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Namewee’s fan base may be spark for Arab Spring

Namewee’s controversial OMG! video clip has gotten more than 823,000 views on YouTube since the singer uploaded it on Saturday (Aug 20).

And see – screenshot  below – what his online viewers say they wanna do to our stoopid gomen.

If Bersih 5.0 is recruiting Yellow Shirts, then Maria Chin Abdullah should outreach to the rapper’s gazillion foul-mouthed fans.

Namewee is channeling a lot of anti-establishment angst out there. These are youths ripe for demos.

Imagine. Hordes of angry, BN-hating youngsters taking to the streets led by the 91-year-old Protester In Chief.

See also my previous post, ‘Malays united in condemning Namewee



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26 thoughts on “Namewee’s fan base may be spark for Arab Spring

  1. A demonstration or even a small riot maybe but an “Arab Spring” no, since that will require lots of angry people elsewhere who are suffering badly from economic hardship as in Tunisia and Egypt, and especially given the opposition of the Malays against Namwee and Bersih 5.0, I don’t think an “Arab Spring” will succeed if they tried it.

    Just look at how Adam Adli and Hisham Rais are so quiet now, after they were spared jail over the sedition charges for speeches tey made on 13 May 2013.

    Che Go Bard is against the “Citizens’ Declaration” and the cooperation between DAP, Tun Mahathir and a section of PKR.

    With such divisions, I do not see the possibility of a successful “Arab Spring”, even if they try.

    1. re: “A demonstration or even a small riot maybe but an ‘Arab Spring’ no”

      A lower middle-sized riot, can?

      1. Nothing is going to happen. The ones shouting the loudest over YouTube and other social media platforms are cowards, just that, cowards. And I don’t have to tell you who these people are, they belong to that certain ethnic group. It’s a pity that the ancestors of that ethnic group were real men of courage who braved the odds to come to this country to remake themselves, the same cannot be said of their descendants. Just calm down and focus on the real thing, the next GE.

        1. I kind of think that nothing much will happen too. After all, major political upheavals around the world happened before there was mass Internet, social media, etc.

          Compare the anti-Vietnam War movement in the U.S. in the 1960s when there was no mass Internet and today when there is mass Internet.

          There’s an overwhelming amount of talk online but it has achieved almost nothing.

          What of major significance has Anonymous achieved apart from defacing websites and denial of service attacks which are a nuisance and slight inconvenience but nothing more.

          If Anonymous disrupts stock trading on the NYSE and the NASDAQ for a week, I will take my hat off to them but they have not achieved anything like that.

      2. “A lower middle-sized riot, can?”
        Maybe can but turn racial and possibly violent if there is a counter demonstration by groups such as the Red Shirts.

    2. It is hoped the Muslims will be more successful at doing spring cleaning of their own spiritual communities!

      re: Rochdale imam Jalal Uddin killed by Isis supporters for practising black magic. Opening the case at Manchester Crown Court, prosecutor Paul Greaney QC said: “Who hated a decent man like Jalal Uddin with such virulence? The answer to that important question is to be found in the twisted ideology of Isis, sometimes known as Islamic State. Jalal Uddin was a practitioner of a form of Islamic healing called Ruqya.

      1. If Imam Jalal Uddin provided spiritual healing to his community of Muslims to their benefit and happiness, then the imam belongs to the brotherhood of Islam. True Sufi practitioners in Islam like this imam they do not stray from the sunnah tradition of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. We pray:

        (subhanAllah wa bi hamdihi, subhanallahil ‘Azeem, astaghfirullah min kulli dzanbin)
        Glory be to Allah and to Him be all praises. Glory be to Allah Almighty. I do seek Allah’s forgiveness for all my transgressions

        (astaghfirullahal ‘Azeem alladzi la ilaha illa Hu al-Hayyul Qayyum wa atubu ilaihi, innahu hu at-Tawabur Rahim, min kulli dzanbin wa ma’siyyatin, wa min kulli ma yukhalifu dinal Islam, wa min kulli ma yukhalifush Shari’ah, wa min kulli ma yukhalifut Tariqah, wa min kulli ma yukhaliful Ma’rifah, wa min kulli ma yukhaliful Haqiqah, wa min kulli ma yukhaliful ‘Azimah, ya arhamar Rahimin)

        I ask forgiveness from God Almighty, there is no God but He, the Ever Living, the Sustainer of all existence, and I turn in repentance to Him, verily He is the Forgiver, the Merciful; from all my sins and waywardness and
        from all that opposes the religion of Islam,
        from all that opposes the Divine Law (Shari‘ah),
        from all that opposes the Path (Tariqah),
        from all that opposes Spiritual Realization (Ma‘arifah),
        from all that opposes Reality (Haqiqah)
        from all that opposes firm Intention (‘Azeemah),
        O most Merciful of the Merciful.


        The concern for just external laws must be attended by internal spiritual purification of the vile human characteristics: greed, sloth, arrogance, envy, stupidity, cowardice etc.
        Wahhabi islamists like the ISIS radicals have been opposing Sufi practices for centuries. Imam Jalal Uddin was killed for doing good to fellow muslims by these radicals who are ignorant, envious and hateful. Quran chapter 113 says:

        In the Name of the Most Compassionate All-Merciful
        “Say: I seek refuge with the (Creator) Lord of the dawn,
        From the evil of that which he has created,
        And from the evil of darkness when it spreads
        And from the evil of the blowers into knots (black magicians)
        And from the evil of an envier whenever he envies.”

      2. “ISIS Nationality is Terror, Savagery & Hatred”
        – Sheikh Yaqubi prominent Syrian sufi and scholar

      3. Indeed, self-renewal through sincere repentance is incumbent upon anyone who commits evil against any of Allah’s creatures – for which cosmic retribution is certain.

        “That the Lord may make the temptations sowed by Satan, as a trial for those in whose hearts there is a disease and who are hard-hearted: verily the oppressors are in a schism (deviated away from Truth). And that those on whom knowledge has been bestowed may learn that the Truth comes from thy Lord, and thus may become faithful, and their hearts made humble before it. For verily, Allah is the Guide of those who believe, upon the Straight Way. Those who reject Faith will not cease to be in doubt concerning (Revelation) until the Hour (of Judgement) comes suddenly upon them, or there comes to them the Penalty on a Day of Disaster.” (Quran 22: 53-55)

        To return to the straight path of religion is to seek divine blessings, and to guard against going astray we should heed this Quranic commandment:

        “Verily for Muslim men and women; for the men and women of faith; for the devout men and women; for true men and women; for men and women who are patient and equanimous; for men and women who humble themselves; for men and women who give charitably; for men and women who fast (detaching themselves from worldly attractions); for men and women who guard their chastity; and for men and women who engage much in the praises of God – for them the Lord grants His pardon and bestows great merit.” (ch. 33 “The Allies”: v. 35)

        We are called upon to strive to know and love Allah Almighty our Creator and Cherisher. To have compassion for our fellow creatures and to live in harmony with others in good faith.

        Imam Al-Ghazali’s Advice on Knowing Yourself

  2. Just watched the video. What’s wrong with it again? These over sensitive Malays should just grow up and step into the 21st century. Truly pathetic.

    1. With all these overzealous and pious ” defenders ” of Islam around, you cant expect much except that the country going to the dogs and a joke to the world!

      Somehow some religion has the tendency to get insulted all the time and require the followers to defend it too. At times they need to blast themselves into pieces too just to ” defend ” it. Hats off to their highest level commitment and stupidity. Truly.

      1. i don’t mind hearing grown up accidentally blasting themselves off, it can be funny at times but i hate it when kids are used………And i wish to kill those masterminds behind the child exploits.

    2. what’s so sensitive of giving ang pow in white paper?

      it’s just another colour.

      what’s so sensitive of sticking chopsticks into a bowl or rice?

      it’s just 2 blardy sticks.

      1. That’s true. Red colored paper is so eco unfriendly. Chopsticks kills the rainforest.
        Just as bad as sharks fins soup and rhino penis hardening soup.

  3. ….Namewee’s controversial OMG! video clip has gotten more than 823,000 views on YouTube since the singer uploaded it on Saturday (Aug 20)…..

    Dah bole jadi calun Adun atau MP nih!

    Monsterball must be jumping with happiness in his grave.

  4. Remember the Hockien apeks campaigning against hudud. A police report is lodged against them for campur tangan into other people’s religion.

    Instead of concentrating on the macam2 problems in the Chinese society – like ah long, gangster, Cina kena tipu, poverty etc, the apeks are so busy with other people’s religion.

    SHAH ALAM: Pertubuhan Pendokong dan Pencinta Ulamak filed a police report on Wednesday against the Federation of Hokkien Associations of Malaysia for running a campaign opposing PAS hudud.

    The non-governmental organisation’s president Norazli Musa said the Federation’s action was “too much” as it meddled with Islamic affairs.

    “It is also a violation of the freedom of Muslims to practice religious activities, as stipulated under the Federal Constitution,” said Norazli.

    1. Eh, bukan Pesatuan Pengguna Muka Buku Pulau Pinang ke? Atau Persatuan Pendokong and Pemakan Dedak Nasional?

      A bunch of good for nothing except troublemaking parasites.

    2. A group of Malay NGOs was also reported in the STAR as clarifying that RUU 355 is not part of Islam or the Federal Constitution.
      It was made by the UMNO President Mahathir.
      Which is very strange indeed as Mahathir would always condemn PAS hudud as against women and yet he passed laws that does exactly that. Typical keling toddy behaviour.
      Just google on the Federal Territory Criminal Laws . which is not constitutional anyway, made by Mahathir and you will find that Mahathir want unmarried pregnant malay women whip two months after giving birth. Oh yes. Mahathir was merciful, at least he allowed the unmarried mothers to give birth before whipping them hehe.
      Make no mistake. Criminal Law is only at Federal level. At the state level there cannot be criminal laws. It is that simple. Also Federal terrritory cannot have its islamic laws simply because it has no Sultan. So you cannot say malay culture bla, bla bla.
      Also Federal Territory cannot have a separate criminal laws because it is part of the Federal Constitution.
      Even this simple thing, Mahathir cannot understand when he passed ru355.

      1. Think City….

        I am no fan of Tun but it is unfair to blame him on RUU.

        “…Federal territory cannot have its islamic law…..

        Why not? The Constitution never says Malaysia is a secular country. Malaysia actually lies between secular and theocratic country. Hence, the confusion.

        Nobody is suggesting Federal territory to have separate criminal laws.

  5. Has the video been edited? There are no scenes of mosques and people dressed as religious figures as described…

    The song itself is average only, mildly amusing but he really shouldn’t have mentioned Allah. He’s only doing that for shock value.

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