithstanding). Deal with it…..”


                  2. Kineas 1067

                    …The “southern neighbour” is still there, still doing quite good, still supplying water to Johor and still providing jobs for substantial numbers of Malaysians….

                    I dh sll comment, belajar bersyukur… nothing can move/live if Malaysia does not supply water to Singapore. Zaman dulu2 merchants were considered the lowest of ranks, lower than farmers or fishermen as they only know how to make “plofit”, sama otak la supplying treated water to Johor and only know hiw to make $$$$$. Proud to claim as negara terkaya, terpelajar bka bla tapi dah 50thn pun tak “mampu” to satisfactorily discover their own source of water supply?

                    …Jobs? Bersyukur la…. Kalau Malaysians tak tolong2 gi kerja sana mungkin “haram” even for those >70’s there tak kerja tau! Macam haram takleh amik chewing gums kena saman! My son find it pitiful (sebak meleleh air mata) having to see very bent tired looking old Singaporean granpas and grandmas still working in public places as cleaners, taxi drivers, waitresses etc. His Singaporean colleagues commented to him “no choice, to survive in Singapore, they must work till they drop dead”.

    2. Mulan, Present day Penang still has the whole Georgetown sewage flowing into the sea. This filth is wafted up to Batu Ferringhi. In 1966, the State Government sent my friend the Chief Superintendent of the Sewage Works to Honolulu to see how they did it. He found the Hawaiian system was far too expensive.. In the early 1980s, an English academic took a swim off Batu Ferringhi. He told me he had an itch thereafter. I smiled. The Penang roads and monsoon drains are 18th century. The imposition of Singaporean ideas onto the existing Pulau Pinang environment will destroy all that is good. Singapore is Singapore. Pulau Pinang is Pulau Pinang. The twain shall never meet. I have ideas and answers for the state of Pulau Pinang problems. The present State Leadership could not think out the options outside the confines of their skulls. Never copy the success of others. Each has a different destiny. With my ideas, I could even reduce the quit rent and assessment and fund the modernisation of the public utilities of Georgetown. If the cap fits, wear it !
      With the above facts before us, the State Leadership should not ape the failed State of Singapore which has 47 failed policies. The worst was the 2 Child Family Policy of the 1970s & 1980s. This screwed down the indigenous population of 100% in 1959 to 62% in 2010. Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2011. This spells the death knell for Singapore which now has to pack the 3 million indigenous Singaporeans with 1.2 million FTs and 800,000 PRs to boost the GDP. It’s not working. At the slightest sound of the bugle across the Causeway, the 2 million foreigners and the GDP will just disappear leaving the Singaporeans to hold the can. Hence, the urgency of Bilahari Kausikan’s condemnation of the ‘Delusional Chinese’. The frontline for Singapore is no longer the Batu Pahat-Muar River line for its 300,000 strong military but irony of all ironies – UMNO in good old KL ! Because of the latest methods in tactics using 12 year olds.
      There is no necessity to reclaim the sea, build undersea tunnels and condos, destroy hills and greenery – waste of money ! These folks live there every day and yet cannot see the Wood from the Trees. Pulau Pinang is the finest No 1 tourist destination in the World if these folks know how to exercise their POWER. They don’t but take the easy way out by aping the failed State of Singapore. Are they sincere in serving the Rakyat ? It is now proven to the Rakyat that these folks only know how to talk and administer normally. What is so special ? They just could not see the OBVIOUS. Maybe they spent too much time quarreling over the past 8 years. A week is a long time in politics.

      1. What is the 2 Child Family Policy of Lee Kuan Yew ? This is the worst Policy ever thought up by a leader. Even Hitler only murdered the non-Caucasians and the infirm but he encouraged the expansion of the Aryan race. In 1972, the Singapore Government imposed a 2 Child Family Policy on an indigenous population of 2 millions of which 200,000 were elderly and 200,000 below the age of 21. Draconian measures like sterilzation, abortions, income-tax penalties, benefits etc were utilised to make the citizens conform to the 2 Child Family Policy. There were suicides, divorces, desertions, emigration, domestic strife, mental hardships etc. A small population of 1.6 millions was subjected to this 2 Child Family Policy which has never been practised outside of Communist China. The Policy failed by the 1980s. This left a yawning demographic void which came to haunt LKY by the late 1990s and the 21st Century. Goh Chok Tong came up with the importation of Indians and Chinese to boost the GDP. Today, Singapore has 3 million indigenous persons (Hong Kong has 6 million), 1.2 million FTs and 800,000 PRs. This demography is the Achilles Heel of Singapore. At the slightest sound of the bugle across the Causeway, all the 2 millions foreigners and the GDP will disappear. Hence, the exasperation of Bilahari Kausikan’s honest observation that the DAP Chinese are ‘delusional’ because Singapore’s front line of defence is UMNO in good old KL and not the Batu Pahat-Muar River Defence Line of LKY due to the latest in world tactics. To rub salt into the wound, Bilahari Kausikan and his ilk had already assessed that the DAP has little chance of achieving power at Putrajaya. After the bungles of the 3 easy steps, will there be ever a fourth easy step ? Your guess is as good as mine.

        1. Uncle, in 2014 Singapore bottomed the world rankings in women fertility rates at 0.81 child/per woman. And they are still disingenuously spewing rhetoric about proliferating the Singapore identity. One BBC writer observed there’s a “massive compassion deficit” in highly materialistic Singapore culture. I am of the opinion it’s an urban nouveau riche psychology playing out on a technological island state – in the absence of rural conservative values. There’s hardly room for creative thinking outside the box of status quo.

          Viewpoint: Does Singapore deserve its ‘miserable’ tag?

          1. Good comment Chris.

            The ultra kiasu trait has indeed translated into a “massive compassion deficit”.

            This is illustrated in their staunch belief that the world is dog-eat-dog, and they’re even willing to demonstrate this ethos in practice by literally eating dogs.

            That is after the poor animals are blowtorched while still alive in preparation for cooking.

            1. My Lord and my God! Oh Aunty Helen, animals have no rational morals, but I suppose the dog slaughterers are humans aren’t they?

              1. Animals having “no rational morals” are at least not malicious.

                Can’t say the same about Dapsters and their 20k Melayu blogger.

          2. Chris. No one to this day admits that Lee Kuan Yew made a number of cardinal mistakes in his approach to create the Republic of Singapore. Let us not forget his much touted University of Cambridge is one of the ancient fonts of Western Civilisation eg. the home of free speech, free thinking and free action. Only 3 graduates Blunt, Burgess and Maclean went against these precepts by being Soviet spies and traitors in recent times. And Cromwell a couple of hundred years ago. But Lee Kuan Yew from the bottomost college Fitzwilliam House into which he entered by the backdoor, returned to Singapore to create his Ultra Communistic Political and Social System with its Apparatchiks like Bilahari Kausikan and irony of all ironies, fully supported by the West. Both Russia and China’s Deng Xiao Peng copied this System which to them is like having the cake and eat it too. This GLC thing in Singapore only works without corruption in a small place where LKY had everyone’s sexual peccadilloes under his microscope. Look at the extent of corruption and nepotism in China and Russia. Look at the latest arrest of a Malaysian GLC official. The West eschews GLC/government doing business. To the West, GLCs are poison to democracy. In the whole World, only Russia, China, Singapore and very soon Malaysia will have this System up and running. Vide Singapore Politics and Nepotism. Malaysia now practices Free Malaysian Style Democracy with our allegiance to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans with a Malay bias according to the Constitution.

          3. Chris. Sir. You are the best I have ever come across the Blogger’s World. You have a curious mind for true facts. You delve into interesting facets of information. You write well and able to analyse. You are to be respected for not being insulting, libellious and vulgar like all those cybercowards who hound our good Ms H and myself. And you have not been brain washed by LKY and his Apartachiks which run the neo-Communist Political and Social System complete with Apparatchiks in Singapore fully supported by the West ! This is why Ms H and myself support the BN. We still have FREEDOM.

            1. Uncle, I hardly think I stand out in the vast blogging domains. But my mom when I was young used to say that if she were more educated that she’d write to this and that public institution to right the wrongs she witnessed. She had an abiding concern for reality checks. She like my working dad, always reminded me that there is never a cause for hubris nor justification for being judgemental about others.

              Having lived here in Malaysia and many years in Singapore what impresses me is the cultural latitude for individual viewpoints in public space in this country. Yet Malaysia sits at 146th spot in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index, while Singapore occupies 154th place. Although what disappoints me somewhat is the inability of Malaysians to integrate their national schooling curriculum like what Singapore has accomplished – the racial overtones of adult exchanges by those who had grown up in separate vernacular environments (with their attendant cultural idiosyncrasies) is oftentimes quite telling. It is exacerbated unfortunately by holier-than-thou religionism from certain quarters of the population: a challenge against civil freedom and ethical propriety isn’t it sir?

              Uncle, it is my good fortune whenever I encounter remarkable minds and gentle hearts.

              1. Chris. I have never been corrupted even though I had women, money etc thrown at me. I never abuse the privileges of the iconic institutions in which I served like their staffs, holiday bugalows, cars etc. If a person has no discipline in the conduct of his or her behaviour in public life, then, this reflects on their familial backgrounds seriously. In Malaysia, you will note that outcries do not last for a long time. The latest should be considered a failure. Why is this so ? The answer is in ourselves. But from my experience, willy-nilly justice will be served later rather than earlier. Take the case of Dato31 and DBKL. Corruption has been rampant here since 1963 ! We could only gape at the extravaganza until now ! We have come a long way as reflected in your succinct comments on Malaysian life. The best is yet to come because the leadership has yet to find the correct medium. This took the Swiss more than 800 years. Think ! Actually, it is commonsense which prevailed in all instances.

          4. Chris. Specially for you. The expose’ on corruption and nepotism in squeaky clean Singapore. http;//

            1. Thanks for the expose, Uncle. It substantiates the underpinnings of current sociopolitical culture down south. Malaysia ranks 2nd in The Economist’s global crony-capitalism index, and once-upon-a-time immaculate Singapore comes a close 4th in 2016. Everywhere, the elite become dirt-rich while common men scrimp to make ends meet.


              1. Chris. No one should despair about the state of affairs in our beloved Malaysia today if you are a person of an open mind and are aware of the human peccadilloes since the begining of Humanity. It took the Swiss over 800 years to come to their present state of happiness and harmony. Malaysia/Malaya became ‘independent’ in 1957. From 1957 to 1972 when the Currency Board of Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei was disbanded, our economy was still colonial. A country with a currerncy board can only issue currency according to how much it earned in revenue. This British Colonial practice puts all the British colonies into a strait-jacket without the means to expand the economy even though Malaysia/Malaya had Bank Negara Malaysia since 1957. Because the Government at that time did not understand the workings of a Currency Board and with the constant hectoring by LKY and his cohorts in the Dewan Rakyat 1964-1965, nothing could be done until after May 13, 1969. My newly Malay graduates friends at the material time in the 1960s were poor. There were no ODs, credit cards, car or house h.p. etc. The poor became poorer and the rich became richer. On May 13 1969, the wealth of Malaysia was 70% of the best in British hands, the Chinese 25% of the third rate and the Malays 2%. – 12 years after Merdeka. This shows the Chinese is not responsible for creaming off the wealth of the country. The Chinese were the marginal distributors of British goods only. Only British goods were available up to 1957.
                It was the Father of Development Tun Abdul Razak who was the great Statesman who put Malaysia on the trek to what it is today with the NEP. I am not concern with its abuse or not.
                It was Tun Dr Mahathir through his 22 years of Administration created the urban Malay middle class of 10 million souls who now live in peace and harmony with the urban non-Malay middle class of 10 million. The fulfilment of Tun Abdul Razak’s vision.
                Comparatively, Malaysia still stands high in my estimation of the fables and foibles of newly independent nations. Like all growing up human beings, we must be taught that fire burns sometimes to the death. Malaysia had been comparatively fortunate with its easy lifestyle, idyllic and equable climate, bountiful resources and peoples from 3 ancient civilizations who only know how to jaw jaw or quarrel and shoot paper arrows at one another. Think !

                1. ” Malaysia still stands high in my estimation of the fables and foibles of newly independent nations ”

                  A case of acute syiok sendiri syndrome.
                  The country has gone to the dogs la wei, ah pek!

                  Ringgit at its lowest value in decades. Wake up la ah pek!

                  1. If you think the country has gone to the dogs, why don’t you emigrate? Try Tasmania.

                  2. tehtarik. Excellent comment. But every day, us Malaysians sleep, eat and travel to work in peace and harmony. In a way, you are correct But we must always look at the whole picture. History is the best arbiter. You are talking to a person who have seen it all honestly at very close quarters from 1934 ! What is the 1MDB ? It is nothing ? Why ? There have been 1MDBs in Malaya/Malaysia since the beginning of time. It is only the quantum of the money that is different. Let those who say no public money has been misplaced since 1957 stand up with the facts. Here is a true story. In 1949 it was alleged that 2 brothers of a wealthy family had to pay Straits Dollars 5,000 wrapped up in a Straits Times to the Deputy Controller of Estate Duty, Malaya, for him to sign their Father’s Probate. Since Adam and Eve, as long as there is Man and Woman, there will be corruption. It is only the matter of the quantum. I agree with you that standards, filial piety, propriety, ethics, goodwill, gratitude etc have dropped. We have been heading South not Singapore since 1960. In Malaysia, I believe in evolution not revolution is the way to go. I am confident that the Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib like his great Statesman father, Tun Abdul Razak will show us the way. Its the Creation of Money Without Money is the Way. IDEAS ! Not using the power of the PMO to raise loans. This is what I have been saying for years and got clobbered by the cybercowards for saying that all the scandals in all the Administrations have been caused by the recalcitrant and disloyal closest aides who only cared for their own agendas. Why ? Because I know the only case where a person was designated with propping up the KL-Singapore Stock Exchange. He reported to the Boss that it could not be done as the Singaporeans were throwing shares at every opportunity. He was honest. There was no big scandal. The one and only. In 1996, an ordinary Chinaman told the Boss, he could save the KL-Singapore Stock Exchange. Sime Darby lost RM1.3 Billlions. The Sime executive who is a good and honest person was implicated. Apart from these closest aides buying Picassos, yachts, jets etc currently, there are those who brag about their collection of Stradivarius violins at US$5 millions a piece which he on lends to the Singapore Philharmonic and the Shanghai Philharmonic but not to KL even though he has an abode at Subang. His boasting is on the Net. This guy was a lowly manager in a small factory in JB in 1982 ! tehtarik. You are right. If you were there 30 years or 70 years ago. You are also right.

                  3. tehtarik. When I was at an iconic institution. the Ringgit was RM1 to S$1.03 until the early 1980s when the Government decided that a strong Ringgit is not good for the export of goods and services. We had gold in the vaults as well.

    3. Mulan, The Chief Honcho of Pulau Pinang involvement in a land deal is beyond belief. A matter I would not even touch with a barge pole. We ordinary citizens are not stupid in this very small World made smaller by the electronics ! And to claim normal administration as the best, this shows how high this fellow standards are – very low. And in the deal in question, he has breached propriety, one of the many ethical virtues which did appear in his vocabulary ! 8 years in office with growing discontent and complaints in the World’s finest holiday destination which is Pulau Pinang. We do not want another concrete jungle Singapore in Pulau Pinang

      1. No matter how bad, cant be worst than MO1.

        Even your DBKL pengarah got involved in 30 times higher in songlap amount.

        1. tehtarik. I have always maintained that it was the closest aides which brought the scandals in 1MDB and the 22 year reign of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. I refer you to the Biography of Lee Kuan Yew Volume One. He mentioned that as he was sitting on the Istana lawn drinking tea with his wife, he observed his butler picked up the ball for his kids. You do not expect a Prime Minister to pick up the phone to buy and sell. There is many a slip twixt cup and lips. This gives rise to an ex-aide of Tun Dr Mahathir who now collects Stradivarius violins at US$5 millions a piece which he on lends to the Singapore or the Shanghai Philharmonic but not to KL. Please note in each scandal there are closest aides hovering around the Boss. These folks should warn the Boss that this or that could not be done. But they did not and enriched themselves as you can see. I know of only one singular case in which the closest aide told Tun Dr Mahathir that the project could not be done. There was no gigantic scandal. The closest aide was honest.

        2. tehtarik. In the case of the DBKL official, there were no closest aides betwixt the cup and lips. Worse.

        3. tehtarik. Do you know the real facts ? The closest aides who are actually amateurs abused the power of the PM Office to borrow up to RM42 billions. The power of the PM Office could have created RM42 billions instead without a loan. Second, the closest aides then benefitted themselves with the borrowed money without alertinig the principal. Simpletons. Third, as we know from the facts our Prime Minister has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE 1MDB SCAM CREATED BY THE CLOSEST AIDES ! It is as clear as crystal. I remember the case of BMF/Carrian/George Tan. One million Hong Kong dollars appeared in the bank account of the Bank’s top official. He denied he knew anything about this. I believe he was honest and corrrect. Strange but true.

        4. tehtarik. Take the MAMINCO case. Anyone who did business in good old Malaya or Singapore would have known about the derring-dos of the American GSA after the World War II and the normal corporate change of the rules in any trading institution to save themselves like the Guthrie Dawn Raid of 1982. Yet, this Jewish trader in the MAMINCO caper did not say anything and kept mum when he received orders to buy or sell. He did not tell the Boss, the scheme was a non-starter – a phrase which I learnt from a famous Singaporean lady lawyer. Actually, if you look at all these scandals by the closest aides – IT IS THE POOR (closest aides) STEALING FROM THE RICH (the bosses). at the Rakyat’s expense. There was NO EXCEPTION !

  6. Here is a new law from the very modern and democratic Singapore. If LGE were Singaporean and doing his “swimming pool” roadshow, I wonder what would happen.

    “With the new bill formalised, publishing material deemed to interfere with ongoing court proceedings could be considered contempt. This could include posting comments publicly on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

    If found guilty, offenders face fines of up to S$100,000 and imprisonment of up to three years. Previously, no penalties were formally established.”

    Alas, we are not Singapore.

      1. Pfft…..hahaha.

        Come on, brudder – is that the best that you can come up with? After considerable head-scratching?

    1. Alas, as Singapore Law Minister K Shanmugam pointed out, there are other countries in the Commonwealth who have similar laws on the books.

      Didn’t do your research before shooting off your mouth, eh?

      Why am I not surprised?

      1. Thanks. It’s very sad Malaysia doesn’t have such laws. Let’s lobby for such laws.
        I’m so happy we are in agreement 1067. We need laws like this.
        Jail them

        1. Sure. Why don’t you start a Facebook page going?

          Btw, are you admitting that you didn’t read Singapore Law Minister K Shanmugam’s speech in the Singapore Parliament in full before shooting off your mouth?

          Tch tch…

            1. But you are the one who raised the point about “a new law from the very modern and democratic Singapore” (post on Aug 19, 2016 at 3:12 pm).

              Why bring it up in the first place?

              And then go all defensive when queried?

              Very DAP-ish, don’t you think?


  7. Ms H. I have brought up 3 instances in which the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP failed in their bid for power in Putrajaya eg
    1. In 1997, if the DPM had taken a holiday in the US, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister.
    2. In 2008, if the 32 Aduns had been sorted out BEFORE and not AFTER the General Elections, the DAP would have won Putrajaya and the next General Elections.
    3. In 2013, if the Opposition had declared a 100 day fast and checked into the KLGH and boycotted the General Elections, they would have been in Putrajaya since.
    But, events since those easy years have now shown in Pulau Pinang and other States that these Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP folks do not come up to the LKY standard at all. At best, they could only administer normally. No earth shattering ideas or ventures.
    How long can they keep hitting at the wind to keep their supporters ?

    1. And yet Singapore has a triple-A credit rating, a rock-solid “safe haven” currency & anchors to both China & the US.

      Seems that LKY & his “Old Guard Cabinet” (Goh Keng Swee, S Rajaratnam, E W Barker etc) did pretty good post ejection from Malaysia.

      You are no doubt familiar with those times & those developments, seeing as how you have been making references to certain unnamed persons from those days.

      LHL, in his recent National Day Rally speech, talked about his vision for Singapore to be a “truly global city”, disruption (Uber & Grab) & “Divine Discontent”.

      Ideals & ideas not worth taking note of & emulating?

      For the BN, DAP, PKR etc?

        1. RINA. My nephew and also LKY’s nephew has been a resident of the Woodbridge Hospital, Singapore for many years. Talking about stress in Singapore. Another sibling was mentally incapacitated since youth. Their mothers pushed them to be like LKY.

      1. Kineas1067. Singapore grew under the Cold War. A War in which no expense was spared by Uncle Sam. LKY was fully supported by the US and the West because of its strategic geo-political position in Asia even though he created the neo-communist Political and Social System complete with his Apparatchiks like Bilahari Kausikan. This set-up suited the Americans to a T during the Cold War. As for the economics, it was easy pickings for Singapore with a raging War in Vietnam for nearly 15 years 1962-1975. Do you know the GIs used to come to KL for their R & R. ? Singapore also provided hotels for this purpose. We were close to the Americans who had many of their Agencies in KL. eg US Medical Unit, Walter Reed Hospital Washington DC, Hooper Foundation, Ford Foundation, USIS, Peace Corps. etc. It was fine and dandy for LKY and Singapore as long as the Cold War lasted. But suddenly, the party came to an end with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989. The economic momentum carried on for Singapore until the full extent of Uncle Sam’s hegemonic ‘ Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights ‘ spread throughout the World. Singapore was left behind the ‘big boys’ Russia, China and India. By 2000, Singapore was in deep trouble in view of its perceived declining future revenues. Unemployment reared its ugly head for the first time. The hasty retirement of Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad gave Lee Kuan Yew the opportunity to exploit Malaysia’s soft-underbelly by Singapore’s TPPA which was up and running by 2006. The unfulfilled saga of the TPPA runs to this very day. With an understanding of what makes Singapore ticks, it is soon realised that Malaysia cannot be compared with Singapore in all aspects. Malaysia is a true stand alone state with a Malay bias. She has been successful since 1957. Singapore is a failed State caused by the 47 failed policies of Lee Kuan Yew whose inheritors are still trying to inherit his legacy which is not engraved in stone yet. It is the demographics. The small number of indigenous Singaporeans amounting only to 3 millions souls. Goh Chok Tong’s importation of Indians and Chinese to fill the demographic gap is nothing like the home grown variety. There is no loyalty. To compare the failed State of Singapore with Malaysia is like comparing chalk and cheese. Lee Kuan Yew was very adept at brainwashing of simple souls. If you examine his credentials, it is quite ordinary but blown up with Singapore’s only natural resource, ‘BLUFFOLOGY’!

        1. Uncle,
          Not everyone was an apparatchik of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew among the vanguard PAP, least of all our beloved Dr.Toh Chin Chye former Deputy Prime Minister and party chairman for over 25 years. He was a natural aristocrat in Thomas Jefferson’s understanding of term – blessed with virtue and talents, always putting the nation and its people before his vision.
          When he was “demoted” to a back bencher in 1981, he was PAP’s strongest critic of its policies on the (mis)management of the CPF retirement funds and its derivative Medisave public health care fund: Singaporeans today have their CPF money – already heavily reduced by having paid for expensive public flats costs – locked up till 65 years of age thereat to be paid out as monthly stipends till it dwindles out or death arrives first.
          Do you remember this gentleman, uncle, whom everyone respected for his rigorous intellect and purity of intent?

          1. Chris. You know too much about Singapore that I think you are a Singaporean. Of course, I know about Toh Chin Chye from Taiping. He got his PhD from London U with a thesis on the study of the effect of chilli on the sweat glands of a person’s face. I refer you to another Malaysian, Singapore’s Foreign Minister and ideologue of the PAP, S Rajaratnam from Seremban who wrote a 2 part article on Sparta, Palembang and Singapore in the early 1980s. There is a Pyramid Club in Singapore which consists of the elite of intellectual standing. It is actually dysfunctional due to a lack of confrontational crises or issues. Goh Keng Swee was the best. His son kena in the Pan El fiasco of 1985. This weakened him. He and Lim Kim San have been buddies since Raffles College days. This new lot is too bureaucratic being restricted by LKY strictures. However, I see both Singapore and Malaysia will advance together on a new dawn which is to come. The machoism of LKY is but a memory.

          2. Chris. Just as you were gettiing interested in the proceedings in Singapore, there is an interesting article in the South China Morning Post today 30 August 2016, ‘ The Singapore political system may prove a difficult model for China, whatever the West thinks.’ written by a Singaporean who also quoted an American academic comments on the Singapore Political System. No one in Malaysia until I highlighted Singapore’s political system many years ago that Lee Kuan Yew created the neo-communist political and social system complete with Apparatchiks which was completely different from Malaysia’s. We practise the Free Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias and our loyalty towards the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Royal Sultans and the Constitution. But with a host of GLCs now in place in Malaysia, soon Malaysia maybe one of only 4 countries in the World that practises the Singapore Model eg Russia, China, Singapore and Malaysia. I believe China will fail with the adoption of the GLCs and their concomitant corruption and nepotism. The full story of the GLCs in Singapore is not panned out. However, Singapore is a very small place which was ruled absolutely by Lee Kuan Yew in his lifetime. He was hard working, frugal and honest. If you just extrapolate the GLCs to Shanghai alone which has a population of at least 20 millions whilst Singapore has just 3 millions indigenous souls, how ? If there is a scandal, it will be in trillions of US Dollars ! The democratic West from the United States to the EU abhors a Government doing business which restricts the freedom of the private sector to do business besides all the negative effects affecting good governance.

            1. Yes Uncle, it has rather transformed into a bourgeois ruling party neither personifying Eastern spiritual values nor an heir of Western democracy. But how is it “neo-communist”? Something akin to the credo of Big Brother in Huxley’s Brave New World? Such a constitution would be antithetical to Confucian principles and the political philosophy of the American founding fathers, wouldn’t it?

              1. Chris. For want of a better term, I adopted the description, neo-communistic political and social system when I examined Lee Kuan Yew’s creation in detail. You have all the ingredients of a revolutionary culminating with the rise of Lee Kuan Yew to power in 1959.. Then with the easing of his former comrades, Goh Keng Swee, Lim Kim San, S. Rajaratnam, Devan Nair, Toh Chin Chye etc by the late 1980s, he had absolute power. It was his wife the brilliant lawyer who held him back. From the source of power, we have central command. The hangers-on elites were just to give LKY credibility in the eyes of the West. As Nixon said after a visit to Singapore, ‘ Big man in a small place.’ Do you know that Dr Alfred Winsemius, a Dutchman, was the adviser who visualised the infra structure of the Singapore today eg. the reclamations, Jurong Industrial Park, Asia Dollar, gliterring towers etc. He was the UN Adviser to the Singapore Government from 1962 to 1984. When he retired, the Government gave him a gold medal and two pieces of parchment paper, The key development of the human resources of Singapore was left to Lee Kuan Yew who screwed down the indigenous population 100% in 1959 down to 62%. Vide The Singapore Government’s White Paper. 2011. The intractable problem of Singapore today is its demographics, However, my answers for the sustainability and viability of Singapore are based on commonsense. I have great hopes for Malaysia, Singapore and ASEAN if the Singaporeans think differently. Unfortunately, they are all blinkered and no one dared to say anything different. Just like something out of a fairy tale or when LKY was alive. Extrapolating the problems of Singapore today to our very own Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, it is obvious the solid backing of the past is no longer there anymore. Hence, Bilahari Kausikan and his outburst at the ‘delusional DAP’. Whilst the World is going for the Stars, our erstwhile Opposition are still stuck with property.

      2. Kineas1067. Sir, you may ask me since I take such a dim view of Singapore, what are your answers ? As a person of the World, I will not give you the key answers but just a couple of ideas which came to mind and bolstered by a recent American diplomat to Singapore who encouraged her to move closer to the US. Within 20 years or later, Singapore has to consider the following choices eg.

        1. To become the 53rd State of the Union. Our Straits of Johor becomes just a monsoon drain. We say ‘Selamat Pagi, Amerika’ across the chain-linked fence to the Americans every morning.
        2. To become a British Colony again like the Bahamas, Caymans, Grenadines, Barbados etc.
        3. To confederate with either England or Scotland. This will dispense of the 300,000 military and the hardware and bring Singapore to have the first tele-conference parliament in the World.
        4. To rejoin Malaysia, the ancients say ‘ A good horse does not return to old pastures.’
        5. To remain status quo, more enterprising Singaporeans will emigrate due to the fact that Singapore is the best training centre for schools, colleges and managerial jobs. Aged Singaporeans and foreigners will outnumber the young indigenous Singaporeans as the years go by until its governmental leadership is compromised. Apart from the dodo bird of Mauritius, an indigenous Singaporean will disappear like so. As for Malaysia, we will still be jawing-jawing, quarreling and shooting paper darts at one another. Syabas !

  8. Ms H. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP not only practises double standards, it practises treble standards. As of today, DAP is just a deflated dinosaur without its head the leadership. After over 50 years of active activism in political Malaysia, there is no second rank leadership to takeover from the leadership which exposed its weakness for its enemies to attack i.e. such a mundane matter as landed property. The Pulau Pinang State leadership goes further into destroying the natural beauty of the place which actually is the oldest inhabitated locale in the country since 1779. Without a proper leadership forever has to rely on their unsung agenda which some detractors call it Chinese Chauvinism, how to contribute to the National Interest and Development ? It’s a straitjacket. With China now closer than ever to our beloved Malaysia, do we need the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP with its unsung agenda anymore ? Let us call a spade, a spade. Once the 1MDB is thrown away with the closest aides, I foresee a huge support by the non-Malays for the BN under the leadership of the Prime Minister, YAB Dato Seri Najib. This is the only way for us Malaysian to achieve more than Vision 2020 status. It is there for the taking. It is available. This is the legacy of our Merdeka ! Syabas !

    1. “Once the 1MDB is thrown away with the closest aides, I foresee a huge support by the non-Malays for the BN under the leadership of the Prime Minister, YAB Dato Seri Najib.”

      This enfant terrible will go out with its dirty bathwater.

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