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Only Malays speak good bahasa Melayu

Are Cina DAP now using Malay/Muslim names?

The Facebooker below – Musa Ng – has been badmouthing me around the news portals.

Previously I’d noticed that The Ant Daily removed some of his personally offensive comments against me.

Musa Ng

Here ‘Musa Ng‘ says that my command of Bahasa Melayu “exceeded” the capability of the average Malaysian Chinese, and because of this, I can’t possibly be a real Chinese.

By Musa’s reckoning, I must therefore be a “fucking asshole” “Umno Melayu masqueraded as Chinese”.

According to Musa, my being a Malay (allegedly pretending to be Chinese) would explain my “skill with bahasa Melayu and verses from the Quran”.

What sick Islamophobes they are. We really need to show the Cina cybertroopers that enough is enough.

Dapsters terkenal ‘lain daripada yang lain’ seantero dunia

It is more logical to put the situation the other way around.

Instead of being skeptical as to why my Malay is good and deducing that I must be Muslim, why don’t the Dapsters ask themselves why their own command of the national language is so piss poor?

Compare. See video of a black Japanese national speaking Japanese and a Korean ethnic Frenchwoman speaking French (video).

More videos — a minority Dutchman speaking Dutch, the ex-Mrs Boris Becker (who is black) speaking German, and Miss Israel 2013  (who is black) speaking Hebrew.

Only Dapsters think that a Malaysian Chinese speaking good BM is something abnormal which one should be suspicious about.

boneka DAP

The Ali Baba ‘Life of …’ blog

Interesting, ya, how Dapsters are making their accusation using a reverse-Annie tactic.

Annie is a middle-aged Malay male pretending to be a half-Chinese “Little Lady of the Valley”. His online Anon fake persona is a young, demure teacher or lecturer perhaps (it says “educator” in his Blogspot biodata).

How credible indeed … a half-Chinese awek cun, konon, who is always discussing election politics with Umno big shots.

Do you know why the self-hating Malay Annie is pretending to be lebih Cina dari Cina?

Answer: So that he can assure the Protuns … see, I’m Chinese too (well, half anyway) and so you must believe and trust me when I tell you that Cina DAP are nice and harmless.

DAP ggg

Musa Ng or Musang King?

This ‘Musa Ng’ also claims that the way “she” (Helen) used words and concepts is too masculine, and that’s why he is not convinced that I’m a woman.

Oh ya?

Being able to produce facts and figures, charts and graphs is too “masculine”, huh?

By the way, the lying fraudster Annie insists that I (note: Annie avoided naming the blogger as me, just as he also blocks a lot of comments on the excuse that my name is banned) obtained my charts and graphs from “a research team hired by a paymaster”.

Annie research

Annie is claiming that PMO (presumably) is making available to me a team of researchers to draw charts and graphs. No wonder the PMO looks askance at Annie and his endless lies.

Like Tun Mahahtir, Annie mudah lupa. Not too long ago, it was Annie himself who uploaded in his blog a video clip of a press conference where I had introduced myself as a “researcher” to the room full of reporters.


Firstly, if I had already publicly told the media some years ago that I did research work, why should anyone doubt that I can draw my own charts and graphs? Btw, I aced my stats paper in school. Loved the subject.

Or maybe an interest in stats is also too “masculine”?


Secondly, if the PMO-“paymaster” – alluded to by Annie – is making a team of researchers available to me/bloggers, then why waste the output by restricting the “fancy”charts and graphs only to my blog?

There are Umno alpha bloggers who have bigger readerships than mine.

Wouldn’t it be more bang for their buck if the purported “paymaster” viraled the research data through its Unit Media Baru — the same way that soundbite memes are replicated throughout the Umno bloggers network?

No wonder so many Malay bloggers are jijik with the lying Annie.

Helen Ang swimming medal

The more they attack, the stronger we grow

When I was younger (pix above), I used to hit the swimming pool daily at the crack of dawn. That’s where I built up my stamina.

I admit that do indeed have a store of stamina. You really need mental strength to be able to withstand the assault of the dirty Dapsters (including Melayu 20k) and their relentless smear campaign.

Stamina and mental strength, however, are not the preserve of the “masculine” gender alone. Just as bitchiness is not the preserve of the feminine gender. Annie is a man but he is more bitchy than any woman I know.

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40 thoughts on “Only Malays speak good bahasa Melayu

  1. You are right. The question should be why the average Cina’s malay skills are worse than a 3-month immigrant from Nepal? They seem to be so proud of the fact that they can’t speak the national language. They say look at Singapore. And I say yes look at Singapore, particularly listen to them sing their national anthem. They stand singing their national anthem in Malay proudly. It’s a tired old subject.. It is difficult to convince them to embrace the national language (& the national symbols) when it has been drummed to them that theirs is a superior race and culture to the natives.

    1. Most Malaysian Chinese needs to study bahasa at schools for 11 years (and that’s including the ever so tough bahasa klasik paper for SPM), so its impossible a 3-months Nepalese migrant can speak better bahasa than a Malaysian Chinese , i don’t believe it :o

    2. Singapore has four official languages.

      And it is a secular society. Where all religions are treated equally & where the government clamps down on extremist foreign preachers.

      As for being “a tired old subject”, perhaps it shouldn’t be drummed into their heads ad nauseam that they are “pendatangs” with all the associated connotations.

      Just saying…..

    3. In contrary weakness in BM among non-malays particularly chinese is good for population control. Very unlikely those who cannot read and write decent malay would remain in a country. Many prefer to emigrate to another country in which language poses no problem to them.

    4. Just forget these china wannabe xitizens. The time for reckoning is now. So much wealth of the Federated Malay States have been stolen by chinese and Indian migrants.
      Tony Fernandes given free AirAisa. Oh no he bought if for RM1 from his fella indian UMNO President. With the current value of the ringgit obviously Tony Fernandes overpaid at paying 0.75 cents.
      Then there is Think City, spawned by another UMNO company Khazanah Nasional given the “mandate” another word for stealing? to give away 10 millions every year to individual that Think City “feel” deserve. Does the Malays knows about this? Obviously not when penang UMNO complain about a tokong it in the middle of a public park, it was exposed that that Think City gave RM20 illion ot Lim Guan Eng to develop it muahaha..
      Companies formed by companies by the UMNO malay government allowed indians and chinese to be employed bypassing JPA regulations. Thus the Chairman of Think City is a 70 over indian man and the Ceo Hamdan Majeed another penang indian…
      No wonder Malays are forming another party…
      UMNO has lost control of the government.

  2. “That explains her skill with BM and verses from the Quran.”
    Kak Helen
    Take that as a complement.

    The typical Chinaman has very little skill in BM, sings the “r” and “s” in English and only know how to quote snatches from the Bible or Buddhist text and perhaps in their entire life have never read the Buddhist, Tao Te Ching or Bible from cover and cover and understand the holy books. Today the Chinaman speaks Mandokien (Mandarin with Hockien).

    With the efforts Mara is doing by getting native Mandarin speakers (from the PRC) to teach in the residential schools, one day Malays can speak, read and write better Mandarin than the Chinese. The Chinese would not be so skilled in Mandarin. Reason: look at the number of people applying to become Chinese school teachers are dropping fast. Worst of all the idea of taking in Chinese imports is a mortal sin.

    Did you realize that not only the Chinese young generation have very little skill in BM, has passable English and just passable skill in Mandarin/Chinese even though the Chinese Tiger parents bombard their kids with 5 hours of schools and another 5 more of tuition? Well you should take Musa Ng’s comment as a complement!

    1. Mulan, The present generation of Chinese below the age of 40 has been de-tribalised. Hence, for protection they thought the RM2 tax free incorporated churches serve as a haven for them. Unfortunately, most of these havens are led by convicted felons or non-convicted felons. A Mandarin speaking Chinese has a command of only 1,000 Chinese characters out of 10,000 with which he could just read the Sin Chew Jit Poh. An English speaking Chinese is hollow and argumentative. Both have no cultural ballast. I was surprised to find Indians who do not know where they come from in India. This is a period of game-changing.

    2. The Chinese in Malaya and Singapore as the doyen Lee Kuan Yew clearly explained are not from the mandarin society of China or intellectuals. They come from poorest river side section of Chinese society who are as poor as the banglas and myanmar of today flooding the Malay Peninsula.
      Thus their only interest was economic survival at the lowest. Lim Goh Tong was not able to write or even signed his name but he managed to corrupt malay leaders into giving him the Genting Mountain with shares of course to the Noah family etc.
      Lim Goh Tong was a chinese coolie with only 10 dollar and his shirt when he managed to squeeze on the tongkang to Malaya.
      With the wealth they amassed due to the expert manipulations, the British who protected them said famously, the Indians were drunkards while the Chinese are thieves , they managed to gain some social mobility. A datuk and dato sri or tan sri from the Malay society gives these coolies some respectability they crave. But their tongkang ways and manners never change.

      1. luckily the mandarin n intellectual never come, otherwise we might need a new robber policy to replace the nep in order to legitimate the rich to rob in broad daylight. come to think of it, the dedak gang is actually doing that, could it be the chinese r now evolve to the mandarin class? no wonder.

  3. Ms H. I do not speak or write Bahasa Melayu well because during the Colonial Era there were no facilities for Bahasa Melayu. However, I give you full support in your support of the BN which is the proper thing to do unlike those who attacked you personally for no reason at all. These Chinese looking beings are hollow with no cultural ballast. If they are English educated, they are argumentative. If they are Mandarin educated, they have an inferiority complex and a propensity to cheat. The present political events are game changer for all. The BN will emerge stronger even though there have been some unexpected and unfortunate events created by the closest aides with ulterior motives. Because these ‘delusional Chinese’ have no political philosophy, they attacked you personally. They have gained nothing. Actually, by doing this they showed their true weakness as exposed by the ‘delusional Chinese’ comment of Singapore’s wandering nomad. Bilahari Kausikan. The more they attack, the more you are stronger because your comments have hit a raw nerve and exposed their sandiwara. Success through Diversity in Malaysia is here to stay whatever these naysayers say.

  4. Ms H. This is the time when the good will prevail over the bad. There is nothing wrong with Bahasa Melayu. My children and grandchildren went through the National Schools with top-grades. We are Malaysians first and Chinese second. We abide by the laws of the country of our birth. These wanton naysayers who just insult, slander and vulgarise show their true character as being of no value. China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore do not want these people. They are just a bunch of troublemakers who have been independently defined by the wandering nomad of Singapore, Bilahari Kausikan as ‘delusional Chinese.’ They only look Chinese. How sad.

    1. I don’t think that Bilahari Kausikan is “a wandering nomad”?

      Have you addressed him as such to his face?

      Thought not…..

      1. Kineas1067. Bilhari Kausikan was described as an Ambassador at Large for Singapore by the Singapore Straits Times. I call him a wandering nomad in colloquial terms. Those whom he called ‘Delusional Chinese’, poured venom on him which is normally reserved for our good lady Ms H ! These recalcitrants proved him to be correct !

        1. Zika Zika Chan,
          The beauty of Hougang
          When she walks she goes cling clang
          Like a siao ting tang.

          A little Singapore poem to brighten the day.

          Here is a joke.

          I have a killer dress in my suitcase from Robinson’s. (My dress won’t kill you but the mosquitos will)

          Here is a Penang joke.

          If you are in a rush get a Hot Seat from Air Asia.
          If you are in a rush to get a cheap flat in Penang, get a Hot Seat from Uncle Lim.
          RM260 hot seat fee will be waived if you are a friend.

  5. Helen,

    Just a minor point.

    As far as I know, “Musa” is a relatively common name in the Middle East and is not uniquely Muslim.

    There are also variants like “Moshe” which is uniquely Hebrew.

    Of course, in Malaysia, the name “Musa” is used mainly by the Malays who are Muslims.

    I used to know of a Chinese Christian family who had a young son who answered to both Dawood or David.

    They were a very strange family because they were friendly to everybody and anybody regardless of race or religion or political persuasion.

    Despite their relatively “high status” in local society, they were even polite and friendly to the severely retarded fellow who wandered around the village half naked.

    Not sure what happened to them.

      1. tehtarik,

        Yes, Musa = Moshe = Moses.

        But the point is that “Musa” is not a unique Muslim name, even in its Arabic form.

        “Moshe” is uniquely Hebrew, :”Moise” is uniquely French and hence probably has some Christian links (I think), but “Musa”?

        Nupe, nothing special about “Musa” as far as I know but I could be wrong.

        I think it is just one of those names shared by both Muslims and non-Muslims in the Middle East, like Adam or Ibrahim or Ishak or Dawood or Sulaiman or whatever.

        As far as I know, nobody quibbles over it either.

        BTW, when I say “nothing special”, I don’t mean the religious aspect because every religion attaches different significance to those names.

        “Nothing special” only refers to the use of the name itself.

        Just in case, people get upset at me.

    1. Marina grandfather was an Indian man from Kerala. She has no business to advise Malays. full stop.
      She is not Malay, her father is indian, her grandfather from kerala and she likes to advise malays muahaha..
      Malays are here to conquer the world with their smile.
      The olympic diving pool was brightened up by a smiley malay girl that no chinese glum looking divers can ever do.
      The price the chinese paid for gold success paled in comparison to the happiness that the Malay girl brought to the watching world.
      While the other gilrs were pitied as they were harangued by their coaches, the malay girl reflect pure happiness.
      This is something that no other culture possess.
      This is something that Malay natives have that must be protected from the like of the ugly marina or her father.

      1. So you are admitting that it took an Indian to develop Malaysia? We all know about Dr M’s Indian connection, only wish that he would be big enough to admit it himself. So in your opinion, only a full blooded Malay can comment on Malay affairs? Funny la you.

  6. Suppose the same goes for us Malays. When we meet Cina kopek, (can’t understand a sentence of BM) we assume they are PATI just landed from China. Those not fluent in BM we assume they r not educated or did not get a pass in their SPM BM and they never mix at all with the Bumiputras.

    Bumiputras consist of hundreds of ethnic races each with their own languages, yet as Bumiputras we are united using one common language, Bahasa Malaysia the national language of Malaysia.

    Four of my younger siblings and few of their kids attended SJKC and are fluent not only in Mandarin but many other chinese dialects. Made possible as our family interact closely with the Apek communities. My siblings are fairskin except mata tak sepet, many Apeks and Aneys never knew they are actually pure Malays. However their being fluent in Chinese languages and dilects do not mean they are CHINESE?

    Mulan, ur right in many residential Mara schools/ colleges/ Unis they have to sit for a third language. Not only in Mandarin but other official languages of the UN are offered too including Japanese and German.

  7. quote,”Answer: So that he can assure the Protuns … see, I’m Chinese too (well, half anyway) and so you must believe and trust me when I tell you that Cina DAP are nice and harmless.”unquote.

    When did Annie say that Cina DAP are nice and harmless?

    And what made you think orang Melayu is that BODOH to believe everything Annie or bloggers like you say in their blogs.

    I say to you again, Helen, orang Melayu do not need you to remind us again and again not to be fooled by Cina DAP. We are not BODOH people, OK! Orang Melayu are not that gullible OK!

    Is that what your real perception of orang Melayu, that we are BODOH people?

    1. Ooooooh, ada orang terasa.

      Okay, just answer one question: Do you think Annie is a reporter/journo (i.e. we’ve said) or an “educator” (like he claims in his Blogspot biodata)?

    2. re: “Helen, orang Melayu do not need you to remind us again and again not to be fooled by Cina DAP.”

      You miss the point. It is Melayu DAP (and Cina DAP masquerading as non-Chinese pro-Tun) who have successfully fooled you.

    1. tehtarik

      Yg make sense to yr sentence is SHIT! Isssh kamu ni..cuba2 la lupakan perkataan nih! Zaman British dah lama berlalu sekarang you tak payah angkut tahi guna bucket lagi laa. The omputih still giving you nightmares ke?

  8. Helen, it is proven orang melayu terlalu tidak pandai.

    Sana sini senang di tipu.

    Better migrate now, like wardina herself, has migrated to Australia.

    Most Elite malays have 2nd homes in overseas.

    Apply now before late.

  9. I never miss this blog, daily, but, its my first time writing komen just to say tq for the deep thoughts, always..

    You know u are special, by looking at your enemies…how many of them, and how hard they want to bring u down…

    Helen, u hit their nerves all the time….spot on, all the time :)

    I enjoy looking at your enemies mcm cacing kena jemur on a very hot day…..:)

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