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Dapsters call Malay sport editors “racist”

Our badminton ace Lee Chong Wei is taking his third shot at an Olympic gold tonight.

Chong Wei’s compatriots Chan Peng Soon, Goh Liu Ying, Tan Wee Kiong and Goh V Shern have brought home two silvers. However Dapsters have accused the writers/copy editors reporting the wonderful news in bahasa Melayu of being racist.

The Dapsters said, “When a Malay wins bronze, it is ‘Azizulhasni Awang melakar sejarah’ and when a Chinese bagged the more prestigious silver it is ‘Beregu campuran sekadar raih perak‘,” — referring to the headlines in the Malay dailies.

“This is the traditional Malay media that we have come to know and loath,” the Dapsters added (see Malaysiakini article today) while at the same time labeling the Utusan and NSTP-owned newspapers as “simply intolerable organisations”.

Hating on Rosmah, the BAM patron

The Dapsters further cursed Badminton Association of Malaysian patron Rosmah Mansor for sending the doubles players a note of encouragement  — see screenshots from Malaysiakini below. “This letter from this witch may jinx tonight’s games. To counter this jinx, we need to curse this jinx.”

Rosmah’s note was derided by them as a “shit letter” and the players were advised to “sanitize” their hands after handling Rosmah’s letter. The PM’s wife was herself personally derided and challenged to provide rewards of Berkin bags or contributions of “anti-aging hormone and Botox” to the badminton medalists.

Even in Olympic sports, the Dapsters are unable to restrain themselves from taking pot shots.

Apart from the low blows at Rosmah, they somehow dragged in Najib to be bashed when the Olympic bronze medalist in cycling complained that the Terengganu state government failed to buy him a road bike for training. What the connection is between Najib and the failure to sponsor a bike … only the Dapsters know.





DAP’s doublethink and doublespeak

If you think that the Dapsters’ behavior is bad, the behavior of the pro-DAP Malay is much worse. One of their champion whackers wrote in his blog that it is actually the pro-BN people who are being “angry and hateful” all the time.

It’s obvious that the 20k Melayu bloggers – who are the ultra kiasu’s mercenary minions – are paid abundantly to putar and belit so that reality is inverted, and black is painted as white.

Like their RBA counterparts, the Melayu are ever ready to capitalize on anything (in this case, the public’s keen interest in the Olympics) to push the DAP Firster agenda. For example, one particular 20k mercenary Malay declared he doesn’t care that the Malaysian sportsmen in Rio can’t speak Malaysia’s national language properly.

So what if some of our athletes can’t speak proper BM, he blogged.

anime sailor moon snigger

No need for M’sians to speak national language

Such self-hating Malays with a grudge against members of his own race are much sought after to carry out the ‘ Melayu screw Melayu’ strategy to weaken the Umno-led ruling party from within.

They will ramble in their blog along the line of “Apa pula kita nak paksa-paksa orang cakap BM nih? Kan saya pun Melayu tapi ada saya kisah Cina tak reti cakap bahasa ibunda saya?”

This kind of mercenary Malays are most useful for act of self-flagellation: Whacking the national language, whacking Umno as a “racist party”, whacking the party’s right wing leaders as “despicable”, whacking conservative Malays as “hateful” and rambling that although they themselves are Muslim too but still, they’re not really so very religious and are instead open-minded enough to have evangelical Christian friends.

This kind of mercenary Malays are also most useful for scoffing at the act of patriotism.

When the Dapsters cheer for Chen Long – China’s badminton No.2 who plays Lee Chong Wei tonight for the Olympic gold – the 20k blogger will once again make excuses for the unpatriotic minority. He will whack you as “extremist’ and “bigot” for saying that Dapsters don’t love our country enough to want Chong Wei to win.

He will say: “What is wrong with you guys?! Dapsters are people too, OKAY? Don’t be Melayu bodoh, OKAY,  and believe the haters who tell you that Dapsters are not nice“.



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4 thoughts on “Dapsters call Malay sport editors “racist”

  1. The only way to silence these editors is to speak proper bahasa which is not possible judging from the competencis of famous figures like Teo Kok Seng, Tee Chuan Seng, Ong Kar Ting, Wee Ka Siong, and many more. The proper BM terms for “I” and “you” especially during interview are “saya” and “awak” and not “aku” and “kamu”.

  2. Meminjam kata2 Tok Pauh

    Tok Pauh
    Yesterday at 12:07 ·

    DAP mahu hapuskan ISA, dia dah laksanakan… DAP mahu liberalisasi ekonomi, dia dah laksanakan….
    DAP mahu hapuskan Ordinan Darurat, dia dah laksanakan…
    DAP mahu akta hasutan dimansuh, pun dia mahu mansuhkan, nasib baik kena sergah dalam persidangan parti…

    Sekarang TV3, Utusan, pendedak cakap pasal anti DAP. Korang nak tipu sapa?!

  3. When Azizulhasni was competing i was hoping for a minute by minute update or some sort of breaking news or latest report in the star online. But news of his feat only came out several hours later there. So, what gives?
    Not trying to compare but, azizulhasni is also a gold prospect to us similar to lee chong wei, goh v shem/tan wee kiong, peng soon/liu ying. So why different treatment? Similarly, pandela, dhabitah, cheong jun hoong must be given better coverage. Even if their sports is not as popular, glamorous as badminton.
    Congrats to all medal winners in badminton, diving, cycling. Though still no gold this year, you’ve done your best and surpassed all expectations by getting 4 silvers, 1 bronze. Our best olympic haul ever. Now, PM please give us a holiday

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