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Plan B

1. Zainuddin Maidin believes MCA is finished (“sudah hancur lebur berkarat”) and that DAP is currently the voice of the Chinese (“sebenarnya DAP telah menggantikan MCA sebagai wakil orang Cina “).

2. This means the old communal formula for power sharing between the races is effectively dead, at least insofar as the continued viability of the BN is concerned.

See Zam’s blog entry yesterday titled ‘Umno mestilah menerima hakikat bahawa MCA telah mati, Mahathir lihat DAP sebagai pengganti’.

3. Zam believes Tun Mahathir will be able to resurrect the BN “racial unity” pact through his party’s cooperation with the DAP (“Mahathir akan bekerjasama dengan Pakatan Harapan [PKR, Amanah dan DAP] bagi memulihkan perpaduan pembangkang”).

4. Zam is under the assumption that any coalition seeking to rule Malaysia must necessarily have, as its foundation, the Ali-Ah Chong-Muthu race formula pioneered by Tunku’s Alliance.

Therefore, if the Umno-MCA combo is no longer workable due to the MCA’s terminal condition, then the tried-and-tested race formula must be rehashed using the same measurements. Except that this time the replacement ingredients are Tun’s Malay party (replacing Umno) hooking up with DAP (Chinese party replacing MCA).

5. What Zam is offering up, i.e. Pribumi+DAP, is Option A. In short, Zam sees Tun’s party+DAP = refreshed Ali-Ah Chong formula

6. There’s always Plan B. Umno teaming up with PAS (and the Sarawak BN parties) have got enough numbers to retain Putrajaya.

7. The death of MCA does not automatically open the door wide for the DAP to move in and co-govern Malaysia as our country’s Chinese rep and as the new partner of the Malay majority.

8. Umno has the alternative choice of opening the door to PAS, slamming the door in the DAP’s face and allowing MCA to die a natural death.

9. Zam still harbours an outdated mindset that the ruling party must be Ali-Ah Chong-and-Muthu in the form of Umno Lagi Baru and Parti Yang Segan Mengaku Cina.

10. Zam’s idea is to swap VHS with Betamax (or Betamax with VHS) but keeping to the same format.

Actually there is no need at all to stick to an obsolete format.

The obsolete cassette tape was replaced with CD. The obsolete CD was replaced with MP3. When one day MP3 becomes obsolete, it will be replaced with some other new technology.

Unlike Zam’s option of replacing one with the same format (VHS, Betamax), Plan B allows a total changing of formats. Cassette tape, CD and MP3 all belong to entirely different music delivery formats.

History tells us that Option A failed while Plan B worked.


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11 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. Helen, do you think people out there still know about Betamax vs VHS? The young “cytros” with their hands on the keyboard were too young …
    It definitely is an excellent analogy but our people seldom understand the basic. Payah mereka nak faham benda-benda asas. Mereka berbantahan perkara kecil. Benda basic pun tak lepas.
    Thus, the polemic that we have today.
    Surah ‘ali Imran … kezaliman yang ‘azhim ialah syirik!
    [insha Allah, one day, Allah berikan kepada Taufik dan hidayahNya]

  2. Ramai di kalangan mahasiswa/swi mahu bertindak / demo tapi kalangan lain momokan termasuk Cik Helen juga mengatakan mereka ni produk DAP lah itu lah inilah sebab sejak ajali pembakang itu tak berubah so kekadang kita juga kena rasional lah dan ubah pendapat umpama Tun lakukan

  3. When trees badly infected we have ro uproot and rehab the soil totally. Same application that TunM taking now. Unless we want to see our nation colonialised by corrupt peactised and eroded economy why not.

    Nevertheless if all in umno willing than we dont have to come to this resolution. Unfortunately.

    1. “When trees badly infected we have ro uproot and rehab the soil totally. Same application that TunM taking now. Unless we want to see our nation colonialised by corrupt peactised and eroded economy why not”
      the thing is, the tree (whether its ‘infected’ or not) does not belong to him. so what right does he have to uproot it?

  4. Undoubtly DAP is more succesful in uniting the chinese compared to MCA. So successful DAP is that more than 90% of the chinese here is stammering in BM. Many are struggling to diferentiate between “terburu-buru” and “terbulu-bulu”. Also many are proud that they cannot speak proper malay like their siblings in the mainland.

    1. Blue,

      Yup. MCA is anything but alive. Had not for ties with UMNO (that bring crucial Malay votes), MCA, Gerakan would have perished by now.

      And the sign of the time is that it is much harder to ask Malays to vote in MCA, Gerakan in Malay areas. MCA lost in Bandar(Trengganu), Gerakan lost in Alor setar while MIC can forever forget Kota Raja.

      But who cares. after all, even without Chinese votes, UMNO does prevail. I am more worried with mind boggling UMNO’s attitude that simply refuses to act against those slandering especially the species from DAP.

      1. senang je.

        depa tak nak act pasal, in some of those accusations, some of it is true. you know, skeletons in the cupboard.

        the BIGGEST “so called” slander is undoubtedly 1MDB.


        cuba baca tulisan Dr Wan Hasni: google him if you dont know who he is. So far, he makes more sense than any of the UMNO PR machinery/cybertroopers are doing ( hanya character assassinating & diverting but not really bothering to explain)

        I quote:

        ” This whole 1MDB saga and its relation to IPIC saga, is actually an affair that begins as something that had nothing to do with the US. Whatever your views on the US (as savior or as evil power), actually falls short on looking at our own shortcomings – Malaysia and Abu Dhabi alike. We did allow, conveniently for the US to come in into the picture. One, by dealing with US Dollars, and secondly by our people moving whatever of these monies (rightly or wrongly) to the United States as investments, etc. So why to blame the United States for our own stupidities?”

        ” Malaysia is too small for the US to be bothered with economically. We have no clear leverage and clout to influence the US economy in whichever way we could. We are not part of the main foreign policies. Indonesia is even bigger than Malaysia for them. So when anyone from UMNO trying to say that US is trying to sabotage Malaysia, and for the opposition to begin their praise for the US “rule of laws”, then we are all as equally wronged. We would be nothing more than two ruling Rajas of Perak asking the British to intervene how Perak should be ruled, which ends up with the Pangkor Treaty and the beginning of English colonization of Malaya.”

        Its a 4 part series that equally puts the blame on both sides of the divide ( sebab tu kut geng2 politik blogger/facebooker tak nak pick it up…)

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