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Some non Muslims support PAS bill, Hadi tells critics

When DAP was still kissy-kissy with PAS before their break-up

Selangor Malays

are interested to know

from their Puan Speaker

(pix, in tudung below)

Hannah Yeoh
Hannah Yeoh


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19 thoughts on “Some non Muslims support PAS bill, Hadi tells critics

  1. No Malay, Chinese and Indians, all Malaysians but Penang CM must be Chinese.

    Chow Kon Yeow, Chief Minister Lim’s Guan Eng ‘natural choice’ to replace him as chief minister, was startled when asked, “Why is it necessary to have a Chinese CM for Penang? Why not a Malay or Indian?”

    The question came up because since Merdeka, there have been four Penang chief ministers, all of whom were Chinese.

    They were Wong Pow Nee (1957 to 1969), Lim Chong Eu (1969 to 1990), Koh Tsu Koon (1990 to 2008) and currently Lim, who took office after the 12th national polls on March 8 in 2008.

    1. TL,

      You must be jealous because the Melayus have bigger dicks than your tiny wriggly Chinese dick! Itu belum potong, if potong nothing left!

  2. Hadi is a hypocrite, why didn’t he complain about Nur Dhabitah Sabri in a bathing suit? Showing off your butt and celah kangkang is very unislamic, no?

  3. In the case of hudud, I feel it is unwise for the non Muslims to oppose or support.

    It is a situation in which getting involved with either position brings nothing but loss of time and emotional energy best spent on other matters more relevant to one’s wellbeing in this plane of existence.

    (Short version: everybody mind your own business and maybe this country can move forward peacefully thank you)

    1. Agree.

      The nons should exercise some discretion and not go around making rude and insulting comments.

      Granted I too have the option of blocking and not allowing some of these rude comments to be published.

      But in the balance of things, however, I think the negative comments should be aired so that our lawmakers can get a honest feedback on the extent of the religious hostility prevalent.

      If we keep sweeping the genuine antagonisms under the carpet, then the pro-establishment people risk becoming as delusional as a result, just like the Dapsters who are the product of DAP propaganda — both black (hate agitprop) and white propaganda (fake love-love-love).

      1. “The nons should exercise some discretion and not go around making rude and insulting comments.”
        Hope you have the same resentment toward the Pahang mufti’s statement labeling other kafir harbi….

        1. It is certainly within the mufti’s discretion not to bring up the contentious subject matter. But he chose to.

          Likewise, Jakim, Mais and other Islamic bodies are rumbling in the same vein as well.

          Would they do this if there was no aggravation from the DAP evangelistas?

    2. But C72, as a non Muslim red-blooded male who enjoys “bird” watching, Hudud is really bad news for me, so I oppose it with all my being.

    3. re: In the case of hudud, I feel it is unwise for the non Muslims to oppose or support.

      Please get your facts rights. The Hadi bill will be voted by MPs consisting of all races. So the Hadi/hudud bill is not a purely Malay-Muslim matter. Non Muslim MPs do have a say in Parliament when the bill comes for voting. What is wrong for any non-Muslim stakeholders (eg. Hokkien groups) to mobilise support and pressure the non Muslim MPs to vote against the bill?

  4. The news is not suprising. Perfectly understood if non-muslims are also in favour of PAS bill. Hudud is effective in ending the social ills like the cohabitation outside marriage which is now trendy among non-muslims. Alvin and Vivian would have legally married years ago if hudud is in placed.

    1. That’s the issue – the hudud law should not by anyway effect a non-muslim. And going by your only concern being out of wed consummation, the poor ones are bound by the law. The rich ones can always get together out of Malaysia. In fact our local khalwat team do no raid 5 star hotels. Can you see the loophole? Or should we just ignore all this? Anyway, umno won’t allow hudud to set into Malaysia – hudud is just an tool to be used when diversion is needed.

      1. The hudud is universally color blind. It s not a race or faith sensitive. Therefore all including non-muslims would benefit from hudud. No faith approves the cohabitation outside marriage or having child ouside wed lock to start with. The fiancee of the late TBH would not have resorted to marrying the ghost if hudud is enforced. Similarly CSL would not dare cheating his wife if Johor follows Brunei on hudud. The list goes on and on.

        1. re: It s not a race or faith sensitive

          How can you subject a religious law like Hudud to non Muslims? This is against freedom of religion.

          re: No faith approves the cohabitation outside marriage or having child ouside wed lock to start with.

          What faith prohibits may not be illegal from a criminal law perspective. Having child outside marriage is not illegal or punishable under current laws.

        2. Blue, you sound like you ONLY want hudud to stop sex before marriage…are you for real?? Guess i should respect your priority, absurd as it may be……….so, how many khalwat cases have we recorded from 5 star hotels??

  5. Well plenty of people support Local Government Elections especially for city mayors. That does not stop PAS from objecting. Allegedly there will be some widening of urban-rural divides. But, even if the divide furthers, so what? Rural people already reject much urban values. They shouldn’t mind if large swaths urban folk reject their practices as well.

  6. Did you know Namewee reedited his Oh My God MTV before his arrest?
    New version

    This is the original version.

    All the mosque and Penang City Hall sequences have been removed in the new version.

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