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Namewee’s fan base may be spark for Arab Spring

Namewee’s controversial OMG! video clip has gotten more than 823,000 views on YouTube since the singer uploaded it on Saturday (Aug 20).

And see – screenshot  below – what his online viewers say they wanna do to our stoopid gomen.

If Bersih 5.0 is recruiting Yellow Shirts, then Maria Chin Abdullah should outreach to the rapper’s gazillion foul-mouthed fans.

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Malays united in condemning Namewee

The Protuns and the Umno people are at loggerheads but they can nonetheless agree on one thing — Namewee is out of line.

Marina Mahathir though can’t understand the harsh public reaction to Oh My God! — the latest music video by the controversial rapper. But then again, Marina is a liberal. Continue reading “Malays united in condemning Namewee”